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NOW FEATURED IN ARTICLES: An Open Letter: "What Your Writings Mean to Me" AND IN NEWS: "New Interview with Aberjhani in Poetry Life & Times." ALSO FEATURED IN POETRY: "Reflections on Ode to the Good Black Boots that Served My Soul So Well."






Welcome to the Black Skylark Z-Ped Music Player, companion site to Bright Skylark Literary Productions and home of the world-famous books Journey through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry, and Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance.


PLUS: Your Link Station for Creative Thinkers International, Aberjhani's Blog on LinkedIn, and much more.



Interview with Aberjhani in Poetry Life and Times



Rainbow-Song for the Angel of Tao


Reflections on Ode to the Good Blacks that Served My Soul So Well



 Popular Quotes by Aberjhani



 Here's Your Introduction to Guerrilla Decontextualization 101



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Notes from: The Poet Who Went Home Again

YOU'RE INVITED to dance and sing for free at: The Harlem Renaissance Rent Party


I was born in Savannah, Georgia, and educated at schools throughout the United States, including Savannah State University, Eckerd College (St. Petersburg, Fla.), Macalester College (St. Paul, Minn.), Temple University (Philadelphia), and The New College of California (San Francisco). I served my literary apprenticeship for eight years as an editor, public affairs specialist, and human relations counselor for the U.S. Air Force in Alaska, Great Britain, and Charleston, S.C. 


A few years ago I became prone to sharing in the great collective literary adventures of the modern world so eventually founded    

Creative Thinkers International




100th Anniversary of the Harlem Renaissance 


. In addition, I currently stand as a member of the America's oldest literary and human rights organization, the PEN American Center, and the American Academy of Poets as well as this great community known as Authors Den.




I'm grateful for the fact that, in addition to winning major awards for Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance (Facts On File), the book was also listed by Black Issues Book Review as one of its "essential reference books for the home library" and listed in ESSENCE Magazine as a recommended holiday gift item. But since I Made My Boy Out of Poetry was my first published book, I'm extremely fond of it as well. And since The Wisdom of W.E.B. Du Bois allowed my name the privilege of sharing a by-line with the great Du Bois himself, well how could I not be humbled and thankful? I've also been amazed, inspired, humbled by the beautiful souls of the--   

Michael Jackson  fan community   



Birth Place: Savannah, GA USA

Accomplishments: A member of PEN (Poets, Editors, & Novelists) as well as the Academy of American Poets, I’ve been fortunate enough to win a few awards in recognition of my literary efforts. Among them are a 2011 VIP DOT in the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait. Also: Featured Blogger at the former Red Room; BEST POET AND SPOKEN WORD ARTIST in the 2006 Connect Savannah Readers' Poll and featured AUTHOR-POET OF THE MONTH on many kind and distinguished websites. I'm also a recipient of the Irene Tromble McAlister Literary Prize, and won selection as the “Critic’s Pick” for “Best Savannah Author” in the CREATIVE LOAFING Entertainment Magazine’s “Best of Savannah Year 2000” poll. I have also been included in CONTEMPORARY AUTHORS (published by Gale), which since 1962 has been the most authoritative reference on world authors.


Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance by Aberjhani
The Harlem Renaissance remains exciting, inspiring, and irresistible in the first half of the 21st Century for the same reason that the many people who lived it found it exciting, inspiring, and irresistible in the first half of the 20th Century. Despite the soul-crushing challenges of war, racism, sexism, and political oppression of every kind, poets of the Harlem Renaissance shined a light of h...

Kindle (eBook)  Amazon.com  Barnes & Noble.com  Infobase Publishing eBook Edition  Google Books

The River of Winged Dreams (Hardcover Gift Edition) by Aberjhani
What began as Songs of the Angelic Gaze in the summer of 2006 continued the following year as The Bridge of Silver Wings, and developed even further two years after that into The Bridge of Silver Wings 2009. Whether readers describe it as a conversation between one author’s pen and his sense of an angel-populated cosmos, or a modern interpretation of literary voices such as Kahlil Gibran’s and Ra...

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Journey through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life... by Aberjhani
Journey through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry demonstrates the ability of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Google+ to help make positive and inspiring differences in 21st-century life. It was through social media that the quote which prompted the composition of the book has practically grown into a self-empowerment movement which has helped ...

Price: $9.95 (eBook)
Amazon.com  Barnes & Noble.com  The Journe and the Rainbow  Lulu

Elemental: The Power of Illuminated Love by Aberjhani
The city of Savannah, Georgia, long celebrated by tourists and natives alike for its charm, beauty, and cultural diversity, has just added another jewel to its fabled crown. ELEMENTAL: The Power of Illuminated Love is a celebrated gift book by two of the city’s most acclaimed creative artists: painter Luther E. Vann, whose work is currently on display at the Telfair Museum Jepson Center for the Ar...

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The Bridge of Silver Wings 2009 by Aberjhani
For the past two years (2006-2008) The Bridge of Silver Wings has earned a name for itself both as a series of poems published in different e-zines and as a book first published in 2007. What makes this 2009 edition a special one is the inclusion of five new poems: “Angel of Better Days to Come”; “Midnight Flight of the Poetry Angels”; “Photographed Light of My Grandmother’s Soul”; ...

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The American Poet Who Went Home Again by Aberjhani
Expands beyond the safety of pages bound by predictability to explore and often confirm exciting creative possibilities. A shimmering collage of memoir, creative nonfiction, literary journalism, and dizzying flights into poetic observation, this is the amazing story of one writer’s rediscovery of his family, his hometown, and himself... Takes readers on epic jaunt across landscapes of “t...

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Visions of A Skylark Dressed in Black by Aberjhani
“The woman or man who is a poet, or fiction writer, or playwright, or all of these, is engaged constantly in a jazz ballet of vocabularies, passions, genders, histories, perspectives, death, love, and life. The music of revelation announces itself to the reader in somber brooding tones or in melodies light as air and one is invited to dance with the most captivating of partners: poetry. VISIONS OF...


The Wisdom of W. E. B. Du Bois (Philosophical Library Series) by Aberjhani
In his many novels, poetry, histories, editorials, plays, and letters, W. E. B. Du Bois poured so much of his blindingly incandescent soul into his writings that no single volume could ever contain all of his words or works. In fact, had not the historian David Levering Lewis taken it upon himself to pen his Pulitzer Prize-winning double-volume biography of Du Bois, it is quite possible (sadly) t...

Amazon.com  Barnes & Noble.com  Citadel Press  Bing Cashback

Literary Savannah by Aberjhani
"The statues of Savannah's Monument Square are silent. The statue of the solemn girl in Bonaventure Cemetery—made famous in John Berendt's blockbuster book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil—can't speak. Only Savannah's literary monuments can give voice to the rich and diverse history of one of America's greatest cities; one that has for centuries inspired fascination worldwide. Many ha...

Amazon.com  Barnes & Noble.com  AALBC  Trinity University Press

I Made My Boy Out of Poetry by Aberjhani
I Made My Boy Out of Poetry is a powerful literary vision of rare scope, beauty and emotional intensity composed of stories and poems that flow in and out of each other like the most lucid and articulate of dreams. These are portraits and studies of individual souls attempting to make peace with an awareness of themselves as beings more spiritual than material in a world given largely to the latt...

Amazon.com  Barnes & Noble.com  iUniverse.com  Amazon

The Harlem Renaissance Way Down South by Aberjhani
Is it possible to take a tour of New York City’s famed Harlem Renaissance way down in Savannah, Georgia? It is when you learn just how much of the celebrated Renaissance got its cultural start in the South....

Amazon.com  Amazon.com  Bright Skylark Literary Productions

Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World by Aberjhani
Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World is a novel in which nothing is quite what it seems and everything is loaded with shadowy dreams of the past and nightmares set to soul-pounding music of the future....

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Amazon.com  Barnes & Noble.com  Bridge of Silver Wings  Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World

The Hanging Man Dreams by Aberjhani
David Hightower’s lyrically expansive meditation on the whims of fate and the unpredictability of the human condition fill the pages of THE HANGING MAN DREAMS with thrilling music and mesmerizing imagery. Hightower’s richly infused voice echoes the eternal wisdom of classic literature even as it stakes its claim to a bold new vision of poetry as a more than capable vehicle for every experience fro...

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Short Stories

Shadows and Prayers and Light
 by Aberjhani
(Cover of 1st edition of Aberjhani's I Made My Boy Out of Poetry by Smithsonian Museum featured artist Gustave Blache III) But if only you could pause and remember as the shadows come close...

Come Walk With Me
 by Aberjhani
One southern city, two American perspectives....

This Mother's Son
 by Aberjhani
“A man is not as much as he feels he is, but he is as much as he feels.” ––Jean Toomer, Essentials. (photo of Aberjhani by Barron Claiborne) ...

Twenty-nine Birds On A Wire
 by Aberjhani
I am frequently surprised and delighted at the various forms that inspiration takes in our lives and at the diverse messages it brings. In the case of "Twenty-nine Birds On A Wire," the messages had t...

Eyes Like Oceans of Infinite Love
 by Aberjhani
Before writing this story I had to live it. After living it, I had to convince myself that it really had happened. ...

Keepers of Their People's Spirit
 by Aberjhani
A rare and powerful kind of story that one cannot make up....

A Lost Angel Singing Poetry: Excerpt 1
 by Aberjhani
This excerpt from my novel, Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World, was the first in a series posted while completing revisions on the novel. (Cover art by Luther E. Vann) ...

Uncut Goodies Part 4: the Current Conclusion
 by Aberjhani
In which Devoshona listens as Nicholas Hawthorn reviews new and mysterious music by Jimmy Redfyre and Ruzahn. ...

Uncut Goodies Part 3
 by Aberjhani
Prophecy and history revealed during a mass escape from an approaching killer hurricane. ...

Uncut Goodies Part 2
 by Aberjhani
Live from the editorial board room conference for the novel Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World (ISBN 0966235673) (Original cover art by Luther E. Vann)...

Uncut Goodies Part 1
 by Aberjhani
Notes from the editorial conference on Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World (ISBN 0966235673)...

Is Your Life Still Your Friend: Excerpt 2
 by Aberjhani
This is the second excerpt from my novel, Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World, which every day grows fatter, more demanding, and, I hope, more beautiful. ...

The Whips and Hammers of Memory Unkind
 by Aberjhani
On the road that leads to memory, identity and destiny sometimes prove to be the same thing. Sometimes not. ...

Born of Tears and a Midnight Train
 by Aberjhani
Who knows what miracles might be wrought by the steam from a good cup of tea and the power of a foot-stomping song?...

Introducing Uncut Goodies
 by Aberjhani
Secrets and jewels from the editors' lounge. ...

The Hero in the Wheelchair
 by Aberjhani
A salute to veterans. artwork courtesy of fotosearch.com)...

The Story of Nordette Adams' Un-Posted Birthday Poem
 by Aberjhani
Special is as special does....

Astonishing Tale of the Goddess and the Skylark: Part 1 of 4
 by Aberjhani
What would make a gentle goddess leave her garden in the sky for a planned sojourn on earth?...

Astonishing Tale of the Goddess and the Skylark: Part 2 of 4
 by Aberjhani
What becomes of a goddess who trades a garden in the sky for one on earth?...

Astonishing Tale of the Goddess and the Skylark: Part 3 of 4
 by Aberjhani
Does a goddess suffer when scorned by man? ...

Astonishing Tale of the Goddess and the Skylark: Part 4 of 4
 by Aberjhani
Such are the ways of goddessess and skylarks on earth and above it....


Photographed Light of My Grandmother's Soul
 by Aberjhani
Original digital art by the poet....

Reflections on Ode to the Good Black Boots that Served My Soul So Well
 by Aberjhani
From the forthcoming book New & Selected Poems. (Image of Vincent Van Gogh's "A Pair of Shoes" from the Southern Cross Review) ...

Valentine Winter: A Mink-Warm Distance Between Decades
 by Aberjhani
(Fire and Ice artwork by Rayanda)...

A Friend Like A Drunk Poem On New Year's Eve
 by Aberjhani
Wishing all a safe and joyous New Year....

Angel of Christmas Love Shining Bright
 by Aberjhani
From The River of Winged Dreams. Video of poem available on YouTube. ...

The Christmas Angel Who Whispered My Name
 by Aberjhani
Merry Christmas 2008....

Wings of Early Morning Light
 by Aberjhani
For London, July 7, 2005. And thinking now about victims of gun violence and Ebola in 2014. ...

Angel of Healing: for the Living, the Dying, and the Praying
 by Aberjhani
from The River of Winged Dreams...

Song of the Black Skylark
 by Aberjhani
Dedicated with gratitude to the good folks of Savannah who voted me best local poet and spoken word artist in the 2006 CONNECT SAVANNAH readers' poll. (Black Skylark Art by Postered Poetics)...

Gratitudes of A Dozen Roses
 by Aberjhani
This poem is the result of one night going to bed to the sound of midnight birds and staying awake most of the night listening to them. I felt like they were inviting me to sing with them so I jo...

Poets of the Angels
 by Aberjhani
Celebrate National Poetry Month with The Bridge of Silver Wings...

The Black Skylark Sang a Prophecy
 by Aberjhani
Lyrics as sung by Ruzahn in Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World. Also, expressing gratitude to Barbara Hilal for bringing her artwork, "Black Eyes Crying in the Cosmos," to my attention....

All Night in Savannah the Wind Wrote Poetry
 by Aberjhani
From The Bridge of Silver Wings...

Return to Savannah
 by Aberjhani
Having been reminded that March is Women’s History Month, I am presenting this poem in honor of the many contributions women have made and continue to make to struggles for human liberation and advanc...

The Nomad's Vision: Ode to a Skylark Dressed in Black
 by Aberjhani

Angel of Valentine Days and Nights
 by Aberjhani
From The River of Winged Dreams...

Angel of Earth Days and Seasons
 by Aberjhani
From The River of Winged Dreams...

Angel of Better Days to Come
 by Aberjhani
(Angel of Better Days to Come artwork by Luther E. Vann)...

Blue Madonna Rising
 by Aberjhani
From the book Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black....

Up On Passion's Rooftop
 by Aberjhani
From the book Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black....

Vampire Song: the Last Bloodfeast
 by Aberjhani
Readers please beware, this poem is dangerous. ...

American Widow: Song for Coretta Scott King
 by Aberjhani
Presented in salute to one more warrior (April 27, 1927-January 31, 2006) gone to rest....

Angel of Remembrance: Candles for September 11, 2001
 by Aberjhani
From The River of Winged Dreams...

How Poets and Words Burn Truth into Love
 by Aberjhani
Presented in tribute to the 100 Thousand Poets for Change initiative, and dedicated to all those struggling at this time in history for life, love, peace in the world, and peace within themselves.

Seized by the Perils of Poetry
 by Aberjhani
Poetry of the howl. Sensitive readers might want to skip this one. (Dancing Angels artwork by Alfred Gockel)...


What Your Writings Mean to Me
 by Aberjhani
An open letter. (Art Graphic by Postered Poetics) ...

Seduced, Once Again, by Poetry
 by Aberjhani
(100 Thousand Poets for Change Arthur Rimbaud artwork by Henrik Aeshna) ...

Lee's and Morrison's New Works May Influence Millennials' Dialogues on Race
 by Aberjhani
The release of new novels by iconic authors Toni Morrison and Harper Lee has sparked a lot of anticipation and debate. Their relevance in regard to Millennials could prove significant. (2007 photo of ...

A Writer's Journey to Selma-Alabama
 by Aberjhani
Sometimes collective history and individual biography merge to create unique moments and opportunities. (photo of Oprah Winfrey in one of her most dramatic acting roles as Annie Lee Cooper in the movi...

'Tis the Season for the Magic of Poetry
 by Aberjhani
(A new poetry anthology shows the enduring strength and beauty of the treasured literary art form.) ...

How Creativity and Social Responsibility Inspired 5 Memorable Moments 2014
 by Aberjhani
A quick look back as 2014 as we move ahead toward 2015. Check out the enthusiastic picture-taker who blocks my shot--kind of. (Photo by Aberjhani)...

7 Ways to Help Replace Legislated Fear with Informed Compassion
 by Aberjhani
On Stand Your Ground laws, race in America, and 1 very important report from the ABA. (Capt. Ronald Johnson in Ferguson, Missouri, seen here embracing Angela Whitman, of Berkeley, M...

Text and Meaning in Albert Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus
 by Aberjhani
This is an adaptation of an essay originally published in honor of the centennial of the birth of the Nobel Laureate Albert Camus. It is shared at this time on AuthorsDen as the anniversary of t...

Franz Kafka's Noble Nightmares and Reasons
 by Aberjhani
Few authors have had as widespread an impact on modern literature as Franz Kafka and even fewer biographers have brought such authors so fully to life as Ernst Pawel does Kafka in "The Nightmare of Re...

Text and Meaning in: Elemental the Power of Illuminated Love
 by Aberjhani
Can art and poetry survive in a shark tank world? They can with a little help from some inspired individuals and communities. (Artwork by Luther E. Vann from the book ELEMENTAL the Power of Illuminate...

Introducing Tao of the Rainbow
 by Aberjhani
Presenting the launch of Tao of the Rainbow. (Quotation art graphic by Postered Poetics for Aberjhani) ...

The Reason Hip-hop Icons Like LL Cool J Tweet Inspiring Quotes
 by Aberjhani
Many events in the world social media,sometimes humorous and sometimes, inspired creation of the book Journey through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry. This is one o...

Dancing with Genius, Dancing with Madness (in Honor of Rumi)
 by Aberjhani
The life and genius of Jalal al-Din Rumi, celebrated mystic and poet, forms the basis for the following article, adapted from a previous presentation made before the MENSA chapter of Savannah, Georgia...

Notebook on: Michael Brown, Kajieme Powell, and W.E.B. Du Bois (part 1)
 by Aberjhani
The recent social and racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and other communities in the U.S. have been extremely reminiscent of the 1960s and prompted many to justifiably ask "Why?" ...

Creative Flexibility and Annihilated Lives (essay with poem)
 by Aberjhani
Depending on the motives driving the soul running the show, words can be used to create amazing beauty and splendor. Or: they can break human hearts with terror and dread. ...

Fall 2014 Update: Texts, Meanings, and Guerrilla Decontextualization
 by Aberjhani
The full exact title of this essay is: Fall 2014 Update: Putting Text and Meaning to the Guerrilla Decontextualization Test. Enjoy. ...

The Approaching 100th Anniversary of the Harlem Renaissance (part 1 of 2)
 by Aberjhani
Is it ever too early to start planning for a really great Harlem Renaissance party? (stamp featuring James Weldon Johnson) ...

A River of Winged Dreams Valentine's Day Letter
 by Aberjhani
A free Valentine's Day tour around the Internet on The River of Winged Dreams. ...

The Harlem Renaissance and the Year 2020
 by Aberjhani
The 21st Century is one in which a number of historical milestones will be recognized, including the Harlem Renaissance centennial. (graphic courtesy of 100th Anniversary of the Harlem ...

Notes on the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation (part 1 of
 by Aberjhani
(Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation Proclamation illustration courtesy of Creative Commons License) ...

Feathers of Gold, Feathers of Silver
 by Aberjhani
Excerpt from The River of Winged Dreams (digital art courtesy of Bright Skylark Literary Productions) ...

Holiday Letter for a Poet Gone to War: Editorial and Poem
 by Aberjhani
A note of gratitude and a moment of remembrance... Photo: American troops in Iraq prior to the Iraq war's end quietly demonstrating the holiday spirit. (Reuters photograph by Saad Shalash) ...

The Astonishing Beauty of Art that Begets Art
 by Aberjhani
(Artwork courtesy of Bright Skylark Literary Productions) ...

Why Race Mattered in Barack Obama's Re-election: Editorial and Poem Part 1
 by Aberjhani
The U.S. presidential election may be over but some of America's most important work may have only just started. ...

Events in 2011 and Forthcoming Book Strengthen James Baldwin's Legacy
 by Aberjhani
Impact of classic African-American author continues to expand. (1958 photograph of James Baldwin by Motike Weissman)...


New Interview with Aberjhani Published in Poetry Life and Times
 by Aberjhani
The author-poet's first interview in the year 2015 is published just in time for World Poetry Day and National Poetry Month....

New Reviews of Early and Recent Books by Aberjhani
 by Aberjhani
As Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance approaches an important milestone new critiques surface of work by author-poet Aberjhani. ...

iTunes Adds Three Books and Podcast by Aberjhani to iBookstore
 by Aberjhani
Sharing good news. (image of Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World in iBookstore)...

C-SPAN Tags Savannah Authors for Features on Book TV and History Channels
 by Aberjhani
Several members of the "Civil War Savannah Book Series" team stand on the steps of the Georgia Historical Society in Savannah, Georgia. From left to right are: photographer Cindy Wallace, author Barry...

Savannah Author Joins Consortium of Doctors Annual Celebration
 by Aberjhani
National organization invites author Aberjhani to participate in annual festivities. (photo of Dr. Abigail Jordan, founder of Consortium of Doctors) ...

Literary Laureates Herta Mϋller and Amiri Baraka
 by Aberjhani
Two great writers celebrated....

A Great Day to Appreciate Book Lovers 40 Percent Off Sale
 by Aberjhani
Stimulate your personal economy by taking advantage of a big opportunity....

The Poetry of History and Inaugurations
 by Aberjhani
Top cover of Special Edition Savannah Tribune Weekly Newspaper commemorating Martin Luther King, Jr., Day and Inauguration Day 2009....

Holiday Book Signing at Ex Libris
 by Aberjhani
Artist and Author at SCAD's Ex Libris Book Store. Save 20 percent on acclaimed title. (ANGEL OF BETTER DAYS TO COME artwork by Luther E. Vann from ELEMENTAL, The Power of Illuminated Love.)...

ELEMENTAL Art and Book Head for Historic Orangeburg
 by Aberjhani
Exhibit and book signing slated for Orangeburg State College....

Time in a CTI Bottle
 by Aberjhani
A community comes of age on the Internet....

American Poet Who Went Home Again Now in Stock at Amazon
 by Aberjhani
Amazon and Barnes and Noble pick up new travel/memoir title....

New Dates Added for ELEMENTAL Book Events
 by Aberjhani
Demand for new title prompts increase in book events....

Book Club Adds ELEMENTAL to Featured Titles
 by Aberjhani
New gift book makes reading list for popular online book club. ...

Distribution Outlets Increase for New Gift Book
 by Aberjhani
Popular exhibit increases appeal of new book. Artwork courtesy of Connect Savannah Weekly Newsmagazine....

The Critics Have Their Say
 by Aberjhani
Readers weigh in on the newly published Elemental, The Power of Illuminated Love. ...

Connect Savannah Presents: All for the Art
 by Aberjhani
Weekly newsmagazine gives us an update on "a very special book."...

The Panther Interviews the Skylark
 by Aberjhani
Poet Chase Von, author of Your Chance to Hear the Last Panther Speak, interviews Skylark Aberjhani about his new work and overall literary career....

Savannah Artist Book Cover Art Now Available
 by Aberjhani
The work of art that became a book cover that became one great deal....

Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World
 by Aberjhani
Original cover art "The Soul of a Black Skylark Singing" by Luther E. Vann (Book ISBN 0966235673)....

Sneak Peeks at Good Things to Come
 by Aberjhani
What dawg of distinction doesn't like a good smoke and a good read? (Smoking Dog courtesy of The Smoking Poet)...

Cyber Party for Famed Beat Author Jack Kerouac
 by Aberjhani
Featuring the poem, "Sweet Brother Beat Bop Daddy K"...

A Good Book Gets Its Due
 by Aberjhani
When a book comes of age....

What Goes Around Came Around
 by Aberjhani
Once you've done unto others, guess what happens next...

The Poet and the Bridge of Silver Wings
 by Aberjhani
A visitation of wonders (bridge photo courtesy of Stuck in Customs)...


The purpose of Creative Thinkers International, also known as The CTI Initiative, is to help inspire positive creative responses to the challenges and the joys of twenty-first century life through all forms of writing, the visual arts, music, the social sciences, spiritual awareness, and philosophical inquiry. The online community is a growing one. Membership is free and site guidelines are posted on the main page.

Gifted photographer John Zeuli has won international recognition for his portrayal of people captured in illuminated moments of playfulness, quiet peace, and deep reflection. I am happy to acknowledge that his photo of me was used to help create the cover for THE GODDESS AND THE SKYLARK, DANCING THROUGH THE WORD LABYRINTH CD. With his highly acclaimed KEEPERS OF THE SPIRIT exhibit, Zeuli's talents revealed him to be a shining spiritual presence in his own right. In addition to people in typical everyday scenes, the series (one of several) contains a gallery of renowned authors and I am honored to be featured among them. They include: Coleman Barks (famed for his translations of Rumi as well for his own poetry) Orson Scott Card, Harry Crews, Dr. Larry Dossey, Peter Straub, Maxine Swann, and Andrew Vachss.

Aberjhani and the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait
I was very surprised and honored when awarded a VIP Dot in the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait. The MJ Tribute Portrait is a phenomenal project that not only proposes to be largest such tribute project in the world but also, in the manner of Michael Jackson himself, one of the most benevolent. Central to the project is a portrait in progress by renowned artist David Ilan, who has used his talent for pointilism to create images of a number of iconic celebrities. The goal with the MJ Tribute Portrait is to place one dot in the name of one million individuals each to complete the portrait and help maintain Jackson's humanitarian legacy. That I was honored with a dot in the great artist and humanitarian's heart moves me tremendously.

The determined spirit of creativity, inspiration, and belief in the higher ideals of humanity that characterized the Harlem Renaissance not only continues to endure in the twenty-first century, but to flourish in numerous beautiful ways. It is to define, document, and honor this lasting legacy and all it has to offer that 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE HARLEM RENAISSANCE has been established. These pages will include both general and scholarly reflections on the movement as well as book reviews, poetry, mini-essays, art, and other inspired musings. Enjoy.

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A PARTIAL CHRONOLOGY OF MY LITERARY WORKS: 2014--Quotes & Essay Collection: Journey through the Power of the Rainbow, Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry 2010--Poetry Collection: The River of Winged Dreams 2010-- Memoir & Essays: The American Poet Who Went Home Again May 2008--Book of poetry with art by Luther E. Vann: ELEMENTAL, The Power of Illuminated Love. December 2007--Book of poetry: THE BRIDGE OF SILVER WINGS (Black Skylark Singing Press, ISBN 9780966235609) Nov. 12, 2007--Novel: CHRISTMAS WHEN MUSIC ALMOST KILLED THE WORLD (Black Skylark Singing Press) 3 November, 2006: THE GODDESS AND THE SKYLARK, DANCING THROUGH THE WORD LABYRINTH, PRESENTED BY RAHKTY, CD released: http://www.lulu.com/skylarkshine 19 October, 2006: VISIONS OF A SKYLARK DRESSED IN BLACK published by BPS E-Publishing. August 17, 2005, cover story "The Artist Known as Pleasant," published in Connect Savannah News Magazine. August 2005 poem "Fulton Street/The Series" published in ESSENCE Magazine. July 2005 published one article, three stories, and six poems in the online literary magazine EXPOSE’D.The article is: February 15, 2003, The History That Peace Made. The stories are: The Us That Never Was, Angels & Shakespeare, and Birth as Prologue. The poems are: Christ Listening to Stereo, Coffee Morning Rhapsody, DarkMagusMilesAhead #7, In Regard to a Poet’s Birthday, Koo 12, and Poets Everywhere and Always. May 2005 two poems, "Botanical Gardens #2" and "In a Quiet Place on a Quiet Street" published in ESSENCE Magazine. April 2005 poem "Star People" published in ESSENCE Magazine. January 5, 2005, launched The Black Skylark Z-Ped Music Player web site on AuthorsDen. January 2005, essay "The Light and the Way of Luther E. Vann" published in PERSISTENCE OF DREAMS anthology. September 2004 essay "Strength to Carry On" published in REDBRIDGE REVIEW online literary magazine. February 2004 poem "Coffee Morning Rhapsody" published in ESSENCE Magazine. September 2003 book ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE HARLEM RENAISSANCE (co-authored by Sandra L. West) published by Facts On File. August 2003 book THE WISDOM OF W. E. B. DU BOIS published by Kensington Books as part of the Citadel Press imprint Philosophical Library Series. January 2003 poem "DarkMagusMilesAhead #7" published in ESSENCE Magazine. December 2001 poem "The Light That Never Dies" published in ESSENCE Magazine. November 2001 poem "In a Quiet Place on a Quiet Street" published in anthology SONS OF LOVERS. April 2001 correspondence with Bruce Reilly "Last Night Was Einstein’s Face" published in 2001 SAVANNAH LITERARY JOURNAL. November 2000 second edition book of short stories and poetry, I MADE MY BOY OUT OF POETRY, published by iUniverse.Com. April 2000 poem "Sweet Brother Beat-Bop Daddy K (3/12/22-10/21/69)" published in 2000 SAVANNAH LITERARY JOURNAL. Winner of Irene Tromble McAlister Literary Prize for 2000. December 1999 two poems "Every Hour Henceforth" and "Family Reunion: Remembering the Ancestors" published in ESSENCE Magazine End-of-the-Century Collector’s Edition. February 1998 first edition book of short fiction and poetry, I MADE MY BOY OUT OF POETRY, published by Washington Press. Spring 1998 poem "Return to Savannah" published in LITERARY SAVANNAH, an historical anthology of Savannah, Georgia. November 1997 cover story "This Mother’s Son" published in ESSENCE as part of “The Many Ways of Looking at a Black Man” feature. Photo of author included with profiles of: entrepreneur Sean Puffy Combs; singer Maxwell; writer Michel Marriott; political activist Geronimo Ji Jaga Pratt; and John Edgar Wideman; and golfer Tiger Woods. November 1997 limited edition collection of poetry, BLOODBEATS, with illustrations by Christine Cummings published independently. June 1997 poems "Washington Park #162," "blackman sitting on a rock," and "The Man That Poetry Made" published in SMOG (Savannah-areA Mensa of Georgia) Magazine. May 1997 short fiction "That Poem Is Not My Brother" and poem "An Open Letter to Poets Everywhere and Always" published in The Dull Fly magazine. December 1996 poems "Crossing the Bridge of Bones" and "The Unseen Companion" published in The DULL FLY magazine. November 1996 poem "Return to Savannah" published in 1997 SAVANNAH LITERARY JOURNAL. October 1996 essay "And Now for the Joy of Hunab Ku" and poem "Calligraphy of Intimacy" published in OUT OF THE BLUE magazine. September 26, 1996 literary review “Eye of the Eagle” published in CREATIVE LOAFING Weekly Entertainment Magazine. September 1996 filmed recording of reading for poem "Return to Savannah" published on DISCOVER SAVANNAH CD-ROM. September 1996 poem "Considerations: the Funky Thing About It" published in THE DUFF FLY. September 1996 poem "Lost in My Father’s Room" published in OUT OF THE BLUE. August 1996 poems "Sunrise" and "Jazzbabydoll" published in THE DULL FLY. May 18 1996 special feature of column "Visionary Vibes: Savannah by the Numbers Part 2" published in CREATIVE LOAFING. May 4, 1996 special feature of column "Visionary Vibes: Savannah by the Numbers Part 1" published in CREATIVE LOAFING. April 1996 editorial and poem "WillieMae Sketched in Years of Blue" published in HOMEGROWN POETRY JOURNAL Commemorative Edition. February 14, 1996 poem "A Letter Came Today" published with interview in SAVANNAH TRIBUNE. November 1995 creative nonfiction "Angels & Shakespeare" published in 1996 SAVANNAH LITERARY JOURNAL. September 1995 poem "Divine Morphology" published in POETS, ARTISTS, & MADMEN. August 12, 1995 column "Visionary Vibes: Psychic Sleuthing" published in CREATIVE LOAFING. February 24, 1995 poem "We Sang This for Shekhem" published in GEORGIA GUARDIAN. December 22, 1994 literary review “Santa’s Autobiography”: Enchantment Spanning Centuries published in GEORGIA GUARDIAN. December 11, 1994 poem excerpt from "I Made My Boy Out of Poetry" published in SAVANNAH NEWS-PRESS. November 1994 short fiction "Shadows and Prayers and Light"; and poems "Miguel Upon the Sand Dunes of Ecstasy and Hell", "I Made My Boy Out of Poetry", and "From the Life Between Living" published in the 1994 SAVANNAH LITERARY JOURNAL. November 5, 1994 column "Visionary Vibes: The Sexual Side of Spirituality" published in CREATIVE LOAFING. September 1994 poems "The Brother, The Keeper," and "In a Quiet Place on a Quiet Street" published in GOT OUR OWN SOULS (Oyster Knife Publishing) anthology. September 24, 1994 column "Visionary Vibes: Empowerment Through Creative Visualization" published in CREATIVE LOAFING. September 23, 1994 literary review “South of Haunted Dreams”: a Mixed Memoir published in GEORGIA GUARDIAN. September 10, 1994 column "Visionary Vibes: Getting to Know Your Psychic Self" published in CREATIVE LOAFING. August 12, 1994 literary essay "Lorde and Daniell: a Tale of Two Poets" published in GEORGIA GUARDIAN. August 8, 1994 column "Visionary Vibes: Seeking Guidance on the Path" published in CREATIVE LOAFING. August 6, 1994 "Visionary Vibes: The Power of the Aura" published in CREATIVE LOAFING. July 16, 1994 column "Visionary Vibes: Touring the Astral Way" published in CREATIVE LOAFING. July 9, 1994 column "Visionary Vibes: Dream a Little Dream" published in CREATIVE LOAFING. July 7 1994 literary review Butler’s “Parable” a Powerful Tale of the Future published in GEORGIA GUARDIAN. June 18, 1994 column "Visionary Vibes: Art and Souls in the Painted Universe" published in CREATIVE LOAFING. June 4,1994 column "Visionary Vibes: Dealing With the Spook Factor" published in CREATIVE LOAFING. June 3, 1994 literary review “Dark of the Moon” Shines With Brilliance published in GEORGIA GUARDIAN. Spring 1994 literary review “Race Matters” Tackles Tough Issues published in SAVANNAH HERALD. May 21, 1994 column "Visionary Vibes: Through the Doors of Reincarnation" published in CREATIVE LOAFING. May 7, 1994 column "Visionary Vibes: the Angelic Presence" published in CREATIVE LOAFING. April 23, 1994 column "Visionary Vibes: Sampling the New Age Buffet" debuts in CREATIVE LOAFING Entertainment Weekly. February 25, 1994 poem "Family Reunion: Remembering the Ancestors (In Addition to My Blackness)" published in GEORGIA GUARDIAN. February 14, 1994 short fiction "Kidnapped by Bliss" published in GEORGIA GUARDIAN. 1993 poems "Past, Present & Future are One (after a painting by Luther E. Vann)" and "The Light, That Never Dies" published in GEORGIA GUARDIAN. October 8, 1993 literary review "The Life & Grace of Arthur Ashe" published in GEORGIA GUARDIAN. September 24, 1993 short fiction "Me, Jason, the Beautiful One" published in GEORGIA GUARDIAN. August 6, 1993 literary review “The Famished Road”: Odyssey Through African Boyhood published in GEORGIA GUARDIAN. July 2, 1993 poem "Thoughts on the Future" and literary review “The Infinite Plan”: a Romantic Survey of American Diversity published in GEORGIA GUARDIAN. May 28, 1993 short fiction "Elijah’s Skin" published in GEORGIA GUARDIAN. April 1993 literary essay “The Immoralist”: The Love and Evil of Andre Gide published in GEORGIA GUARDIAN. March 12, 1993 literary essay “The Subterraneans” Revisited: Checking Out Jack Kerouac in the Age of Multiculturalism published in GEORGIA GUARDIAN weekly news. Summer 1992 poem "blackman sitting on a rock" published in AFRICAN AMERICAN REVIEW.

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