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· Einstein, Religion, Politics and Literature-461 pps
· Letters From the Earth: Faint Hopes and Lamentations
· Love: Its Wonderments, Sufferings and Consumations (Free Audio Samples-41)
· Politics, Poetry and Love in the Obama Age
· The Gospel According to Lilith: Fantasy (10) free audio chapters) & Videos
· The Obama Chronicles: Stories From the Heartland

Short Stories     ( View all 439 stories )
· ``How to Write the Great American Novel
· 17 two dollar books for self-publishing Indies
· 21 Audio-Book Love Poems For The Recently Cynical
· 97 Issues People Care Most About.
· A Blog On Obama--My Report Card Updated 6/14/13
· A Box of Hearts
· A Cold Drive And A Warm Night- Chapter Three
· A Cold Drive and A Warm Night- Chapter Two
· A Cold Drive and a Warm Night-Chapters 1-2 of 16 -Novel
· A Cold Drive and A Warm Night: Chapter Eight

Poetry     ( View all 236 poems )
· 'Good Poets and Bad Poets
· 'Loving You Is Far Too Dangerous
· 'The Very Sun Blinks
· 43 Love Poems For The Recently Cynical-Audio Poems In The Authors Own Voice
· 744 Poems For A Stormy Night
· 80 Experimental Poetry Videos
· A Broken Verb and Writers Block
· A Crooked Stile
· A Flask of Time
· A Handerchief Surrenders

· Coming Soon: The Sun The Galaxy and Cosmic Rays
· Upcoming Soon: Anatomy of A Forceclosure. The Real Story
· Upcoming Essay: The Next 50 Years: Whither Weather Population & Technology?
· Ferguson: The Book: Now on Immediate Kindle Download
· UFO's, Time Travel, and Aliens: What Are The Facts? Updated: 10/17/14
· Coming Soon: How Safe Are Cell Phones?
· Upcoming Book: The Problem With Mr. Freud
· New Radio Show
· Coming Soon: Writers and Writing-The Videos
· The Hicks Weekly

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