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Prior to retirement I spent my working life in the San Francisco Bay Area, beginning at the UC Lawrence Radiation Laboratory in Berkeley. In 1970 three partners and I formed a startup software and electronics company, a novel idea back then. I am proud to say the company we began still remains. I have worked as a physicist, a computer software designer, an engineer, a computer scientist, a geophysicist, an entrepreneur, and a corporate executive. Over that time I authored a number of technical and trade articles. Today my passion is writing fiction focusing on disaster scenarios, what more...

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· Broken River
· Memphis 7.9
· Was a Time When

Short Stories
· Achafalaya 1, New Orleans 0
· Chapter 1: Hooked
· Out-Take: Survival On The Side Of A Mountain

· Another Arkansas Earthquake
· Lessons From The Tsunami, Is The USA Missing Out?
· NBC’s Mini-Series “10.5”, Good, Bad, and Ugly
· Penny’s 7.9 Scenario Novels Teach Earthquake Reality Through Fiction
· Sam Penny’s Reality Fiction Series Describes New Madrid Earthquake Dangers
· That Arkansas Earthquake, Don't Worry About It, Right?

· Broken River Receives Honorable Mention in Darrell Awards
· New Image for The 7.9 Scenario Website
· Broken River Available September 27
· Interview on "Curious Mind"
· Memphis 7.9 Available at Jonesboro Hastings Bookstore
· Memphis 7.9 receives Honorable Mention in Darrell Award competition for Best Science Fiction novel
· Memphis 7.9 finalist for Darrell Award at MidSouthCon 22 in Memphis

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