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Dr. Ronald Bissell has spent his life caring for patients in pain and suffering from physical ailments. His experiences led him to create inspirational books and articles to help people overcome the effects of disease and begin the healing process. Due to his own illness he was forced to take a long hiatus and retire from his surgical practice. Recently, with the advent of speech recognition software he has begun to once again write inspirational articles. After studying meditation and its affects on the body for the past 35 years he offers a unique perspective on the process of living life more...

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· Eban's World: The Colors of Change
· Reflections: Mirrors of Light
· Souls of Light
· Unity: Life's Essence

Short Stories
· Beyond the Veil
· Jouney into Your Heart
· Reconnecting with Spirit
· To My Grand-daugther with Love

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· A Lone Wanderer
· A New Year - A New Beginning
· Accepting who you are
· Awakening
· Bittersweet Moments
· Change
· Change
· Changing Seasons
· Clarity
· Darkness Everywhere

· A Friend's Passing
· Evening Prayer
· My Prayer
· Tears Will Pass
· To Believe

· Have You Heard Your Inner Voice Lately?
· Identifying Spriitual Principles Can Change Your Life
· What If You Could Change Your World?
· Seeing Beyond the Physical Mask Brings Great Rewards
· The Essence of Life is Found Within the Unity of Creation

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