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· A Reader's Guide to Author's Jargon and Other Ravings from the Blogosphere
· Are You Still Submitting Your Work to a Traditional Publisher?
· Belmundus
· Bobby's Trace
· Come, Wewoka & Diary of Medicine Flower
· Cutting the Cheese
· In the Shadow of Her Hem
· Look Away Silence
· No Irish Need Apply
· Oh, Dainty Triolet
· Pacific Crimson - Forget Me Not
· Surviving an American Gulag
· Swan Coud - Southen Swallow Book III
· The Academician - Southern Swallow - Book I
· The Closet Clandestine: a queer steps out
· The Dragon's Pool
· The Jade Owl
· The Nan Tu - Southern Swallow Book II
· The People's Treasure
· The Road to Grafenwöhr
· The Third Peregrination
· Turning Idolater

Short Stories
· Ch'i Lin and the Cup
· Dime a Dip
· Fishing With Birds
· How to Play Grusoker

Articles     ( View all 50 articles )
· 5-star Review for The Dragon's Pool
· 5-Star Review for Turning Idolater
· A Breathtaking Review for the Jade Owl
· A Fish Out of Water - No Pun Intended
· A Snippet from the Upcoming Jade Owl Book II - The Third Peregrination
· Another 5-star Review for No Irish Need Apply
· Author icon - Victor Banis reviews The Jade Owl
· Distributive Characterization - Deconstructing Luke Oliver
· Do the Dead Mourn the Living? The Case of Bobby's Trace
· Drive out Plot and Getting Into the Zone

Poetry     ( View all 20 poems )
· A Night with Rimbaud
· Along the Wall
· Atop the Twin Towers
· Courage Inner
· Eruption
· Here in My Arms
· His Last Hand
· I am Medicine Flower
· I've Made Acquaintances in my Time
· In the Dark Shadows (The Awakening)

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