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I am Australian. I am a write that pushes the injustices of man. I love to hike around the hills and mountains feeding my eyes and allowing my legs to go where they want. I'm a photographer and love to capture living things.




I love the world we live in, the only trouble is man's sure giving it a hiding. Our next generation is inheriting their parents failure to stand up and say enough is enough and do something about it. Vested interests globly reduce the next generations ability to open their own mouths. Mass drugging of out kids and psychiatrist now pumping out so many new mental health conditions is it now a treatable condition to be happy. what do they use? Bingo more drugs to make then less aware and more of a zonbi and the bottom line easier to control when they decide to move against them and that time will come.

I write about the young because deep down they have a lot more guts than their parents and I try to let them know hay you can make a difference so hold your head up high.

Birth Place: London,  England

Accomplishments: I have brought up three great kids who are my best friends. I have written several books about the young and in each I am proud to have those charicters come into my life.


The Struggle of the Young Inheritors by Albert Megraw
How the youth overcame the sweeping pendamic that ran across the world wiping out their elders....

Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.com 

The Lion And The Young Boy by Albert Megraw
Set in Africa in the late 1890's tribal law dictate boys of sixteen summers must kill a lion to become a man.With the tribe diminishing year by year as the youth of the nation never return from the kill to claim their rights, now Sasha's time has come. With fear as his companion this day, but with a strong love of animals and of his land he makes his lion kill and his life changes for ever. pitted...

Amazon.compasini press 

The She Grey Wolf{ except from the book..the clash between good and evil ) by Albert Megraw
a wolfs story seen through her eyes....


The clash between good and evil. by Albert Megraw
When the sun goes down the Dark lord rules, beware being caught in the dark for he carried those caught deep into the bowels of Mother earth for tormentment for all time....


The Erasers by Albert Megraw
When multin nations become too powerful governemts loose control over them and they dictate, demand and break the law and then white wash their dirty deeds and turn themselves in the eyse of the populance as do gooders. A town wiped from the face of the earth, all taces oblitered from recods, thje peopulance that never existed...where are they...how come they dont remember their past? William and ...


Short Stories

the wolf
 by Albert Megraw
the wolf saves the boy from the bear re-uniting their friendship. ...

he is learning about himself
 by Albert Megraw
one twin learing about the other...

Cries on the wind
 by Albert Megraw
Freedom is worth fighting for. However, should one allow one's morals to cut across attaining freedom for oneself?...

the three little pigs and the big bad wolf
 by Albert Megraw
how three little pigs beat the big bad wolf....

the daily battle
 by Albert Megraw
The cycle of living light and the fear pof the night...

My Harsh and Rugged Land.
 by Albert Megraw
The struggly of a farmers son to beat the drought and bush fires that threaten to distroy everything he has come to love in the land....

the golden dragon boy
 by Albert Megraw
A youth seeks answers to his existance, travelling the universe on a dragon in his quest to find and know himself....


One of the loves of my life
 by Albert Megraw
How many loves can one have in their life? Many one can say. However, how does another see others loving you.?...


The Struggle of the Young Inheritors
learn to survive a pendamic, what you can do how to boost your imune system read what you can so you have that one small chnce over the next guy.

The lion and the young boy
How and african kid helped his tribe unite and build a future that would in the end help them keep their lands out of the white mans hand.

short stories by myself. just a few ides abnout a few things that I needed to say. Just half way through two new books one called 'Zapped' and the other 'Secrets' I will post the first chapters soon.

The clash between good and evil.
I have not had this book published yet. It is just my idea of how good can over come evil and how a few can make a differance between humankind extinction or a better world. If you want to read more ask me.

Additional information

Printing of my book...The strugle of the young inheritors. is about to be released. I would like to have the main tital PENDAMIC and at the bottom of the page The struggle of the young inheritors. But Pendamic has been used before so thats out. the title is as above and I will keep that this is book 1 in a series. I have finished another book called "Deception" now the work really starts having to go through it time and again cleaning it up and making it shine from page 1 all the way through to the end.

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 Albert Megraw
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