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The difference between a life filled with love and a life were love is lacking is very much like the difference between a warm, sunny summer day and a bleak winter day.


Please visit my website at    http://thebiglie.net/

I have been a writer since I was a small child.  One of the things I most wanted for Christmas, one year, was a toy typewriter. I got it, and I could actually type on it.  It had only one key to push down on, but it had a print wheel with all the letters on it.  If you wanted to type the letter "q," you just turned the wheel until the "q"  was in the print position, and then pushed down on the large single key.  I was so proud to see my words in print that I gave that little toy typewriter a good workout. Once I had seen my words in print, I knew that I would be a writer all my life.


I also had an equally strong passion for studying about the economy.  Our family was the poorest family in the whole community.  The old weathered farmhouse showed no evidence that it had ever been painted. We didn’t have electricity, so I had to do my homework in the dim light of a kerosene lamp.  But that wasn’t the worst part.  The worst part was that we also did not have indoor plumbing.  I remember so well those trips to the outhouse when the temperature was below zero and having to use pages from an old Sears catalog for toilet paper.  Those Indiana winters were severe, and trips to that old outhouse are still among the most vivid negative memories that I have. 


I was puzzled by how poor we were and how well off so many others were.  Dad worked hard on that little Indiana farm, but he and Mom just had too many babies to make it on so little income.  Growing up, I never thought there would be any way that I could go to college, but President Eisenhower changed all of that when he signed into law the National Defense Education Act, which opened the door to low-interest loans for college students.  After working and borrowing my way through Ball State University, I taught high school Social Studies for two years before borrowing my way through four years of graduate school at Indiana University to earn a Ph.D. degree in economics.


I share these things to help readers understand why I have felt a responsibility to use much of my writing talent and time for writing about Economics and Social Security.  But before I get into that, which most readers people will probably find rather boring, please allow me to tell you about what I like to write.


I love to do inspirational writing in an attempt to lift people's spirits, and I also love to write Children's novels. 


On July 14, 1994. I tried a little experiment.  I wrote a short inspirational essay and submitted it to a small weekly newspaper in Toledo, Illinois.  I was trying to determine whether or not I had the ability to inspire people through my writing.  


I had always loved meaningful quotations, so I decided to begin the essay with an inspirational quotation which would set the tone for the piece.  If my memory is correct, I used the following quotation from Helen Keller to set the tone for that first essay. 


"I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something" 


The editor liked the essay and asked me to write a similar column every week.  But I wondered how long I would be able to write weekly columns without losing my ability to inspire.  That was nineteen years ago, and my column still appears in that local paper. every week.  Over the years, the column appeared in larger papers  for at least a few years.  The Paducah Sun in Paducah, Kentucky ran the column in their Sunday paper, on the religion page, for many years.  Other papers ran it on their editorial page. 


As time passed and I became so involved in my other writing, I decided to phase the column out.  I quit recruiting new suscribers and decided that I would continue to supply it to those papers still using it until they all dropped the column.  It will be twenty years next July since I published that first column in the Toledo, Illinois paper.  In addition to that paper, the column still appears every week in two small Arizona newspapers, one in Tennesse and one in Virginia.


With regard to my children's novels, I have just added the first one, "Andrew Rockefeller Ford, III" to Authors Den.



Andy Ford and Dave Jackson are garbage collectors in the small town of Pepperville. They get paid for hauling people’s garbage away in little red wagons hitched to their bikes. They take the garbage out to Mr. Warner’s farm at the edge of town and sell it for chicken feed.

They’re good kids, but some of the older people, consider the boys a menace and a disgrace to the town. They harass the boys and try to force them out of business. The conflict between the boys and some of the older residents makes a hilarious tale.


Nobody can read this book without doing a lot of laughing.  I guarantee it. It's a little laughing machine that can generate a lot of laughter.  I am so confident that nobody can read this book without laughing, that I will put a five dollar bill in an envelope and mail it to you, if you get through the book without laughing. Just email your mailing address to me and wait for your five dollars to arrive in your mailbox, IF YOU GET THROUGH THE BOOK WITHOUT LAUGHING.  


The Kindle ebook is currently available from Amazon.com for only 99 cents.  If you do as much laughing as I think you will, that will be a real bargain.  On the other hand, if you manage to get through the book without laughing (accomplish the impossible), you will get your 99 cents back plus $4.01 bonus.  You can't lose, and you might win big.  How much llaughing can you buy for 99 cents anywhere else? 


My high school textbook, Understanding Economics, which was published by Random House, was used in more than 600 schools, nationwide.  For the past thirteen years, I have been engaged in a relentless campaign to expose the Social Security fraud.  While doing research for a book in 2000 I stumbled onto what I now consider to be the “greatest fraud ever perpetrated against the American people by their own government.” 


President Reagan, with the assistance of Alan Greenspan, convinced Congress and the American people that there was a need for a big Social Security payroll tax increase in 1983, which would generate surplus revenue for the next 30 years, in order to build up a large reserve with which to help fund the retirement of the baby boomers, who would begin retiring  in 2010.  That payroll tax hike generated $2.7 trillion in surplus revenue over the period 1983 to 2010, when the annual surpluses came to an end and permanent annual Social Security deficits began. 


That $2.7 trillion in surplus Social Security revenue was supposed to have been saved and invested in marketable U.S. Treasury bonds, which could be resold when needed to raise cash for paying benefits to the boomers.  But none of the surplus Social Security money was saved or invested in anything.  The government simply took the surplus revenue and deposited it in the general revenue fund.  The money has been used to pay for unfunded wars and other programs.  This is the big fraud that I stumbled onto in 2000.  At first, I refused to believe my findings.  It seemed just too awful to suggest that the government was using Social Security money for other programs.  But it didn’t take much more research to remove all doubt.  The government was actually stealing Social Security money and using it for other purposes. 


On March 16, 2011, Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) admitted that the government had stolen Social Security money during a Senate speech.  He said:


"Congresses under both Republican and Democrat control, both Republican and Democrat presidents, have stolen money from social security and spent it.  The money’s gone.  It’s been used for another purpose.”


Every member of Congress knows that what Senator Coburn said was absolutely true.  But very few average Americans have a clue that their Social Security contributions were stolen by the government and used for other purposes.  I have devoted the past 13 years of my life to trying to expose the fraud against overwhelming odds. The AARP and the NCPSSM have both marched in lockstep with the Social Security Administration in misleading the public about the true status of the Social Security trust fund.  The government has managed to keep the public from finding out about the theft for more than three decades.  Since neither the Republicans nor the Democrats want the truth reported, because they both are guilty of actions that they don’t want the news media to report.  The news media honors the government’s wishes to keep the story from being reported. 


My first book reporting this fraud, The Alleged Budget Surplus, Social Security and Voodoo Economics, was published in 2000, and I appeared on CNN, in September of that year, to discuss it.  I published three more books on Social Security in the years that followed.  But the most complete picture of what has happened is presented in my new Kindle book, THE IMPENDING SOCIAL SECURITY CRISIS: The Government’s Big Dirty Secret, which was just released  this month.  It is available at Amazon.com 













Birth Place: W. Elwood, IN United States

Accomplishments: As part of my crusade to alert Americans to the problems of Social Security and the national debt, I have been interviewed on CNN, CNNfn,and CNBC. I have also done more than 200 radio interviews.


Ronald Reagan and the Great Social Security Heist by Allen W Smith
Social Security is on the verge of a deep crisis. The only thing of value that Social Security has is its annual tax revenue, which is not enough to pay full Social Security benefits. There is no cash reserve or money set aside in a special reserve. All of the surplus revenue that was generated by the 1983 payroll tax hike ($2.7 trillion) was embezzled by the government and used to finance wars...

Price: $5.99 (eBook)

The Impending Social Security Crisis: The Government's Big Dirty Secret by Allen W Smith
The government has embezzled $2.7 trillion of Social Security money and spent it on wars and other government programs. Unless the government repays the stolen money, it cannot pay full benefits....

Price: $2.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comthebiglie.net 

The Looting of Social Security--Free E-book by Allen W Smith
-Every cent generated by the 1983 Social Security payroll tax revenue -money exclusively earmarked for the retirement of the baby-boom generation-is gone, spent by our government. But most Americans are ignorant of the crime. Smith explains the history of Social Security from its inception in 1935 to the present, including the 1983 Social Security fix. Then, step by appalling step, he details how ...

Kindle (eBook),  The Big Lie  www.thebiglie.net

The $2.6 Trillion Social Security Theft! by Allen W Smith
All of the surplus Social Security revenue, generated by the 1983 hike in payroll taxes, has been embezzled by the government and spent on wars and other programs....

Price: $2.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.com 

"Smith...has written a scathing account of massive fraud on the part of our nation's leaders, who have plundered every cent of the Social Security Trust Fund surplus that was specifically earmarked for the retiremtnt of baby boomers."--Booklist...

Price: $2.99 (eBook)

Thought Boosters: How to lift your spirits by enhancing your thoughts by Allen W Smith
A book of inspirational essays designed to enhance your thoughts and lift your spirits....

Price: $0.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comAmazon.com 

Demystifying Economics The Book That Makes Economics Accessible to Everyone by Allen W Smith
An excellent lay-oriented primer on economics that explains the basics in simple language that relates them to ordinary daily life. An excellent way for the layperson to learn about economics and government economic policies....

Price: $2.99 (eBook)

Andrew Rockefeller Ford, III by Allen W Smith
The tale of two would-be entrepreneurs who have almost constant conflict with Mrs. Goodman and a few other resident of Pepperville....

Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comAmazon.com 

The Big Lie: How Our Government Hoodwinked the Public, Emptied the S.S. Tr by Allen W Smith
A survey of how 30 years of government economic malpractice led to the 2008 financial meltdown and to the $15 trillion national debt....


Social Security The Attempt To Kill It by Allen W Smith
Dr. Allen W. Smith, author of the explosive book, "The Looting of Social Security," has written an even more explosive bombshell. This book exposes the Social Security accounting fraud, that makes Enron pale by comparison, and a plot to dismantle Social Security which was modeled after Lenin's struggle to overthrow capitalism. This is a must read for anyone who cares about the future of Social Sec...



“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.”—
 by Allen W Smith
The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring.” ...

Kindness is the Sunshine in Which Virtue Grows
 by Allen W Smith
“Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate.”—Albert Schweitzer ...

Love People and Use Things
 by Allen W Smith
“What most people need to learn in life is how to love people and use things instead of using people and loving things.”--...

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow
 by Allen W Smith
“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow”—Albert Einstein ...

Never Miss An Opportunity To Say A Kind Word
 by Allen W Smith
From Dr. Allen Smith's collection of inspirational essays. ...

Reader Comments
 by Allen W Smith
Excerpts from unsolicited letters from readers. ...

Living vs. Business
 by Allen W Smith
Don't forget until too late that the business of life is not business, but living....


Greenspan finally tells the awful truth about Social Security.
 by Allen W Smith
Social Security money was used to finance tax cuts for the rich....

Reviews of New Social Security Book
 by Allen W Smith
Five-star Reviews of "Social Security: Will It Be There For You?"...

New Social Security Book Free on Saturday.
 by Allen W Smith
A five-star rated book, by Allen Smith will be available free on Saturday, April 19 from Amazon.com ...

Free Downloads from Amazon.com Saturday and Sunday
 by Allen W Smith
Three of my Kindle books on Social Security are free on Saturday and Sunday from Amazon.com. ...

Free Copies of The Looting of Social Security Available Through Wednesday
 by Allen W Smith
The Social Security book is selling well at zero price. A total of 628 copies have been downloaded since the free promotion began on Saturday. But their are millions of people who need to read this...

Update On Free Downloads of Social Security Book
 by Allen W Smith
Every American needs to read, "The Looting of Social Security: The Book They Didn't Want You to Read." Free promotion lasts through Wednesday. ...

Urgent Social Security Book Free for Five Days on Amazon.com
 by Allen W Smith
"The Looting of Social Security," an urgent read for every American, is free 09/07/2013 to 09/11/2013 on Amazon.com ...


Allen W. Smith
This website is devoted to my overall writing, which includes seven published book, and my inspirational essays.

Additional information

For the past 19 years, I have been writing a weekly, self-syndicated, inspirational newspaper column, "Contemplating Life." The column, which is designed to help readers cope with the problems of everyday life, appears in small newspapers in Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, Illinois, and Virginia. Free sample copies of these individual essays can be downloaded from my website. Although most of my published books have been in the area of economics and social issues, I have written three juvenile novels and more than 800 inspirational essays. I have derived enormous personal satisfaction from my inspirational writing, and I would like to devote more time to this genre. However, the problem of economic illiteracy in this country continues to result in irresponsible government policies which lead to the needless suffering of million of Americans. I vowed 35 years ago to use my writing talent, and my training in economics, to battle economic illiteracy and reduce the needless suffering caused by it. So that will have to continue to receive the highest priority in my decisions as to how I will spend my writing time. My latest article is a sample of my inspirational essays which appear seven days a week on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ironwoodas I invite you to become a follower of "Thinking Your Way to a Better Life.

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