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I'm the author of 6 published novels. I wrote The Adventures of Megan Martin. Currently working on series "Ember Reign." I have written screenplays. I am also a video production director and editor.


    Since he was a young boy, Bryon Smith has had a fascination with the paranormal.  After the death of a neighbor, his father bought the house next door and Bryon soon learned the house was haunted by the spirit of the deceased.  In 1970 he had a very close encounter with a UFO and so began a life long quest to find the answers relating to these things.

    It was this fascination and his warm memories of his childhood on his grandfather's farm that inspired him to apply some of his knowledge of these subjects into The Adventures of Megan Martin.

    Over the years, Bryon has held many unusual occupations, including farming, construction work, musician, scuba diving salvage, boat dock design and construction, welder, airport lineman, and professional videographer.  He and his family are currently working on a new series of television shows called Spooky Places.  He is also involved in adapting his novels to screenplay format.

    Today, Bryon lives with his wife and editor, Dawn; his teenage daughter, Laura, who was the inspiration and "technical consultant" for the Megan Martin character; and his youngest daughter, Kristy (model, actress, musician).

Birth Place: Carrolton, IL USA

Accomplishments: Poem 'Nebula' - Award of Recognition and printed in 'Voices of Many Lands' compilation 1995.
Poem 'Nebula' - printed in 'Musings' compilation 1995


Ember Reign - The Crown (Book 1) by Bryon Smith
Heaven sent us an angel. She could be your neighbor. Her friends call her Megan, but when her eyes are glowing, everyone calls her Ember Reign. Megan Martin was an average teenager. She felt cheated when her grandfather died and grandmother sold her pony when she was 12. Now with her best friend May, they return to help grandmother save the farm. They discover ancient mysterious artifacts...

Price: $4.95 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comCreateSpace 

Ember Reign - Project Fallen Angel (Book 2) by Bryon Smith
In the second book in the Ember Reign series, Megan and her friends decide to investigate a haunted mansion to discover it was once a secret government laboratory dealing with extraterrestrial biological entities. The friends investigate the mansion late at night but when Ember's glowing form is seen through a mansion window by a man and his wife passing by they have an accident altering the polic...

Price: $4.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),   

Ember Reign - Be the Angel (Book 3) by Bryon Smith
In the third book in the Ember Reign series, the android Orion is missing and the spaceship Orion is malfunctioning. The MIBs are hot on the trail of Megan and her friends. As Megan and her crew try to figure out how to fix Orion, an unknown spacecraft is spotted headed for Earth. Megan and her friends must figure out how to fix Orion and elude the MIBs all in time to save the Earth from the impen...

Price: $4.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),   

The Adventures of Megan Martin - Night Visions by Bryon Smith
The 5th of "The Adventures of Megan Martin" series....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comNight Visions 

Dark Matter by Bryon Smith
Dark Matter is the 6th novel in The Adventures of Megan Martin series....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comUnderworld 

The Adventures of Megan Martin - The Underworld by Bryon Smith
The second book in the Megan Martin series takes Megan, her best friend May, and now the nosy neighbor girl, Brianna, on adventures through a haunted house....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comAuthor's on line store. 

The Adventures of Megan Martin - The Medallion Mystery by Bryon Smith
First book in the Megan Martin series. Follow Megan as she discovers the crown and it's mysterious powers....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comBuy autographed copy from authors on line store. $14.00 +S&H 

Megan Martin by Bryon Smith
Reedited, condensed and corrected version of the original Medallion Mystery by a new publisher....

Barnes & Noble.com 

The Adventures of Megan Martin - A Space in Time by Bryon Smith
In book four of the Megan Martin series, Megan, May, and Brianna set off for a distant planet on Christmas Eve. There they find a young alien woman about to lose her life to a prehistoric animal, which they must save. This woman is much too intelligent to be living in a prehistoric world, so they set out to figure out the reason these intelligent beings are living like cave people....

Barnes & Noble.comAuthor's on line store. 

The Adventures of Megan Martin - A Christmas Story by Bryon Smith
Book three in the Megan Martin series finds Megan, May, and Brianna trying to find the missing parents of a homeless girl. In addition, the girls are introduced to the local homeless shelter and do their best to make a happy Christmas for all their patrons....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comAuthor's on line store. 

Short Stories

The Dream of Foggy Creek
 by Bryon Smith
A strange dream that turned into a story about how different people perceive what is real, and what isn't. Located in a mystery spot known as Foggy Creek....

Ember Reign 1 Segment
 by Bryon Smith
Megan gets shot! This is an excerpt from the novel before the editing was completed. PG-13) For violance and language....

Kim of New Eden
 by Bryon Smith
Character from Ember Reign novel 3, Kim is a highly intelligent shy girl trying to find her place on a mile wide space station she calls home. This segment is not in the book....

Bobby Gets A Boo Boo!
 by Bryon Smith
A short story of a 6 year old boy who gets hurt and ends up spending the night alone in a hospital. Strange sounds and shadows in the hall at night lead him to believe there's inhuman things out ther...

Ember Reign - Prologue
 by Bryon Smith
This is the edited prologue of the rewrite of the first novel. The title is now Ember Reign. Written for teens to adults. Megan is 17 in the first novel. While the prologue is G rated the story serie...

Ember Reign Returns
 by Bryon Smith
From a future Ember Reign novel. ;-) Ember/Megan returns. (Caution: This segment reveals several secrets from the novel series.)...

Ember Reign - Roughing It
 by Bryon Smith
I wrote this for one of my friends / fans to help bring a smile to their day. Megan and her friends are camping late October and things are not going so well....


Nebula, "Finger Print of God."
 by Bryon Smith
This is actually a musing for which I entered a contest "Voices of Many Lands," and won a second place award. To see it as it appears on my website, use the link at the bottom....

Dipwad Dundy, Can't Get A Ride.
 by Bryon Smith
While answering a message to a friend of mine and professional videographer who I was counting on to join me on a paranormal video/TV production in Virginia City, NV I had a moment of insperation. He...


Megan Martin
 by Bryon Smith
Update on the Megan Martin novel series....


Ember Reign Novels Soon To Be In Print
 by Bryon Smith
We have been working to get all of the Ember Reign novels in print / book format....

Ember Reign novels on Kindle
 by Bryon Smith
The Ember Reign novels are on Kindle books....

Dark Matter is now in print!
 by Bryon Smith
The Adventures of Megain Martin "Dark Matter" is now in print!...

Megan Martin
 by Bryon Smith
Megan Martin back in print under new title....

Adapted to Screenplay format!
 by Bryon Smith
The Adventures of Megan Martin book number 2 "The Underworld" has been adapted to screenplay format under a new name. "Project Fallen Angel."...

Rewrite of The Adventures of Megan Martin
 by Bryon Smith
The rewrite of The Adventures of Megan Martin novel series is underway, with some serious changes and a new title....


Book Signing 7/17/2015
Book signing for Ember Reign novel series. Will have Megan Martin book one the Medallion Mystery as well....


The Adventures of Megan Martin - official website
Website with information about the Megan Martin book series. A short summary is included of each novel that is in print. Includes an online store.

Author's personal and family website. Contains a multitude of information about the author and his interests. Includes links to additional websites hosted by the author.

Loose Canon TV
Official home of Spooky Places. TV show in the works, deals with ghosts and hauntings.

Billy Dale Sexton
Website home of singer, song writer, musician Billy Dale Sexton. I'm the webmaster and his videographer.

Additional information

'Adventures of Megan Martin' - first five books in the series currently in print: The Medallion Mystery, The Underworld, A Christmas Story, A Space in Time, "Night Visions". Book six, DArk Matter is in print. All the novels are to go out of print Sept. 1st 2005. Publisher is going out of business.

Contact Information

Loosecanon Productions
P.O. Box 6681 
Fort Smith   AR   72906   USA
 Bryon Smith
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