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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Pursuing The Mystery of Perfection
by Jelani Kafela

We all come to a place where in moving forward we must realize there is far more to the Christian life than getting it right or knowing things about it. The pursuit of t..  
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Featured Book
The Other Sheep
by Delma Luben

This historical adventure saga based on scripture,presents the premise that our Father in heaven "...sends holy guidance and higher wisdom to his earthly progeny periodic..  
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Featured Book
Children Of The Second Birth how lives were transformed
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

The book "Children of the Second Birth" relays the stories of men and women that found God in times of despair and desperation. You learn of personal sacrifices and obsta..  
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25 Most Recent Religion Articles

Get right with God then all will be well by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
A Sam shoemaker classic is brought to life by Tuchy Palmieri and Healing-habits. This is an article that is taken from Sam's book and was posted on t...
Getting Away With It! by Tamara Knebel
The beginning of my quest to discover the root causes of why some people hate Christians so much....
Gideon - weakness, warts and all by Susan Smith
So many of us may feel like Gideon - small, insignificant, weak - especially when oppressed by powerful foes. But God uses our weaknesses as the key...
Giovanni Pierliugi Sante da Palestrina approx. 1525- 1594 by Michael Ferris
A man devout to religion and a great composer....
Girl Talk: Friendship of Elisabeth and Mary by Angela Watkins
This book plainly touches on all healing areas of women lives such as depression, rebelling children, debt, grief and divorce, just to name a few area...
Give me that old time religion by Carol Grace
Looking out for one another...
Giving God the Helm by Mark Kuhne: Book Review by Irene Watson
In "Giving God the Helm," author Mark Kuhne tells personal stories of adversities, highlighting them with tips, biblical stories and passages, and muc...
Giving Up Control & Certainty Leads to God's Provision in Our Lives by Moira Crooks
As humans with God-given free will, we all struggle with two things: Being obedient and getting over certainty. We struggle with these things becaus...
God by Patrick McCormick
The attached listing was sent to me today as an e-mail. I did take time to read it right through. Some of you may think it is a little corny, but it...
GOD - Then and Now by Jay Driskell
The things I learned as a child were wrong! Wrong!! WRONG!!! This knowledge served me poorly. This was child abuse...
God 101: The Hard Facts by Michael Curry
Here's an In-your-face, gut level, no frills, look at hard-core Christianity. It tackles the hard issues. No games here... just facts....
God and Nature: The Church's Achilles Heel in Modern Society by Brock Shaver
The Church is all about conquering death. It focuses on eternal life of the soul. But it knows very little spiritually beyond human animals. If it ...
God Chooses Moses by Carol Grace
God chooses Moses...
God Don't Need No Coward Soldiers by Pastor Jonathan Prince
The effectiveness of our witnessing...
GOD GAVE THE INCREASE.... by Minister Nina Clark
Many people are walking in a Spiritually dry land and we may be the only bit of Jesus they see or hear...or read....
God Has His Plan And His Time, By Pastor Peter Lujo of South Korea by Angela Watkins
Pastor Peter Lujo Sermon preached this sermon in South Korea on December 15, 2002. Only we should know that in every single moment in our lives God ne...
God Has Spoken to Us Through His Son by Tamara Knebel
Does God still speak through His prophets? How are we to know? And how can we tell if the words these prophets speak truly come from God?...
God is a Taboo: the List by Brock Shaver
God is a taboo. Even in religion. If we don't keep God under control, who knows what would happen?...
God is Hope: Believe in God Completely by Robert Moment
Hope and faith in God expect the best and perfect outcome to be revealed. ...
God is Leading you even when you don't think so by D. Arant
Scott has insight into his present situaltion and is shown that he is being led even when he didn't think so....
God is not "Out There" Somewhere by Niki Collins-Queen
Science and religion are not opposites —the one asks "how" and the other "who." ...
God is With You by Robert Moment
God is with you whatever you may be going through in life. Trust God to see you through....
God Issues a Strong Warning -January 2008? by Angela Watkins
These lessons could be warnings to us today. backward, and not forward? ...
God Love Her by Sandy Knauer
Why ask God to do what you can do yourself? ...
God Loves A Good Barbeque by Robert Hale
Fire Up The Grill Introduction...
God Preserves HIS People 11-18-07 Sunday School Lesson by Angela Watkins
Works of God, God's Providence In Man's Temporal Affairs, God Overrules Human Designs. The Family, Family Affections, Brethren, But Not Revenged....
God says, If My people will humble themselves then shall I heal them. by Angel Worship
Now is the time to prepare the souls for the Kingdom. Do the Ordinance, by your bedside pray and name your sins to God in the Name of His Son then be ...
God Told Abraham That Him & Sarah Would Have A Son by Angela Watkins
Is anything to hard for the LORD? At the ..... time appointed..... I will return unto thee...9-23-07 Lesson "Abraham and Hagar Have A Son "Ishmael" Le...
God Uncovers Creation by Nicole Sorkin
God Uncovers Creation bridges the gap between two seemingly opposite theories of how the world began. Discover how the story of creation, as found in ...
God Where Are You by Robert Moment
God where are you? Trusting in the Lord can be difficult during the lowest times in our lives. Sometimes we face trials that are frightening or go th...
God Will Make a Way by Jaye Seay
A devotional message to inspire your faith....
God's "Anytime-Anywhere" Plan by Cherie Hill
God is waiting to speak to you, are you listening? If you haven't heard from Him lately, maybe it's time to give Him a call!...
God's Agreement - Promise with David by Angela Watkins
March 9, 2008 Sunday School Lesson.. Parable. Sacred Persons and Offices, Singers, porter, Solomon, ...
God's Armorbearer Being the Gift of Support to God's Leaders, Part I by Earma Brown
Find out about God's Old Testament gift of support active today through the "helps" ministry....
God's Armorbearer Being the Gift of Support to God's Leaders, Part II by Earma Brown
Find out how much your support means in God's plan for the Church....
God's Greatest Gift by Lura Langenback
Yours free for the asking. ...
God's Greatest Gift by D. Arant
Scott talks about God's Greatest Gift to mankind....
God's Greatest Gift To Me by Rich Patriaco
God Never Gave Up On Me...
God's Harvard (book review) by David Schwinghammer
A college in Virginia grooms evangelical young people for jobs in government and in the film industry....
God's Intentions by Wesley English
Loss of Words...
God's Love Lasts Eternity by Perry Ennis
Pray for Jesus' love to come into your heart, so you can administer to His people. Follow His word and you will reach God's kingdom....
God's Meaning by Heather Fuselier
This is a true story that happened to me on July 19, 2009 Sunday morning in Church.....
God's Pattern for Worship by Richard Krejcir
Have you ever wondered why do we do Church the way we do? One of the topics for which we receive requests for information is why we do church worship ...
God's Power and Goodness by Angela Watkins
The blueness of a wound "cleanseth" away evil: so do stripes the inward parts of the belly. "cleanseth" - is a purging medicine against evil ...
God's Resume in Your Life by Christopher Sealey
God’s resume in your life is a document, which contains a chronological summary or listing of relevant experiences in your life through which God was ...
God's Ten Commandments by Rich Patriaco
The most powerful laws ever written in the history of the world because God wrote them....
God's Ways - His Ways 12/16/07 Sunday School Lesson by Angela Watkins
Promise(s) - "W" "L" "T" "K" "W" - To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet in the way of peace. ...
God's Wedding Trousseau - Book Review by Angela Watkins
Spiritual Clothing. Unity - Compassion - Kindness - Gentleness - Humility - Patience - Forgiveness - Love...
God's Wrath Is Kindled - Says Paul by Paul Kogel
This is both our guilt and our hope....
GOD, COUNTRY AND YOU by Uriah Fields
Uriah J. Fields' response to an article by Charles Marsh on "God and Country," more specifically, "What it means to be a Christian After George W. B...
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  16. Your Friend Jesus
  17. Who Is Condemned To Hell
  18. Where's Waldo?
  19. Do Corporations have Religious Rights..and
  20. The Reason Jesus Came

Featured Book
When Man Listens-How to listen to God
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

“When Man Listens”has often been referred to as “a mini version of the Alcoholics Anonymous Book”. It is a life altering book that transforms a person’s relationship wi..  
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Featured Book
I'm Just Saying...The Confessions of a Condemned Christian S
by Jelani Kafela

A forty day Conversation from the mountaintop......  
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