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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
A Cafe In Arcadia
by Steve Kerr

Allan Krokkos arrives in a remote insular town in southern Greece.He encountres a group of jaded ex pats at odds with the locals who in turn are at odds with themselves...  
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Featured Book
by Derek Flower

In this second part of The Tuscan Trilogy are described the next twenty years of Rosa’s life after her marriage to her first love, sir Robert Lonsdale, by which..  
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Featured Book
Circles of Stone
by Alfred Garrotto

Discovery of a terrible secret related to her adoption shatters Natalia McCrory's world...  
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25 Most Recent Literary Fiction Articles

The Why Chromosome: Are Men Necessary by Frank Mundo
Review of Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman...
The Wolf's Torment by S. G. Cardin: Book Review by Irene Watson
The dark, eerie lands of 19th century Constanta, Moldavia, bordering both the home of Dracula, and the Black Sea, set the stage for the story of Princ...
The World Outside The Window by D. K. Christi
Nineteen published authors look out a window and see the world through their own, creative stories....
Then Like the Blind Man: Orbie's Story by Douglas Cobb
Then Like the Blind Man: Orbie's Story is a great coming-of-age in the South novel. It's reminescent of books like To Kill a Mockingbird, and The A...
They were there by Lew Duffey
Imagine workers who would patch up problems all through the past present and future. They were there to help a cowboy in the old west, a group of pol...
This Modern Life: Review of Modern Ranch Living by Mark Jude Poirier by Frank Mundo
Review of Modern Ranch Living by Mark Jude Poirier...
Three Chords by Mike Mihalek: Book Review by Irene Watson
Ethan is a successful musician, but despite the success, he goes through periods of self- examination. Missing in his life is his mother who left the ...
Tidbits From My Old Notebooks #2 by Guy Hogan
Point Park College / University / Pittsburgh / Blogging / Flash Fiction ...
Tidbits From My Old Notebooks #9 by Guy Hogan
Flash Fiction / Blogging...
Time to Celebrate by Jo-Anne Vandermeulen
Total value price from BTR $2,475.00 - All yours for FREE - Today and Tomorrow...
Tips & Advice On How To Write Dialogue For Short Stories & Flash Fiction by Guy Hogan
Flash Fiction / Dialogue / Blogging...
To Judge A Book By Its Cover (from Hold Your Light) by Wayne Bien
How looks can be deceiving...
To me, it's physical and very personal by Muna Mun
When we get inside these case-rules, however we are white naughty tigers, we almost forgot who we are, shaking our fancy bear paws, and crying under o...
To me, it's the finger man by Muna Mun
As the title suggests; screenshots came forth. When art was discovered… When we all were cursed… When there was no sign at all… She was there. ...
Tom Jones by John Howard Reid
Here is a BRIEF EXTRACT from just one of the over 200 entries in "AMERICA'S BEST, BRITAIN'S FINEST: A Survey of Mixed Movies" by John Howard Reid. B...
Too Early to Start Shopping for Christmas??? by Kathleen Clauson
Eva Galuska and the Christmas Carp...the perfect gift for your friends and family......
Trance Warriors: The Siege of Scarn by Robert C. Auty: Book Review by Irene Watson
In "Trance Warriors: The Siege of Scarn," Connor, a handsome young warrior and self- proclaimed outlaw, is drawn into a battle of good and evil, withi...
Treasure, Fact or Fiction in Surfing Treasure's Wake by Doug Hanau
In "Surfing Treasure's Wake" I write about the Spanish galleon, the San Miguel as well as a buried suitcase containing money and jewlery. Is this fac...
Twin Cities Literary Event of the Week: Connie Claire Szarke by Connie Szarke
Mary Ann Grossmann, book editor for the St. Paul Pioneer Press, wrote a smashing review for Delicate Armor, October 30, 2011. Here are excerpts. To re...
Two Chickens and One Pro Active Plan by Sunnie Day
Two chickens solve a protest problem, advocating for the bottom line...their life....
Two prosettes by Doug Downie
Unfair And Unrightousness In Our World by Janie Bragg
A word of the truth. By Jane Bragg...
Unfinished Business by Theodore Jerome Cohen: Book Review by Irene Watson
While "Unfinished Business" is largely fiction, it was inspired by author Theodore Cohen’s own experiences on the Frozen Continent. From December 1961...
Unfinished Manuscripts: A Tribute by Mary Deal
Working through the mourning process....
Unintended Consequences, By: Dave Edlund by Nicole Sorkin
What if America was no longer dependent on imported oil? What if that miracle turned into an unimaginable nightmare? On the brink of a disco...
Vampires and Pregnancy Originally posted to the VAMPYRES list by Javelina by Sue Mydliak
This is about Vampires and pregnancy, can they become pregnant and what are the myths about it....
Vassily by Regis Auffray
A short story by Sha'Tara, local writer and friend....
Venice and writing by Mary Martin
This is another article in a series about writing an travel and whether a "place" can be a character in a novel...
Vision by Guy Hogan
Flash Fiction / Blogging...
W-B Roots Inspre Author by Rebekah Armusik
Rebekah Armusik, Wilkes Barre native discusses her new novel Memoirs of a Gothic Soul and her signing on November 6 at Barnes and Noble...
Waggle" by Joe Redden Tigan:Book Review by Irene Watson
Sometimes a day is so beautiful as to clear a person's head. For Conny Bromenn, the reluctant hero in Joe Redden Tigan's premier novel "Waggle," that ...
Wanderin Man - 9 - Beyond Mardi Gras - Part II by Richard King
Today’s edition of the continuing saga, Wanderin Man – 9 – Beyond Mardigras – Part II ...
Wanderin Man - 9 - Beyond Mardi Gras - Part III by Richard King
Today’s edition of the continuing saga, Wanderin Man - 9 - Beyond Mardi Gras – Part III ...
Wanderin Man - 9 - Beyond Mardi Gras - Part IV by Richard King
Today’s edition of the continuing saga, Wanderin Man – Beyond Mardigras – Part IV ...
Wanderin Man - 9 - Beyond Mardi Gras - Part V by Richard King
Today’s edition of the continuing saga, Wanderin Man – 9 – Beyond Mardi Gras – Part V is the conclusion of this particular portion of the story. ...
Wanderin man - Beyond Mardi Gras - Part 1 by Richard King
In the poetry section, I’ve been sharing the continuing saga of The Wanderin Man in poetic verse. The next 4 parts, though not really in poetic verse,...
Welcome To My World by Guy Hogan
Shopping in Bloomfield / Steelers / Michael Vick / Pittsburgh / Flash Fiction / Short Stories / Tutor / Steel City Review...
What do you look for in a novel? by Mary Martin
Now that The Osgoode Trilogy is complete, I've been thinking a lot about writing and the process involved in creating a trilogy....
What Does An Editor Do? by Guy Hogan
Flash Fiction / Blogging / Pittsburgh / Publication...
What made me write a novel? by MIchael Keyth
A short article about things that influenced my writing...
What Publishers Embrace vs. Creative Freedom by J.A. Terry
Title: What Publishers Embrace vs. creative Freedom Length: 509 words Reprint Terms: May be freely reprinted in print and electronic publicati...
When is a short story not a short story? by Lee Garrett
Many stories get submitted to my E-zine. Here is why many don't make the grade....
When Love Dies! by Janet Fears
What happens when a love comes to an do you react?...
Where fiction and history overlap... by Douglas Skopp
Why do some readers like descriptions of violence in fiction, but avoid it if they they believe it really happened?...
Where To Send Your Story by Guy Hogan
Tutor / Editor / Flash Fiction / Short Stories / Pittsburgh / University of Pittsburgh / Writers...
Which One Are You? By: Daniel Hill by Nicole Sorkin
This book is a collection of short stories dealing with different peoples lives and ages ages. Explaining to people that life is short and that if you...
White Tombs by Christopher Valen: Book Review by Irene Watson
John Santana promises the widow he will bring down the killer. Despite the snow and bitter cold, the case heats up quickly — suspects are killed befo...
Why I Write - An Author's Confession by Terry Vinson
Okay...fine. After nearly two decades of answering the same questions, I decided to finally put my answers to paper. Fellow scribes, take note. ...
Why I Write Flash Fiction by Guy Hogan
Flash Fiction / Blogging / Pittsburgh...
Writers' Cadre project and contest by ellen george
Information on an exciting project featuring writers collaboration....
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Literary Fiction Articles
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  2. Where fiction and history overlap...
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  7. Take my Hand, Daddy!
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Featured Book
by Nickolaus Pacione

Featuring the Gothic Horror story Media Darling in an alternate edit from the original Pacione wrote in 2008.
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Featured Book
Sardinian Silver (Chapters One and Two)
by A. Colin Wright

A young Englishman, working as a tourist representative, seeks romance in Sardinia, a fascinating if relatively backward country. Nevertheless, his experience is full of ..  
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