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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
It Started With Patton Teresa Leska's Story A Memoir
by Amy Zajac

Torn from her mother’s arms when she was fourteen years of age, Teresa Leska endured Nazi imprisonment. A political hostage from March of 1943 to April of 1945, her voice..  
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Featured Book
An Eye In Shadows
by Nickolaus Pacione

The controversial book that had two false starts is available for purchase. Details here. The version on is expanded and includes an illustration from when the..  
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Featured Book
Heads up for Harry
by Hugh McCracken

1939 through 1950 Recollections wartime childhood and early adult adventures...  
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25 Most Recent Memoir Articles

The Granny Files: March 24, 1947 by Lisa Parnell
a letter from a grandmother's files...
The Granny Files: March 25, 1947 by Lisa Parnell
a letter from a grandmother's files...
The Granny Files: March 26, 1947 by Lisa Parnell
a letter from a grandmother's files...
The Granny Files: March 27, 1947 by Lisa Parnell
letters from a grandmother's files...
The Granny Files: March 28, 1947 by Lisa Parnell
a letter from a grandmother's files...
The Granny Files: March 29, 1947 by Lisa Parnell
A letter from a grandmother's files...
The Granny Files: March 31, 1947 by Lisa Parnell
a letter from a grandmother's files...
The Granny Files: May 2, 1947 by Lisa Parnell
A letter from a grandmother's files....
The Granny Files: May 3, 1947 by Lisa Parnell
A letter from a grandmother's files....
The Granny Files: May 5, 1947 by Lisa Parnell
A letter from a grandmother's files....
The Granny Files: May 7, 1947 by Lisa Parnell
A letter from a grandmother's files....
The Granny Files: May 8, 1947 by Lisa Parnell
A letter from a grandmother's files....
The Great Wall--The Dragon Returns by Lloyd Lofthouse
On September 26, 2008, we visited the Great Wall. ...
The Healing Power of Football by Stephen Rea
A sporting event brings joy to broken Katrina evacuees...
The Illegal from Holland - By: Michael Durack by Nicole Sorkin
How does a carefree, four day honeymoon trip from California to New Mexico turn into a trap, resulting in a jail sentence in El Paso and a deportaion ...
The Infamous "Potential" by Darlene Caban
Teachers said it every year......
The Innkeeper Tales” by John L Herman, Jr.: Book Review by Irene Watson
The legendary Abacrombie Bed & Breakfast, located in heart of Baltimore, Maryland’s Cultural District, attracts a wide diversity of guests from all wa...
The Interview by T Cloth
The day and hour arrived for my interview and I was escorted through the locker room to Dick Williams' office....
The Invisible Fist of Verbal Abuse by Nathan Daniels
The adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” is challenged by this gut-wrenching recount of verbal abuse and a chi...
The Ladies arrive at Low Arvie by Linda Watson
Short extract from Chapter 20...
The Legacy by Emile Tubiana
Well after my parents departed, I realized that they had left me a cultural and spiritual legacy which a that time did not seem very important to me....
The Lightning Girl by Nellie Feng
Find out how an expletive spewing girl experience her first encounter with unconditional forgiveness....
The Little Brown Paper Bag by Arsenio Jesena
What's inside your very own little brown paper bag?...
The Man Who Saved My Life by Arsenio Jesena
The man who saved my life was MR. LEON NIBAL. I was walking across Aurora Boulevard on a rainy evening many years ago when the accident hap...
The Mortifying 'Nurse's List' by Darlene Caban
It ended up costing way more than a dime!...
The Nativity Puzzle by Megan Rockwell
This is a personal essay dealing with the relationship between the death of my father and a family heirloom that he left behind....
The Normal Side of Insanity by Marynell Lund: Book Review by Irene Watson
“So many had taken bits and pieces of me and kept them for their own pleasures and vice,” writes Marynell Lund about her incredible life of abuse. Bor...
The Old Fox by Gerard St. John
A world-class lawyer and a popular newspaperman, each with his own personal interests, maneuver to establish the substance of a mutually desired newsp...
The Ones That Got Away: A Dating Memoir by M. Hill: Book Review by Irene Watson
M. Hill began dating in her teens. Now in her forties, she has people asking why she is still single. She wishes she had an easy answer. Society expec...
The Other Side of Anger by Seann Vinyasa-Billson
No man or woman should ever live in fear of another human being; nobody has the right to convince you that you are less than what your heart, spirit a...
The Past is Prologue by Gerard St. John
Memoirs, are they fact or fiction? These are the facts of one man's experience with reminiscences....
The power of words by Stephen Gallup
Despite the old epigram about sticks and stones, words can indeed hurt (reposted from
the Presbytery Dog (Revised, April 2005) by Patrick Talty
A true story about a lovable old presbytery dog who used to scare HELL out of the altar boys....
The Rainmakers. by Gerard St. John
Reflections of two top-flight lawyers and the contrast between them and a present-day public servant....
The Reality Show by Tiara English-Cunningham
My autobiography as of 31 years...actually all of my poems are a bit biographical but I decided when I was going through my reality tv addicition to w...
The Return of the Dragon by Lloyd Lofthouse
From September 18 to October 15, we started in Shanghai and traveled through China from the northwest to the southwest. __________ ...
The Rocking Chair (a special request) by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
…at a special request to recite a poem from our dear den brother Georg Mateos whom was so moved by bother Felix Perry's poem: I offer ...
The Rosary by Theresa Koch
My experience with domestic abuse. Isaiah 41:13, For I the lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, fear not; I will help th...
The SACADAS of Sugarland by Arsenio Jesena
In April 1969 I went down to Negros to live as a SACADA among the SACADAS. This is what I found there ...Each syllable that I write will be painful. ...
The Selfish Demon Gene by Loit Overstreet
It is not totally hopeless as even this is subject to the edit button......
The Shoe Tree by Donelle Knudsen
We called it the "shoe tree" and looked for it every time we drove across the high desert region of central Oregon....
The Silence, That Scarred A Nation by Zenith Elliott
President John F. Kennedy's assassination left a nation stunned and scarred. ...
The Sitting Swing: Finding the Wisdom by Irene Watson: Book Review by Irene Watson
When Irene Watson visited the Avalon recovery center, she had no idea what a difference it would make in her life. As a practicing therapist, she beli...
The Small Case Lawyer by Gerard St. John
The conventional wisdom is that young lawyers can get practical trial experience by handling small cases -- the kind of cases that are assigned to com...
The Soapbox Derby by CJ Heck
... being a kid again....
The Soul of A Man by Alvin Romer
An introspective look within the soul of a man! ...
The Stinking Beggar by Arsenio Jesena
he never said a word, he never gave his name ... and I never saw him again . ...
The Store Detective by D.E.Z. Butler
While a store detective I thought it would be fun to write about the work. What is written here is only a small piece to give the public a peek into t...
The Stormy Side of Theodocia by Theodocia McLean-A Review by WR Potter
The strength needed to write her story, reliving each painful moment, is extraordinary. Hard to put down and impossible to forget, I highly recommend ...
The Struggle For Intimacy: Book Review as Applied To My Life by Janeen Noetling
This is The Struggle For Intimacy as it pertains to me....
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Memoir Articles
  1. A Stop Sign Is All That I See
  2. I Survived Pirates in Thailand
  3. My Father
  4. Marilyn Monroe's Honeymoon Flight
  5. They Died With Their Boots On.
  6. Terror in My Own Backyard
  7. Stonewalled--Book Review
  8. How to Pick Up Foreign Men
  9. Ebony's Grave
  10. Brainwrecked
  11. The Girl Who Loved Christmas
  12. Misdemeanors & Felonies book review
  13. God and Satan
  15. Can You Imagine?
  16. Things just Ain'twhat they used tobe
  17. Merv Griffin Steals My Shrimp
  18. On Guard
  19. Gifts and the Parable of the Talents
  20. Musical memories and my impending journey

Featured Book
Bawlmer, Merlyn - Home of The Hons
by Tom Hyland

"Bawlmer, Merlyn - Home of the HONS" - A Synopsis By: Tom Hyland - Email: Copyright: April 29, 2003 Each and every life on this..  
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Featured Book
White Elephants
by Chynna Laird

Elephant in the middle of the living room. That is one way of explaining how a family walks around the invisible presence of huge problems. Hindsight is what brings the e..  
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