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Sept 11, 2001
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Confessions of a Movie Addict
by Betty Jo Tucker

Film Stars! Dancing! Popcorn! At last, a life story with everything but the movie stuff edited out.This amusing memoir chronicles film critic Betty Jo Tucker's ..  
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Thrilling Days of Yesteryear: The Golden Age of Radio
by John Rayburn

From the primitive days of crystal set radios to advent of television and digital technology...  
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So Ya' Wanna' Be A Teacher
by Jay Dubya

So Ya' Wanna' Be A Teacher is a humorous revolutionary book that tells exactly what goes on in a typical American public school. E-book version is available at Kindle, at..  
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25 Most Recent Arts/Entertainment Articles

iPod by Stacey Chillemi
I never realized all the capabilities that the iPod has to offer....
Irene in Time: Film Review by Betty Jo Tucker
Father-daughter dynamics receive a compelling exploration in Henry Jaglom’s “Irene in Time.” This touching film is blessed with an astonishing perform...
Irish Culture in America: The Village Festival by Loretta Murphy
Article on the Clover Fire Company's 20th Anniversary Celebration of their festival "Irish Weekend at the Clover"...
Iron Man 2: Film Review by Betty Jo Tucker
Tony Stark could be the poster boy for one of my favorite songs, “You Gotta Have Heart,” from the Broadway musical Damn Yankees. “When the odds are sa...
Irresistible: Movie Review by Betty Jo Tucker
Faced with problems like the ones confronting the main character in "Irresistible," any normal woman would begin to doubt her own sanity....
Is Fiction often more True than Fact? by Nadine May
Reading a novel can be a reflection, a mirror of the reader's own life, or what their perceptions are; what people do, think believe in and feel. That...
Is prayer meant to change God, us or both? by Joyce White
Most of us were taught to pray for what we want. We even sang a little ditty, "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep; if I shoul...
Israeli artist teaching others that disability is not “the end of the road” by Michal Maoz
A new article about Michal, posted on 10/17/09 in the Jewish Voice & Herald, Providence, RI...
It Comes From a Special Vocabulary by Sage Sweetwater
Its name can be found in braided horsehair....
It is a Thing Called Poetic License by Sue Hess
This thing we call poetry is not a literal art; it is not prose, it is not fact in the sense that one often views fact. It is a creation to express a...
It takes more time to digest our art than make it!! by Joyce White
Taking a rest to meditate and forge new ideas gives us time to formulate new directions to grow and enjoy. Give yourself some quiet time to dream and ...
It's Complicated: Film Review by Betty Jo Tucker
After being divorced from each other for ten years, Jane and Jake –- who have three grown children -- engage in a passionate affair. Is that immoral? ...
Its Not Easy Bein Superman (Music) by Donna Maris
This is based on the Lyrics/Song and Video of same..SEE VIDEO HERE!! If you are looking for some soul searching, I have the questions, the an...
J K Rowling and the Indie Author by Seb Kirby
A writer's thoughts on the importance of J K Rowling embracing e-publishing. What it means to me....
Jack Lemmon: A Son's Tribute by Betty Jo Tucker
Appearing in dozens of Hollywood classic movies, Jack Lemmon excelled at both comedy and drama. His memorable work in films like "Days of Wine and Ros...
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Film Review by Betty Jo Tucker
Give me a good spy thriller – whether on page or screen – and I’m a happy camper. Although "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" is not adapted from a Tom Clanc...
Jackie Chan Films by Betty Jo Tucker
With the recent release of “The Spy Next Door,” Jackie Chan now boasts 102 movies to his credit – plus three more in pre or post-production. Mad Movie...
James Bond Attire for All Occasions by Paul Kyriazi
Is one outfit for all occasions possible?...
Reflections on the death of James Brown, December 2006. His impact on music and pop culture was extraordinary....
Jan Lievens (1607-1674): A Dutch Master Rediscovered by Rachel Madorsky
At the young age of twelve, Lievens embarked on his own illustrious career. Some of his early works are included in this exhibition, and they are the ...
Jan Lievens: Courageous and Inventive Painter, Draftsman, and Printmaker by Rachel Madorsky
Contrary to popular belief, it was Lievens who, throughout all his successful life, won more celebrity and international commissions than Rembrandt ev...
Jan Lievens’s Artwork is Out from Rembrandt’s Mighty Shadow by Rachel Madorsky
Lievens used his friend and colleague as a model many times in the beginning of his career. Lievens painted himself as proficient and graceful. Rembra...
Jane Adams -- Heroine of the B-Westerns by Stephen Lodge
Interview with a B-Western Heroine...
Jelly Mom Column Voted One of The Top Sites On The Internet by Lisa Barker
Syndicated humor columnist, Lisa Barker, stands out on the web. Jelly Mom fans vote for favorite column and site. =========================...
Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie? - Who Sides With Which Woman and Why by Ruth Houston
An infidelity expert profiles the type of woman who sides with Jennifer Aniston, and the type who sides with Angelina Jolie. Which woman do you side ...
Jennifer Balkan by Alex Nodopaka
An interview with artist......
Jessabelle: Film Review and Poem by Betty Jo Tucker
Nightmares and Voodoo and ghosts -- oh my! "Jessabelle" cries out for a poem and a review. So I dare you to keep reading, dear friends....
JET Thoughts...A Reflection On The Sixties by J.E. Thompson
CNN Series Renewing Interest in the Sixties!...
Jewish and Working Blue: Entertainers Take Pride in Irreverent Songs by Lisa Traiger
Meet Sean Altman a Jewish performer -- young, hip and urban -- who defines himself not through synagogue affiliation, Jewish community center membersh...
Joaquin Rodrigo by Michael Ferris
Among his masterpieces, the Concerto de Aranjuez, is probably known by even the most ignorant to classical music. It’s second movement, Andante, has n...
Joel Siegel 1943-2007 by Loretta Scott
Movie critic Joel Siegel who made us movie goers consciousness's has flew home...He will be missed but never forgotten....
Johann Pachelbel 1653 – 1706 by Michael Ferris
Pacheelbel's Canon in D is famous, but does it really give him the credit he deserves?...
John Badham On Directing: Review by Betty Jo Tucker
Attention, aspiring directors and serious movie fans! We owe a debt of gratitude to acclaimed filmmaker John Badham. Why? Because his willingness...
John Landis and Me by Paul Kyriazi
A chance meeting with Thriller director pays off years later....
John Reyer Afamasaga, Metafiction Author Interview by Michelle M. Pillow by Michelle Pillow
John Reyer Afamasaga, Metafiction Author Interview by Michelle M. Pillow (Originally published in Paranormal Underground Magazine)...
John Russell - "The Lawman" by Stephen Lodge
From Lawman to Space Commander Through the Magic of Makeup...
Johnny Carson's Pussy Galore Fight by Paul Kyriazi
Carson flips for Honor....
Johnny Depp, Where Are You? by Betty Jo Tucker
Crazy idea or not, writer/director Haylar Garcia and his indie filmmaking partners decided to undertake an unusual mission and make a movie about it. ...
Johnny Depp: Actor of the Decade by Betty Jo Tucker
I’m delighted with the “People’s Choice” pick of Johnny Depp as Actor of the Decade (2000-2009). Depp definitely deserves this honor. The camera loves...
Johnny Yuma was Nick Adams - Or was he A.J. Fenady? by Stephen Lodge
Filming the Pilot Episode of TVs "The Rebel"...
Join Red Room by Joyce White
Blog about Freedom of Speech...
Joseph* OneLight*® receives International Photography Awards by Alexandra* OneLight*® Authors & Creations
This international photography contest, with the renowned Pilsner Urquell® beer brand and the Lucie Awards (the “Oscars” of Photography) as main promo...
Journalists need to be on good terms with publicists by Frances Lynn
In the Seventies, showbiz publicists were more relaxed than they are now. ...
Journey to the Center of the Earth: Film Review by Betty Jo Tucker
Whenever asked what he did for fun or thrills in the old days, Mel Brooks’ Thousand-Year-Old Man always answered, “We had falling!” The latest version...
Judge Not Ye Monsters by David Arthur Walters
There is nothing right or wrong at the Contemporary Art Academy...
Judy Chicago by Alex Nodopaka
Plates to eat from......
Judy Garland Tribute by Betty Jo Tucker
My pick for the most remarkable personality in the history of motion pictures is Judy Garland. She could do it all -- sing, dance, act in comedies or ...
julia rose by Riley :)
just read this...
Just a typical Saturday night in Scottsdale by Elizabeth Stephens
What happens when you mix a swanky hotel, celebs, long lines, hot clubs, and 5 fabulous ladies in Scottsdale, AZ?...
Just if by Tarian hujan
a dog peeing in your porch...
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