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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Dark Things...
by David Humphrey Sr

Something told Virginia not to work late that night... But young, pretty, Black and gifted, she didn't listen. Later, in the hospital, her life hanging by a thread, s..  
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Featured Book
Duplicity: Rick O’Shea Adventure #2
by John Rayburn

Impalement murders, bomb threats, wild chases; all part of this exciting adventure...  
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Featured Book
Starlight On Stone SOUTH (ebook)
by Jansen Estrup

The boy-king, Shi-shi, can defeat his enemies if the generals will follow him. He will survive plots by ambitious priesthoods, if the gods smile upon him and if he can fi..  
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25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Articles

Brian De Palma’s Redacted…another Fahrenheit 9/11 by Robert Amoroso
This article will soon appear in BrooWaha, New York Edition. As always it will appear here first, regards Amo. ...
Brian Tukachinsky by Brian Tukachinsky
brian tukachinsky...
Bridging the Gap by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
Yeah, the title of the article as it appeared in Writer's Digest is really "The End of Writer's Block" but the first thing I'd recommend is to change ...
Broadcast Yourself by Erin Collins
Taken from Steve Weber's Plug Your Book....
Broken Dreams by Stefania H
A story about a young woman that struggles to understand love through the midst of her internal storm. ...
Broken Heart by Robin Theis
Thoughts From my book Surrendered Identity...
Brokenness by Joyce McDonald Hoskins
Inspirationally speaking. ...
Brooklyn Monk in Asia Podcast by antonio graceffo
After years of being a politically correct author and TV personality, Antonio Graceffo cuts loose in the Brooklyn Monk in Asia Podcast. ...
Broowha interview with DCJ Wardle by D. Wardle
Interview with D.C.J. Wardle, author of Trading Vincent Crow...
Brothel of Hope, part 2: The Mercy Chapel by Juliann Troi
Every 2 minutes another child is forced into sex trafficking according to UNICEF andthe U.S. State Department projects 2010 will see human trafficking...
Buffalo Bill, Jr. & Me: a day with Dick Jones by Stephen Lodge
A Day at Gene Autry's Melody Ranch with the Buffalo Bill, Jr. TV Show...
Build Interest before you get Published by Shauna Hart
Want to FINALLY start your writing career? You don't have to wait for a publishing contract. You can start now!...
Bulimia: A Food Binger's Time Bomb by Dorothy Jones
The author dramatizes the before, during, and after of food binges....
Bumper Sticker by Leland Waldrip
Bumper stickers sometimes capture a nation. Word has it that this one has been making the rounds....
Business by Dr. Sergey Sorin, MD
Business is an inherently cooperative and connective enterprise. ...
Business articles by Sarah Gerdes by Sarah Gerdes
Useful articles for growing your business...
Business Sense by Linda Faulkner
I've been writing a monthly column in "The Weekender," a monthly community newspaper in a suburb of Orlando, Florida since its debut in July 2002. Cli...
Business tax deduction Tips by Patrick Oconnor
Tax deductions contribute to national prosperity by providing capital to business. Tax deductions reduce taxable income. A $100,000 tax deduction redu...
Busting Down The Walls by Cliff Woffenden
Chance encounters can be some of our most profound experiences. Being present in the moment is in itself the most rewarding place to be....
Busy student writes novel between classes by James Matthew Byers
A little info about the author...
BUY IDAHO Local Author Features New Book by Diana Baird
Local autor, Diana Baird featured a table displaying her new book "The Old Man Who Talked to the Trees" during BUY IDAHO ...
Buyer’s remorse? by Robert Amoroso
As always, you’re welcome to comment. Regards, Amo ...
Buying AmexGift Cards are by Dana Reed
like playing the lottery. Sometimes you get a prize. Most times you lose. You see, American Express is no longer American. Especially when you’re conn...
Buying Into Baltimore by Eugene Meyer
Washington Transplants Are Streaming North to Grab Budget Prices -- Washington Post, July 22, 2006...
By Car, Subway, Plane and Boat! by Margot Finke
Our Vacation to Canada and Eastern USA - The fun, the memories, the disasters!...
C-Murder and C. A. Webb bring Tru Conversations by Cyrus Webb
C-Murder and C. A. Webb ring in the New Year with exciting partnership....
C.M. Curtis’ Return of the Outlaw Molly's Reviews by m j hollingshead
The plot forwards the story through a maze of conspiracy, intrigue and deception. ...
Cabramatta library abuzz with real page-turner by Michael Estepa
A reunion at my old high school where I got the chance to speak to students in year 7 and 8 about my life after school, my accomplishments and my book...
Cactus Island BK 7 stan turner mystery by m j hollingshead
Another Stan Turner Mysery ...... 5 stars...
Cain... by David Humphrey Sr
An Unusual Stranger Tries to Help Two Brothers Who Are at Each Others Throats to Reconcile, but is Only Partially Successful......
Call from FBI in Washington today. by Dana Reed
Pertains to cyberharassment and cyberstalking....
Call Killing Phrases by Wendy Weiss
How often have you started a call to a friend, family member or business associate with the phrase, 'How are you?' I'm willing to bet the answer is a ...
Calories 101 by Daniel Swift
“I am going on a diet”. This is a pretty common phrase to hear right? When I hear it I always ask how many calories are you consuming daily to which I...
Can a Child Support Ruling be Modified? by ishrat batool
The rules regarding child support rulings, child support payments, and child support payment modifications are opaque in nature and can seem impossibl...
Can a Perfectly Normal Individual Commit A Serious Crime? by Kerin Freeman
I was asked to write an essay for the US market on this subject...
Can a woman change a man? by Yinka Dixon
Some men marry a beautiful girl, as a trophy, while some women marry a rich man for his money. Lots of men who have not figured out what a "long term ...
Can Fiction Change the World? by Keith Madsen
While much fiction is indeed "escapist", we don't have to look far to find examples of fiction throughout history which have challenged the tough situ...
Can Friendship Fit In A Square Pan by Linda Meckler
What is friendship? Is it somebody that wants to know all of your wants and dreams and then gossip about this information to the first person who gets...
Can I Do-It-Myself? by Pinckney Rivers
Doing work on your home to change it....
Can I Hit It In The Morning?! by David L.
Column Synopsis: A random & and unbiased perspective of what is relevant in the world today – as seen through the eyes of yours truly, David L. ...
Can We Leave Justice to the Luck of the Draw – The Importance of Judicial E by Sandy Knauer
Should justice be dependent on the luck of the draw for a competent judge? ...
Can we start all over again? by Tina Roberts
This is an article I wrote for Heartbeat for the Jan 08 edition....
Can You Forgive Me For Not Hating Jews? by Harry Rensby
An exploration of the real motivation behind a common resentment/hatred...
Can you Here My Strength by Kathryn Carrington
Hearing impaired, adolescent, teacher, mentally challenged, minorities, resources, methods, health, interview...
Can You Seduce the Woman of Your Dreams with Only Words? by George Hutton
It is not widely known how powerful your words really are. When you structure your language in just the right way, you can open up a world of opportun...
Can you Trust Your Furnace Professionals? by Linda Meckler
Professional Furnace Contractors Can You Trust Them When purchasing a new furnace for your mobile home we contact the furnace contractor...
Can You Use Powerful Language Patterns to Seduce Women? by George Hutton
Language is a powerful tool. Those that know the secrets can use it to seduce, and to destroy....
Cancer Issues : Managing the Associated Stress by Anne Orchard
Stress is a likely occurrence for families facing cancer. It is helpful to know some practical ways to alleviate stress, or avoid it all together. S...
Cancer Survivor Dilma Rousseff Brazil’s First Female President by Clare Hudd
News report on Dilma Rousseff, Brazil's first female Prime Minister....
Canoeing Middle Georgia’s Wild Rivers: The Ocmulgee and the Towaliga. by Niki Collins-Queen
The Ocmulgee and Towaliga Rivers in Georgia are play grounds for canoeing, fishing, swimming, hiking and picnicking. They’re also the treasure-trove t...
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Featured Book
Across the Great Divide
by Nora Ryan

A recently widowed Canadian school teacher has come to the small island of St. Georges in search of healing. An impoverished Haitian laborer is shipwrecked off St.Georges..  
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Featured Book
Until Next Time
by Linda Alexander

Perry Conners, Arizona tycoon and soon-to-be politician, can't sleep or make love anymore, and he's losing all sense of reality. Is it the Devil's fault?..  
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