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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Handyman's Guide To Profit
by Bill Benitez

With unemployment and foreclosures still at record levels, operating a one-person handyman business is an attractive opportunity. The Handyman’s Guide To Profit contains ..  
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Featured Book
Coming Full Circle
by Barbara Henry

'Coming Full Circle' is a book of poems, prayers,and inspirational quotes that promote hope, faith,and personal growth...  
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Featured Book
Give Me Back My Credit! (paperback)
by Denise Richardson

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night trying to remember if you paid a bill? What if you woke up because you knew you did? The mere mention of ident..  
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25 Most Recent Self-Help Articles

If You've Been Called Too Sensitive, You Might be an Empath by Kim Vazquez
Have you been told that you're "too sensitive" or that you need to "get thicker skin"? You might be an Empath!...
If Your Hair Falls Out, Keep Dancing! by LeslieAnn Butler: Book Review by Irene Watson
LeslieAnn Butler knows what it's like to lose her hair. For years, she has suffered with a severe form of Alopecia Areata. In the opening chapters of ...
Images! Images! Where are the Images? by Neeta Blair
Illustrate the power of consciousness by choosing from the infinite possibilities within your being. Making this your day-to-day practice brings you f...
Impeachment by Tom Hyland
"The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treas...
In Order to Succeed: Using the Power of Postive Thinking by Stacey Chillemi
Does everyone in society have to be perfect? Is perfection pretend or reality? Does perfection exist? In my book, there is no such thing as perfection...
Independence - Jill Guntur's July Newsletter by Jill Guntur
A Beautiful Celebration of Independence Day. This Month the focus is on our own individual growth....
information on flash fiction by Marisha Huber
flash fiction...
Inside My Asperger Experience by A.J. Mahari
"In this audio program A.J. Mahari shares her experience of finding out about Asperger's Syndrome and her journey of facing it and going deeper withi...
Inside the Mystery Is a Friend by Jeanne Ripley
This article is about going inside to face the darkness and our fears.The mysteries will unfold and gradually we can uncover the parts of our past tha...
Intend It! by Aaron Potts
Did you know that you can literally create anything that you want to have in your life just by INTENDING to have it? Read this article to learn how!...
Interview for "Fragments of Reality" author Peter Cajander by Irene Watson
This book shows us how to live the busiest external life possible and still maintain internal harmony and peace at all times. "Fragments of Reality" ...
Interview for "Going Deeper" author Jean-Claude Koven by Irene Watson
Jean-Claude Koven has chosen a humorous fictional character named Larry to make his point. Larry and his wise-cracking dog Zeus make their way to Jos...
Interview for "Life is a Balancing Act...a fun book" author Debbie Lessin by Irene Watson
This is a beautifully illustrated gift book that offers 66 versatile ideas for juggling work and play, friends and family, heart and soul, and mind an...
Interview for "Life Skills" author Marian K. Volkman by Irene Watson
Loving Healing Press proudly announces the first ever self-help book based on Metapsychology techniques. "Life skills" highlights key factors from the...
Interview for "PAM: Life Beyond Death; Joy Beyond Grief" by Irene Watson
"PAM" unites comforters and grievers as together they face one of life's most inexplicable losses: the death of a child. In it, a family miracle unf...
Interview for "Senior Moments..." author David Wayne Silva by Irene Watson
This book addresses senior citizens and the large number of Baby Boomers entering the "golden years". It was written by a senior citizen for senior c...
Interview for "Transformational Healing..." author Jamie L. Saloff by Irene Watson
Diagnosed with cancer at age twenty-four, Jamie didn't believe she'd ever see her then two-year-old son grow up. Then a dream helped Jamie turn her d...
Interview for "Voyage to Destiny: Sailing to Success" author Kieran Harrop by Irene Watson
It's your life- you can be, do and have anything you want. This book is a guide to uncovering the treasure that lies buried within you- the riches of...
Interview for "What if...?" author Gunnar Jensen by Irene Watson
This book is a series of questions about life that will inspire you to contemplate your own answers. Only you can find your answers but hopefully, you...
Interview for "What If...?" author Gunnar Jensen by Irene Watson
The book covers a variety of topics like: time and universe, religion, spirituality, existence, life and death, forgiveness, evolution and growth, hap...
Interview Manahan, Bohan, authors Living Consciously, Dying Gracefully by Irene Watson
When 55-year-old Diane Manahan was given a diagnosis of breast cancer, she lived her last five and half years with such peace, purpose and calm contro...
Interview of Gurdip Hari "The Conscious, Unconscious & Super-conscious..." by Irene Watson
This book will take you on an amazing journey, right into your very own mind. Why you are the way you are, why you behave the way you do, and how to ...
Interview of Keith Wright, author The World of Women Ain't No Joke by Irene Watson
Women have always tried to get ahead. Sometimes men have held them back. Sometimes they have held themselves back. Women are beautiful and intelligent...
Interview of Ken & Jasmyn Klarfeld, authors of "He Said, She Said" by Irene Watson
How many parents would benefit from knowing what their teens are thinking? With this in mind, Ken and Jasmyn Klarfeld have co-authored "He Said, She ...
Interview w/ Paul Adcock, Jungle King Secrets: A Libido-Liberating Lifestyl by Irene Watson
For anyone in search of some new, well-researched advice on spicing up your love life, author Paul Adcock offers just that in his sexual health book, ...
Interview w/D.Anthony, The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me, Once by Irene Watson
"The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me, Once" offers a direct and empowering perspective for permanently enhancing your approach to--and getting t...
Interview w/Granoff, author Wedding Place Settings with Divine Disposables by Irene Watson
Every bride dreams of a spectacular and extravagant wedding reception. Sometimes finances or venue require the use of disposables. However, through "W...
Interview with Aiman A. Al-Maimani, author of Law of Attraction Handbook by Irene Watson
"Law of Attraction Handbook" is designed to be a practical and easy guide for working with the Law of Attraction. Aiman A. Al-Maimani has put together...
Interview with Ann Roulac, author of “Power, Passion & Purpose” by Irene Watson
Power, Passion & Purpose is a practical guide on how to manage your energy to reach the highest levels of personal power. While we all have the capaci...
Interview with Author of How to Sell Like Jesus by Glenn Rogers
An interview with controversial mediaman and author of How to Sell Like Jesus...
Interview with Barbara Sinor, author, Gifts from the Child Within by Irene Watson
"Gifts from the Child Within" delicately guides readers through the healing steps of Re-Creation Therapy, a method Sinor has used for years with posit...
Interview with Bob Gebelein, author of The Mental Environment by Irene Watson
Many readers may be unfamiliar with the terms in the book's title, but Bob Gebelein provides a simple, reader-friendly definition to explain the premi...
Interview with Bud Bilanich, author of Straight Talk for Success by Irene Watson
"Straight Talk for Success" is directed toward early and mid-career professionals, but anyone in need of motivation can easily apply its advice to the...
Interview with by Dr. T. Ho, author Unlocking the Mystery of Skin Color by Irene Watson
"Unlocking the Mystery of Skin Color" explains Thiênna Ho's Natural Fairskin Method, a strict diet and lifestyle regiment she created to naturally lig...
Interview with Charles L. Allen, author Why Good People Make Bad Choices by Irene Watson
Suppose that four simple instinctual directives helped to bring about the survival of the human species. While good for survival purposes, those direc...
Interview with Charles S. Haddad, author of Thoughts from the Heart by Irene Watson
"Thoughts From the Heart" is about words of wisdom and motivating and inspiring views on family, love, and life. It is very down to earth in a homesp...
Interview with Cheron Joy Mayhall, author of The Bridge Is Love by Irene Watson
“The Bridge is Love” is a beautiful but heart-rending story about a how a family dealt with the tragic loss of their four year old son....
Interview with D. S. Pitts, author of Shadow Living...Paintings of Grief by Irene Watson
Anyone who is going through a terrible life crisis and needs to know that there's someone else out there who can relate to their pain should pick up D...
Interview with David K. Banner, author Frameshifting: A Path to Wholeness by Irene Watson
David K. Banner wants to open us up to the possibilities of life. Too often, we are trapped in a single, fixed set of beliefs and attitudes that opera...
Interview with Dick Warn, auth Mystical Mentor: Breaking Through Barriers by Irene Watson
Happiness is a choice. When we come into this life, we choose our experiences, but many of us find it difficult to choose fulfillment over frustration...
Interview with Dr. Albert Garoli, author of The Evolutionary Glitch by Irene Watson
In this revolutionary book, you will discover which of the six major types of Personas you have unwittingly acquired, and you will learn how to free ...
Interview with Father Heyward Ewart, auth. Am I Bad? Recovering from Abuse by Irene Watson
"Am I Bad? Recovering from Abuse" focuses on recovery from five different types of abuse: physical, sexual, verbal, emotional and neglect. The book wa...
Interview with Gail Bernice Holland, author of Love Each Day by Irene Watson
Are We Happy Yet? We are used to psychologists, psychiatrists, and other "experts" offering advice about how to be happy and how to live a fulfilling ...
Interview with Gail Bernice Holland, author of Love Each Day by Irene Watson
We are used to psychologists, psychiatrists, and other "experts" offering advice about how to be happy and how to live a fulfilling life. Even though ...
Interview with Greg Espinosa, What the Church Does Not Want You to Know by Irene Watson
Jesus Christ preached love, forgiveness, and giving one's riches to the poor to follow him. If he were to return today, Christ's attack on the moneych...
Interview with Herman Kagan, author of The Psychological Immune System by Irene Watson
“The Psychological Immune System” was written to educate us on how the psychological immune system ties into the biological immune system. The author...
Interview with Jay Tucker, author of The Whole Youth Worker by Irene Watson
Being a youth worker can be a fulfilling experience, but it's also a Monday through Friday job with red tape, paperwork, and church politics to boot. ...
Interview with Jeanie Marshall. Author/Facilitator of Meditation CD's by Irene Watson
Jeanie Marshall, Empowerment Consultant, directs all activities of Marshall House, drawing on the services of other professionals as needed. Her consu...
Interview with Jeff Alt, author of "A Hike for Mike by Irene Watson
After losing a brother-in-law to suicde, Jeff and his wife Beth walk the 218 mile John Muir Trail across the Sierra Nevada mountain range to spread th...
Interview with Jill Osborne, author of Sam Feels Better Now! by Irene Watson
Sam saw something awful and scary! Ms. Carol, a special therapist, will show Sam how to feel better. Children who read the book can also help Sam feel...
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Featured Book
Living Alone
by Peter Mulraney

Information for men who find themselves on their own...  
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Featured Book
Coming Full Circle
by Barbara Henry

'Coming Full Circle' is a book of poems, prayers,and inspirational quotes that promote hope, faith,and personal growth...  
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