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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Let the Truth Be Told
by Sonny Hudson

A thrilling debut novel in the tradition of top authors like Robert Ludlum and David Baldacci, Let the Truth Be Told is sure to be loved by all fans of political action t..  
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Featured Book
Dust Carried on the Wind Book 2 Continuum
by Fern Lutkins

It centers around the three headed dog Cult Ceberus and ritual sacrificing...  
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Featured Book
The Gods Of War
by Peter Jessop

The battle to end all wars is about to begin... Who is the man lying wounded in a hospital bed in London towards the end of Worl War II? A man who isn't sure wh..  
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All Action/Thriller Articles

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Articles

Classic Abstraction by Dennis Lid
This article is a review of The 22nd Classic and Antique Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet held in Phoenix, Arizona during April 2006 and sponsored by the...
Cleave toxins from your life, people and chemicals by CSea Perkins
Toxins do harm and no good that we can see. The toxic people simply pollute your thoughts, words and actions. That certainly gets in the way of your...
Client 9 by Edwin Larson
Client 9...
Climate Change Effects: (focus) Ocean Currents and Normal Life by Quinton Crawford
This article describes some of the direct actions of climate change....
Clodewriter by Clodewriter alias Paolo P. free-lance P
Clodewriter (et)
Cloned Beef - no sex involved. by Ian Thorpe
Beef and milk from clone cattle is on the way, it is safe to eat but is it necessary? Or is it just another case of science trying to play God and sim...
Clouded Crescent:Garrulous Goon by M.R Rambler
It is a novel for terrorism haters in the world, to read it, to abnegate and abolish Islamists or any other terror mongers to have a peace in our beau...
Clutter, Clutter, Clutter by Linda Meckler
Clutter, Clutter, Clutter in your mind and home It is just plain junk or trash, clutter can pile up and you don't even realize it until you can't fin...
Co-dependency by DeBorrah Ogans
For the co-dependent it is necessary to realize that God is really not a respecter of persons. We are equal yet different as His children. Although sc...
Cocoa will lower high blood pressure, impotence will sit up and take notice by Linda Meckler
Cocoa Can Lower Your High Blood Pressure Yes you have heard correctly, Drinking 5 cups of cocoa a day can lower your cholesterol. By a study at Ha...
Coincidence... an accident or arrangement? by Max DeJong
i>"Meaningful coincidences are unthinkable as pure chance--the more they multiply and the greater and more exact the correspondence is...they can no ...
Cold Turkey by James Cumes
The coming financial crash will require some "cold-turkey" treatment to cure our speculative financial addictions; but then we must reform our policie...
Cold-calling publishers and studios by Sarah Gerdes
To call, submit a form, email...or not that is the question.......
College pitcher cleared of criminality by Harold Kasselman
The unwritten rules of baseball override the DA's need to protect victims of deliberate or reckless behavior....
College Predator Missing College... " author Todd A Hemming: BOOK REVIEW by Irene Watson
The story starts in Central Minnesota with brutal cold winters and numerous snow storms or blizzards. During the years of 2001 to 2003, numerous coll...
Colorado Adventure by Alan Cook
Being lost in the Colorado wilderness led to an unexpected conclusion. Adapted from my book, "Walking the World: Memories and Adventures."...
Colorado Horse Rescue by J. Wise
horse rescue promotion...
Coloring books by Nancy Barone Wythe
The hues of a story- pink for Romance, red for the love scenes, green for the investigative elements, blue for his POV... it helps me organize the str...
Colorless As My Thoughts by Barbara Smith
Dad's message drove me up the spiraling lane,...
Colors by egyptian pride
Did you think before about the colors? ? they spread in everywhere; in clothes&flowers..... Every color give you specific feeling co...
Comancheria by Celia Hayes
Fifty years of war on the Texas frontier...
Combating Illiteracy for Development by C Murthy
The article was written at the behest of the Department of Adult and Media Education, Ministry of Education, Government of Eritrea, to commemorate the...
Come Hell Or High Water by Vickie Evans
Survival of the fittest; come hell or high water; I am determined to reach my goal! My faith, my sanity, and my patience has been tested; yet I survi...
Come in from the cold… by Ginger Laroy
Family relationships and how to keep them healthy....
Come on Castro, take a hike! by Nduka Onwuegbute
The likes of Fidel Castro have been on the political scene for over half a century. It's time he went....
Come On You're Overreacting What is Everything Racist Now by Brook Griffin
Chronicles my various personal experiences with racial bias and stereotyping while tacitlymaking the case for the persistence of institutionalized dis...
Coming soon from Moongypsy Press by Trent Kinsey
If someone wrote you life’s story, would you read it?...
Comments on Basil Sands writing by Basil Sands
Read what some folks have said about Basil's works...
Comments/reviews of The Penance List by Siobhan Cunningham
The Penance List by S C Cunningham Shocking new thriller What happens to an altar boy who is abused for years by his superiors? ...
It is fast becoming an established practice for ministers of the gospel to be the mouth piece of political leaders. They sing their praise and canvass...
Commercial Roofing by John Thompson
Commericial roofing is a very important investment....
Commitment by Dr. Sergey Sorin, MD
The power of choice, and in every moment of every day we all have this ability to select our path forward ...
Communicating with Plants by Bob Makransky
It is the feelings we share with plants which provide the basis of our ability to communicate with them....
Communication is Fundamental in Keeping Relationships Tight by Shani Greene-Dowdell
The main characters in my book, Keepin' It Tight have a communication breakdown that causes insecurities to creep into their relationship, so I wrote...
Compulsive Overeater by phyllis snook
Just something about what a Compulsive Overeater goes through....
Compulsive Spending is No Joke by Gloria Arenson
Although we joke that when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping, shopaholics suffer from a major psychological problem. Compulsive spending an...
Computer dead Or Not by Linda Meckler
Whee! I don’t know about you but when my computer dies I am grieving badly. Especially, if everything wasn’t backed up like I wanted and the thought o...
Computer Disc's for sale by Jerry Abrahamson
I have some computer disc's for sale of my poetry....
Computer Terrors by Linda Meckler
If you are typing on a computer everyday what kind of typing are you doing? Are you checking your e-mails? Are you surfing the Internet? Do you take a...
Conduct in Question a Review by Mary Martin
Here's another review of Conduct in Question, the first in the Osgoode Trilogy...
Conduct in Question a review by Mary Martin
This is the most recent review. The second in the Osgoode Trilogy, Final Paradox, should be available in October. Take a look at my website www.maryem...
Confession Kept Private & Sacred by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
A personal account of how the Sacrament of Confession / Reconciliation needs to be kept Private and Sacred Pic: Public Domain Clip Art...
Confessions of a Cross-Gender Writer by John DeDakis
I admit it: I'm a man writing in a woman's body. ...
Confessions of a Porphyria Patient by Pinckney Rivers
porphyria is a rare genetic disease; living with it....
Confessions of a Younger Generation Beatles Fan by Ame Ai
Ame Ai confesses her love of The Beatles....
Confidential Communications article by Jeannine Reardon
newspaper article...
Confidential Communications article by Jeannine Reardon
article on Confidential Communications...
Confidential Communications DC press release by Jeannine Reardon
press release DC...
Conflect # 6 by Judy Meeker
photo credits Judy Meeker...
Confusion Over the new Health Bill by Linda Meckler
Confused on what is happening with the new Insurance Bill just voted on. You are not alone. I can not believe there is anyone alive who can tell you e...
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Featured Book
Big Ninny's Home, The confrontation
by Antoine Raphael

This book is a dramatization of "The Haitian Drama". It discribes the anatomy of a love affair between two people motivated by different philosophies of life.There is als..  
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Featured Book
The Gods Of War
by Peter Jessop

The battle to end all wars is about to begin... Who is the man lying wounded in a hospital bed in London towards the end of Worl War II? A man who isn't sure wh..  
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