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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
by Frank Ryan

Our human genome is full of viruses with genetic sequences similar to the genome of HIV-1, the viral cause of AIDS. These viruses have played an important role in human ..  
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Featured Book
by Frank Ryan

Our human genome is full of viruses with genetic sequences similar to the genome of HIV-1, the viral cause of AIDS. These viruses have played an important role in human ..  
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Featured Book
Darwin's Blind Spot
by Frank Ryan

A different way of looking at evolution, now increasingly espoused in leading scientific journals, universities and presentations...  
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25 Most Recent Science Articles

Dark Energy, an Illusion Caused by Space-Time Expansion by Allen Epling
What is Dark Energy? Is it an illusion or a real force in the universe? Read my paper for one perspective and explaination....
Did Darwin Goof? by Chuck Van Soye
It’s 1,000,000,000 BC. One amoeba is talking to another: “Boy, we sure have come a long way. Just think, our forefathers were just a blob of protein...
Did Europeans Migrate to the New World Before Columbus? by Peter Jones
The question of whether Europeans migrated to the Americas prior to the modern discovery by Columbus has been a longstanding controversy. In fact, fo...
DNA and Fear by Cheril Goodrich
DNA and fear have a link. Fear must be taken out of DNA to make way for something new. The means for this happen is beyond physical intelligence to un...
Do animals have thoughts and feelings? by Niki Collins-Queen
Dazzling discoveries about why animals behave as they do....
Domo Arigato, Dr. Roboto by Bret Funk
A satirical look at one of the scientific community's most visual figures, cyberneticist and artificial intelligence researcher Dr. Kevin Warwick, th...
Dr. Les Golden Receives Book Contract From Springer Publishers by Leslie Golden
Springer Publishers, the world’s leading publisher of science textbooks, science magazines, and science trade books, offered a contract to Professor L...
E = MC2 The Einstein Falsity (LIE) by George Lowe
I am proposing in this short paper that E=MC2(Square) is simply a flat out lie! A lie perhaps knowingly told by Professor Albert Einstein: And cer...
Earthquakes by Sam Vaknin
The epicenter of an earthquake is not the same as its hypocenter (focus, point of origin within a fault-line)....
Earthquakes in the "ring of fire" validate prophecies. by Nina Anderson
Seismic and volcanic activity in the "ring of fire" signal the beginning of the apocalypse prophecied for the year 2012....
Ectoplasm by Theresa Koch
Apparition peeking from grave photo taken by, Theresa Jodray.. ...
Edinam Glover & Erkki Hollo 2008. The EU Forestry Strategy. J Env'tal Law by Edinam Glover
This paper focuses on the European Union Forestry Strategy adopted on 15 December 1998. The strategy aims at establishing a framework for forest-relat...
Edinam Glover 2011.Land Tenure & Resource Management in the Horn of Africa by Edinam Glover
Edinam Glover 2011. Land Tenure and Resource Management in the Greater Horn of Africa Region. Horn of Africa Journal. 1(1)....
Edinam K. Glover & EA Elsiddig 2012. Environmental Changes in Sudan. LDD by Edinam Glover
Glover, E. K. & Elsiddig, E. A. 2012. The causes and Consequences of Environmental Changes in Gedaref, Sudan. Land Degradation & Development Journal....
Edinam K. Glover 2009. Law and Morality. US-C Law Review by Edinam Glover
Abstract: Law and morality can be considered as two competing groups among varied and sophisticated social phenomena. Both law and morality... ...
Edinam K. Glover et al 2010. Strategies for Increasing Forest Cover, SJDR by Edinam Glover
Community-based forest management strategies for increasing the forest cover in Gedaref, Sudan....
Einstein and Bohr were men of faith by Benjamin Plybon
Religious people are not the only people of faith. Everyone has some kind of faith they live by. That includes our greatest scientists....
Einstein and Tesla by Michael Charles Messineo
Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, two of the worlds greatest minds, started my research for the book Maddy's Secret: The Search for Einstein's Lost ...
Elvis Seen in Flying Saucer with Aliens....Again! by Kalikiano Kalei
I am a very open-minded individual who all too well understands the fact that there are possibilities well beyond our wildest imagination. That doesn'...
Energy Alternatives by Erik Hare
Figure 1: Energy usage in Minnesota, 2000 (various sources), BBTU...
Energy and Constancy by Tom Kitt
The universe is energetic; all existence is a state of potentials attempting to equalize. When all are equal the movement will stop and nothing will r...
Energy and Movement by Tom Kitt
Energy is movement and, because everything is energy, we therefore are products of movement. The following article suggests that there is more to us t...
Entropy and Teleology: A One-Way Street? by Willie Maartens
Where are you going? Do you have enough energy?...
ET please call home! by Warren Evans
"Theory has it that we came from another planet, either as a sent experiment, or escaping some natural disaster. Natives in New Guinea still watch th...
ET Where Are You? by Joe Prentis
What does the future have to offer us. You might look up at the night sky for the answer....
Eternal Recurrence by Tom Kitt
Eternal recurrence or the act of constantly returning to our common source. It makes all things equal and empowers all possibility. ...
Etongo, DB & Edinam Glover 2012. Participatory Res. Mapping: Cameroon by Edinam Glover
Daniel B. Etongo & Edinam K. Glover, 2012. Participatory Resource Mapping for Livelihood Values Derived from the Forest in Ekondo-Titi Sub-Region, Cam...
Evolution 101: Are You a Descendent of Plesiadapis? by Willie Maartens
What is evolution, Darwinism, or neo-Darwinism? ...
Evolution and Spirituality by Malcolm Hollick
The theory of evolution has set scientists against conservative Christians ever since Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species in 1859. This ...
Evolution. What is it and Why is it? by John Orizon
It is the reason why man is here. It is the one who decided for human structure, human feelings, the future of our kind and the past of it. If evoluti...
Expansion of the Universe or Shrinking of the Atoms?! by NICOLAE MAZILU
There is Microcosm – the world of atoms and particles, and there is Macrocosm – the world accessible to human senses. If they are somehow analogous, t...
Extra Terrestrial Life in Vedas and Upanishads by TheBigThinkg Human
Aitreya Upanishad talks about a primitive life being formed at the time of origin of Universe. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra talks about how this life sprea...
F. Kalame, Luukkanen, Elsiddig & Edinam Glover, 2010. Journal of Sust. For by Edinam Glover
Kalame, F. B., Luukkanen, O., Elsiddig, E. A. and Glover, E. K. 2010. Tree knowledge and livelihood activities in a changing environment: Views from s...
Fascinating Tutorial Site by Tom Hyland
As a result of visiting LELAND WALDRIP's site, and reading a poem under the heading Feeling Science, I found, copied and pasted this site. ht...
Finally - a flight map for The Universe by William Neven
Looks like scientists at the Arecibo Observatory in San Juan, Puerto Rico, are catching up with us science fiction writers at long last. And it's...
Finding The Fourth Dimension by David Hamilton
An attempt to describe some properties of the fourth dimension...
Flat Earth? It depends ... by Susan Smith
According to Einstein and the great scientists before him, such as Lorentz and Maxwell, the length - including the "flatness" of the Earth, for exampl...
Flowering asynchrony can maintain genetic purity in rice landraces by Debal Deb
Growing multiple varieties of rice on neighbouring farms would risk cross pollination, causing genetic impurity of the varieties. Maintaining the reco...
Flying - The Nerve of Us! by F William Broome
Do we dare? ...
Forensics: When is a Fingerprint Not a Fingerprint? by Linda Frank
This article explains the use of DNA technology to act as an identification tool for biological materials, which is sometimes called a DNA fingerprint...
Forji, A.G., Glover, Edinam & Hollo, E.J. 2008. Mitigating Climate Change by Edinam Glover
Mitigating Climate Change with Avoided Deforestation: Qualifying the Potential Results of the 2006 Emissions Deal on the Cameroon Tropical Forests....
Fractal Dimensions – Twilight Zone? No, Nature! by Susan Smith
Familiar with one, two, and three dimensions? What about dimensions of 0.63 or 1.26? It’s not science fiction, but quite natural. ...
Frankenfoods: The Dangers of Genetically Mutated Food by David Ray
The 21st century diet may send us all back into the stoneage....
From Galileo to Apollo by Susan Smith
Much of the moon shot was made possible by understanding the laws of physics. And Galileo was a pioneer in modeling the effects of gravity on masses....
Gambling Writer Les Golden of Oak Park Tells Us About Sequences and Solar by Leslie Golden
Although many in our community know of Les Golden as a professor and environmental/animal welfare activist, he is in fact an internationally-known ga...
Genetically Altered Food: The Largest Uncontrolled Experiment in History by Niki Collins-Queen
As long as genetically engineered foods remain largely unregulated and products unlabeled the causes and effects of abnormalities will remain unknown ...
Genetically Modified Everything and Cloning by Rosemary Patterson
An inquiry into the Ethics of Genetic Manipulation and Cloning....
Genomics Pioneer by Stephen Berberich
Fraser-Liggett moves her team into the University of Maryland’s BioPark in Baltimore ...
Ginkgo Effective for Arterial Disease by Cindy Jones
The herb Ginkgo biloba has been shown to improve the condition of intermittent claudication, an arterial disease that decreases blood flow in the legs...
Global Warming by Lew Duffey
I have wondered about the people who getting rich from energy. We all play a part but I feel sad for our children. Please read the following:...
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Featured Book
Virus X
by Frank Ryan

Tells the story of where viruses, such as Ebola and HIV, come from and why they behave as they do. This book changed beliefs in evolutionary biology...  
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Featured Book
Evolution in the Universe The Solar System and beyond
by David Hamilton

A book that offers a new theory of Solar System formation. Other articles describe further evolution in the universe...  
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