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by Allen Smith

"Smith...has written a scathing account of massive fraud on the part of our nation's leaders, who have plundered every cent of the Social Security Trust Fund surplus that..  
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King Obama: America's Greatest Danger
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25 Most Recent Political Science Articles

Repeating Rome’s Injustice to the Jews? by Emile Tubiana
Note to Ronald Hull: Please refrain from commenting. Thank you....
Répétition de l'injustice de Rome envers les Juifs by Emile Tubiana
Mr Kerry, voulons-nous répéter les injustices que Rome avait faites, que l'Espagne avait faites (inquisition, l'expulsion des Juifs) et que l'Allem...
Replacing Michelle by Mark Lichterman
In 2005, the hospital raised her salary from $120,000 to $317,000--nearly twice what her husband made as a Senator......
Replacing the IRS With a Constitutional Tax System by Michael LeMieux
Problem: It has become settled knowledge, within the freedom and tax honesty movements, that the current enforcement of the tax code is unconstitution...
Reply to Congresswoman Kathy Castor Reply-Second Ammendment by Ann Baker
This is what I sent back to Congresswoman Castor's reply,reiterating my initial message....
Reply to: Income Inequality Benefits Everybody by Edward Phillips
Republican 1st? Democrat1st? American First! by Mark Lichterman
I voted for Al Gore and I didn’t even like Al Gore – as a matter of fact, whether or not I liked the Democratic nominee never mattered – because being...
Republican Campaign Strategy … by Joseph* OneLight*®
For November 2010 Elections Unveiled ...
Republican Party Desperation … by Joseph* OneLight*®
Results in another Mickey Mouse idea. ...
Republican Party Donations … by Joseph* OneLight*®
Where Does The Money Go? ...
Republican Values by Matthew Haynes
An article about republican party values....
A vote by the Republican-led Congress to sue President Barack Obama is the first-of- its kind during the 225 years the Congress, consistin...
Republicans by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)
A question of give and take?...
Republicans and Democrats: How they differ by Nomde Lum
Don't believe those who tell you that there are no differences between Republicans and Democrats. Here are some key distinctions....
Republicans need to answer ... by Joseph* OneLight*®
Why? ...
Response from Congresswoman Kathy Castor by Ann Baker
Here is Congresswoman Castor's response to Second Ammendment concerns....
Response to Mr Robert Serry by Emile Tubiana
Restrospective analysis of emotionally & politically controversial events by roy crabtree
Embeded links translate poorly at times: raw text onine until I can figure out this problem. The more controversial information I dare not po...
Resurrection of a Myth by Michael Hayutin
Why McCain is closer to J.F.K. than Obama...
Rethinking the "War" by George Sewell
After decades of failure maybe it's time to rethink our fundamental intent in this dubious "war."...
Retirees and the Chained CPI Index by Edward Phillips
We did it before and we can do it again. (picture:
Revealing Letters of Thomas Jefferson by John Cooker
Political satire of letters exchanged between Thomas Jefferson and a newly elected congressman from his district; emphasis on humor....
Réveillez-vous mes amis americains by Emile Tubiana
Réveillez-vous mes amis americains, le soleil va bientot se lever....
Réveillez-vous, mes amis, by Emile Tubiana
Tous vivent avec la peur et l’insécurité. Vous appelez ça la liberté ? Ou la démocratie ? Ou simplement une vie normale ? ...
Revelation Number Nine by Timothy Buchanan
Another corrupt Democrat hypocrite politician discovered--Spitzer must resign--now....
Revised Letter to Obama From a 4th Grade Teacher by Mark Lichterman
Where do you get off telling a Muslim country that the United States does not consider itself a Christian country? Have you not read the Declaration...
Revisiting the military-industrial complex by Hilding Lindquist
Revisiting the military-industrial complex...
Rhyme Or Reason (Politcally Senstive) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Like Ann Coulter I am a Conservative Christian, but I can not condone her callong Katie Couric the equivallent of Hilter's Wife......
Rick Santorum For President - by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
Rick Santorum For President! Pic: Yard Sign in Baton Rouge, Louisiana...
Right for the Wrong Reasons and Wrong for the Right Reasons by Nomde Lum
First published on the Internet on March 23, 2001. Since that time I have modified some of my views, but I decided to reprint this article as original...
Rights of American Citizens ... by Joseph* OneLight*®
What happened to them? ...
Rights or Privileges by Peter Jones
An article on the process of our human righs being turned into government awarded privileges....
Rights? Guest Workers?? by David Ray
Yet another government program designed to chip away at liberty in this nation....
RINOs & DINOs by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
Here is more than I ever wanted to know about why our Congress-persons are so good at lengthy rhetoric, yet so short on getting anything done. ...
Ripping good yarn in the Viktor Bout saga- Bankok post, Oct,17 by Theodore Soderberg
I really can't blame Thailand for being reluctant to surrender such a famous celebrity as Viktor Bout ... a celebrity who speaks six languages, has re...
Romney Fabricates Story About Setting Up Command Ctr To Find Missing Child by Taste Of Death Publishing Company
Mitt Romney’s Story (About Stopping Work At His Company And Flying His Employees To New York To Set Up A ‘Command Center’ To Find An Employee’s Missin...
Ron Paul Excluded By FOX News by M.L Bushman
Commentary on the exclusion of Ron Paul from the upcoming republican presidential debate hosted by FOX News......
Ron Paul would restore true Republican Party by Robert Williams
(the following was published in the Chronicle-Telegram on Nov 27, 2008) I am reading reports and full-page ads in bigger newspapers about Rep...
Ron Paul: The Last Conservative Republican by David Ray
The easiest way to predict the future is to be the only person making any sense....
Ronald Reagan and The Great Social Security Heist by Allen Smith
Ronald Reagan pushed for higher payroll taxes in 1983, and then used the money to offset his unaffordable income tax cuts....
Ronald Reagan and the Great Social Security Heist by Allen Smith
I'm sorry that I will be unable to post my book, "Ronald Reagan and the Great Social Security Heist," on Author's Den as promised. It would be a vi...
Ronald Reagan, Alan Greenspan and the Great Social Security Theft by Allen Smith
The problems facing Social Security today date back to the beginning of the Reagan Presidency....
Rudness, Obama says, Rudness! by Mark Lichterman
With all he has on his mind, our pretender in chief wastes his time and our time by crying about how rudely... how rudely one news source has treated ...
Rush And His FAT Mouth by TONY NERONE
If you do not agree with his anarchic views Rush will open his fat mouth to complain....
Russian ambassador withdrawn. by Gary Cartwright
Is Russia seeking to influence the Ukraine's forthcoming Presidential elections?...
Sad News – The Attacks on American Embassies by Emile Tubiana
Upon hearing the bad news about the U.S. embassy attacks, particularly in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia, and the death of the U.S. Ambassador and three mem...
Sailing without Regulation by Anthony Davis
Thoughout the years we read about maritime casualties. People are injured and killed, then elected officals claim they'll do something about it. This...
Santa Claus, The Trust Fund and the Tooth Fairy by Allen Smith
Adults who continue to believe in the Social Security trust fund, when it doesn't exist, are fooling themselves and contributing to the government's e...
sarah palin ... by Joseph* OneLight*®
tea party idol ...
Sarah Palin Just Another Snowbird in Arizona by Veronica Hosking
Since Jon Kyl is vacating his senate seat in 2012 the media has speculated why Sarah Palin purchased a home in Scottsdale, AZ....
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  19. Mexican Retriever, Huh
  20. Neo-Liberalism and Oppression

Featured Book
Choas, Synchronicity, and capitalism
by Arthur Jackson

This is a profound new look at an old system, Capitalism. It has changed the world,but is it for better or worse...  
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Featured Book
Islamic Two-Headed Beast
by Will Clark

Radical Islamists loudly proclaim they will destroy America - and Israel. Should we not believe them? Should we not stop their evil plans?..  
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