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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Dangerous Wind: A Carol Golden Novel
by Alan Cook

Amnesia victim Carol Golden has to help find a boyfriend she doesn't remember who is trying to cause the "downfall of the Western World."..  
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Featured Book
Speaking Etiquette
by Herman Yenwo

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Featured Book
Alantis The Deep
by Jace Watkins

Story of Alantis ,Shape shifters ,Aliens,Time Travel. A REAL GOOD STORY..PLEASE READ IT AND LEAVE A REVIEW ..THE MAGIC OF MY STORIES IS THE TALE ITSELF qand not how its w..  
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25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Articles

Dear Dr. Romance: My baby momma is a lesbian and wants me to marry her. by Tina Tessina
This is not about sex. This is about taking responsibility for the consequences of your actions....
Dear Friends, by Tinka Boukes
bgsound src = ''hidden loop=-1>...
Dear Ladies, by ZaKiYa Online
This is not an article but a an Open letter. the journey begins somewhere -- y not start with self....
Dear Mom~ by Lawrence Adams
A letter written to my birth mother in 1982 as I began the search for her. I was able to mail it to her four years later. She passed away in 2001....
Dear Mr McBride..Part 4 by Allen Murray (AKA Allen Hall)
A continuation of e-mails to the boss...
Death by Diamonds by W. Hartline
Death by Diamonds is the first in a nine book series that I have planned. The idea came to me years ago when I was still in the military. It ...
Death in the Bedroom by Valerie Amor
I was not about to switch off my light, knowing what was crawling around above my head....
Death of a Scientist by Rip Gerber
Death of Michael Petersen...
Death of Eight Belles at Kentucky Derby Raises Horse Welfare Concerns by J. Wise
Since the filly Eight Belles was euthanized at the Kentucky Derby after breaking both ankles, race horse welfare has come into question....
Death row Book by Lisbeth Kalcheim
This is the ideal book for law enforcement men and women, and anyone else that is interested in America's death row inmates....
DEBKAfile: Nuclear talks collapse as Iranian delegation ordered to quit an by Emile Tubiana
DEBKAfile: Nuclear talks collapse as Iranian delegation ordered to quit and return home...
Debt by irving jackson
We owe it to ourselves to do more than hide behind the silent mojority because of......
Debt Relief by Mateso Kazembe
Malawi has been granted Debt Relief: Should it Stop borrowing......
Decide to Lose Weight by Paul Duncan
If you want to lose weight then you need to approach it with firm determination....
Deciphering Dilemmas Along the Campaign Trail by Alvin Romer
A look at the issues facing two candidates divided, if not connected to ethnicity and racial voting patterns....
Decisions That Produce Conflicting Positive & Negative Outcomes ... by Kathryn Carrington
Who determines what's right and what's wrong. Ethical decisions are made each day and should be made according to circumstance and importance. Are...
Deep in December by Aubrey Hammack
Another year has passed and here it is Christmas once again....
Deep Thoughts by Neil Ostroff
Ebooks rule!...
Deer hunting tip by John Braswell/Kawheeta
scent can make a differance...
DEEvaIzms by Tru Ezzence
My random thoughts and blog topics...
Defending The Dollar by M.P. Zorn
Over the last decade the US has gutted its manufacturing and professional services base by shipping them overseas, or as many call it, outsourcing. Si...
Delay Precedent by Sandy Knauer
If someone will direct me to the public list of party registrations, I will work on changing doctors, judges, and teachers right away....
Delivering a Eulogy at a Catholic Funeral:Six Tips for Success by Gerald Watt
Delivering a eulogy is an honor. It's best to be well-prepared with a three to five minute focused memorial....
Democracy for Whom by J. Quantaman
Venting some truth about our current culture....
Democracy or Shamocracy by Linda Brooks
How far have we come from feudal society?...
Demons, Curses, and Other Weird Things That Go Bump In the Night by Marta Stephens
The Devil Can Wait: Release November 3, 2008...
Denial: Not Just a River in Egypt by Traci Vanover
You see, no matter how many books you read, no matter how many gurus you consult, there is one simple truth in business. If you don't have a market, y...
Dennis Miller and the Middle East by Susan de Vegter
For those of you who don't like Dennis Miller, who is not Jewish, you may want to reconsider after reading his brilliant comments tha...
Depression and the Holidays by Linda Meckler
The holidays are upon us once again. Where has the time gone? I for one can’t believe it is that time of year again. It is hard not to remember the ho...
Derek Armstrong's THE GAME: a thrilling ride! by Beth Fehlbaum
Derek Armstrong's The Game is thrilling and enthralling. ...
Details: Bringing Fiction to Life by K.M. Weiland
We can write the most enthralling story ever told, but if we don't artfully wield the details of that story, it will never live up to its full potent...
Detective Pancake solves another crime by Tracy Searight
Salem Crossroads needs the help of Detective Pancake ...
Detours in life - the story of Sonia K. Hunke by Kornelia Rebel
Taking some detours in life does not have to be a bad thing. There is always the possibility, that everything turns out well. This could be the headli...
Detox Your Life by Tina Tessina
Just as you can detox your body when you’re feeling sluggish, it’s also possible to detox your emotional life. Here are some of the most common ways y...
Detroit can be turned around with unified baby steps by Thomas Neuenfeldt
The city of Detroit can be recaptured one square inch at a time with a unified approach to achieving a successful turnaround....
Develop Your Own Positive Driven Splinter by John Carinci
Understanding the power of your inner mind....
Developing Discernment by Elizabeth Blake
Three ways to develop discernment and grow spiritually....
Devils day out by Kennedy Tare-otu
Talks all about the origin of Lucifer....
Devlor Renewal by Angela DeVere
Organic Waste Composting is a simple way to recycle and help save your local environment....
Diablo by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
Most of today's serious gamers will recognize Diablo as reviewed here....
Dialog? by Dan Cooper
This editorial was written in 2004. It was not submitted or published as it stands, due to another editorial of a similar nature that was published ar...
These readings and excerpts from writings and speeches of notable thinkers, publicists and experts on Dialogue Among Civilizations will, it is hoped, ...
Diary of a cat breeder by Stuart Badger
An entry from thre diary of a breeder of Pedigree Maine Coon Cats....
Dictatorship - Is It Possible? by Kathy Schultz
What will you do, when you are no longer free, no longer able to raise a question of protest? ...
Did 007 Sleep with Moneypenny? by Paul Kyriazi
iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>/iframe>...
Did Man Create God? by Tom Hyland
TRUTH - JUSTICE - THE AMERICAN WAY! Some more ramblings from an old rambler - if you are a devout religious fanatic, you might want to skip t...
Did Mitch McConnell Lose His Mind, or His Calendar by Sandy Knauer
In November 2007, McConnell’s face cropped up amid the flurry of off-year election ads....
Did the Roman Empire Fall, Or Does it Still Exist Today? by George Hutton
Many believe the Roman Empire fell over a thousand years ago. But did it merely transform? The answer may be closer than you realize....
Different Strokes:Tales of Seduction by sherri gibson
Different Strokes:Tales of Seduction to be released soon. It is a compilation of erotic/mystery/supernatural stories, and a must have for those intere...
Digging holes helps me write murder mysteries and award winner books by Darden North
I am an interview guest on Marsha Cannon's new blog "Across the Garden Gate." It seems that when I am not writing thrillers and murder mysteries, I'...
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Action/Thriller Articles
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Featured Book
She Waits in Atlantis
by Will Clark

In this sequel to The Atlantis Crystal, Digger and Jeannie flee from unknown assailants while they try to solve a seven thousand year old mystery...  
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Featured Book
Too Young To Die
by David Snowdon

Private Investigator Mike Heaton is hired by multi-billionaire Ronald Patterson to find his daughter's killer four years after she was brutally murdered. In pursuit of th..  
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