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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics
by Jay Dubya

Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics satirizes and lampoons thirteen famous short fiction works that are given new adult spins...  
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Featured Book
A Reader's Guide to Author's Jargon and Other Ravings from t
by Edward Patterson

A Reader's Guide to Author's Jargon: a cure for short attention spans..  
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Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age
by Beverly Mahone

Whatever! is an inspirational and humorous look at growing older through the eyes of a self-proclaimed diva and baby boomer. Topics include weight gain and menopause, mi..  
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25 Most Recent Humor Articles

The Feminine Mystique Demystified by Elizabeth Hanes
Pseudo-expert Savannah Lawless explains the modern principles of feminism to a befuddled man....
The Flight of the Rooster by Richard Bauman
The rooster attacked me, and my father came to my rescue, and in the process gave the bird its first flying lesson....
THE FUSILIERS by George Albitz
Kings Own Nights of Piccadilly Royal Fusilier Bomb Catchers....
The Garage Sale in E-Flat by Cynthia Borris
Ebony, ivory and a chicken without a head...
The Gasman Cometh by Mel Hathorn
A true story about my multi-year fight with the gas comapny...
The Gods Return To Olympus (humor) by Ian Thorpe
You just can't keep a good pagan god down......
The Great Flydini by Mark Lichterman
I have a friend that was an NBC cameraman for years and a for good number of those years he worked on The Johnny Carson show and has been sending me c...
The Hallelujah Dog by Cynthia Borris
Lord, we have to agree to disagree on this dog thing...
The Healing Balm (Humor For the Heart) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
the good book it says there is a time and season for everything under the sun, that is for laughter as well as for tears, we laugh, and we cry...
The Hermit by Ray Holland by Sassy Brit
Review of Ray Holland's 'The Hermit'. ...
The Highland Haggis by Peter Hedge
This piece has been well received at numerous "Burns' Night" celebrations. Please feel free to continue this tradition....
The Horror by Mike Hancock
This is a short comedic article dealing with a horrific encounter with a member of the local wildlife......
The Hunt and Peck Method to Novel Writing by Veronica Hosking
Satire piece on typing....
The Ice Storm (Embarrassing Moment # 3) by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner
When ice falls, make sure you're not next......
The IIT Chain :: 16 by S. Ganguli Prometheus_Media
It feels sweet to be sixteen........
The Illogicalk Twist of Logic by marco miranda sr
Logical thinking can lead to strange illogical reactions. Even in the shower!...
The Importance of Going with the Flow by Albert Isaac
Never run downhill...
The Impotent Bull...humourous prose version by Patrick Talty
This is a prose version of a poem of the same title. See other version on this site in the poetry category....
The Incredible weight loss Machine by Micki Peluso
This is a based on fact funny story about one woman's aversion to lost privacy....
The Innocents at Home by Mel Hathorn
In 1869, Mark Twain published The Innocents Abroad, a recounting of his tour to Europe and the Holy Land. Part of his book discusses his view of tour ...
The Intergallactic School For Secretaries of Superior Intelligence and Wit by Katie Gabrielle
Would you "fit" in this wierd and crazy school..."blast" off and take this voyage along the Intergallactic highway to this strange school for secretar...
The Intruder by Laura Tamayo
Table to table invasion at the coffee house....
The Jokes and Quotesof 2006 by Ian Thorpe
Its becoming my custon to post as my last article of the year all the jokes and quips I have used on the front page in the preceding twelve months. So...
The Joy of (Cess) Pool Maintenance by Albert Isaac
The Trials and Tribulations of Owning a Swimming Pool...
The Joys of Working From Home by Angie Hodges
Typical Day-Working from Home with two little ones....
The King is Alive and Well at the Local Sub Shop by Kristin Dreyer Kramer
Maybe Elvis isn't really dead after all. Maybe he's just passing the time in a sub shop in Massachusetts....
The Law of Entanglement by Albert Isaac
Things get tangled. There's no escape. ...
The Law of the Land: Well, It Used to Be by Bear Brooks
The average American's Bill of Rights...
The Lazy Pupil's Examination Aid (humour) by Ian Thorpe
Some people may find this in very bad taste....
The Legacy by marco miranda sr
President Bush's legacy is discussed with the First Lady. A discussion that brings some surprises....
The Liberty Of “Low” Culture by Kian Kaul
Or, “Why If Not For Violent Video Games, This Novel Wouldn’t Exist”...
The Library Sticker Caper by George Lawrence
A very short story on how the best laid plans so often go awry....
The Little Plastic Do-Hickey Thing-A-Ma-Jig by Thomas Firth
I should thank Simms Fishing Products for their generosity and especially Danielle Will for a sense of humor. The Little Plastic Thing-A-Ma-Jig is an...
The Lord Loves a Laughing Heart by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
The Lord loves to hear his children laugh, a humorous little ditty by Victoria Jackson brings this point across......
The Love Gamble. by Patrick Talty
A new take on the gambling habit of Australians. Biloela is a town in the far west of Quennsland, Australia. The name is pronounced BILL-A-WHEELER....
The lows and lows of promoting your novel on the internet by Ivana Hruba
A conundrum - the challenges of promoting obscure works by obscure authors...
The Lunacy of the English Language by Ruan Mills Burke
This humorous article started out as part of an A level English reference paper and has been added to by friends since then. I do not claim to have wr...
The Lure of the Vindaloo by Dave Field
Who can resist an eye-watering curry?...
The Man of Steel by Mike Hancock
This is a short article I wrote about dealing with our shortcomings......
The Masked Grammarian by Joyce Scarbrough
If you were a Superhero, who would you be?...
The Most Embarrassing Thing I've EVER Done... by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner
I've had a LOT of embarrassing things happen in my 42 years of life. One, in particular, stands out...& it happened this way......
The Negative Side of Humor by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
Where there's a positive side of things, there's usually a negative side on things, and that applies to humor as well. A couple of years ago, I was...
The New Entertainment Medium: Silent Radio by Ian Thorpe
Just for fun......
The New Yardstick by Robyn Speed
The new yardstick by which we are measuring our men......
The Non-Bucket List - 10 Things Not to do before you die by Jane St Clair
Before you die, you don't want to see the Thing in the Desert or go apple picking...
The Normal One by Leslie Thompson
I'd teach you to park, but there isn't any space Published by The Sentinel Sept. 10, 2003 Kennesaw, Ga. Expected to be ignored for ...
The Normal One by Leslie Thompson
Dude, where's my house? published Feb. 4, 2004 The Sentinel Kennesaw, Ga....
The Obesity Problem by David Gelber
A simple solution to the problem of Obesity in America...
The Odd Couple by Mel Hathorn
In 1884 and 1885, Samuel Langhorn Clemens (known as Mark Twain) and George Washington Cable went on a 10,000 mile, 100 night tour. Photos taken of the...
The Orangutan by George Albitz
Hinkly Dinkly Reporting...
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Featured Book
A Reader's Guide to Author's Jargon and Other Ravings from t
by Edward Patterson

A Reader's Guide to Author's Jargon: a cure for short attention spans..  
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Featured Book
Lucifer's Dictionary of the American Language
by Burton Wolfe

Lucifer's Dictionary presents, with nasty satire, the true meanings of words as butchered by Americans of all kinds...  
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