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Sept 11, 2001
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Going Below The Water's Edge, Past lives, Reincarnation, Inn

Rediscover the SECRETS of your mind. Your conscious and unconscious is more powerful than you ever imagined. Find out more about life, rebirth, and the real meaning ..  
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Free Download - The Developmental Psychology of Psychopathol
by Sam Vaknin

Psychopathology as the outcome of problems in early childhood development. ..  
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The Changing Face of Sex
by Wayne Anderson

This book presents the latest information on human sexuality, including topics such as homosexuality, abortion, rape, and marriage and gender issues...  
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All Psychology Articles

25 Most Recent Psychology Articles

Coping With Christmas 2003 by Aubrey Hammack
How can we cope with Christmas better....
Coping with Crisis by Jim Burtles: Book Review by Irene Watson
Workplace emergencies can range from robberies to natural disasters, but no matter what the emergency is, those affected by it often need a little hel...
Coping with Disasters, Loss, & Change After Katrina by Nordette Adams
For a resource list of helpful articles on the subject of coping with grief, loss, children's fears, change, and stress, please follow the link on th...
Core Conflict by William Cottringer
The fundamental rift between people that is behind most problems is the degree to which they are each being either positive or negative....
Creative Human Intelligence Management by Sandeep Kuulshrestha
This article is about the future path of Human Resources Management...
Creative Pop!- Boredom by Victor Pryles
Boredom shadows many creative individuals. This article presents a three step process that might help shed light on boredom....
Crisis by irving jackson
Our problem is not war-v-peace but......
Critical Issues in Trauma Resolution, by Frank A. Gerbode, M.D. by Victor Volkman
This article is a brief excerpt from Chapter 1 of Beyond Trauma: Conversations on Traumatic Incident Reduction, available from
Culture of Narcissism" Still Culturally Relevant by Jonathan Foster
Book review originally published at ...
Cursed by the Light by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
We've come a long way, Baby ......
Daily happiness Schedule by William Cottringer
Here is a sure daily schedule to maximize your happiness. ...
Daniel Craig Mocked, But Could Have Answered by Paul Kyriazi
iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>/iframe>...
Dealing With A Controlling, Toxic Bully by William Cottringer
The most difficult person to deal with is a toxic bully. Here are some clues to improve your chances of having more success in this arena. ...
Dealing With the Racists and Bigots of the World! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
All of us have to deal with the people of HATE everyday! It's simple...and doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand! Kids are taught to HATE,...
Dear Dr. Romance: Can you program the subconscious? by Tina Tessina
It's not really magic, unless you believe as I do, that the mind is a miracle in itself....
Dear Dr. Romance: What do I need to do to become a therapist? by Tina Tessina
Dr. Romance advises a student on the meaning of "therapy is an art you can only learn by practicing."...
Death Sets a Thing Significant by Aubrey Hammack
A poem by Emily Dickerson speaks to my grief....
Decisions Made in the Best Interest of Others by Bobbi Simms
Decisions we make that affect others. ...
This is a clear formula for decreasing unhappiness to increase happiness that really works!...
Depression Series (Part 2): My Antidepressant Doesn’t Work. What Can My Psychiatrist Do? by Michael Rayel
Six effective ways to deal with treatment-resistant depression....
Depression Series: Why Don’t I Respond to Medications? (Part 1) by Michael Rayel
Various factors complicate the treatment of depression....
DISCIPLINE Gives a Person More HOPE.. by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
At the age of 68 in 2013, I have accomplished some pretty good things during my lifetime, and I don't think I could have accomplished them without di...
Disclosing an Affair by Aubrey Hammack
Are there times when affairs might not need to be disclosed?...
Discrimination Against Older Workers (Ageism) by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
Discrimination against older workers is out there, and none of us will ever know(for the most part), whether we were discriminated against because of ...
Disenfranchised Grief by Aubrey Hammack
This is about grief that is not publicly acknowledged....
Disorder by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
There was a song, "Don't Worry. Be Happy." It sounded like a solution at the time ......
Do I Really Know You? by Staci Gansky-Wagner
People ...
Do Men And Women Have Different Needs? by Stephen Russell-Lacy
The women's movement quite rightly opposed any idea of male superiority and female subservience. But is it sexist to suggest that men and women may ha...
How often do you find yourself being labeled? You are not good enough for this or that, you are stupid, you are not my type. ...
Do We Ever Get Over Death? by Traci Blair
A friend losing his son has brought back the memories of my late mother....
Do You Have a Fear of Failure? by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
I never like to use the word "failure." Instead, I like to use the word, "set-back." I think people who don't try, or who don't do anything with t...
Do You Know Me, Do you Know Altzheimer's Disease by Ken Medernach
I just completed reading the above title, it is a must read for anyone who is "Dealing" with an Alzheimer's patient....
Do You Like Fall? by Aubrey Hammack
Fall time on the mill village...
Does Our Wounded Inner Child Run Our Life? by Michael Lawrience
Our inner child runs our life if we tend to react to events and people with unpredictable out of control emotions. ...
Domestic Abuse..The Abuser..The Abused.. by Rhonda Baumgardner
An article that will explore domestic abuse whether it be violence, mental, or verbal. It will tell the womans story, and explain what the abuse does ...
Dr. Jeckle and Ms. Hyde: A Tale of Female Violence by Kathryn Seifert
Society would like to beblieve that mothers, sisters and daughters do not kill or injure. However, it is a problem we must address. Early interventi...
Dream Meanings—How to Translate Dream Symbols by Christina Sponias
Your dreams, thoughts and feelings and everything related to you in your life are strictly connected. Depending on the dreamer’s real life si...
Dreams of Mental Illness by Sam Vaknin
As they roam my home, fingering objects and evaluating them, I desperately try to explain to the them that I have abstained from other expenses to be ...
Dyslexia – Often Only Part of the Problem by Karen Weaver
Dyslexia can be more difficult to identify than merely noticing your second grader transposes his bs and ds. While these transpositions might be the f...
Dyslexia: Knowing Whether You are Coming or Going by Karen Weaver
You CAN get the school system to help you with your dyslexic child. Here's one way. ...
Easy Dream Decoding by E Detetcheverrie
Feel free to skim ahead to the good parts you really wanna read!...
Ecopsychologists Reveal Nature's Amazing Restorative Power by Niki Collins-Queen
“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” John Muir...
Ego Checking by William Cottringer
This article suggests cultivating seven ego behaviors and eliminating their negative, counter-parts....
Electoral Degeneration by Cynth'ya
Election Day should not about politics. Voters: see things as they are, not how those in office hope they will become. Then vote using logic, not habi...
Elements of Critical Thinking by William Cottringer
Critical Thinking requires awareness of many very common mental biases that interfere with getting to the truth....
Embracing Life: Rachel Remen’s Story by Niki Collins-Queen
" A life is not made up of facts. A life is made up of stories…and each of us has many of them to tell." ...
Emotional Boundaries by Aubrey Hammack
Article deals with dealing with appropriate boundaries...
Emotional Intelligence: The Basics by Michael Rayel
Emotions are pervasive in our daily existence. From the time we wake up to the time we retire to bed, we experience emotions. ...
Emotional Vacancy by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
illusory mindscape.......
Empathy and Personality Disorders by Sam Vaknin
Narcissists and psychopaths lack empathy. It is safe to say that the same applies to patients with other personality disorders, notably the Schizoid, ...
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Psychology Articles
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  2. Little Laws 4 Big Success
  3. What Was I Thinking?
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  7. Common Sense is Over-rated
  8. 1400 WNEX
  9. Fear and Love and Doom
  10. Jung, Alchemy and Active Imagination
  11. Building Common Sense
  12. It's A Wonderful Life
  13. Ashes of The Lamb
  14. Five Pillars Of Happiness
  15. Basics of the CARE2
  16. How To keep A Job In Tough Times
  17. Laconic Vilifications
  18. Sensuality Meets Sexuality
  19. Emotional Vacancy
  20. I'll Be Home For Christmas

Featured Book
The Bow-Wow Secrets
by William Cottringer

Dogs follow seven laws that lead to happiness, peace of mind and success. These simple laws are quite adaptable to human life too...  
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Featured Book
Deep Coaching: Using the Enneagram as a Catalyst for Profou
by Roxanne Howe-Murphy

This book operationalizes the profound teachings of the Enneagram so that coaches and other growth-oriented professionals can use specific processes,tools and strategies ..  
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