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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Women, War & Hypocrites
by Robert Campbell

This book demonstrates an approach for those trying to understand whether and to what extent the practices and ideas that we now associate with Islam have a firm foundati..  
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Featured Book
Get On Board and Stay On Board
by Pearl Nsiah-Kumi

Get On Board and Stay On Board is a Collection of poems and short articles based on the Bible. The articles point to Jesus as the Mediator between God and man, and stres..  
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Featured Book
The Holy Bible: True or False?
by John Rayburn

An unbiased view of religious belief and faith, with discussions of whether some content may be inventions of theological ideas based on wide interpretations...  
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25 Most Recent Religion Articles

Ambiguous Allocution by Paul Kogel
Three men, plane-wrecked on a snow covered mountain, make the best of their time - sort of. This could be my first Religious Thriller - or Drama - or...
Amen's Preview 1 - Have You Graduated? by Minister Celeste Kelley
Have you graduated to the next level on Destiny's Road?...
America Repent & Live by Pete Grasso
Isaiah 26:11 O Lord, thy hand is lifted up [to strike], but they see it not. Let them see thy zeal for thy people, and be ashamed. Let the fire fo...
Americans belief in evolution rose since 2004 by Kimberly Jackson
A poll conducted shows the number of those who believe humans evolved with no influence from God increased....
Amos And Social Justice Part 2 by Saundra Washington D.D.
Amos was summoned by God to warn the Northern Kingdom of Israel of its impending doom. He had no soothing or cushiony words to comfort the poor and th...
Amos and Social Justice - Part 1 by Saundra Washington D.D.
Amos saw in Israel a particular situation in which people were forced to live on the lowest level of existence while others enjoyed the nations's wea...
An Aha Moment in Studying God's Name by Debra Chapoton
A quick look at a few Hebrew letters and the Tetragrammaton (God's Name)...
An Apologetic on Babylon the Great of Revelation by henry gagne
Article submitted on Planet Preterist by Twospirits (real name Henry Gagne) on November of 2006....
An Apologetic on Dispensationalism by henry gagne
Article submitted on Planet Preterist by Twospirits (real name Henry Gagne) on November 2006....
An excerpt from my new book Gazing At Grace by Chris Canuel
Excerpt from my new book "Gazing At Grace: Six Sermons To Show The Savior"...
An Interview with the Creator by Arnold Meagher
The interview with the Creator is an attempt to break out of traditional thought patterns and to see events on Planet Earth from the perspective of an...
An open letter to Catholic Lay People by Hilarie Roseman
The Catholic catechism does not have an index for forgiveness, neither does it have an index that that which brings in forgiveness, compoassion...
And We Wønder Why by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
We take prayers out of school, and wonder why violence, teenage pregnacy, and drop out levels shoot sky high!...
Angry Atheists Are Best-Selling Authors! by Sage Sweetwater
The time for polite debate is over. Militant, atheist writers are making an all-out assault on religious faith and reaching the top of the best-seller...
Another Step Forward -- Update, Dr. Jones by Dr. Beverly Medley Jones
Beverly Medley Jones, D.D. has received her Doctorate in Divinity Degree....
Answering the call: Interview by Joshua McClure
Article by ARLINE A. FLEMING Journal Staff Writer --South Kingstown, Rhode Island News...
Anti-gay Christian Coalition leader sexually molests girl by Sage Sweetwater
The longtime leader of the Oregon Christian Coalition and staunch opponent of gay rights admits it...
Anti-Gay Opponent Pastor Arrested in Propositioning Male Cop by Sage Sweetwater
Arrested in his 2005 Mercedes, The Rev. Lonnie Latham, an outspoken opponent of homosexuality was arrested Tuesday in Oklahoma City and charged with p...
Anything That is First - 5/4/08 Sunday School Lesson by Angela Watkins
"Consider" - Set your heart on your ways - Thus saith the LORD of hosts, Consider your ways. ...
Appointed To Die by Cindy Wyatt
No one knows when it will be their time to die, so it is important to be ready....
Appreciation by Ch.Mohammad Hastal
Appreciation of a book. The Unfathomable Vastness of God.""...
April Fools Day by Rich Patriaco
Satan deserves this title....
Are Pagans devil worshipers or saints by Shane Maddon
An article disucssing a Christian look at a religion that is mis-understood by many....
Are Televangelists For Real? by Alberto Rios Arias
Recently, members of congress have asked that a number of TV Evangelists disclose their financial records due to the many complaints from viewers. How...
Are There Any Accidents? by D. Arant
Scott asks questions about the subject of: Are There Any Accidents in Life? Here is what was said...See if you resonate with it....
Are We Seeing Signs of The End? by Allen Epling
Is the current crisis in the Gulf related to Biblical prophesies concerning "the seas as the blood of a dead man"?...
Are You Awake Mommy? by Andrea Steele
A freethought piece....
Are You Christian by Jay Driskell
A question and My Answer...
Are You Following the Following? by Tina Lynn
What desires are you following? Find out how your desires can be rooted solid to blossom beautifully. ...
Are You Having Trouble Believing In God ? by Larry Matthews
Just an old man's opinion...
Are You in Need of More? by Kelly Ann Evers
Are you in need of more? More strength? More hope? More help? More resources? More energy? More everything? When life hits hard and......
Are You Old by Jay Driskell
A discussion of the latter part of life...
Are You Safe in the Ark? by Laura Davis
The similarities between Noah's ark and Jesus....
Are You Wearing The Armor of God? by Dr. Stanley Crawford
A talk about the armor of God....
Are Your Really on the Right Bus?" by Julie Grace
Sometimes we think we are on the right path, and that voice inside us reminds us we are not. ...
Ark - Singers - Musick - Trumpets by Angela Watkins
Sacred Places, The Tabernacle, Moses, Solomon, Trumpets...
Armorbearer Coach: Step Into the Ministry of Assisting by Earma Brown
Have you ever had an overwhelmingly trouble-filled day, where circumstances seem to be against you on all sides? Look in on young Prince Jonathan (son...
arms- Prayers - battles: Biblical Teaching by Angela Watkins
when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up... battles - In poetic usage,.. a battle/war; an army. battle paint ...
As It Was by Tamara Knebel
As it was in Jeremiah's Day; so it is today....
My freshman year in college, I was introduced to a religious group that I later joined . This group deceived many people including me. This is an ac...
At The Savior's Feet by Judith Mays
Encouragement in training up children...
Attacks of the Sword by Toni Conn
When Satan tells you lies, there are defenses....
Attention all ATHEISTS - Read this. by Dr. Joe Reed
Atheist versus Christian Beliefs. ...
Attention To Detail! by Nylse Esahc
Author Nominated to Who's Who in America by Bonita Quesinberry
Premier biographical data on notable living Americans since 1899 considers Ms. Quesinberry...
Away in a Manger by Elaine Masters
A homesick expectant mother finds comfort....
Baal - False - Parable - Biblical Truths? by Angela Watkins
Scipture, Duty to KNOW and Obey Scripture... Whirlwind...
baggage issues by Evangelist-Valerie Miller
Hi my name is Evangelist Valerie Miller and this is a sample chapter of my book: Issues and your tissues ...
Banning "Religious Symbols" by Tamara Knebel
The banning of so called "religious symbols" in France could have an impact here in the United States....
Baptist Preacher Criticizes the Ban-Gay-Marriage Ballot by Sage Sweetwater
Rev. Jim Evans, a Baptist minister in Auburn, received numerous thank-you notes from gay-rights supporters after he wrote a newspaper column criticizi...
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  19. God... if you're Out There can I ask You a
  20. The Second Greatest Story

Featured Book
Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century: from Kabbalah to
by Judith Laura

The award-winning Second Enlarged Edition of this highly acclaimed book, contains all material from the original 1997 edition plus additional content, including a Forewor..  
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Featured Book
The Holy Bible: True or False?
by John Rayburn

An unbiased view of religious belief and faith, with discussions of whether some content may be inventions of theological ideas based on wide interpretations...  
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