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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Life In A Pressure Cooker/Look What's Inside
by Jerry Hulse

This book helps one to understand and better cope with the pressures of life that every one of us faces on a daily basis. God wants to produce character in his children a..  
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Featured Book
The Key to Success Your Psychic Powers
by Maryanne Raphael

How to develop your sixth sense by using your five senses to the maximum of your capabilities, living in the Present and making friends with your Past and Future.  
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Featured Book
by Tygo Lee

Fantasy tales encourage our spirit to fly freely and joyfully...  
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25 Most Recent Inspirational Articles

Next Top Spiritual Author by T J Phillips
Who knew I was an author? Let alone a spiritual author......
Nice Guys Finish Last by Randall Barfield
Envy and hatred would have their day with you or have nothing......
Nightmare by Bhong Martinez
When all else failed... there's only one true thing that will survive.. and it's no other than God's unconditional love!...
No Differences… by Frances Seymour
This article actually appeared in our local County Edge Newspaper this summer! Enjoy!...
No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent by Allen Smith
From Dr. Allen Smith's collection of inspirational essays....
no one is better by charlene rudolph
Only our Savoir God the Almighty is perfect and He can do no Wrong, we are human nothing more and no better than anyone in or around our life...
No One Owes YOU anything by Jacinta M
This article is written to inspire anyone and also remind him/her that no one owes us anything. We owe ourselves the life we so desire. ...
No Regrets by D. Arant
Scott has a dialog and conversation with God about any regrets in life....
No Ryme this Time by Lew Duffey
Tomorrow we vote. Many won't bother. It is sad to see our country forget how we came to be. It is sad to thumb our noses at our founding fathers b...
No Shortcut To The Promise Land: Exodus 13:17 by Angela Watkins
Rev. Dr. Pastor Crosby, Pastor INDEFINITE SERMON TOPIC- "No Shortcut To The Promise Land. Exodus 13:17. Moses was born for a certain reason. We all ...
No Tolerance speaks its ugly on AuthorsDen by Sage Sweetwater
Turning a wrong into a "write."...
No Two Miracles Alike by Tina Tessina
I believe in miracles, but the ones that are important to me don’t involve big, showy events. I like the everyday miracles: The food we eat becomes bo...
People do what they do because of what they are. ...
Normal by Kevin Fisher Sr.
A personal but stong point of view on normal....
North Caddo H.S Class Reunion/Speaker by Sheila Jackson
Sheila L. Jackson: North Caddo 30th Class Reunion “Came To Learn, Left To Grow, Back To Remember” Greetings: Good Evening I...
Not for Sale by George Warholak
So the devil went down to Georgia, looking for a soul to steal, sang that song! ...
Notes to my daughter...and yours. by Alethea Corry
Notes' to my daughters'...and yours....
Nothing but a grain of sand by Carmel Victor
I appreciate the way that the author explained our connection with the universe in the article below. Very refreshing....
Nothing Can Hinder God's Plan for You! by Yvette Stupart, PhD
In spite of adverse situations that you in your life today, God is in control....
Nothing Ever Works Out by Keandre Curry
Life is about trial and error. And life is about being humble and grateful. Think I'm lying, things will stop working out for you. ...
Nothing is Free at the Kabbalah Fest by David Arthur Walters
The good news appears in a Herald advertisment...
Nothing is Impossible On An Ordinary Day by Debbie Lacy
Kindness, caring and helping gestures with smile given to anyone on an ordinary day!...
Nothing Wasted by Elaine Carey
I am amazed to realize that every experience of my life has been intertwined with earlier events. ...
Now I lay me down to sleep by Lew Duffey
You either have to laugh or cry. I am laughing. When you were a kid what prayer did you pray at bedtime?...
Now! Isn't it wonderful? by George Sewell
Past, Present, Future - regardless of how measured, it exists only NOW. The more we live "Now" the better the memory of the past, and the preparation...
Obama in His Own Words A Book Review. by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
Catherine Pulsifer operates the inspirational words of wisdom WEBSITE. @ Catherine's review focuses on the inspiring words of Obam...
Obama Reminds Us Its Time For Miracles by Joan Hangarter
The entire country eagerly anticipated the inauguration of Barack Obama. An overwhelming 87% feel confident this president will pull off the Miracle,...
Obsession by Terry Scerine
Do you ever find yourself obsessed with or about something? Does it consume your thoughts and attentions? Do you get crippled with fear and anxiety?...
ODE TO HOLI – FESTIVAL OF COLORS – 2011 by Suryaprakash Rao
Colors are integral part of Universe. It is hard to imagine Universe devoid of colors....
Of ADMI Kids & JVPs & You & Me by Arsenio Jesena
So, then, my friend ... before God: Where do YOU stand ......
Of teacher Mary and Montessori by Hariharan Balakrishnan
This is a reminiscence of the first teacher of a toddler who is now past sixty....
Off the Beaten Path by Barry Coughlin
My annual review....
Off the Hook! Rovella Starr A Classic? by Carol Mitchell
Director, Yvonne Allen Means it in her unchallenged review of author, Carol Denise Mitchell's riveting novel, Rovella Starr (A Love-Starved Bitch)...
Ok To Cry by Shervin Hojat, Ph.D.
It takes courage to feel your heart’s longing....
Okambenz Relief Foundation interviews Hon. Remy Chukwunyere: Full text by Remy Chukwunyere
Talking about principles, we have a passion in “putting smiles on someone’s face every day!” and we have in AFRYDEF have always tried to abide by this...
Old Age by Julie Grace
Getting older doesn't always have to affect us in a negative way!...
Old Heart New Heart Available via by Julia Colbert
Find my book on!...
Old Heart New Heart Book Review by Marsha Randolph by Julia Colbert
What a glowing review!...
On a Greyhound Bus to Clarksville by Richard Bauman
Segregation in Tennessee in 1959, and one woman's response to it....
On Being Stuck by TB Wright
Who hasn't ever been stuck? How then, do we move past this point in order to achieve our goals, or simply be happy? We can! Read on....
a talk given on the booklaunching of Fr. Renato (Ning) Puentevella ,SJ...
On Our Own by Nancy Owens Barnes
A Writer's Education...Free for the Taking!...
On The Front Lines by Inspire Hope
There are many Soldiers who have fought many battles for the freedom of so many, even though their lives were at stake. So it is in our walk with God,...
On The Worship of Power by David Arthur Walters
Brief notes on the worship of Power, and on the imperial mission in Fiji...
Once-A-Day Prescriptions for Joy by Keith Varnum
There are many ways to find joy in every day living. To enhance the quality of your life, try these suggestions....
One Country, One Voice by Jeremiah Donaldson
An attack on the political walls in our country....
One Day of Peace? by Ronald Dondiego
Not so much peace these days - just intolerence and more and more war....
one happy reader ... by FOAL
the joy of receiving an unexpected review...
One Hug Goes A Long Way To Make Your Day by Linda Meckler
Do you like to be hugged? Do you hug your children? Do you hug your lover? Do you hug your parents? Do you hug your dog? Do you hug your friends? If y...
One Moment in God's own country by Barbara Hartmann King
Some might call it an Angel Moment. We were alive. That is all I know....
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Featured Book
2033, Poetry Inspired by The Lion of Judah
by Michael Jones

This book consists of a 150 pages of Christian poetry about the end of time and the Second coming of Jesus Christ not as a servant but as a King, the King of kings. To br..  
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Featured Book
How to get revenge on your EX and what you should know befor
by Pinckney Rivers

revenge tools as well as info everyone contemplating marriage should know...  
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