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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Noa The Little Scientist
by Shenell Bolden

A K-3 children's first chapter book introducng young girls and boys into the STEM pipeline...  
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Featured Book
Darwin's Blind Spot
by Frank Ryan

A different way of looking at evolution, now increasingly espoused in leading scientific journals, universities and presentations...  
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Featured Book
Evolution in the Universe The Solar System and beyond
by David Hamilton

A book that offers a new theory of Solar System formation. Other articles describe further evolution in the universe...  
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25 Most Recent Science Articles

Metamorphosis by Frank Ryan
This is the prologue to my forthcoming book, The Mystery of Metamorphosis: A Scientific Detective Puzzle. Note two free chapters available from www.f...
Mice Don't Levitate- Do They? by Scott Heydt
NASA Researchers levitate mice to simulate zero gravity....
Molecular Genetic Studies and the Peopling of the Americas by Peter Jones
Currently the archaeological, geographic, and ethnographic evidence indicates that the ancestors of today’s American Indians migrated into the America...
Moving at Lightspeed Through Oscillation by Jay Horne
Does sound effect the time in which an object traverses the vacuum of space, or other mediums?...
Mr. Fusion by Susan Smith
"But Science imitating Art, this is part of AI - no ... not Artificial Intelligence, but American Ingenuity ..." ...
Mr. Spock and Dr. Einstein by Susan Smith
Long before Star Trek, astronomers were looking for the planet Vulcan. It literally took an Einstein to solve this mystery. ...
Msg by S Riz
The fast food and junk food we eat has many such things which have adverse effect on our body if taken regularly in large quantity, among them mono-so...
Mud Volcanoes by Franz Kessler
‘What is this,’ you may ask. We all know about volcanoes spewing red-hot-glowing lava, pumice, and hot gases. The latter cause the upward expansion an...
Musings on Physics and the Occult by Keith Rowley
Is science approaching the ultimate obstacle to reductionist analysis? Can science ever understand the nature of life? Can engineers ever devise an in...
My PhysOrg Science Articles by Lin Edwards
Articles coming out every business day on a wide range of science topics....
My Thoughts About Reality and Fantasy by Sandie Angel
There is not difference between Reality and Fantasy, they only exists because we want them to exist....
Mysterious Diagram from ancient Arabia by Ladiladah Inc.
The ancient diagram is shown by empical proof to be a proof of the Pythagorean theorem....
Nasa Names New Spacecraft 'Orion' by Peter Paton
Nasa Names New Spacecraft 'Orion' ...
NASA's Discovery of the Year by Paul Kogel
Thank you, Robert Calahan, at Goddard Space Center, NASA. What would we do without you?...
Nasadiya Suktam - Before the BigBang.. by TheBigThinkg Human
Nasadiya Suktam talks about the conditions that existed before BigBang. This is my original interpretation of Nasadiya Suktam from Sanskrit verses and...
Need for science parks by Furqan Shaikh
It is about importance of science parks in our society....
New Physics for a Better World by John Coppolella
This article is about a new understanding of physics comprising the true nature of electromagnetism, gravity, matter, energy, time and space, and the...
New Science Perspectives on Ghosts and Other Paranormal Phenomena by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
An earlier version of this talk transcript/essay was delivered at the Aradale Creativity Retreat (held at Aradale Asylum, Ararat, Victoria in October ...
Nikola Tesla Timeline - Legend, magician, sorcerer by Michael Charles Messineo
My book - Maddy's Secret: The Search For Einstein's Lost Work, is the result of 2 years of research that started with Nikola Tesla and quickly moved...
No Mass! by Tom Kitt
Energy & mass are cut from the same cloth....
No Place Like Home: Our Solar System by Niki Collins-Queen
The gossip about the earth and her neighborhood. ...
No Place Like Home: The Milky Way by Niki Collins-Queen
The gossip about our galaxy. ...
Oceanic Dead Zones Are Increasing by Mr. Ed
And Many Still Don't Believe We're Killing Our Planet...
Oh Brave New World by Ian Thorpe
I have had a running battle for a few months now with a group who call themselves The Bad Science Forum and claim they are committed to exposing flawe...
OIL - It 'GREASES' Many Palms by Tom Hyland
Science? Science Fiction? Who Knows? It is said that: "Truth is Stranger than Fiction!" ...
One Positive for All… by Tom Kitt
The one positive that anchors everything is not limited by reference. It is the center of all activity and exists beyond our ability to control. It's...
Oregon UFO: The Trent Case by Regan Lee
Report on the 1950s UFO case from McMinnville, Oregon, also known as the "Trent UFO" case...
Our Hidden Science Geniuses by Kathleen Kain
Are your children hidden science geniuses? How can science help with all subjects?...
Our Universe by George Lowe
A short presentation on the nature of our Universe....
Paradigm-Shifting vs. Paradigm-sustaining Science by Sam Vaknin
All theories - scientific or not - start with a problem. They aim to solve it by proving that what appears to be "problematic" is not. They re-state t...
Parallel Worlds (book review) by David Schwinghammer
Scientist Michio Kaku discusses the possiblity that there may be a parallel universe a millimeter above our own....
Parapsychology and the Paranormal by Sam Vaknin
Parapsychological phenomena - once convincingly demonstrated in laboratory settings - can help to upset current scientific laws and theories. ...
Parapsychology Then and Today by Theresa Koch
Parapsychologists have optimism based upon hard numbers and perhaps for the first time in history a realistic assessment of the size of the effects we...
People and Institutional Participation in Forest Management for Sustainable by Edinam Glover
This paper discusses aspects of sustainable development and participation, especially in the context of land and forest management in Gedaref State in...
Perinatal Immunotoxicity: Why Adult Exposure Assessment Fails to Predict Ri by Rodney Dietert
In this review we discuss the reasons why immunotoxic assessment is important for current childhood diseases and why adult exposure assessment cannot ...
Perspective by Leland Waldrip
The Universe is a BIG place!...
PFE and MRK astrostuff by Paul Nipperess BMin
Globally many biotechs and drugs stocks have been on a slide, but now there's evidence to suggest, that the worst will soon be over for...
Phobos-Grunt Re-entry by Patrick Granfors
It could happen as early as this coming Sunday....
Picking Feynman's Brain by Susan Smith
"The whole universe is in a glass of wine."...
Planck's quantum theory and the laws of Chemistry by Weldon Vlasak
Derived from Planck's lectures at Columbia University in 1915, this articles retraces the methods that he used to develop his famous theory. Quan...
Planck's Theory and Thermodynamics by Weldon Vlasak
Planck's theory is the foundation of quantum physics. It is based on the physical laws of chemistry, probability theory, and the laws of thermodynamic...
Thesis by Yoshino N. Woodard...
Positive or Nagative? by Tom Hyland
Well, all you who are Fig NEWTONS, or BACON burgers, or EINSTEINS will simply love this sucker! "One small step for Man, one GIANT Leap for M...
Potentially Habitable Planet Found by George Albitz
Humanity will survive!...
Principles of Abundance for the Cosmic Citizen - By, Dorothy Riddle by Nicole Sorkin
"Principles of Abundance for the Cosmic Citizen" translates the principles of quantum physics into practical tools that we can use to transform oursel...
Proof of a Dogon Myth by Ladiladah Inc.
The genesis of the moon...
PSI Spies Author Jim Marrs – Interview by Michelle Pillow by Michelle Pillow
(Originally published in Paranormal Underground Magazine)...
Purusha Suktam - Big Bang & Seven black holes by TheBigThinkg Human
Purusha Suktam, part of a Rg Vedic text, dated, probably 2000 BCE, depicts the process of Big Bang....
Radiation by Franz Kessler
This article briefly discusses the various forms of radiation, and radiation-related dangers affecting our lives. I wrote it for my two teenage boys R...
Rare and Beautiful Butterflies by The Quail 1957 Jennings
When I look at butterflies, I can see the wonderful works of Creator first hand, and even now they leave me in awe. ...
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Science Articles
  1. New Science Perspectives on Ghosts and Oth
  2. Phobos-Grunt Re-entry
  3. The Pale Blue Dot
  4. Casting Light on Dark Matter
  5. The Speed of Light
  6. Is There Life out There?
  7. OIL - It 'GREASES' Many Palms
  8. China and the Barbarians
  9. My Thoughts About Reality and Fantasy
  10. A Scintillating Article
  11. Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey
  12. Vernal Equinox
  13. From Galileo to Apollo
  14. THE S-THEORY OF TIME by Joel Sattler
  15. But Who's Going To Clean The Toilets?
  16. Water
  17. Finding The Fourth Dimension
  18. Universe in a Glass of Wine
  19. The Pi Day of the Century
  20. Mr. Fusion

Featured Book
Evolution in the Universe The Solar System and beyond
by David Hamilton

A book that offers a new theory of Solar System formation. Other articles describe further evolution in the universe...  
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Featured Book
by Frank Ryan

Our human genome is full of viruses with genetic sequences similar to the genome of HIV-1, the viral cause of AIDS. These viruses have played an important role in human ..  
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