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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Noa The Little Scientist
by Shenell Bolden

A K-3 children's first chapter book introducng young girls and boys into the STEM pipeline...  
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Featured Book
Worse Than Global Warming: Wave Technology
by Nina Anderson

Worse Than Global Warming: Wave Technology was written to draw attention to the looming threat to bring our civilization back to a pre-electrical era. The Ancients misu..  
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Featured Book
Evolution in the Universe The Solar System and beyond
by David Hamilton

A book that offers a new theory of Solar System formation. Other articles describe further evolution in the universe...  
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All Science Articles

25 Most Recent Science Articles

Recovery, Analyses and Conservation of a Prehistoric Canoe by Andrew Jalbert
A prehistoric canoe is unearthed. From UNDERWATER HERITAGE...
Review: Brian Swimme “The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos” by Anne Whitaker
Everyone interested in humanity and the new story, which is being revealed to us by modern cosmology, should read this book. ...
Role of Non-Wood Forest Products in Poverty Alleviation and Food Security by Mawutor Glover
The study focused on the processing of Non Wood Forest Products in urban Ghana....
Rudram Chamakam - An Original explanation by TheBigThinkg Human
Introduction In the Rg Deva, the devas are external forces (Chemical elements formed of Adityas or Stellar Evolution). Asuras are powerful fo...
Sailing the Ocean of Space, January 2001 Odyssey by Marianne Dyson
Using the force of sunlight, scientists hope to soon propel ships through space using giant solar sails....
Science Was Wrong Interview with Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden by Mi by Michelle Pillow
Science Was Wrong Interview with Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden by Michelle M. Pillow (Originally published in Paranormal Underground Magazine)...
Science Will Guide Us True by Tom Kitt
Quantum mechanics is scientific irresponsibility that will have dire consequences for humanity. ...
Scientists Take First Extrasolar Planet Photos by Ann Gray
A new sun with three planets has been discovered in our galaxy by astronomers. If confirmed, these would be the first direct images of "extrasolar" pl...
SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and the Aliens Conundrum - by Sam Vaknin
How come we never encountered an extraterrestrial, let alone spoken to or corresponded with one? ...
Seven Major Volcanic Eruptions That Temporarily Cooled World’s Climate by Franz Kessler
According to the Smithonian Institute, the world counts are some 1500 volcanoes of recent eruption history, and some twenty volcanoes are in activity...
Sexuality and the Asymmetric brain by Ian Thorpe
Is our sexuality determined by the symmetry of the brain?...
Siege by Tom Kitt
The biggest mistake in all of human thought is the belief that we are evolving from a singular Big Bang. All our systems of thought are based on this ...
Silencing Science by Jason Glover
How ExxonMobil and the Whitehouse have duped the public about the "uncertainty" behind climate change....
Smith Center, Kan. Native Receives National Weather Award by Diana Lambson
This is a news article published in the "Hastings Tribune" in September 2003. It carried my byline. ...
Snakes by The Quail 1957 Jennings
In this article I decide that it would be great to write about snakes. So I decided to research the topic and see what this writer could find out...
So when is the religious radical Republican right going to protest ... by William Neven
...the disposal of embryonic stem cells? That's 'killing', too, isn't it?...
Some Essential Points Regarding Climate, and Climate Change by Franz Kessler
Climate change – a controversial issue that is widely discussed and fought over – touches the life of every human being and animal. Intrigued by the s...
Some Physical Chemistry Aspects of Thermite, Thermate, Iron- by Jerrry Lobdill
Describes research on detritus from the World Trade Center that proves controlled demolition....
South Africa: Wealth and History Engraved in Rock by Willie Maartens
A superficial canter over the South African landscape from the Hadean to the early Mesozoic....
Space And Survival In Space by George Lowe
A presentation on Space and what humans will need to survive in other places in Space....
Space difficulties and possibilities by Michael Wilson
My recent take on the things our space program is facing....
Space Images Show UK Sweltering by Peter Paton
Space Images Show UK Sweltering ...
Spacesuits, Firefighters, and Helping Heroes by Marianne Dyson
Publisher: Ad Astra, the magazine of the National Space Society ( November/December 2001...
Spotting Junk Science by Victoria Rl
It seems that new scientific articles with contradictory messages are being published every day. This will give you some of the tools necessary to sor...
Standing Wave Energy and Time by John Linus O'Sullivan
Space is from two types of energy; (1) energy with time which is finite energy and (2) energy without time which is infinite energy. Finite energy is ...
Strange 'Twin' New Worlds Found by Peter Paton
Strange 'Twin' New Worlds Found ...
Superhumans: The Next Step? by Dan Ronco
Is our destiny to create a new, greatly enhanced species of humanity?...
TB Doctor Should Receive A Sainthood by Peter Paton
Tea: Steeped in Anticancer Properties by Cindy Jones
Tea used to be the favored drink of Americans. With new evidence of its health promoting effects, many Americans are again drinking tea. Components of...
Telekinesis by Tom Hyland
PREFIX - ROOT - SUFFIX - - - Origins - Definitions - Meanings - Connotations - Similes - Metaphores - Personification - Research - Dictiona...
Ten Ways Life on Earth Could End by D. Wayne Dworsky
Scary new evidence suggested by the most elite scientific community leaders seem to point to an inevitable calamity. ...
Tests of science, technology & good communication by Furqan Shaikh
This letter was published in Daily Dawn Newspaper Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan....
The Asteroid and the Mote of Dust,,, by Edward Phillips
Asteroid misses Earth...this time around....
The Bermuda Triangle by The Quail 1957 Jennings
The Bermuda Triangle has been the talk of many for a long time. She has become famous due to the many aircraft and countless disappearances of sh...
The Big Bang by Tom Kitt
The Big Bang is happening now! . ...
The Big Bang Falsity (Lie) by George Lowe
The Big Bang Theory is a systematically calculated lie about the Birth of the Universe! ...
The Cat That Cries: The Cheetah by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
People must do ALL THEY CAN to prevent the cheetah from becoming extinct.....
The Cheetah--Vulnerable on the Endangered List by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner
An overview of ACINONYX JUBATUS, the cheetah (my favorite animal)...
The Cylons Cometh: Human-Machine Hybrids and our Impending Immortality by Nordette Adams
Humans cracked the code on creating new life forms in the lab, and the Singularity movement says we must prepare for the next leap in evolution. Sound...
The Dangers of Tampering with Nature by M. Andrew Sprong
With all of the hype about global warming and environmentalists desire to save the world, I would like to make a few points. First, I want to save th...
The Eleventh Hour TV Show's Stem Cell Storyline by Nordette Adams
Excerpt from an article about President Barack Obama lifting the ban on embryonic stem cell research....
The Evolution Series/Part One by Cheril Goodrich
The world is in the midst of an evolutionary crisis. Evolution began millions of years ago with physical history began. The entry of spiritual history...
The Evolution Series/Part Two by Cheril Goodrich
Part two of the Evolution series addresses the means, and the Help that is being given to consciousness to help it evolve. This series addresses ...
The First Commandment by Joel Windsor
An exploration of morality from a scientific perspective. 2013...
The First Earth Time Machine vs. Space Travel Technologies by Rodney Kawecki
Star trek notireity versus creating a Time Machine....
The Future is Here!! by Joe Prentis
Some of the exciting things we have seen or read about in science fiction, might be closer than you think....
The Graying of Einstein's Universe by John Coppolella
Changing our old ways of thinking can lead to a recharging and renewal of ourselves. This likewise can clear the way for new ideas and new life to beg...
The Great Pyramid, Our Possible Future by NICOLAE MAZILU
The ever pressing contemporary problem of energy seems to be the essential mark of our future on this planet. It may even have been such a problem in ...
The Hand, the Space Shuttle and the Horse’s Backside by Warwick Cairns
Why they made the Space Shuttle's booster rockets the size of two horses' hindquarters....
The Hazards of Biofuels by Sam Vaknin
Biofuels are the poster children of such good intentions gone terribly awry. ...
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  19. From Galileo to Apollo
  20. Is There Life out There?

Featured Book
by Frank Ryan

Our human genome is full of viruses with genetic sequences similar to the genome of HIV-1, the viral cause of AIDS. These viruses have played an important role in human ..  
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Featured Book
Virus X
by Frank Ryan

Tells the story of where viruses, such as Ebola and HIV, come from and why they behave as they do. This book changed beliefs in evolutionary biology...  
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