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Sept 11, 2001
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Children Of The Second Birth how lives were transformed
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

The book "Children of the Second Birth" relays the stories of men and women that found God in times of despair and desperation. You learn of personal sacrifices and obsta..  
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Like A Flood
by Elizabeth Proske

Young missionaries cross paths with Colombian drug traffickers. Kindle Edition only $2.99!..  
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The Holy Bible: True or False?
by John Rayburn

An unbiased view of religious belief and faith, with discussions of whether some content may be inventions of theological ideas based on wide interpretations...  
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25 Most Recent Religion Articles

Daniel Fast and How to Pray - 2003 by Angela Watkins
Scriptures on how to pray - this is one of my Feb. 10, 2003 Writings....
Danny Von Kanel's Articles by Danny Von Kanel
This is a listing of all my articles!...
Dawkins God Delusion: Using Christianity to Criticize God by Brock Shaver
Richard Dawkins criticizes the existence of God. What he's really protesting is civilized religion, Christianity in particular. Objectivity does ra...
Deaf Christian Mission Africa by Rocco Hough
The first theological seminary for Deaf students in South Africa...
Death by Theodore Wilkinson
For the believing Christian, death is the gateway to eternal rest. Yet so often death comes upon us completely unprepared to meet it's imperative - an...
Death by Marguerite Lemoine
This is in response to Regis Auffray's Poetry on 'Death'...
Death Praise by jacqueline Goodwin
It is about Praises beyond death....
Deborah: The Judge & Prophetess by Angela Watkins
Deborah was the judge and one who had the gift of prophecy. Deborah told Barak that he would not receive the credit for Israel's victory. The victory...
Debt - Prayer - Parable - Faith by Angela Watkins
I am still asking what season are we in? Debt, Business, Prayer, Forgiveness, Parable, Faith..I wrote this January 9, 2004....
Decoding Revelation's Mysteries by Pastor Jerry Mayers
h2>font color="darkblue">The Text Book is Here!/b>/h2>/font> h3>font color="darkorange">This Book is for you to better understand...
Decoding the Language of God by George C. Cunningham, MD, MPH: Book Review by Irene Watson
In his bestselling book, "The Language of God," Francis Collins the scientist who led the National Institutes of Health's Human Genome Project attempt...
Deconstructing God: an interview with author Ian Gurvitz by Frank Mundo
My interview with Ian Gurvitz, author of Deconstructing God: A Heretic's Case for Religion...
Deep Thoughts on Religion and God by Susan de Vegter
This is just my opinion....
Deep Thoughts on Religion, Spirituality and God by Susan de Vegter
I found this in my documents and thought it lost. After reading it sure makes a lot of sense to me still. I'm leaving the draft as it is a...
Defend us from adversity... by Fr. Kurt Messick
Some small reflections... ------------...
Deliverance and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit by Prof. (Chief Apostle ) Vic Ronnie
How the Gifts of the Holy Spirits Can Enhance Deliverance....
Demonic Possession - do I believe? by Jackie Coupe
An open article about possession. ...
Demons by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
Gosh, this is the enlightened 21st century, and surely we cannot believe in demons ......
Destined To Live, Despite Me by Yolanda Shanks: Book Review by Irene Watson
"Destined To Live, Despite Me," by author Yolanda Shanks, speaks on the topic of suicide directly to the actual attempter in terms of spiritual direct...
Developing Hope Through Tribulation by Dr. Stanley Crawford
A commentary on Romans 5:1-5....
Did Jesus Have a Role Model? by John Howard Reid
It is a tenet of Christianity that Jesus, the Christ, was both God and man. Yet, in our rush to demonstrate that He was God, we often neglect to prove...
Did Primitive Man and Modern Man Worship the same God? by Hal Granum
Is it possible that primitive man worshiped the same God as modern man does today? The answer is yes....
Different by Divine Design by Queen Phillips
Essay on my personal perspective and the fulfillments of hope....
Different Faces, Same Face by D. Arant
The Faces of God...
Digging Into David Part One by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
In my Search to grow closer to the Lord I find myself looking to the life of David......
Digital Divide 2001 - Man , Woman Is Destroyed For Lack Of Knowledge by Angela Watkins
2001 Article - I consider myself at the forefront of the Internet movement (and I have paid a dear pittance to do it....
Directions for Walking Home by John Domino
We are all on a journey in life. This life as we know it will end someday. Some questions come to mind: “Where am I going?” “What direction...
Disappearance Electricity by Abdelrahman Hussein
The reality of 'aberrations and sudden disappearance...
Discussing Ten Commandments by David Arthur Walters
Reducing rules to writing may cause them to be forgotten....
Divided We Fall by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
A Nation divided can not stand......
Divine Direction by D. Arant
God speaks to Scott about guidance in life....
Divine Flow by D. Arant
God speaks to Scott about Divine Flow....
Divine Magazine Article by Nancy Shrader
The Divine Magazine a magazine about women for women...
Divine Revelation-One Person's Understanding by Arnold Meagher
In the interests of promoting greater tolerance and respect for diversity of religious traditions among all members of the human family, it is worthwh...
Do Corporations have Religious Rights..and can they Impose them on Workers? by Edward Phillips
Opening the can of worms......
Do Not Love the World - Part 1 by Julia Colbert
As Christians we are called to deny ourselves and place God before everyone and everything else. But we love this world more than we realize....
Do You Believe He is Able? by J.C. Matthews
“He entered the house, the blind men came up to Him, and Jesus said to them, "Do you believe that I am able to do this?” Matthew 9:28 ...
Do You Believe In Faith Healing by Tamara Knebel
Yet another one of those burning questions no one ever really wants to answer....
Do You Fear Man by Tamara Knebel
Proverbs 29:25(TLB) Fear of man is a dangerous trap, but to trust in God means safety....
Do You Know God? by Arsenio Jesena
A thought provoking question came to me in a letter one day ......
Do you love babies? by Raymond Reifinger
Hope your answer was yes. We love them too!...
Do You Really Know Jesus Christ by Bernard Jones
This atricle teaches about Jesus Christ....
Does God Smile? - By Larry Shoop by Nicole Sorkin
What is God really like? Can you really get to know Him personally? Is God concerned with my life and struggles? Is He simply some impersonal being, o...
Does It Really Matter What You Believe by Cindy Wyatt
The bible is very clear about believing on Jesus or not believing on Jesus....
Does our path lead us to God, or away from God? by D. Arant
Joseph teaches me about our path ways....
Does String Theory Confirm the Bible by Allen Epling
In the field of Quantum Mechanics, string theory predicts extra dimensions and external universes to our own. Does this allow the possibility that Hea...
Does the Bible say Jesus is Number One? by Haven Mankin
We all have a tendency to say things, mainly because we believe they are true, and launch into various arguments to defend or support that belief. Ho...
Does Your Teaching Make Students Groan? by Danny Von Kanel
Three techniques can bring the classroom back to life. Presenting the three techniques is the aim of this article. Using a family purchase of...
Don't Be Left Out by Cindy Wyatt
No one likes to be left out....
Don't Call YourSelf A Christian! by Lady The Lake55
This feature article is about Christian Unity....
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Religion Articles
  1. Introduction To The Word God
  2. Some of the most helpful advice to live by
  3. Challenge Given at Time of Roman Catholic
  4. About Small GIFTS Ministries
  5. Never More than a Prayer Away
  6. The Second Greatest Story
  7. Creative Way to Introduce Children to Jesu
  8. Book Review: The Spaceships of Ezekiel (Jo
  9. Wisdom
  10. How to defeat the Taliban
  11. Appointed To Die
  12. The Hypocrisy of the Righteous
  13. A 9-11 Response: Burn the Quran?
  14. Love Conquers All - All of The Time!
  15. Sage Sweetwater Captures a Religious Cine
  16. Jehovah's Witnesses - The Happiest People
  17. Blood is Red - Like Dead Is Dead
  18. I Meet Up With An Old Friend
  19. Randall's Humble Analysis of the Parable o
  20. What Is Love

Featured Book
The Other Sheep
by Delma Luben

This historical adventure saga based on scripture,presents the premise that our Father in heaven "...sends holy guidance and higher wisdom to his earthly progeny periodic..  
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Featured Book
In Defense Of The Cross Of Christ
by Steven Holley

Penetrating analysis of cause and cure of spiritual anemia, counterfeit Christianity, and shipwrecked leadership. Based on Philippians 3:18, “For many walk, of whom I hav..  
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