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Featured Book
by Steven Marini

A serial killer is loose on Cape Cod. Are the killings random or is there method to his madness?..  
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Action/Thriller Blogs
  • Black Dragon by Richard Turner 1/30/2015 6:26:53 AM
    Black Dragon is now available from: Amazon Smashwords B&N 1945 – with the Soviets preparing to invade Japan’s northern islands, a top-secret military installation rushes to erase any sign that it ever existed. Only... more

  • Blitz day two! by Neil D Ostroff 1/28/2015 9:23:32 AM
    My promotional blitz for my literary suspense books, AS IT IS IN HEAVEN (my newest release) and DROP OUT (my best seller) is now on day two. Today DROP OUT is featured on People Reads about half way down the site. ... more

  • What a racquet! by Carol M Tetlow 1/28/2015 3:14:01 AM
    Yesterday saw me setting off for my first tennis lesson. Many moons ago I played regularly but like the majority of my hobbies, a career took over and I haven't played for years. This was one of the promises I made to myself that I would do when I re... more

  • All these things we expect to do by mid-life by Herman Yenwo 1/27/2015 4:19:49 PM
    Swim, Golf, Cruiz, Fly ... more

  • Enter Nine Years to Freedom giveaway by Armineh Helen Ohanian 1/27/2015 2:54:43 PM
    Very timely read about the daring escape of a General of the Shah's army from Ayatollah Khomeini's regime. After hiding for 9 nine year, the protagonist General Farhad Shirazi has to leave Iran because the revolutionary guards have found out about hi... more

  • Blitz starts today! by Neil D Ostroff 1/27/2015 8:38:52 AM
    My promotional blitz for my literary suspense books, AS IT IS IN HEAVEN (my newest release) and DROP OUT (my best seller) begins today and lasts through the weekend! First stop is Kindle Books and Tips, where DROP OUT is featu... more

  • The Bona Fide Bastard Of Brockhurst (2) by Daniel J Robertson 1/27/2015 8:13:48 AM
    But when they packed the pepper man away into a bundle and took his shook stature to the station I felt the story lacked information Losing a pepper from his pocket I picked it up and stored it in my coat. One thing to note in brief is I am ... more

  • Elly Griffiths, OUTCAST DEAD by Glen 1/27/2015 5:20:23 AM
    Set in modern day Norfolk, England, this is the sixth book in a series featuring DCI Harry Nelson. To say that, however, is to ignore the fact that Griffith has a whole cast of continuing characters who evolve throughout the series. The solving of ... more

  • To pay or not? by Neil D Ostroff 1/26/2015 9:44:39 AM
    Now that my latest book is complete I can focus my energies on marketing and promotion. In the coming days my books are going to be featured on numerous websites, blogs, and book listings. I’ve taken out paid promotional spots on some of the top read... more

  • Long drawn out lurgy by Carol M Tetlow 1/25/2015 5:39:40 AM
    It's only fair to start by saying that I am much better. Well enough to get up and do the housework (an acid test)and walk the dogs. But some of the symptoms linger in an annoying way and other symptoms recur, just when you think you've got rid of th... more

  • Some not so random reader comments about Face/Mask by Gabriel Boutros 1/24/2015 11:14:54 AM
    What does the future hold for humanity? The readers have spoken:... more

  • How to get rid of that extra fat from your body by Pearl Lopez 1/22/2015 8:50:07 PM
    It is very important to note that, when starting to work out; you will encounter a lot of discouragement in your proceedings. ... more

  • The best strategies for online marketing by Denim Albert 1/22/2015 9:24:11 AM
    We’re ushered into a new era. And it’s the era of the internet. The internet is one of the latest and greatest achievements of the human technological development.... more

  • Going viral - literally by Carol M Tetlow 1/20/2015 11:53:55 PM
    I have spent the last 30 years as a general practitioner. At this time of year, surgery is full of patients with colds, coughs, flu like symptoms and requests for home visits are for similar symptoms in the frail and/ or elderly. And each of those y... more

  • Finally done it by Roger Lawrence 1/18/2015 1:19:28 PM
    After faffing about the the ending of my new novel for months I've finally decided on the one I want to use. A darker, nastier side of me favoured the one I've now trashed. That was outweighed by the nicer part of me. So I decided to go with ending n... more

  • What is God? by Neil D Ostroff 1/18/2015 6:33:57 AM
    End of life is only the beginning. ... more

  • Freedom of Speech! by Bill Ward 1/18/2015 3:59:51 AM
    One of the privileges of the fluke of birth, which led to us being lucky enough to be born in western democracies, is the freedom to say and write pretty much whatever we want. Most of us take that for granted but recent events have served to bring h... more

  • Emissary by William Bonilla 1/17/2015 4:50:51 AM
    Emissary ~~~~*~~~~ A buffoon was sent To patch up relationships On a belated apologetic Mission. He arrived toting along A Don Quixote Look alike clown Crooner To crone France a tune Sounding m... more

  • Hot off the press by Carol M Tetlow 1/16/2015 6:24:37 AM Check out this link for news of my forthcoming novel, Faith, Hope and Clarity. Thanks to my phenomenal publisher Guy Boulianne, the second novel about the characters at Teviotdale Medical Centre is on the... more

  • The meaning of Life by Cody E McGowan 1/15/2015 6:35:25 PM
    Here is a Blog I shared a while back. I would like to share it with you. Because you have ask the question like every one has (What is the meaning of life)... more

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Featured Book
The New Jerusalem - Chapters 1 - 5
by Tom Hyland

This new book is ongoing, and as it develops, is being posted in sections. I originally posted the first four chapters under 'Short Stories' as a test, in order to obtain..  
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Featured Book
La découverte mutuelle, au bout du tunnel
by Antoine Raphael

Il s'agit d'un roman qui montre la possibilité de l'harmonie raciale...  
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