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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Through Katrina's Eyes, Poems from an Animal Rescuer's Soul
by Mr. Ed

Recipient of the 2006 Merial Human-Animal Bond Award ..  
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     Featured "Pets/Pet Care" Books!


      30 Cheap Leftover Treats Your Dog Will Die For by Anisa Cantero
Delightful collection of tasty Dog treats made from the leftovers already in your kitchen!..
Buy! Amazon, Undercover Book Reviews, Kindle Edition,

      A Dog Like Ralph by Clare Cogbill
Ralph is a dog with a difficult past who came to us with behavioural problems which we had to unravel one by one and layer by layer. The book is about his journey and how what may have happened to him before has affected the ..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      A Poodle World by La Belle Rouge Poetess Of The Heart
A Poetry And Short Story Volume About My Beloved Poodles...
Buy! Amazon, Createspace, A Poodle World ,

      A Three-Dog Night by Rebecca Stroud
Three short dog tales that will make you cry...then make you smile...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Across Cane River by Thomasena Martin-Johnson
A novel set in Louisiana and the discovery of a secret that was kept through three generations...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Thomasena Martin-Johnson, Kindle Edition,

      Almost Perfect: Disabled Pets and the People Who Love Them by Mary Shafer
An anthology of eleven true-life stories from writers in three countries, about the boundless love and inspiration brought by adopted special needs pets to those brave enough to welcome them into their hearts and homes...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Almost Perfect, Almost Perfect,

      Almost Perfect: Disabled Pets and the People Who Love Them by Mary A.Shafer by Roberta Beach Jacobson
In a world that reveres perfection and disdains anything less, most of us realize that nothing--and no one--can truly measure up. And yet, when it comes to choosing companion animals, most folks won't settle for less. These s..
Buy! Amazon, Word Forge Books,

      Animals, Immortal Beings by Dr. Mary Buddemeyer-Porter
This is an important book because it will take you into the past to hear what highly respected theologians have had to say about animal immortality. Their conclusions will bring added reassurance to anyone who has turned to t..
Buy! Amazon, Eden Publications LLC, Eden Publications, LLC,

      Another Kind of Mind: A Talking Bird Masters English by Michael Dalton
A macaw demonstrated that she has learned language. Evidence from recordings is presented in the book with some recordings posted on the book Internet page...
Buy! Amazon, ParrotSpeech,,

      Bad Dog to Best Friend by Sharon Delarose
From bad dog to best friend, Dakota's story is a must for anyone with a problem dog. From pottying all over the house, chewing and destruction, Dakota was transformed into a dog who could be trusted with full run of the house..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Gityasome Books, Gityasome Books, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Bark Out Loud by Elizabeth Parker
A feel good, funny book to relax with...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Createspace, Elizabeth Parker, Kindle Edition,

      Becoming The Chef Your Dog Thinks You Are by Micki Voisard
This book is filled with lots of useful information on safely nourishing your dog from the inside while you benefit from the outside in!..
Buy! Amazon, Dog Chefs of America,

      Beginners Tips for Horse Training: What Every Horse Trainer Should Know by Stacey Chillemi
“BEGINNERS TIPS FOR HORSE TRAINING: What Every Horse Trainer Should Know,” brings together comprehensive information about horse training and unlike other books on horse training...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Bookstore, Buy Now, Lulu, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,

      Blessing of the Animals: A Guide... (ISBN 1402729677) by Diana Guerrero
Blessing of the Animals by Diana L Guerrero is an animal lover’s collection of anecdotes, prayers, and ceremonies for pets and an exploration of animal blessing traditions and contemporary creature celebrations...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Ark Animals Shop, Sterling Publishing, Blessing of the Animals ISBN 1402729677,

      Boxers by Cynthia Polansky
Part of the Animal Planet series from TFH Publications, the book is a care and training guide to the loving, loyal Boxer...
Buy! Barnes &, Cynthia P. Gallagher, Dog Writer,

      Buckley's Story - Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher by Ingrid King
Buckley’s Story is the story of how one small cat changed the author’s life in ways she never could have imagined. In this warm-hearted memoir, Ingrid King shares the story of Buckley, a joyful, enthusiastic and affectionate ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Buckley's Story,

      Canine Courage: The Heroism of Dogs by Tiffin Shewmake
Canine Courage takes an in-depth look at dog heroism and loyalty. This unique book is about untrained dogs who save lives and explores heartwarming, sad and funny stories as it shows why dogs are heroic and how this behavior..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, DogHero,

      Captive Care of the Central Netted Dragon by Shannon Plummer
Captive husbandry of the Australian dragon species Ctenophorus nuchalis...
Buy! Central Netted,, Lulu,

      Careers With Dogs by Audrey Pavia
Careers in Dogs provides details on a variety of professions for dog lovers. Included is information about required education, salary and job prospects for each career. ..
Buy! Barnes &,

      Cast-Off Cocker Spaniels by Becky Corwin-Adams
The true story of eleven rescued cocker spaniels and how they overcame various adversities to become loving family pets...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Becky Corwin-Adams, Author, Kindle Edition,

      Cat Breeds: The Simple and Easy Guide to Matching the Right Cat Breed to Yo by Art Saborio
A cat is just like a human being. They have their own personalities, feelings and needs. Some are perfectly fine without much interaction, while others demand your constant attention. Choosing the wrong breed can put yourself..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Cats & Dogs Series (Complete+) by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)
A collection of stories written from the point of view of man's best friends and other friends who rule our lives...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Smashwords, Stan I.S Law, Kindle Edition,

      Champ: My Story of Survival by Fiona Ingram
The heart-warming story of an abused dog whose struggle back to life inspired a book and raised an army of supporters...
Buy! Amazon, Kobo, Indigo, Champ's Story, Kindle Edition, Apple iBooks,

      Complete Care for Your Aging Cat by Amy Shojai
All the answers to care for your mature cat's physical health and emotional well-being..
Buy! Amazon, Amy D. Shojai,

      Complete Care for Your Aging Dog by Amy Shojai
All the answers needed to care for your aging dog's physical health and emotional well-being..
Buy! Amazon, Amy D. Shojai, Kindle Edition,

      Complete Kitten Care by Amy Shojai
The All-In-One Guide to Raising a Happy, Healthy Kitty..
Buy! Amazon, Amy Shojai,

      Conquering the Food Chain: Living Amongst Animals (Without Becoming One) by Stacy Mantle
Witty and insightful, the author leads her readers on a series of adventures based on actual events...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Pets Weekly,

      Country Cows by ROSE WILSON
A wonderful calender featuring country cows in the New Hampshire area. These pictures are very clear, crisp and professional. Taken with my Nikon D80...
Buy! Lulu, Click here to buy!, Lulu,

      Curious Creatures - Wondrous Waifs, My Life with Animals by Mr. Ed
I’ve encountered many non-human creatures on my life’s journey. I have found each and every one of these animals to be a unique and wondrous being. Animals have truly brought fullness to my life. Some of ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Publish America, Publish America,

      Dear Sparkle: Advice From One Cat to Another by Janiss Garza
As the Internet's premier cat-to-cat advice columnist (no humans!), Sparkle the Designer Cat has heard it all. An adventuresome kitty who is traumatized when he is forced to be indoors-only, a talkative Siamese owned by a bab..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Sparkle the Designer Cat,

      Dial a Dynamite Dog by Lisa Hartman
"The Ultimate Field Guide for Training your Pet"..
Buy! Amazon, Dial a Dynamite Dog,

      Disaster Preparedness for Pet Owners & Pet Professionals (7th Edition) by Diana Guerrero
This is a MUST read for anyone who has an animal or animal related job or business...
Buy! the ONLY source:,

      Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun by Jass Richards
A collection of funny, feel-good, happy-ever-after dog stories (fiction) told by the ever-quirky, ever-sarcastic Brett ..
Buy! Amazon, Jass Richards, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Don't Leave Me! Step-by-Step Help for Your Dog's Separation Anxiety by Nicole Wilde
A comprehensive guide to solving canine separation anxiety, written by a professional who also has first-hand experience living with a dog with separation issues. Step-by-step creative and concrete solutions are offered, alon..
Buy! Phantom Publishing, Phantom Publishing,

      Dressage (The Horse Library by Betty Bolte
A concise history of the equine discipline of dressage (training). Contains profile of Bronze Gold Medalist Michelle Gibson. Middle-school audience and above...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Epic Tails by Tygo Lee
A Modern Epic Classic. When honor and valor mattered.....
Buy! Google Play, Tygo Lee, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Epic Tails 2 by Tygo Lee
New challenges in the Kingdom. When chivalry was a virtue…..
Buy! Google Play, Tygo Lee, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Every Rescued Dog Has a Tale: Stories from the Dog Rescue Railroad by Debbie Eades
Here is the perfect book for any dog lover! This is not just another book about dogs, but an inspiring book that follows several dogs from death row in a county dog pound to a new life with a loving family. This is all the wo..
Buy! Barnes &, Every Rescued Dog Has A Tale, Lulu,

      Final Journey by Elizabeth Parker
Brought together by misfortune, they entered each other's lives to help put back together the pieces of their broken hearts...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Createspace, Click Here for More Books by Elizabeth Parker, Kindle Edition,

      Finally Home-Lessons on Life from a Free-Spirited Dog by Elizabeth Parker
The true story of a dog that was too difficult for anyone to control until we adopted him and while we taught him how to behave, he taught us a lot more...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Createspace, Order Here!, Kindle Edition,

      Flea Control Secrets: How to Get Rid of Fleas & Live Flea Free! by Diana Guerrero
Discover safer, less toxic methods of flea treatment and learn more about the 2009 flea product advisory given by the EPA in response to a 50% increase in severe reactions and pets deaths after the use of flea control product..
Buy! Flea Control Secrets (Clickbank), Flea Control Secrets: How To Get Rid of Fleas & Live Flea Free!,

      Fur Baby's Keepsake Book by Elizabeth Parker
A One-of-a-Kind Fill-In-The-Blank Keepsake for your Dog...
Buy! Amazon, Elizabeth Parker, Lulu,,

      Good Night My Sweet Baboo by Jake George
A book dedicated to our loving pets that have crossed over. A space on the front page has a space where you can add your pet's name. From the history of pets to how they are put to sleep and the grief we experience when they ..
Buy! Amazon, Create Space, Grieving for pets,

      Hart's Original Petpourri, Vol 1, Miscellany by Robert Hart
Fact, fancy, trivia and whimsy about pets, vets, and owners..
Buy! Barnes &, Dr. Hart's Original Petpourri,

      Heart of an Animal by Russell Vassallo
A collection of eleven short stories about real animals, especially the author's cat, Boots...
Buy! Amazon, Krazy Duck Productions, Krazy Duck Productions, Kindle Edition,

      Hearts of Gold by Elizabeth Parker
The third book in the Paw Prints in the Sand series, Hearts of Gold is about a dog and a child and the bond that is formed between them...
Buy! Createspace, Elizabeth Parker, Kindle Edition,

      Help! My Pet is Driving Me Crazy! (3rd Edition) by Diana Guerrero
This is the 3rd edition of the 1995 series that makes you a pet detective and helps you solve animal behavior problems. Assorted topics for birds, cats, and dogs...
Buy! Ark Animals Shop,

      Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig by Dianne Armstrong
"Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig" is a collection of sixteen true stories of lost Montana pets that overcame incredible odds before finding their way back to the loving arms of their faithful owners...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Montana Pets on the Net,

      Home Cookin' For Dogs! by Deb McEnery
What is in your dog food? Do you know? Does your dog have food allergies? Skin issues? Weight issues? Chances are you can correct these conditions with a whole foods diet...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Home Cookin' for Dogs!,

      Horse and Pony Colours: Which would you choose? by Lesley Lodge
This book - with colour photos - will tell you about all the horse and pony colours and their combinations and give you some examples..
Buy! Amazon, Lesley Lodge, Lesley Lodge, Kindle Edition,

      Horses for Dummies by Audrey Pavia
A comprehensive guide for the beginning horse lover. Readers will find information on horse psychology, getting starting in riding, caring for a horse, buying a horse and many other equine topics. Includes 16 pages of full co..
Buy! Amazon, Pavia Communication Services,

      How to Change the World in 30 Seconds by Cayr Wulff
A Web Warrior's Guide to Animal Advocacy Online...
Buy! Amazon, Wulff eStore, Up on the Woof, Kindle Edition,

      How to Give Your Dog a Real Dog’s Life (and make him love you for doing it) by Owen Jones
How to Give Your Dog a Real Dog’s Life (and make him love you for doing it). All you need to know and more about looking after a dog, whether it's your first or your last...
Buy! Amazon, Owen Jones' Website, How to Give Your Dog a Real Dog’s Life – and make him love you for it, Lulu, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      How To Turn Your Dog Into A Show-Off by Sandy Bergstrom Mesmer
Want to have more fun with your dog? This is the first dog training pictorial guide intended for 8 to 11 year olds but great for anyone who'd like their dog to be less couch potato -- or hyper wild man -- and more best dog bu..
Buy! Amazon, writer/illustrator, publisher,

      Jack the Dog: And His Boy by Victor Brodt
True love, joy, purpose, and treasure may be counterfeit; only some prove genuine. Life changing stories about the undying spirit of an amazing famous dog are really about you and the most vital things in your life. See what ..
Buy! Amazon, Smashwords, Createspace,

      Jumping (The Horse Library) by Betty Bolte
Simplified history and current status of the equine sports that involve jumping. Written for a middle-school audience and above...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Just This Side of Heaven by Timothy Glass
Just This Side of Heaven is a story about love and devotion between human and pet. This story will grab your heart from the first page and have you laughing and crying until the last...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Just This Side of Heaven, Just This Side of Heaven,

      Love Is A 4 Legged Word by Robert Leeds
The true story of a couple's tenacity in pursuing a dream against the overwhelming forces of the American Veterinay Association, McDonalds, and the entire pet care industry...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Epic Publishing Col, Love Is A 4 Legged Word,

      Making the Most of Your Llama 2nd Edition by Linda Beattie Inlow
The second edition added a longer poisonous plants section and additional breeding information to the original owner's manual which began with getting the farm ready and choosing the right of llama for the new owner and concl..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kopacetic inK, Kopacetic inK,

      Meow's Way by Lucille
A little tortoiseshell cat from next door pursues me until we catch each other...
Buy! Barnes &,,, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Meow's Way Redux by Lucille
Redux adds more episodes to the original "Meow's Way."..
Buy! Barnes &,, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Mostly Max by Marianne Alexander
Who can resist the character and chutzpah of a Pug? When Marianne and her daughter Laura decide life just isn't complete without a pug in the house, they get a lot more than they expect when Max comes into their live..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Mubu & MuMu The Little Animal Doctor By Peter Alexander by Jacquelyn Quattro
Mubu The Little Animal Doctor is a delightful children's book series written by Peter Alexander and Illustrated by Paulo Sergio. The book reflects the real life childhood stories of the world famous animal activist, Sangduen ..
Buy! Amazon,, B & N Nook,,

      MUTTweiler:An AutoDOGography by Dennis Lanning
Muttweiler: An Autodogography is the witty memoir of a lovable Texas hill-country mutt and his travels across the USA with his mountain-biking two-legger. After Dennis adopts puppy Boomer from Kinky Friedman’s Animal Rescue R..
Buy! Barnes &, amazon, Kindle Edition,

      My Dog Does That! by Elizabeth Parker
A humorous, cheery, feel-good book about what all dog-lovers have in common: dogs and the reasons that we love them. Some days they make us laugh, some days they make us crazy, but one thing is for certain; they do some inter..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, Createspace, To View All Books by Elizabeth Parker, Kindle Edition,

      My Dog Is My Hero by Mr. Ed
Tributes To The Companions Who Give Us Love, Loyalty, and a New Leash on Life ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      My Name is Cuddly Cat by Megan Jones
A cute story about some cuddly kittens!..
Buy! Amazon, My Name is Cuddly Cat, Kindle Edition,

      My Pet - Wisky - Wisky's Novel by Herman Yenwo
This is the story about my dog named Wisky. He was a German Shepherd...
Buy! Xbooks, Laugh Till U Cry,

      New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs & Cats by Amy Shojai
Over 1000 at-home remedies for your pet's problems: herbs, acupressure, massage, homeopathy, flower essences, natural diets, healing energy..
Buy! Amy D. Shojai,

      Numerology For Pets by Giana Rosetti
A handy pocket guide on how to choose the right name for your pets and emphasize the good qualities in their behavior...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Numerology For Pets,

      One Day With A Goat Herd by C. J. Stevens
If you love animals, this is your book! A truly endearing book on a herd of goats...
Buy! Amazon, John Wade Publishing, John Wade Publishing,

      Only Angels - How to Raise and Train the Perfect Sighthound by Cherie Fehrman
Written especially for the sighthound breeds, Only Angels shows you how to raise and train a perfect friend and companion. Diet, exercise, health tips and the Affection Training Method developed specifically for sighthounds...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Paw Prints in the Sand by Elizabeth Parker
A book that will open the eyes of the reader regarding puppy mills and the horrific living conditions that these dogs are living in...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Creatsepace, ELizabeth Parker, Kindle Edition,

      Paw Prints in the Sand: Mission Accomplished by Elizabeth Parker
In its prequel, Paw Prints in the Sand, you read the heartwarming story about Foxy, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever who was sold to the owners of a puppy mill. Her story is one of encouragement and enables us to realiz..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Createspace, Elizabeth Parker, Kindle Edition,

      Paws and Smell the World: Unforgettable Moments with our Best Friend by Dana Thomas
Under Construction..
Buy! Dr. Dana Thomas, Dr. Dana Thomas,

      Pet Care in the New Century: Cutting-edge medicine for dogs and cats by Amy Shojai
True stories of miraculous recoveries--and the very latest medical advances to help your dog or cat live happier longer..
Buy! Amazon, Amy D. Shojai, Kindle Edition,

      Phantom: Queen of the Road by Amelia Painter
This terse book records the efforts of one man, Lee Youde, who, out of sheer compassion for a homeless dog seeks to gain its trust, and either find its original home or give it a new one...
Buy! Amazon, Phantom the Dog,

      Puddle Pups' How -To: Your Pup and You by K.B Katie
Hop along with Scratch, the lovable flea, as he helps Katie and Ella with their family's quest to pick the perfect pup, and raise a well rounded dog...
Buy! Puddle Pup Tails, Puddle Pup Tails,

      Pumpkin's Adventure - His Vacation At The L'Grande Internationale Hotel by W.R. Mertens
A Picture Book for Children and Cat Lovers about an orange cat and his vacation in Canada with his family at a luxurious five-star Canadian hotel...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Read for Animals #1 by Debbie D
Anthology to help animals..
Buy! Kindle Edition,

      Remembering Harley by Mitchell
I wrote this little book for Alton, Anthony, myself, and everyone who knew and loved Harley, while hoping that everyone who reads it will learn from my mistake. Remember to visit your local animal shelter when ..
Buy! Amazon,, Kindle Edition,

      Rugrat The house Cat by Clem Bechard
The cute story of little boy who had to give his cat Rugrat away, as he became allergic to cats...

      Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care by Jan Rasmusen
Much of what we all know about dog care is myth, outdated information or advertising propaganda. Get a crash course in everything dog with a charming distilling of the newest information from top experts across the country. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Dogs4Dogs, Dogs4Dogs,

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Featured Book
My Dog Is My Hero
by Mr. Ed

Tributes To The Companions Who Give Us Love, Loyalty, and a New Leash on Life ..  
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Featured Book
Through Katrina's Eyes, Poems from an Animal Rescuer's Soul
by Mr. Ed

Recipient of the 2006 Merial Human-Animal Bond Award ..  
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