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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Toby Ryker
by Steven Ulmen

Toby Ryker, a colorful, likable old mountain man and lord-knows-what-all, moseys into the western town of Laramie and stirs up a saloon brawl just for the fun of it then ..  
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     Featured "Western" Books!


      A Doorway To Hearts by sherri gibson
A Doorway To Hearts is the first of a fictional western trilogy released by PublishAmerica now! A trade novel sold in books stores only. The second part of the trilogy, "Chasing Dreams" now available for purchase...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      A Fistful Of Legends by Bobby Nash
Discover what itís like to ride with damaged men and sinister night stalkers, tragic doves, plucky homemakers and gun-toting belles. Experience for yourself the harsh reality of birth and death, love and hate, revenge, retrib..
Buy! Barnes &, Express Westerns,

      A Rapid Heartbeat by Barbara Sweetwood
When a discouraged woman builds a fortress around her heart she finds her soul mate and her most challenging adversary in the horse stalls of a Montana cattle ranch.....
Buy! Amazon, Barbara Sue Sweetwood,

      A Town Called Fury by William Johnstone
The last thing Jason Fury wants is to lead this wagon train west to California. He just wants to head back east, where a smart young man like himself has a real shot at a better life. But halfway across Oklahoma the wagon tra..
Buy! William W. Johnstone, William W. Johnstone,

      A Town Called Fury: Hard Country by William Johnstone
Itís hard country, but the pioneers of Fury (Pop. 112) are banding together to make it a home. With barren lands, blinding dust storms, drought, hostile Indians, and violent bands of cutthroat outlaws against them, death is n..
Buy! William Johnstone, William W. Johnstone,

      An Elusive Stallion and The Boy by Shirley Farley
Bob Clark desires to catch a White Stallion, against his parents wishes, but Bob feels he cannot rest until the elusive horse is his. Based in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where wild horses roam the land...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Another Mile by Barbara Sweetwood
A spoiled southern belle moves to the wild west to start over after her husband is killed during the Civil War. Is she ready for the untamed west and is the west ready for her?..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Barnes & Noble,

      Archisha. (Ruth's revenge) by Ken Coleman
A girl's quest to hunt down and kill the man who led a raid on a Cheyenne village killing women and children including her mother...
Buy! Amazon, Lulu, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      Ask No Tomorrows-Book three of the Dream Catcher series by Rita Hestand
Book Three of the Dreamcatcher series. Sam Tanner buried a man hanging from a tree the day he met Riley Morgan. He could tell from the moment he met her that she was trouble, after all, she was white and he was black, and he ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Rita Hestand Author, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Ballad of Lizzy Jane:The Aces of Hearts by Cheyene Lopez
This is a classic western romance of two gunfighters. Once a man named Jake Mac Patrick laid eyes on a girl left for dead by outlaws. Jake took her on, raised her and she became a gunfighter too. Her name was Lizzy Jane. They..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,,,

      Bender's Boot by Mark Bannerman
At a remote inn, Conrad McClure, becomes involved with an evil family and, in particular, the she-devil of a daughter who ensnares men in her murderous web of sensuality...
Buy! Amazon,,, Kindle Edition,

      Beyond the Dream Catcher Book One of the Dream Catcher series by Rita Hestand
Chase Rivers had been chosen by the Shaman to bring Katherine Hightower back to her people. Only problem was, she didn't know she was part Indian, and he had to fight Comanches, The Army, and a loco thief to get her there. Br..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Decadentpublishing, Rita Hestand, Rita Hestand Author of contemporary and historical Fiction, Kindle Edition,

      Beyond the Valley by Destiny Blaine
Jonathan Woodwine is ready for a wild ride. Victoria McCoy needs more than a buck or two. ..
Buy! Amazon, Publisher, Beyond the Valley by Destiny Blaine, Kindle Edition,

      Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War a Luke and Jenny Adventure by Gayle Martin
A visit to Lincoln, New Mexico is suddenly interrupted when two youngsters are mysteriously swept back in time and come face-to-face with Billy the Kid...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Buy this book!, The Official Gayle Martin Website,

      Blade McAllister by Sam Long
It was a long way from the sheltered upbringing in a Boston orphanage to the cattle drives of Missouri heartland, but nothing or no one was going to stop Boyd McAllister from uncovering his identity. With the help of an unin..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Winghaven Westerns, Publish America, Winghaven Westerns,

      Blanco Sol by Anne Holt
King Sutherland comes home from war to find his father ill, his brother accused of murder, the horse herd stolen and White Sun Ranch threatened..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Bleeding Kansas by Dave Eisenstark
A Quaker farm boy finds his dreams of rawhide glory tested by the harsh realities of guerilla war along the Kansas-Missouri border during the Civil War. Stars Jesse and Frank James, Cole Younger, Bloody Bill Anderson and Will..
Buy! Amazon, All things Dave, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Blind Trail by Mark Bannerman
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Blood Redemption by Anne Holt
Wes causes his cousin to be sent to Yuma for a murder he committed. He redeems himself in the end..
Buy! Amazon, Anne Haw Holt Writing, Photography and Other Fine Things, Kindle Edition,

      Borderline Sin by Patricia Bates
A strong willed Canadian farm girl may have bit off more than she can chew when it comes to dealing with a stubborn, logical US Marshall...
Buy! Borderline SIn, Blade Publishing,

      Bounty by Natalie Acres
The second book in the Dominant Wolves, Submissive Mates duet...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Bookstrand, Bounty by Natalie Acres, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Brady's Revenge by Loretta Rogers
Western Novel. A Young outlaw must redeem himself...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Avalon Books, Relax With Novel by Loretta C. Rogers,

      BRODIE JONES Mountain Man by D. J. Stephens
This is a prequel to the novel DEATH RIDER. A story to cover the time Brodie Jones spent as a mountain man, trapping beaver, fighting Indians, grizzly bears and just plain trying to stay alive in the mountains and plains of ..
Buy! Amazon, D. J. Stephens Books,

      Calico (Print Version) by Dorien Grey
A multi-genre novel (western/romance/adventure/mystery) with a twist--in thatthe protagonist just happens to be both a cowboy and gay. Calico Ramsay finds himself with the responsibility of escorting two 17 year old ..
Buy! Amazon, Dorien Grey's Web Page,

      Caprock by S. Beres
"The Llano Estacado . . . thousands of square miles of nothing, the Great Desert, big enough to hide a stolen herd of cattle and the secret of Coronadoís gold. Was it big enough to hold the passions of those within it or the..
Buy! Amazon,

      Cassie's Gold by Barbara Sweetwood
A young couple in 1850 travel from Mississippi to California to find their dream of striking gold...
Buy! Amazon, Weebly,,

      Charley Sunday's Texas Outfit! by Stephen Lodge
In a day and age where reliance on cellphones, computers, cable and fast food is essential, how many people actually have the chance to step back in time to experience a bit of our Western heritage? Charley Sunday's Texas Out..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Charley Sunday's Texas Outfit!,

      Chasing Dreams by sherri gibson
No one crossed a Winslow without paying a steep price, and Blazing Star would be no exception...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Cheyenne Dawn by Ken Coleman
A woman's long trek across the west to find her children and her eventual affinity with the Indian who kidnapped them...
Buy! Western Adventure, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      Cheyenne Legacy by Ken Coleman
Will Ryder sets out in the company of Ruth the crazy but charismatic woman who has drawn him to her like a magnet, in search of a gang of criminals who robbed and left him for dead on a bar-room floor...
Buy! Amazon, Lulu, Western adventure Western romance, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      CLEARWATER by Bobby Woodall
It is 1879. A small bank in Indian territory is robbed by a murderer who has just escaped execution. He kills three men and almost burns the town down as he escapes. More trouble ensues as those who are doing the chasing are..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, SynergEbooks, Bobby R. Woodall,

      Come Tame Me - Book 1 by Tonya Kinzer
Cassandra's sharp shooting skills surpass even the men who compete and those same skills come in handy when she's presented with the challenge of taking back her father's ranch. Coming Sept 2013!!..
Buy! Amazon, Tonya Kinzer, All Romance e-Books, Wild Fillies series, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Copper City by Chris Scott Wilson
They called it the Wild West, and this is a tough no-nonsense western set on the border of Arizona and Mexico...
Buy! Barnes &, Amazon Kindle, Diesel, Chris Scott Wilson Writer, Kindle Edition,

      Counting Coup: The Odyssey of Captain Tom Adams by Bob Stockton
The story of the way west in the early nineteenth century was often a tale of danger, death and unspeakable suffering. The early trappers and mountain men forged the trails westward for the pioneers that followed and became ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, 3956 ARBOR LAKE CIR, 3956 ARBOR LAKE CIR, Carson Quest, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Cowboy Rhymes 'n' Dreams of Other Times by Elaine Smith
A collection of cowboy poetry from six accomplished poets in a full color collectible trade paperback...
Buy! Amazon, Blazing Star Books, Blazing Star Books, Kindle Edition,

      Cowgirl Country by Patricia Probert Gott
"Cowgirl Country is a contemporary novel based on a true story...
Buy! Amazon, PRGott Books, PRGott Books,

      Cowgirl Days by Patricia Probert Gott
Sequel, female wrangler continues her adventures in Montana and Wyoming,including training mustangs and endurance racing, along with pack tripping into the Bridger-Tetons and Yellowstone...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Writers West, An Online Store, PRGottbooks,

      Dead Horse Creek by Matt Cole
Western in the tradition of Zane Grey or Louis L'Amour...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Death at Red Creek by Clint Thompson
Seth Parker is a man among men. He doesnít like to interfere into otherís business. He had plenty of that as a lawman. He is not carrying any tin now but still holds the values he once protected. However, fate has a way o..
Buy! Barnes &,, Eternal Press,

      DEATH RIDER by D. J. Stephens
A Historical Western about a young mountain man's need for revenge against the Apaches that murdered his fiance'..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, D. J. Stephens Books, D. J. (Don) Stephens Site,

      Desert Heat, Desert Cold and Other Tales of the West by Charlie Steel
The anthology is a collection of seventeen traditional and contemporary western short stories by award-winning author Charlie Steel...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Official Site of Charlie Steel Author and Tale-Weaver Extraordinaire, Condor Publishing, Inc.,

      Desperadoes by Chris Scott Wilson
When Floyd Benson and Emmett Greenís gang held up the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad on the 26th June, 1883, the railroad immediately posted a reward for their capture and drafted in the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Bu..
Buy! Barnes &, (UK), Amazon Kindle, chris scott wilson, Kindle Edition,

      Detour Trail by Joy Smith
Lorrie, left alone alongside the Oregon Trail, forges her own path...
Buy! Amazon, Detour Trail,

      Don't I Know You? by Terry Burns
What would life be like for a man everyone thought they knew on sight? This book answers the question...
Buy! The Fiction Works, Publisher's site,

      Double Mountain Crossing by Chris Scott Wilson
When prospector Morgan Clay found a mountain full of gold, he thought all his troubles were over, but they were just beginning. It seemed like they were lining up one after another. Kiowa Indians, gunslingers, women. Every si..
Buy! Barnes &, Amazon Kindle, iTunes (Apple), Chris Scott Wilson, Kindle Edition,

      Dusty by Budd Nelson
A rollicking western taking place in 1878 Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, budd nelson,

      Eagle Rising by Shelly Greenhalgh-Davis
In Eagle Shadow, the half-Cheyenne Nate Hunter found acceptance among his people. Now, in the gripping sequel, Eagle Rising, his standing among his people rises sharply, even as the cavalry hunts him for treason. Under the pr..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Eagle Rising,

      Eagle Shadow by Shelly Greenhalgh-Davis
Eagle Shadow tells of a half-Indian man caught in the midst of the conflict between his two peoples and his personal struggle with divided loyalties, a story filled with action and romance set against a beautiful but unforgiv..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Eagle Shadow,

      Emma of Crooked Creek (Short Story) by MK McClintock
EMMA OF CROOKED CREEK is the first short story installment of the Crooked Creek series set in post-Civil War Montana...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Emma Wood's One Woman's Courage Part II by Barbara Sweetwood
This is a sequel to One Woman's Courage, Emma Wood's One Woman's Courage Part II. It is ten years later and a lot of changes have taken place in Emma's life but once again she finds herself in trouble as an Indian uprising is..
Buy! Amazon,,

      Fallen From Grace by John Lindermuth
The tranquility of 19th century small town life is shattered by the mysterious deaths of two strangers...
Buy! Amazon, Oak Tree Press,

      Farewell to Freedom by Anita Waggoner
Days after discovering her husband was having an affair Cheyenne Stevens has a chance meeting with a cowboy named Rowdy Harrison in Las Vegas. "What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Necessarily Stay in Vegas!"..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Author's Web Site, Farewell to Freedom,

      Fight At Hueco Tanks by Chris Scott Wilson
The Apaches hated and feared Jim Tanner. He always brought them back. Dead or alive. When Chato, would-be war chief, believed the Great Spirit had chosen him to lead his people to freedom, broke out of the San Carlos reservat..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, AppMyWorld, Amazon Kindle, Chris Scott Wilson, Kindle Edition,

      Fight For Wet Springs by Charlie Steel
This story is an epic western tale about the West family and their life-threatening struggles to keep their ranch from being stolen by the evil town ruling Poindexter. During Kurt Westís youth, the family befriends many peop..
Buy! Amazon, Condor Publishing, Inc., Official Site of Charlie Steel TALE-WEAVER EXTRAORDINAIRE,

      Freckled Venom Copperhead by Juliette Douglas
*****5-stars from Reader's Favorite and 17 5-star reviews on Amazon, Check them out***** Bounty hunting is a lonely trail especially for a girl...well, really a woman. Just ask Lacy Watson if you dare to get close enough ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Amazon Books, Kindle Edition,

      Freckled Venom Copperhead Strikes by Juliette Douglas
*****Received 5-stars from Readers' Favorite and 11 5-star reviews on Amazon Check them out***** The vivid cast of characters returns along with some new faces in the spell-binding sequel in the Freckled Venom series, Fre..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon,,

      Fury Before the Dawn by Dallas Releford
Laurie Mitchell, a young, beautiful schoolteacher with shoulder-length light brown hair, deep brown eyes and creamy white skin, struggles to rescue her two sisters from ruthless outlaws and to regain her ranch...
Buy! Amazon,, CreateSpace, CreateSpace,

      Fury of the Night by Dallas Releford
Texas Ranger Cole McClain wants to resign from the Rangers and marry his sweetheart, Julie Bryant. With deep regret, he accepts one last assignment. On his way to capture a dangerous outlaw, he stops in Julieís hometown, Sout..
Buy! Amazon,, CreateSpace, CreateSpace,

      Fury of the Plains by Dallas Releford
Jenny Reilly a young rancher must face a ruthless outlaw gang and deadly landgrabbers in an effort to get the reward for them so she can save her ranch. They killed her family and she is determined to bring them to justice, a..
Buy! Amazon,, CreateSpace, CreateSpace,

      Gallagher's Pride (Montana Gallagher Series #1)) by MK McClintock
From the Scottish Highlands to the Montana frontier, experience the first book in a series about a family in search of peace, hope, and love on a wild land...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, MK McClintock, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Glory Hallelujah by Penni Smith (Weston)
A mail order bride finds true love in an unusual way in a silver boomtown circa 1892...
Buy! Lulu Enterprises, Penni Lynn Smith Weston, Lulu,

      Gold River Canyon by Mr. Ed
Renowned Arizona lawman Jacob Golden is having terrible nightmares. He dreams heís locked in a battle to the death with a demon from hell that consumes human flesh. Goldenís a man who fears little, yet this haunting..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Goldroad Arizona on Historic Route 66 by Norma Yount
The author, Norma Jean Richards Yount, lived the "Golden Years" 1937-1942 in a small gold mining camp of Goldroad, Arizona and will never forget the experiences she shared with family and friends. Goldroad Arizona on Histori..
Buy! Amazon,

      Great Hollywood Westerns: Classic Pictures, Must-See Movies by John Howard Reid
An alphabetical guide to over 180 western movies, with full cast and technical credits and up-to-date reviews...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Tower Books, Books-A-Million, New Film Books, Lulu,

      Gunfight at the OK Corral Luke and Jenny Visit Tombstone by Gayle Martin
Luke and his sister Jenny are mysteriously swept back in time. What begins as a normal family vacation to historic Tombstone, Arizona, suddenly changes when they find themselves face-to-face with Wyatt Earp and others at the..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Buy this book!, Luke and Jenny Books, Kindle Edition,

      Guns, Horses and Death The Life of a Wanted Man by Marilyn Thompson
A young man leaves home at sixteen and soon finds himself wanted for murder. As he tries to stay ahead of the wanted posters he soon discovers that he loves the life he was thrown into and although tempted to leave it he cann..
Buy! Barnes &, Lulu,

      Gunsmoke at Adobe Walls by Mark Bannerman
Following the Battle of Gettysburg, army deserter John Terril flees South, knowing he faces a firing squad if caught.....
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition,

      Gunsmoke: An American Institution by Ben Costello by Linda Radke
"I thought that Gunsmoke was a terrific show to be on, and I didn't know it then, but some of the happiest years of my life were on that show." Burt Reynolds Starting on September 10, 1955, and continuing fo..
Buy! Five Star Publications, GUNSMOKE: An American Institution, Celebrating 50 Years of Television's Best Western,

      Hard to Kill by Wesley Hall
Hard to Kill is an old-fashioned Western set in the Wind River Country of Wyoming Territory. It is based upon a brief period in the life of John Wesley Hardin, one of the Old West's most famous gunslingers...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Ravensquawk, Wesley's Online Bookstore,

      Her Wild Texas Heart by Elysa Hendricks
In a lawless west Texas border town, a woman has two choices: death or dishonor. Doctor's apprentice and former Comanche slave, KC O'Connor finds a third--she buries her femininity and longing for love beneath a boyish disgui..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Hey Doc! by Clive Turner
Doc Hollister, gambler and bounty hunter, leads a group of ex-Confederates escorting wagon trains across the border protecting them from the Apaches. It all goes well until the Mayor of the Mexican town does a deal to ship gu..

      Hog-Tied Hero by Mark Bannerman
Veteran Town Marshal Aaron McLean strives to maintain law in the cow-town called Nelly's Nipple. But he takes on more than he bargained for...
Buy! Amazon,,, Kindle Edition,

      Honor Among Thieves by Rosalie More
American Southwest 1839: He's an outlaw. She's a woman on the run. Can they work together to rescue her brother and his motherless son from a band of marauders? It's a dangerous game they play, because their own secrets prev..
Buy! Barnes &, Amazon Kindle Store, Rosalie More,

      Jace by leland bonds
Jace a young boy home from the war. His family was gone and men were looking to gain a reputation because he was very good with his gun...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, booksamillion, borders, Jace,

      Jake Madrid and the Kickapoo Kid by Ken Coleman
A tough drifter reluctantly finds himself having to take care of a twelve year old girl as they make their way from Kansas to South Dakota. A journey fraught with danger and violence...
Buy! Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      Killer's Kingdom by Greg Mitchell
The outlaw King Leslley has set up his "kingdom" in the San Cristibal mountains. Marshal Rod Delroy is determined to destroy it...
Buy! Amazon,

      Lola by Valerie Byron
Can a proper, mature British lady write about the American Wild West? Can she describe a whorehouse in all its prurient beauty? You betcha! Our hero, Joe Carson has a dilemma. Is Lola the gal for him...or is it someone comple..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon Author Page, Lola, A Story of the West, Kindle Edition,

      Marshal of Medicine Lodge by Stan Lynde
"A particularly rewarding novel written by one of the finest Western novelists of our times. Stan Lynde's novels are laced with wry humor, thoughts on the art of living and growing, toughness and tenderness, and the <..
Buy! Amazon, Stan Lynde, Kindle Edition,

      Matt Draper: From Riverboat Gambler to Frontier Banker by John Rayburn
Gold discovery and gambling winnings lead to establishing a frontier bank, all part of the winning of the west...
Buy! Amazon, Bloggadocio: A Friendly Place to Blow Your Horn, Kindle Edition,

      McCade's Way by Mara McBain
A tale of hardship, pain, and new beginnings as Trey and Gen learn to trust and love during the Great Depression...
Buy! Amazon, Mara McBain, Kindle Edition,

      Mercer's Manor by Bobby Woodall
Good triumphing over evil. Realistic view of one man's attempt at finding true love only to loose it and his efforts to find it again. This story is told with the background of the Indian Territory...
Buy! Amazon, SynergEbooks, Books We love,

      Mysterious Ways by Terry Burns
Amos was a con man, hiding in the guise of a circuit riding preacher. The only problem was, they started expecting him to perform in the role...
Buy! River Oaks Publishing, Christian Western Writer Terry Burns,

      Nelly of No Man's Land by Bonnie Myrick Eaton
In 1890, a pioneer family homesteads in Oklahoma where they struggle to survive in a lawless territory..
Buy! Amazon, amazon, Nelly of No Man's Land, Kindle Edition,

      Nickel-Plated Dream by Stephen Lodge
Return to the thrilling days of yesteryear where traditional western values embrace the Code of the West. This exciting adventure yarn blends teenage restlessness with cowboy thrills while paying tribute to the Western st..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Behler Publications,

      No Holds Barred by Tabitha Shay
Available at Secret Cravings Publishing..
Buy! Amazon, Jaydyn Chelcee,

      One Woman's Courage by Barbara Sweetwood
When a girl's heart is destroyed by the greed of others, she is left to survive alone in the mountains of Wyoming...
Buy! Amazon, Barbara Sue Sweetwood,

      Out of the West by Dennis Goodwin
Five true stories by Dennis Goodwin, of incidents and accidents in the early American West...
Buy! Amazon,

      Outlaw by Matthew Pizzolato
A Western Novella featuring Wesley Quaid. The outlaw Wesley Quaid wants to put the past behind him and start his life anew in another place where no one has ever heard of him. When a mysterious woman he once knew res..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Outlaw Vengeance by Greg Mitchell
Scout Malone and his patrol have Jonas Grigg captured and his gang cornered. But, once free, a humiliated Grigg swears revenge... ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Palo Verde: The Wanted Poster by m j hollingshead
Don't mess with Marshal Watson, or any of his family...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Publish America,

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Western Books
  1. Jake Madrid and the Kickapoo Kid
  2. Outlaw

Featured Book
Palo Verde: The Wanted Poster
by m j hollingshead

Don't mess with Marshal Watson, or any of his family...  
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Featured Book
Charley Sunday's Texas Outfit!
by Stephen Lodge

In a day and age where reliance on cellphones, computers, cable and fast food is essential, how many people actually have the chance to step back in time to experience a ..  
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