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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Bliss: A Marriage Proposal for Charles Stephen Hughes
by Philip Hughes-Luing

A candid and romantic collection of poetry, prose and paintings which culminates in a marriage proposal -- private in nature, but made public here for all to read because..  
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Featured Book
Speaking In Whispers-African-american Lesbian Erotica
by Kathleen Morris

Eighteen unflinchingly non-PC, yet occasionally vanilla, erotic short stories that celebrate lesbian sexuality and sensuality in its varied, technicolor forms...  
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Featured Book
Surviving an American Gulag
by Edward Patterson

In the days before Don't Ask! Don't Tell, the military had a way to marginalize undesirables. Welcome to the Gulag...  
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4/8/2015 12:34:00 AM
Mrs. Robinson - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater is the name of Colorado Firebrand Lesbian Novelist, Poet, Storyteller, Screenwriter, Business Artist and Pulpit Agent. Sweetwater the ...
1/5/2015 5:27:00 PM
Country Male Indy Song Artist Robby Johnson Cast in Sweetwater's Film - Sage Sweetwater
Singer/Songwriter Robby Johnson has been cast for Sweetwater's upcoming film, 'Sanders Mountain,' the spin-off sequel to Sweetwater's 'The Life and Ti...
1/1/2015 4:40:00 PM
Photo New series coming for LGBT readers! - Tonya Kinzer
Release date has been set as Jan 23, 2014 and pre-orders are being taken on my website for DREAMS DO COME TRUE...
11/25/2014 2:21:00 PM
Blue Sleighty to Promote Sweetwater's RoadKill Heart Lesbian Drama Film - Sage Sweetwater
Lesbian author Blue Sleighty will be on the campaign trail promoting Sweetwater's Hollywood film adaptation of Sleighty's lesbian novella RoadKill Hea...
11/20/2014 1:42:00 PM
Sweetwater Acquires $Millions$ In Film Deals - Sage Sweetwater
$Millions$ in Sweetwater scripts stored on a microchip next to a Sacajawea Dollar coin. ...
11/5/2014 12:28:00 PM
I Don't See Blood Nary a Cut or Truncated Page - Sage Sweetwater
Will the real Sage Sweetwater please stand up! ...
11/4/2014 2:03:00 PM
Cut-Off! - Sage Sweetwater
Cut-off what Cut-off? I don't see a cut-off. Do you? There is no cut-off deadline for Sweetwater's investors! Code $Finance. Thanks the investors. D...
10/30/2014 1:11:00 PM
My romance novels are out there for you!!!! - BL Wilson
10/5/2014 4:06:00 AM
What Does a Converted Sawmill Matter To Sweetwater's Latest Film Script? - Sage Sweetwater
It's Sweetwater rebooted! Adding in her current film script, her latest film prop, a 1960s-era collectors Porsche, the Porsche history started in a co...
10/1/2014 8:28:00 AM
Photo Sweetwater Makes It To Broadway - Sage Sweetwater
Another Sweetwater intellectual property spin-off being produced on Broadway where Wall Street meets Team Sweetwater....
9/28/2014 8:27:00 PM
Photo Sweetwater Knocks it OUT of the Park! - Sage Sweetwater
Inspired branded entertainment, print, television, online, product placement, franchise, and feature film production rolling into high-dollar spin-off...
6/23/2014 12:19:00 PM
Whistleblower Reveals Cover-up and Corruption - Sage Sweetwater
Who Sweetwater unveils under the mask? Exposing dark secrets in a multitude of her films and bombshell revelations. Staggering case of money launderin...
6/23/2014 6:01:00 AM
Photo Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure Reviewed at The Blogger Girls - Duane Simolke
Reviewer enjoys depiction of gays, people of color, and strong women....
6/6/2014 5:11:00 PM
Dominga Rio Gets Her Due in Sweetwater's Buckskin Skirt Oar Traveler - Sage Sweetwater
Dominga Rio Gets Her Due in Sweetwater's Buckskin Skirt Oar Traveler. That famous Spanish lesbian character of Sweetwater's will also get her notori...
6/4/2014 12:43:00 PM
Blue Feather Books Rocks! - Barbara Valletto
Please support my publisher!...
4/27/2014 10:51:00 PM
And Then is now available from Amazon. Adventure out of this world it goes. - Coleen Grundy
And Then is Now has been published 2012 yet it is written for the year of 2053 excitement plus...
4/16/2014 12:43:00 PM
Photo Captain Laaron misses his boyfriend... - Duane Simolke
...but receives promising news. Taldra and Admiral Nil must decide the best way to protect the human home world. Read Sons of Taldra Chapter 6!...
3/17/2014 12:45:00 PM
Photo Degranon in LGBT Top 10 LitPick - Duane Simolke
Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure made the OutVoice February 2014 list of Top 10 LGBT literature....
2/10/2014 2:20:00 PM
Is Your Name on the List? - Sage Sweetwater
Sweetwater done took names and kicked ass! ...
1/21/2014 9:47:00 AM
Photo Dare2Care List of Top 100 LBGTQ Teen Novels - Duane Simolke
List suggests novels for LGBTQ teens....
1/10/2014 2:28:00 PM
Sweetwater's Free Erotic Lesbian Recital Poetry Downloads - Sage Sweetwater
At the request of Sweetwater fans to her Content Media of Erotic Lesbian Recital Poetry on SoundCloud, Sweetwater has activated the free download feat...
12/20/2013 7:14:00 PM
Sweetwater's Book-To-Film Adaptation Coming in 2014 - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater adapting The Buckskin Skirt Oar Traveler book-to-film geared for Hollywood 3D animation....
12/19/2013 6:23:00 AM
Photo The Quadrilogy Rumor That Sweetwater is in Love with the Number Four - Sage Sweetwater
A series of Sweetwater's four films could have investors spending an estimated $200 Million. ...
11/18/2013 5:00:00 AM
Photo New Gay-Themed SciFi at Goodreads - Duane Simolke
Even an alien invasion can’t stop Telius from marrying the man he loves. Announcing the gay-themed scifi novel Sons of Taldra....
11/17/2013 1:40:00 AM
Sweetwater Drops the F-Bomb & Eastwood Swears She's the Woman Who Can... - Sage Sweetwater
Pull It off! Sweetwater in Hollywood film promotion for the Lesbian Western Jett Durango. This photograph is available to the media through my agent. ...
10/5/2013 11:34:00 AM
Sweetwater's Book to Film Adaptations and Screenplays Built on Strategy - Sage Sweetwater
Translating a book to the screen is a science. Sweetwater, on the film process....
10/2/2013 2:01:00 PM
Sage Sweetwater Books and Social Media - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater Books Available at AuthorHouse. The list includes ebooks. Sage Sweetwater books adapted to film now in Hollywood....
7/30/2013 3:50:00 PM
Sweetwater On Writing A Nature Disney Film Starring Dan Haggerty? - Sage Sweetwater
We all know Dan Haggerty of the Popular TV series Grizzly Adams. Dan is in his seventies now and still active in making films. Sweetwater just keeps o...
6/3/2013 12:41:00 PM
Sweetwater's AD Poem Son of a Preacher Man featured in The Poet Daily - Sage Sweetwater
Sweetwater's AD poem Son of a Preacher Man as shared by The Sundance Wives Featured in The Poet Daily Today (June 3, 2013 for archival purposes) Sage...
3/28/2013 5:21:00 PM
How The Sundance Wives Turned Sweetwater Into a $Multi-Million Dollar Brand - Sage Sweetwater
Where lesbian polygamy conveys to the media what The Sundance Wives hold in Oath in plural wives who motivate and inspire each other....
3/26/2013 1:19:00 PM
Francis Ford Coppola on board for Sweetwater's Lesbian Western Jett Durango - Sage Sweetwater
The Hollywood Director of The Godfather and Apocalypse Now and owner of Francis Ford Coppola Winery. The Sundance Wives busy on the grapevine! We know...
3/10/2013 3:44:00 PM
And the Coen Brothers - Sage Sweetwater
And the Coen Brothers. Directors and Producers of True Grit and Jett Durango. The legend of Rooster Cogburn and the inception of Jett Durango!...
3/10/2013 4:52:00 AM
A Time in Sweetwater's Life Eastwood Matters the Most - Sage Sweetwater
Yes he is. Eastwood is Directing Sweetwater's Jett Durango! Her trilogy, his trilogy, her director! Spaghetti Westerns live on!...
3/10/2013 4:17:00 AM
Photo Tigerblood's Brother! - Sage Sweetwater
And where is Emilio Estevez?!!...
3/9/2013 4:24:00 PM
Photo Tigerblood! - Sage Sweetwater
And where is Charlie Sheen?!! ...
3/2/2013 1:36:00 PM
Sweetwater's AD Poem up at Robin Ouzman Hislop's Art Villa - Sage Sweetwater
Celebrity Firebrand Sage Sweetwater's AD Poem Different War But the Whores Never Change has been published by Robin Ouzman Hislop at Art Villa. ...
3/1/2013 5:18:00 AM
Photo IR Review of Bliss: A Marriage Proposal for Charles Stephen Hughes - Philip D. Hughes-Luing
Verdict: BLISS is a beautiful declaration of love from a fine poet, and deserves to be cherished by anyone who appreciates the emotion....
1/19/2013 3:49:00 PM
Looks Like Jett Durango's Town! - Sage Sweetwater
It's got it all, even the Gallows frame! Old West boardwalk big boots to fill, Sweetwater is bound for Hollywood! ...
12/26/2012 11:43:00 AM
A Letter In Support of Marriage Equality - Philip D. Hughes-Luing
A letter sent to the Illinois House Democratic Leadership as well as to Governor Quinn and the Illinois Senate Democratic Leadership...
12/26/2012 11:09:00 AM
Photo Review: From Particles and Disputations: Writings for Jeff - Philip D. Hughes-Luing
by Shannon Yarbrough for the "Self-Publishing Review"...
12/24/2012 12:15:00 PM
Sage Sweetwater's AD Poem Published by Robin Ouzman Hislop at Artvilla - Sage Sweetwater
Recently Robin invited Celebrity Firebrand Lesbian Sage Sweetwater to submit her poetry for publication in the online New Poetry Life & Times. Thank y...
12/9/2012 5:48:00 PM
Photo Sage Sweetwater and The Sundance Wives Eyeing Brad Pitt's Furniture! - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater and The Sundance Wives Eyeing Brad Pitt's Furniture For Sweetwater Lesbian Film "The Hollywood Conspiracy!"...
12/9/2012 1:55:00 PM
Sage Sweetwater Upping the Ante for Lesbian Mormons! - Sage Sweetwater
Sweetwater comes into her Power of Hollywood Blockbuster Films! To Beulah Anna Van Ordan Young, (Sweetwater's Lesbian Mormon film character alias) one...
12/2/2012 9:02:00 AM
Photo Rainbow Book Award Winner - Jack Scott
Perking the Pansies wins a Rainbow Book Award in two categories...
9/11/2012 6:54:00 PM
Sage Sweetwater's Articles & News Section in Authors Den Sabotaged! - Sage Sweetwater
A Note to my fans and readers, several of my accompanying photos to my news and articles post have been sabotaged. May the disgruntled chew on some mo...
9/10/2012 1:25:00 PM
Photo Sweetwater and The Sundance Wives Take Religion For a Ride! - Sage Sweetwater
The Sundance Wives have fought on the front lines to vindicate a social blunder in repair involving all Four of The Sundance Wives....
9/2/2012 12:09:00 AM
The Sundance Wives Buying Up Promotional Real Estate Venues For Sweetwater - Sage Sweetwater
Film media-focused, highly targeted advertising properties as a marketing tool for Celebrity Firebrand Sage Sweetwater....
9/1/2012 2:04:00 PM
Sage Sweetwater Takes to the Underground New World Order in her Biker Film - Sage Sweetwater
Connector routes to & fro allow Sweetwater quick plan-changing due to middle-man manipulators. Sweetwater seeks to expose what she sees as corruption....
8/28/2012 11:51:00 AM
My 2 Million HIT, Jett Durango Trilogy Finished & Christian Lesbian Porn! - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater Celebrating her 2 Million Hit On AD this week with another Film adventure Christian Lesbian Porn with Hollywood investors!...
8/23/2012 5:01:00 PM
Photo The Sundance Wives Getting Las Vegas & Cripple Creek Jett Durango Slot - Sage Sweetwater
The Sundance Wives Getting Las Vegas & Cripple Creek Jett Durango Slot Machine! The Sundance Wives have designed the slot machine to submit to the man...
7/10/2012 4:09:00 AM
Sweetwater putting Hollywood Silicone Masking & the Book of Enoch OUT there - Sage Sweetwater
There was Angels and Demons. Now there's Jett Durango: My Heroes Have Always Been Outlaws, the final Jett Durango Trilogy, storylines of Christian my...
7/4/2012 4:30:00 PM
Photo Sweetwater's Final Feature Jett Durango Trilogy to be filmed in Durango - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater's Lesbian Western Jett Durango Trilogy will finish with filming in Durango, Colorado, New Mexico, and a Hollywood surprise location. ...
6/4/2012 1:11:00 PM
Photo Jett Durango Filming on Riverboat and Brigham Young Cast - Sage Sweetwater
The Sundance Wives push forward to bring Sweetwater films to screen....
5/17/2012 11:05:00 AM
Dominga Rio of Cuero Footage Screening - Sage Sweetwater
Pyrotechnic footage film screening....
4/27/2012 9:20:00 PM
Sage Sweetwater on Jett Durango: Taking Hollywood to Broadway! - Sage Sweetwater
Celebrity Firebrand Sage Sweetwater will be taking Jett Durango from screen to stage adaptation in 2013. Another entertainment property from The Sunda...
4/22/2012 5:41:00 PM
Firebrand Sage Sweetwater Autographs - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater, screenwriter of the Jett Durango Trilogy and Jett Durango TV Series....
4/19/2012 2:40:00 PM
Why The Sundance Wives Give Apocalypse Concept of The Four Horsewomen - Sage Sweetwater
Why The Sundance Wives give divine apocalypse concept of The Four Horsewomen in the Jett Durango-Dominga Rio merge Jett Durango: My Heroes Have Always...
4/12/2012 11:03:00 AM
Jett Durango's Horse Jericho Cast by Director - Sage Sweetwater
The Sundance Wives announce Jericho, the horse of Jett Durango written by Celebrity Firebrand Sage Sweetwater has been cast by Director Wendy Crouse, ...
4/7/2012 8:58:00 PM
Gay Mormon students at Brigham Young University Come Out in Web Video - Sage Sweetwater
The video has sent tremors through the Mormon community. It represents the latest effort to reconcile the church's conservative values with a growing ...
3/19/2012 2:25:00 PM
A Barbara Stanwyck Moment & The Sundance Wives as Popular-culture Lesbians - Sage Sweetwater
The Sundance Wives have fought on the front lines to vindicate a social blunder in repair involving all Four of The Sundance Wives, why The Sundance W...
3/17/2012 8:03:00 AM
Having a Barbara Stanwyck Moment and the Jett Durango Three-quel - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater's commercial appeal. An epic Spaghetti Western the Jett Durango-Dominga Rio episodes just got a 2-disc merge into a 100-minute featur...
3/15/2012 5:11:00 AM
Having a Barbara Stanwyck Moment and Episode Five - Sage Sweetwater
Redefining women's roles in the entertainment media, Sage Sweetwater writing a new movement of women's vilification and androgeny....
2/17/2012 2:29:00 AM
Spaghetti Western Jett Durango and Dominga Rio TV Episode Merged - Sage Sweetwater
The Jett Durango TV Series Dominga Rio Merge has happened! That Political Blockbuster Lesbian Western by Blue Sleighty & Sage Sweetwater Dominga Rio ...
2/13/2012 1:16:00 AM
Internationally Acclaimed Author, Civil Rights Activist and AIDS Advocate Named National Black HIV/AIDS Spokesperson...
1/12/2012 8:39:00 AM
Photo Short Film RUSE is Officially Wrapped! - Sage Sweetwater
RUSE AKA Money = Death with Sage, Blue and Colton characters by Wendy Crouse DreamReal Pictures is officially wrapped!...
1/7/2012 5:12:00 PM
Short Film RUSE With Sage, Blue and Colton Characters Now Filming - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater's Director Wendy Crouse is filming a short titled RUSE. Another DreamReal Pictures original by Wendy Crouse. Ruse is a Drama: A robber...
1/6/2012 3:28:00 PM
LA Auxiliary Bishop Resigns, Admits Fathering Kids - Sage Sweetwater
News of a disturbing nature The Sundance Wives know something of. The resignation of a Los Angeles bishop who fathered two children has shocked the na...
12/28/2011 9:38:00 AM
Sage Sweetwater's AD poem Intimate Strangers Being Filmed for Short Film - Sage Sweetwater
Director Wendy Crouse CEO DreamReal Pictures knows a good thing when she sees it. Sage Sweetwater's Intimate Strangers is being filmed with another sh...
12/23/2011 2:26:00 AM
Sage Sweetwater's Marketing Strategy Streaming Netflix - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater monetizing her intellectual properties into digital media....
12/21/2011 3:29:00 PM
Photo Two Women Share 1st Kiss at US Navy Ship's Return - Sage Sweetwater
At Virginia Beach, VA, a Navy tradition caught up with the repeal of the U.S. military's "don't ask, don't tell" rule on Wednesday when two women sail...
11/20/2011 7:24:00 PM
A Nice Note from AD's Roger Wayne Eberle! - Sage Sweetwater
Roger wrote me a great note concerning the Tracheotomy fiasco! Thanks Roger!...
11/17/2011 2:10:00 PM
The Sundance Wives Entertainment Group - Sage Sweetwater
The Sundance Wives Entertainment Group is a business-savvy force media-driven to get Sage Sweetwater the biggest global fan base possible and the atte...
11/8/2011 3:35:00 PM
Sweetwater formatting 3D Film Characters for C.G.McGovern-Bowen's Evil Seed - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater's Film Adaptation of C.G. McGovern-Bowen's Sci-Fi Action/Adventure novel Evil Seed incorporates the art of 3D animation for a couple...
10/26/2011 1:33:00 AM
Sage Sweetwater's Dominga Rio of Cuero Film Soundtrack - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater's Upcoming Film Lesbian Western Political Blockbuster Dominga Rio of Cuero is now in the music soundtrack stage with Shay Dillon and P...
10/24/2011 1:18:00 PM
Please Support Blue Sleighty's and her girlfriend's New Book - Sage Sweetwater
99 cents....
10/22/2011 4:08:00 PM
Sage Sweetwater Adapting C.G. McGovern-Bowen's Novel Evil Seed to Film - Sage Sweetwater
In alignment with The Sundance Wives Entertainment Group....
10/19/2011 12:49:00 PM
The Horsetamer's Daughter (The Song) - Sage Sweetwater
The Song...
10/1/2011 1:39:00 PM
Casting Underway For RoadKill Heart - Sage Sweetwater
Casting is now underway for the film RoadKill Heart by Sage Sweetwater adapted by Sweetwater from Lesbian Author Blue Sleighty's novella Blue's Singer...
9/30/2011 3:46:00 PM
Jett Durango Aerial Scenes to be Filmed by RC Helicopter - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater's Jett Durango scripts call for such scenes to be filmed with a crane. The RC helicopter will take the place of the crane for some be...
9/24/2011 2:35:00 PM
RoadKill Heart Gearing Up For Film Pre-Production - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater's second film RoadKill Heart with DreamReal Pictures adapted from Blue Sleighty's novella Blue's Singer with Director Wendy Crouse ...
8/27/2011 1:52:00 PM
Sage Sweetwater High Budget Lesbian Western Gearing up for Film Production - Sage Sweetwater
The Powder River Jesus† that will change religion forever! The Sage Sweetwater Lesbian Western Film that will shock and awe audiences around the world...
8/22/2011 9:22:00 AM
Sage Sweetwater hooks up with Rev. Raedorah C. Stewart (Clergy) - Sage Sweetwater
In alignment with The Sundance Wives, Rev. Raedorah C. Stewart, Womanist Queer Religionist Scholar and Activist. Her education is listed has a fuller ...
8/8/2011 1:03:00 PM
Dominga Rio of Cuero Filming Here? - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater's Screenplay Dominga Rio of Cuero! Firing the Fuse! The Lesbian Alamo!...
8/1/2011 9:19:00 AM
Why The Sundance Wives Control the Pulpit Channel with New Age Lesbian - Sage Sweetwater
Spirituality. AuthorsDen preacher embezzling Sage Sweetwater Creative Properties and The Sundance Wives through third party! #Lesbian #Religion #Media...
7/29/2011 1:29:00 PM
You Better Run Preacher † † † † - Sage Sweetwater
You better run Preacher! Sister on her mule prays for you! Catch up to those Crosses!...
7/28/2011 6:42:00 PM
Dominga Rio of Cuero Gets Another Film Investor! - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater's Lesbian Western Film Dominga Rio of Cuero gets another film investor possible....
7/27/2011 8:13:00 PM
Sage Sweetwater's Biker Chronicles Now in Film Adaptation - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater is currently adapting The Biker Chronicles to Film. The Film has been moved up to top slot. It is timely. The title has been changed f...
7/27/2011 3:01:00 PM
Sage Sweetwater's Venture Capitalists Investing in RoadKill Heart & Dominga - Sage Sweetwater
Venture Capitalists who invest in intellectual properties and private parties will be funding......
7/17/2011 11:35:00 AM
Sage Sweetwater's Lesbian Western Film Jett Durango Now in Pre-Production - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater's Jett Durango out of Development into Pre-Production with Director Wendy Crouse (DreamReal Pictures) ...
7/5/2011 10:32:00 AM
Jett Durango Heavily Based on Theology†: Filmmaker Pleased With TV Episode - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater has finished her Lesbian Western TV Episode titled "The Resurrection" based on the Powder River Jesus† theme....
6/30/2011 5:14:00 PM
Wyoming Location For Sage Sweetwater's Jett Durango - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater's Lesbian Western Feature Film Jett Durango will also be filming scenes in beautiful Wyoming on a 200-acre ranch......
6/24/2011 9:19:00 AM
Director Wendy Approves Sage Sweetwater Jett Durango TV Series Unique Prop! - Sage Sweetwater
...Sage Sweetwater located an Old West amusement for her Lesbian Western TV Series Jett Durango. This Wheel of Life has a special structure with one c...
6/22/2011 4:43:00 AM
Photo New Publisher: Summer Loving - Peter Rosier
My self-published work "Summer Loving by Lydia" has now been accepted by Renaissance ebooks as a 'Sizzler' edition....
6/21/2011 9:12:00 PM
Photo The Silurian's 22 FIVE STAR reviews - L.A. Wilson
Five Star reviews has now jumped to 22 on alone...
6/19/2011 9:47:00 PM
Photo Director Wendy Crouse Finds Montana Filming Location For Jett Durango Scene - Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater's Film Director Wendy Crouse chooses Big Horn Montana......
6/17/2011 8:06:00 AM
Why the Wives are High: Polygamy, Cannabis and Print Rollers - Sage Sweetwater
Four women who stir controversy with a gold spoon and read the Bible like a gold miner at the entrance of the tunnel! Inhale and enjoy! ...
5/20/2011 6:20:00 PM
Sage Sweetwater's Bull Semen For the Bull Riding Industry - Sage Sweetwater
Fostering the birth of Rodeo Bulls! Building the foundation for the Bull Riding Industry including Gay Rodeo!...
5/17/2011 9:53:00 PM
Photo Director Wendy Crouse Stumbles onto Jett Durango's Printing Press! - Sage Sweetwater
A message from the Powder River Jesus! Ride for the Powder River Hymnals! It's a Miracle! Something you don't see everyday. This is THE printing pre...
4/29/2011 2:48:00 PM
Photo Sage Sweetwater's Director Wendy Crouse Chooses Jett Durango's Pistol! - Sage Sweetwater
You heard it on Authors Den!...
4/25/2011 8:54:00 AM
If You Like My Stories- Check Out Burning Cotton - Blue Sleighty
Excerpt from new story, Burning Cotton. You know what you like. I changed it. Go for it!...

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Featured Book
Look Away Silence
by Edward Patterson

Martin Powers wanted an ironing board for Christmas. Instead, he got . . . Matthew Kieler, a non-returnable gift, but a gift that kept on giving...  
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Featured Book
Stone Creek Woman
by Sage Sweetwater

In honor of the Sacajawea dollar coin, Stone Creek Woman represents feminist frontiers..  
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Featured Book
Surviving an American Gulag
by Edward Patterson

In the days before Don't Ask! Don't Tell, the military had a way to marginalize undesirables. Welcome to the Gulag...  
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Singing Her Alive
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A story of taboo love, set in two timelines, about 3 generations of women; one with a shocking secret...  
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