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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Life In A Pressure Cooker/Look What's Inside
by Jerry Hulse

This book helps one to understand and better cope with the pressures of life that every one of us faces on a daily basis. God wants to produce character in his children a..  
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Featured Book
Glimpse OF An Angel
by J. Allen Wilson

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A Slice Of Life
by John Domino

True inspirational stories about life by fifteen authors who live at "The Landings" in Ft. Myers, Florida...  
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3/31/2011 12:05:00 PM
My Books are Published!! - Cindy Tuttle
So excited! Check them out....
3/31/2011 9:37:00 AM
Finding the Strength to Say Goodbye - Sylvia L Ramsey
This was the hardest part of the journey. Even when I read what I had written after was posted, I felt the loss I felt that night overcome me, and my...
3/28/2011 12:36:00 PM
Institute for Daily Living - Carol H. Hope
On the Solid Rock I Stand– March 27, 2011 We are demonstrating the abundant life here at the Institute for Daily Living This is because we...
3/28/2011 12:28:00 AM
Discover Your Leadership Style is now out in all major bookstores! - Mark Chew
Can you really discover what your leadership style is? Mark Chew says "Yes you can!"...
3/26/2011 6:14:00 AM
Devotional for the Soul - Cindy Tuttle
If you or a loved one would like a daily devotional geared towards their specific needs, please let me know....
3/23/2011 4:29:00 PM
Short Story Contest Call for Entry - Do (or Don't) Let This Happen to You - Elaine Smith
This is a competition designed to feature the writer’s personal experience in a maximum 4,000 word short story. There is no cost to enter....
3/22/2011 6:29:00 AM
Institute for Daily Living - Carol H. Hope
Institute for Daily Living- Newsletter for the week of March 20, 2011 ~ Carol Hope, Editor/ Minister/ Educator/Author Dear...
3/21/2011 10:40:00 AM
Photo Make It Today - Clarence Prince
This is to all Christians and my friends in Christ. Furthermore it is an invitation to all non-Christians to seek Christ for the saving of their souls...
3/19/2011 6:45:00 AM
Photo Empowering You In Pursuit of Personal Success and Fulfillment - Terrance Bell
PRESS RELEASE: Author/Industrialist Terrance Bell, was recently considered an 'expert' in the field of self-growth and inspiration. He joins a s...
3/12/2011 2:09:00 PM
Von Kanel Interviews for Story - Danny R. Von Kanel
Today, March 12th, Danny Von Kanel was casually interview over lunch by Teena Myers of and her husband. ...
3/8/2011 10:41:00 AM
Photo We are Representitives - Vincent Tnegana Marino
We are all agents of what we truly believe, and we represent the light or the gray as we gather stones to build a house. May we focus on one thin...
3/7/2011 8:25:00 AM
Institute for Daily Living - Carol H. Hope
We are living the abundant life here at the Institute for Daily Living because we are practicing those skills and habits that create harmony, balance...
3/5/2011 7:40:00 PM
Awakening the Genie Within Review - Bettye Johnson
Bettye shares a portion of her journey in life. ...
3/3/2011 1:21:00 AM
Interview with Pray What God Says Author - Christine Brooks Martin
Podcast on Sporting the Right Attitude...
3/1/2011 3:36:00 PM
Indtitute for Daily Living - Newsletter - Carol H. Hope
The Institute for daily living is dedicated to building a community of people who support each other in the development of those skills and habits tha...
2/26/2011 9:04:00 AM
New Ministry Same Vision - Cindy Tuttle
I am so excited about this!!...
2/3/2011 11:18:00 AM
Spirit Drenched Ministry Article to be Published - Danny R. Von Kanel
Von Kanel's article, Spirit Drenched Ministry has been accepted for publication by Ministry & Liturgy Magazine....
2/3/2011 11:18:00 AM
Spirit Drenched Ministry Article to be Published - Danny R. Von Kanel
Von Kanel's article, Spirit Drenched Ministry has been accepted for publication by Ministry & Liturgy Magazine....
1/29/2011 11:25:00 PM
Enter a Contest to Win a Copy of my Book! - Cindy Tuttle
On Big Blend Magazine they are having a contest to give away my book....
1/22/2011 1:14:00 PM
Christian Author Pens a Smorgasbord of Articles - Danny R. Von Kanel
Christian author, Danny R. Von Kanel has recently penned a variety of articles for publication. They are a cross section of articles geared to senior ...
1/17/2011 9:12:00 AM
Bob Dukot, WMUZ Detroit interviews Robert Davis - Robert Leon Davis
Detroit's number one news station interviews Author Robert Davis on his newly released book called "Running Scared."...
12/23/2010 6:13:00 PM
Your Path to Success Telesummit Free - Sheri K Hoff
Life Coach and Author, Sheri Kaye Hoff is hosting the Your Path to Success Telesummit: ...
12/22/2010 8:37:00 AM
Article accepted by Vista - Danny R. Von Kanel
Von Kanel's article accepted by Vista Magazine for publication....
12/17/2010 9:09:00 AM
Area Code 165 - Ernestine Burke
Area Code 165 is the place that everyone wants to be, but no one had directions to. You can't find it in any telephone directory in the US or Canada....
12/13/2010 3:40:00 PM
Blondie Clayton Shares Excerpts From Her Book There In the Midst . . . - Blondie Clayton
Sexual Abuse spills over into your adult relationships and too often those dots aren't connected until later in life....
12/5/2010 6:30:00 AM
10,000 reviews.!! - Amber V Moonstone
Wow, I just realized I have reached an amazing milestone......
12/4/2010 3:49:00 PM
Dreams for Kids Toy Drive - Tom Tuohy
21st Annual Dreams for Kids Holiday for Hope toy drive...
12/1/2010 9:19:00 PM
Freedom Zone! - Ernestine Burke
The Freedom Zone is the blog extension of AreaCode 165. This blog was created to expand on topics discussed on AC165 as well as give a voice to the pu...
11/30/2010 4:18:00 PM
Listen to Kathy's interview on Interfaith Radio, PBS religion news magazine - Kathleen Deyer Bolduc
Autism and Alleluias Begins at 22 min 30 sec Kathy Bolduc’s son has autism, a social disorder that makes it hard for him to relate t...
11/24/2010 1:07:00 PM
Press Release - Lami S Abayilo
The Secret to a Success-Filled Life Revealed in New Xulon Title Learn how to experience a total transformation in every way ...
11/18/2010 6:38:00 AM
Beginning of Life Heartfelt Poetry Blog - Chanetta D McNeal
Beginning of Life Heartfelt Poetry Blog...
11/17/2010 9:10:00 AM
Blondie L. Clayton Hosts More Upcoming Authors' Interviews - Blondie Clayton
Self Published Authors Speaking to Promote Books...
11/12/2010 2:25:00 PM
Von Kanel's Article Accepted by The Lookout Magazine - Danny R. Von Kanel
Von Kanel's article, Trail Blazing (Forging a Path for Kids to Follow) will be published in Lookout Magazine of Standard Publishing. It will appear in...
11/11/2010 8:28:00 AM
Voice of Joy! - Cindy Tuttle
Info. about my new adventure!...
11/10/2010 7:22:00 PM
Heavenly Humor for the Cat Lover's Soul - Debra Elliott
Barbour Books Heavenly Humor for the Cat Lover's Soul accepted 4 of my devotionals. Need a good laugh? Who doesn’t? Find mirth and spiritual ...
11/10/2010 7:19:00 PM
Personal Essay to be Published - Debra Elliott
The Faded Brown Leather Purse will be featured in the anthology HURRAY GOD! This essay is about my relationship with my alcholoic mother....
11/8/2010 8:59:00 PM
2010 Christmas Drive - Shanna Stroud
Taken donations for families....
11/4/2010 10:49:00 AM
Von Kanel Speaks at Merry Hearts - Danny R. Von Kanel
Christian writer, Danny R. Von Kanel, will speak at the Merry Hearts in January....
11/1/2010 11:10:00 AM
Mommy Let Me Live-The Book - LaKisha Chapman
10/31/2010 7:52:00 AM
Max 94.1, Hour of Power Show interviews Robert Davis - Robert Leon Davis
Louisiana's highly rated radio program called "Hour of Power" sits down with a one on one personal conversation with Author Robert Leon Davis...
10/29/2010 2:28:00 PM
Contest! - Cindy Tuttle
New Contest!...
10/23/2010 4:38:00 PM
Stewardship book available for Nook ereader - Christopher Sealey
Christian author and speaker, Christopher Sealey's exciting book on the promises in the Bible related to Christian stewardship is now available in eb...
10/22/2010 2:20:00 PM
Dog Saying Grace - Blondie Clayton
Train up a dog in the way he should go and when he shows it you can be proud...
10/21/2010 9:34:00 AM
Sexual Abuse Stories: Blondie Disc usses Chapter 13 of Her Book - Blondie Clayton
Sexual abuse can affect academic performance and memory. A look at how Blondie Clayton overcame her giants...
10/16/2010 9:24:00 PM
You Can Pre-Order My New Book Finding the Light of Jesus - Cindy Tuttle
My book is out!!!...
10/16/2010 4:19:00 PM
Victorious Affirmations for Women - Tiffany R Easley
Coming Soon...Victorious Affirmations for Women, stay connected to learn how to get your copy!...
10/8/2010 4:00:00 AM
Author on Committed Entrepreneur Awards - Lorraine Mignault
Experience positive living with Lorraine Mignault,inventor and "green" author of Die Healthy: Pursuing the Dream of Wellness and Longevity featured on...
10/7/2010 9:18:00 AM
Photo Destiny's Closet - Circle of Friends Is Published - Becky DeWitt
The second book in the Destiny's Closet series is published and available at
10/6/2010 8:39:00 AM
new video - Minister Susan K (Bimes)Moll
hope you like it...
10/6/2010 2:02:00 AM
Photo Dangerous Book Worms? - John Michael Domino
The contents of this information were provided by a friend, Dr. A.J. Rubano ...
10/5/2010 7:19:00 PM
Join in the Dance of Life! - Cindy Tuttle
My new book is out!!!...
9/27/2010 5:37:00 PM
Buy My Books Slide - Joyce White
Sculpting the Heart website, ...
9/16/2010 1:40:00 PM
Press Release For Finding the Light of Jesus - Cindy Tuttle
This is my press release for my new book. Video of my reading a small portion of book on
9/16/2010 9:30:00 AM
Photo Prairie Spirit: A Bond Unbroken - Shannon Rouchelle
On the night of his journey into manhood, Colton Falcon’s destiny is revealed through his grandfather. He sees a beautiful dark-haired woman standing ...
9/14/2010 11:48:00 AM
There is a New On Line Christian Talent Show! - Cindy Tuttle
This is a great talent show!...
9/1/2010 4:26:00 AM
Widows and Orphans Night - Dec. 10 - Pastor Gabriel N Agbo
Party for the widow and orphans at the Assemblies of God Church, Amechi, Enugu....
8/22/2010 2:05:00 PM
Looking for Endorsers and Reviewers! - Cindy Tuttle
I have a new book coming out and I need people who would like to review it....
8/11/2010 6:20:00 AM
Rejected for A Purpose to be released September 1 - O J Toks
Release of O.J. Toks' latest book, Rejected for a Purpose....
8/7/2010 2:18:00 PM
GREAT NEWS!!! - Steve R Orr
My novel "Spending Christmas in Glory" is now available on the following websites, Amazon, Borders, and BiggerBooks. Hurry to be the first to pick up ...
8/5/2010 12:00:00 PM
Articles from Von Kanel in 2010/2011 - Danny R. Von Kanel
Von Kanel Pens Articles for Publication on Death, Prayer, and Youth...
7/31/2010 10:35:00 PM
Submit Your Poetry for Live Performance - Don Baird
This is a mixed genre event of music, poetry and art. It's a fantastic concept and has much audience appeal. There is a Saturday evening performance...
7/26/2010 6:05:00 PM
Posted a book trailer/video on Amazon - Catherine E. Johnson
Born To Return The Gift Synopsis Struggles of depression with PTSD provoke denial. Self medication with alcohol doesn't deter reflections. Homele...
7/23/2010 1:44:00 AM
Photo Author's Den as Online Bardic College? - Ian Irvine (Hobson)
In redesigning my site in coming months I intend to emphasise the 'cultural context' to innovative, original writing in a contemporary setting....
7/17/2010 5:53:00 PM
New Article by Von Kanel Accepted for Publication - Danny R. Von Kanel
Mature Living has accepted article by Von Kanel...
7/17/2010 5:45:00 PM
Just Suppose ... Grace is out - Danny R. Von Kanel
Danny's reading, Just Suppose ... Grace is out....
7/13/2010 9:17:00 PM
The Summer Success Summit hosted by Life Coach and Author Sheri Kaye Hoff - Sheri K Hoff
Discover, Create and Live Your OWN Path to Success Telesummit Featuring Ten Top Success Experts ...
7/11/2010 12:33:00 PM
Popular Advice Column Premieres as Interactive Website - Thelemaque Publishing
Join thousands of readers on the Internet to get sound, provocative, and insightful advice by wise women from three generations....
7/9/2010 8:18:00 AM
Face Lift - simone f faith
This book will inspire and uplift,this book will have you getting back on track to fullfilling all your dreams....
7/7/2010 12:27:00 PM
Florida Book News of Author Daya Devi-Doolin - Daya D Doolin
Two latest books by Daya Devi-Doolin have both won 2009 and 2010 NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards and one from EDC Literary Creations Award. Two...
6/22/2010 9:19:00 AM
Living with Victory After Past Mistakes - Louise Bannerman, CC
Now available in e-book....
6/21/2010 6:04:00 AM
Photo Julita's Sands: A Memoir - Emily Placido
Julita’s Sands: A Memoir reads like a novel, told with brutal honesty and rib-tickling humor as the author takes us on a thrill ride through tunne...
6/5/2010 7:07:00 PM
Press Release - Steven Redhead
Poor economic outlook boost interest in the Laws of Attraction Products...
6/5/2010 6:58:00 PM
New Inspirational Video Release - Steven Redhead
The Solution - How to Create a Life Worth Living The recent release of the-book version of 'The Solution' is now available to compliment the ...
5/29/2010 6:37:00 AM
Photo Benjamin Franklin Award-Silver - Linda Settles
Redeeming Our Treasures will proudly wear the Benjamin Franklin Award silver sticker!...
5/25/2010 7:18:00 PM
MS 'blessing' for spiritual woman - Suzie Palmer
Article in newspaper May 09...
5/24/2010 9:07:00 AM
Photo Teacher Appreciation - William F Heffner
Thank God For Teachers!...
5/23/2010 6:44:00 PM
Photo A Portrait Of His Love - Inspire Hope
This is really a update. A portrait Of His love is now being published, and will soon be in book stores! This book will catapult you to your place of ...
5/11/2010 6:38:00 PM
My Novel is Completed! - Cindy Tuttle
I am showing you the first chapter of my novel.If you know of any publisher who might be interested, please let me know. It's called Cathy's Secret....
5/11/2010 2:14:00 PM
EBook The Perfect Place is ready and available! - Elaine Smith
My novella, The Perfect Place, is now available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle for PC, Smashwords and my website. ...
5/10/2010 12:03:00 PM
My Poem is Going to be Published! - Cindy Tuttle
One of my poems is going to be published in a magazine....
5/3/2010 9:46:00 AM
Feature Book of the Month -- May 2010 - Christian Nseka
The Messiahship of the Lord featured as the book of the month....
4/21/2010 3:52:00 PM
Photo What I saw During Hurricane Ivan - Stanley E Alston
St Augustine, Florida...
4/1/2010 4:53:00 PM
Photo Artist In Accident - Stanley E Alston
Near fatal accident with 18 wheeler, lives to tell the story and to walk away....
3/30/2010 6:26:00 PM
Photo Book Release: April 26, 2010 - Janet Willis
"In Every Season...There Is God" official release date, April 26, 2010...
3/28/2010 12:17:00 PM
Photo Jill's Poem Slated for Part of Permanent BP Memorial Plaque in Texas City - Jill Eisnaugle
Plans were unveiled in Houston on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 -- at the 5 year remembrance of the Texas City BP refinery explosion -- for Jill's poem "Fi...
3/16/2010 3:07:00 AM
Coming to Pompton Plains, New Jersey - John DeDakis
Veteran CNN Journalist to speak at 2nd Annual Cedar Crest Prayer Breakfast...
3/8/2010 4:37:00 AM
June 2010 Release | The Day My Soul Cried - Yvonne N Pierre
Yvonne Pierre's journey from the depths of despair to an awakening of soul and spirit, has been a long and difficult one. ...
2/28/2010 7:17:00 PM
A Little Help Needed... - Sandra Carrington-Smith
Will you help me share my news?...
2/27/2010 10:44:00 AM
Free Your Path to Success Telesummit - Sheri K Hoff
Free Your Path to Success: Jump Start the Joy in Your Life Telesummit. March 8 – March 19, 2010. Discover, Create and Live Your OWN Path to Success wi...
2/13/2010 7:25:00 PM
Rising Star Award - Cindy Tuttle
I was given an award on Associated Content. Yea!...
2/7/2010 12:43:00 AM
Photo Come Lend a Hand: The Haiti Earthquake song - lili dauphin
Come Lend a Hand was written for Haiti....
2/5/2010 4:57:00 PM
Amazon Ranking of Joyful Surrender - Cindy Tuttle
Looked at my amazon ranking today and was surprised....
2/2/2010 5:43:00 PM
Photo New Orleans Saints - William F Heffner
Keeping The Faith!...
1/15/2010 12:47:00 PM
From Zero to Christian in Just 35 Years Wins Bronze Award! - Lori A. Moore
Author Lori A. Moore's first books wins award. ...
1/12/2010 6:32:00 PM
New Poetry Book released for sale Nov. 28.2009 - Emma L Willey
This book is a collection of poems and a few other articles written by a woman who is now 89 but some of the poems were written long ago as she raised...
1/12/2010 12:51:00 PM
Photo My book; Miracles from God goes to Hollywood - Robert B Blackmer
This is a true heart warming story of Barbara and the Miracles God provided for her. Her hopes, dreams, and ambitions came true as she set little goa...
1/11/2010 1:29:00 PM
Author and Life Coach Sheri Kaye Hoff Offers free class - Sheri K Hoff
Enjoy a FREE 1 hr teleclass Learn How to Jump Start the Joy in Your Life and Create Your Path to Success. Get rid of limiting beliefs that block succe...
1/9/2010 7:16:00 AM
Book Signing - Lorelei Books - Richelle M Putnam
Richelle signs copies of "A Cup of Comfort for Christmas Prayer"...
1/9/2010 7:06:00 AM
Book Signing and Writing Workshop - Richelle M Putnam
Richelle facilitates workshop and signs copies of A Cup of Comfort for Christmas Prayer...
1/4/2010 10:23:00 AM
LIfe Coach and Author Sheri Kaye Hoff Interviews Dr. Dean Shrock - Sheri K Hoff
Life Coach and Author Sheri Kaye Hoff's Free Interview with the Experts Series resumes Jan 14, Noon EST Meet Guest Expert Dr. Dean Shrock author of th...

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Featured Book
Marie's Story
by Nora Ryan

Set amidst the sweeping landscape of rural Haiti, Marie’s Story chronicles the life and adventures of Marie and her brother Gustaf. Orphaned after their mother dies from..  
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Featured Book
Children's Stories Volume 2
by Janice Scott

This second volume of short stories is again suitable for children and adults, since the stories can be read at more than one level. ..  
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Featured Book
The Unbelievers in the Age of Darwinolutionism
by Thomas Lovett

Synopsis This story is both fantasy and mysticism and based on Truth. It tells of God’s love working in the lives of ordinary obedient people, in a futuristic romant..  
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Featured Book
Life In A Pressure Cooker/Look What's Inside
by Jerry Hulse

This book helps one to understand and better cope with the pressures of life that every one of us faces on a daily basis. God wants to produce character in his children a..  
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