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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The House of Stones
by Carole Holt

The Earth tired of being ripped apart by humans which are killing many of the other life forms on the planet by their actions and way of life. Call on one of the most pow..  
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Featured Book
The Lost Secret of Fairies
by Tiffany Turner

Do you believe in fairies? Go on an adventure with Wanda who finds the answer is more than seeing fairies. It is how you believe in yourself...  
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Featured Book
Heartstone: Sentinels of Far Sun
by Karl Morgan

An earthquake unleashes unworldly forces on Bill Marshall's farm. Now he must join with the Sentinels to find out why and stop the destruction of Earth...  
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All Fantasy Short Stories

25 Most Recent Fantasy Short Stories

3 Books were Nominated for the 2008 Pluto Award by Brian Pratt Yellow30 SciFi, an independant book reviewer...
A Cougars Tale! by Rebecca Shepherd by Rebecca Shepherd
Epiphany is almost 500 years old though she doesn't look a year over 40. She was a statuesque and memorable woman with brown eyes that looked unreal and a bone structure that spoke of ancient roots her hair was that crinkly and wavy kind that swung to the middle of her back. Antonio wasn't surpris..
A Breath of Wind by Dennis Coleman
A man is held captive by an all-powerful being. How do you defeat someone who can do anything and everything?..
A Bust of Gold ll by Richard Kallao
A Catch For Marizza by Vasilis Afxentiou
Mythology based on the Cabeiri, group of minor deities of Greek origin...
A Christmas Memory by Lulu Tesha
There times you wish you had certain memories of a certain someone in ur life but it's just too late to have them....all you end up doing is imagining.....
A Climb Up A Mountain: A Sketch by Charles O'Connor III
In my dream I climbed up a mountain only to unearth my worst nightmare...
A Construct of Angels by Andrew Toynbee
After accidentally triggering the spontaneous resurrection of a dead student, an ordinarily routine day for York-based paramedic Sara Finn erupts into a series of events that propel her on a terrifying journey, promising to forever change her pragmatic opinions of life and death. Still haun..
A Curious World by Katie Gabrielle
A curious spin on Alice in wonderland. ..
A Different Point of View by JoAnna Drelleshak
She sat, quietly watching the flower fairies open the early morning flowers. There was no rush to their work, no sense of distress. They exuded from their very beings the total confidence that everything would go as planned. What would it be like to go through life with only the worries of how m..
A Dragonís Tale by Scott Harper
First-person account by a dragon of how he and a friend survive after nearly being slain by a misguided knight...
A Dream Come True by Lee Garrett
A magical girl appears!..
A Fairy Lesson by Marc(Marciano) Phoenix(Weber)
I was challenged to write a short story containing 55 words...
A fairy tale for adults. by Jack Kuperman
I hope this never happen to you ..
A Festival of Reckoning by M Stidmon
The Green Knight is sent to deal with a corrupt Bishop...
A Fight for Possession - Body and Soul by David Burrows
Hannon's luck at finding a kara-stone is about to run out. His hunch that he is being followed proves true and disaster awaits.....
A Fool's Journey, Chapter 1: Searching... by Wes Cloven
This is the start of a story following a mans self discover, his journeys through other worlds, and the evil trying to stop him. A story of magic and discovery...
A Foot above the Rest by Richard Kallao
A Friend Indeed is no Friend in Need by Richard Kallao
Read excerpt from A Frog's Life A Frog's Life by Maria Lin
A humble tree frog must go up against the horrid Flame Spike the Red to save his kingdom...
A Fur goes to his fate by Matthew Ulmen
(for those of you who dont know what a fur/furry is it is someone who believes in mans connection with the earth and animals to the point of man being able to have an animal spirit in the to help them through life. This is seen through the eyes of someone who is a human with Furry beliefs who tries ..
A Game of Chance by Katie Gabrielle
Life is a game of chance. The winners are the luck of the draw.....
A Ghostly Agreement by Richard Kallao
A Gift of Butterflies - Prologue by David Toft
Just a taster...
A Goblin's Victory by peter butterworth
Hey, the goblins had feeling. they had spouses and families and a live - more or less. why shouldn't goblins have the taste of victory. at least one goblin does in this short story...
A Goddess Awakens - chapter 3 by Jeanne Owens
Chapter 3 of a book I'm working on. I would appreciate feedback. Also, I may or may not post more later. -Revised-..
A Goddess Awakens - Chapter 10 by Jeanne Owens
Chapter 11 of my new book Feedback is appreciated..
A Goddess Awakens - Chapter 11 by Jeanne Owens
Chapter 11 of a book I'm working on feedback is appreciated..
A Goddess Awakens - Chapter 12 by Jeanne Owens
Chapter 12 of my newest book Feedback is appreciated..
A Goddess Awakens - Chapter 2 by Jeanne Owens
Chapter 2 of a new fantasy book idea I have. Feedback is greatly appreciated. -Revised-..
A Goddess Awakens - Chapter 7 by Jeanne Owens
Chapter 7 of a book I'm working on..
A Goddess Awakens - Chapter 8 by Jeanne Owens
Chapter 8 of a book I'm working on. Feedback is appreciated...
A Goddess Awakens - Chapter 9 by Jeanne Owens
Chapter 9 of a book I'm working on. Feedback is appreciated..
BASE-Jumping Gargoyle by Brian Barnett
A gargoyle believes he can BASE jump like the man with the parachute. ..
Bay by Robin Ouzman Hislop
Quite an assortment of images & archetypes in this one, written in my distant past, sweet & sour humour, hope it amuses...
Beat the Drum Softly by Richard Kallao
Beauty and Circumstances by Cynthia Van Auken
What would happen if you pulled an imp from a well? Would he bless or curse you? From my book, "Adder's Bite: The Prince"..
A Goddess Awakens - prologue & chapter 1 by Jeanne Owens
This is the beginning of a new fantasy book i'm working on, in which a young woman is to be the avatar for the goddess of destruction, and a priest is sent to kill her before the goddess can be reborn. Only at this point she doesn't know it yet. Please tell me what you think of this so far. ..
A Goddess Awakens Chapter 14 by Jeanne Owens
Chapter 14 of my newest book. Feeback is appreciated..
A Goddess Awakens chapter 4 by Jeanne Owens
chapter 4 of my newest in-the-works fantasy novel -Revised-..
A Goddess Awakens chapter 5 by Jeanne Owens
chapter 5. -Revised-..
A Goddess Awakens Chapter 6 by Jeanne Owens
Chapter 6 of a the book I'm working on. I'd appreciate any feedback you might have on it. -Revised-..
A Goddess Awakens: Chapter 13 by Jeanne Owens
Chapter 13 of my newest book. Feedback is appreciated..
A Helping Hand for the Mentally Confused by Joe McCarthy
Part Three - a continuation of "The Re-Creation of a Therapy Patient"..
A Hero's Purpose (Chapter 1: A Walk Inside) by Christian Dickens
A Hero's Purpose is the quest of our main hero in A Truth in Non Existence...
A Hole in Never Never Land by Richard Kallao
A Hole to Deep by Richard Kallao
A Horse of Another Color by James McClelland
DIV>FONT face=Arial size=2>BR> P class=MsoNormal>FONT size=4>FONT face="Times New Roman">     “Papa, come see my new sister," Lightning shouted breathlessly as he galloped up to meet his father.  “You’re not going to believe this!”/FONT>/FONT>FO..
Read excerpt from A Knight's True Duty A Knight's True Duty by Wesley Lowe
A short story that takes place before the events in "The Griffin's Gauntlet." It is about a young man's odyssey to learn what it is to be a true knight...
A Last Teardrop for Us by Richard Kallao
original ..
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Fantasy Stories
1. I am currently at an impasse on book five
2. FREE AudioBook Fantasy Short Story
3. The Phantom Library
4. Faux Companion
5. Kingdoms All part part 11:Brothers and Sis
6. Destiny's Kiss
7. Reality Becoming...
8. Depth Charges part l
9. So Juicy
10. Run Rot
11. Lover's Hands Part 1
12. Kingdoms All part 17:Queen of This Land h
13. V:My Version,the original V that is .
14. Games of the Gods
15. Where Angels Dare,Devils Already Are ll
16. The Last Sunset on Gilligan's Island
17. An Adventure in my own Back Yard.
18. In Memory of the S,S, Minnow ,
19. Star Clash
20. Kingdoms All part 23:Little Girl Lost

Featured Book
Ni'il, The Awakening
by James Boyle

Award-winning finalist 2010 Indie Excellence Awards for horror fiction. Award winning finalist 2010 Independent Publishers Book Awards (IPPY) for horror fiction...  
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Featured Book
The Wolf's Torment
by S Cardin

In this spine-tingling novel, the crown prince of Moldavia must fight demons that haunt his family and his country when a werewolf bites his best friend...  
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