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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Noddy in Wonderland
by Paddy Bostock

Will wonders never cease?..  
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Featured Book
The Ballad of the Bard Book One
by Peter Jessop

These are the strange and unusual tales of a wandering bard through a fantastical kingdom...  
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Featured Book
Escape From The Dark Queen
by Paul Day

After rescuing the lost fairies, Lily must escape the Queen's dungeons, defeat Denheroth and defeat the Dark Queen before she destroys the Kingdom of Fairies...  
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All Fantasy Short Stories

25 Most Recent Fantasy Short Stories

Read excerpt from Mistake Mistake by Ken Decoteau
A newly spawned vampire makes a mistake which only leads him towards more trouble...
Misty Heavens by Richard Kallao
Misty part ll by Richard Kallao
Mizlock Starts His Journey (Taken from the novel SONG OF THE UNICORN) by Paul Ward
A Tale of Landfall ..
Monday Morning Traffic by Annie Taylor
This is a short piece I wrote while catching the bus to work one morning...
Monkey Flap by Richard Kallao
i didnt know hot to label this one so drama was the best i could do.... original..
Moon Counting by J.A. Aarntzen
Starshot and his mother were two of millions of asteroids that circled the sun between the planets of Mars and Jupiter. Like the rest of the meteorites, they enjoyed the game of counting Jupiter's moons as they became visible. It was an idyllic life until a predatory comet broke Starshot and his ..
Mordiana and the Sorcerer's Secret by Jane St Clair
A Fairy Tale Contest! You had one weekend to write a 2500-word fairy tale with a credit card in it. Some of the other 30 prompts were a drama/doll;horror/rest stop; comedy/emergency room, and ghost story/therapist. SAD but true, this is the writer's idea of a good time. ..
Mork and Mindy: Quality of Life by Richard Kallao
original res in peace Robin Williams..
Mork and Mindy: Quality of Life part ll: Have Mercy by Richard Kallao
Mork:A Blast from the Past :A Tribute ............ by Richard Kallao
original goodbye Robin Williams rest in peace my blessing and prayers are with you and your family ...
MorningSong by R.A. Knowlton
The Roman Empire has spread it dominion across a vast area. Now a warrior Queen stands up to challenge them for control. Meanwhile a peace loving people carry on their daily lives. In time these three groups will play out a story that will come to be known as MorningSong. ..
Morphieus by Richard Kallao
just a thought i had..
Morris, the Spider, A New York Story by Venera Di Bella Barles
Morris, the Spider, A New York Story..
Read excerpt from Mr. Bread Mr. Bread by Patrick Kim
A short story about an old man who does not know what to do with his wealth...
Mr. Coco-Nut by Michael Hogan
Adrift at sea, a young man washes ashore in a tiny island group and discovers the resident coconuts offer an unusual bounty...
Mrs. Snoop and Her neighbors by cp backer
Marital suspicions, love, revenge, etc..
Muldoon 1 : Another Dimension by Lana Adams
This is but a taste of the book, which will become available soon in e-books format. Let me know what you think ... Please use English South Africa if you think there are many spelling errors...
Mussings of an old Wizzard by Alexandra Riera
MUTATION: Release Me by Jonathan Montgomery
Jonathan is convinced to come out to a new dance club in town, where he meets a girl who falls victim to an unseen force. But she turns up again later that night, a pale hue, at his doorstep...
MY ,MY,MY by Richard Kallao
My Alien Contact story -First Contact part 2:Body Movement by Richard Kallao
My Alien Contact story -First Contact part 3:Just between Us by Richard Kallao
My Bus Friend by Steve Rylor
It was just the kind of thing you’d expect to see at any bus depot in the middle of the night, in small town, USA. Especially a Greyhound bus depot. Their passenger facilities throughout the southwestern states of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona seem to be especially inadequate in terms of comfort or ..
My Cup is only Half Filled part 1 by Richard Kallao
My Fairy Tale :Don't take my Heart Away by Richard Kallao
My Fantasy Land by Richard Kallao
original,I'm putting my two cents in about fairy tales so bare with me here............
My Father's Son by Les Bill Gates
A strange encounter following a car accident leads to an unexpected reunion...
My Home Garden.Single Story Complete. by Richard Kallao
A small tribute to both The Incredible Shrinking Man and Honey I Shrunk The Kids ..................................
My Long Lasting Curse by k. weikel
Starfire was cursed young-- at age nine! She's been living a hard life for a long time, and then she meets Prince Robin-- and falls in love. Will she ever break the curse?..
My Love~ by Tony Nerone
A man and his fantasies!..
My Muse by Rea Fielden
How my muse returned... in her own time...
My name is ------- by Richard Kallao
My Story by Virginia Dilley
The life story of a Banshee that changed her role in life...
Native Tongue by Richard Kallao
Native Tongue 2 by Richard Kallao
Read excerpt from Nature's Bond Nature's Bond by Hubert Mullins
This was my second attempt at a short story. This tale is about a young man named Warwick and his befriended tigress Denjah. They are both orphans who are thrust into a living nightmare as their peaceful town is torn apart by outsiders...
Necrodancer by Susanne Bridenbaugh
A detective is drawn into the dark and seductive world of his suspect. *Under Consideration for short film by FMP, an independent production co...
Neiko of Higlah by A Amongst Others
The land of Higlah is full of ancient and enchanted tales this is but one...
Neptune's Treasure by Cherie Reich
It's summertime, and seventeen-year-old Aiden Jones hopes for some fun in the sun, but when he and his friend Josh meet up at McDonald's and discover that Aiden's dad is working there, his plans start to go down the drain. Times are tough, and Aiden believes that he should get a job to help out his ..
Never the Same by Paula Hopkins
A tale of a private erotic encounter which is unexpectedly both theraputic and life-changing..
Nevermore by Lori Lopez
A fairytale tribute to Princess Diana...
Needle's Doom by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
A young fellow from Mexico has a fantasy Website where he is developing legends and mythologies for his own fantasy world. He visited my little Website and left a request on my Guestbook - that I should write a legend/mythology story to become part of his site. Here is the result, somewhat of a depa..
Nevermore by George Anderson
Set in the magical dimension of 'Elsewhere', Nevermore is a 'quest' updated for today's hero...
Read excerpt from New England Gothic New England Gothic by SilverCeltic Moon
An excerpt from a story project I am working on. Let me know what you think...
Read excerpt from New South Dairy Colony 50 New South Dairy Colony 50 by Deborah Frontiera
This is a sample from the opening chapters of Deborah Frontiera's fantasy trilogy, The Chronicles of Henry Roach- Dairier: New South Dairy Colony 50..
new: untitled by Alilee Matthews
The very beginning of a new project I'm working on.... let me know what you think!! _______ I am on a stormy beach. Dark gray clouds swirl across a brilliant orange sky, my long hair and loose clothing is whipped about by strong salty winds. Purple lightening streaks down seve..
Nia and her Forest Friends by Kelly Wheeler
About the book: Nia, a Forest Fairy who lives in the Great Lakes Meadow, Nia has five very good friends who are elves and in the Meadow lives pixies, unicorns, wizards, witches and so much more magical beings. Everyday Nia and her elfish friends head off out to explore and embark on enchant..
Night Dance by Aubrie Dionne
Shasta is a cashier at a dead end job, living a loveless life in a creative and emotional slump. Everything changes when she follows the strange music outside her window at midnight and discovers the night dance, a dream walk where the participants dance to free their burdened souls. She reconnects ..
Night Obsessions by Aimee Stinson
Night Obsessions is a novel written by Aimee Stinson about friends going to Florida for their summer vacation. In Florida, they find more than they had planned...
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Fantasy Stories
1. An Unlikely Hero (full version)
2. Secrets in Sulsut - Episode I (full versio
3. The Phantom Library
4. FREE AudioBook Fantasy Short Story
5. Lover's Hands Part 1
6. So Juicy
7. Shadow's Daughter: Flight of the Fox
8. Elephants and Donkeys: A Fable for Our Ti
9. Faux Companion
10. OUTLANDER The Quarry
11. Games of the Gods
12. Of Witches and Wands - Nomadin Chapter Two
13. Outlander
14. Pea Pot
15. Surreal Dummy
16. Wishing Were
17. Depth Charges part l
18. Holes
19. Kingdoms All part 16:Only fools Rush In
20. Star Clash part 2 : Star Song

Featured Book
That Frigid Fargin Witch - Legend of Vanx Malic Book IV
by M. R. Mathias

The hoar witch and her forest full of malformed creatures await Vanx and his curious group of companions as they try to save the fairy folk and their magical Heart Tree f..  
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Featured Book
by Edward Patterson

Belmundus is Book One of The Farn Trilogy, an exciting fantasy epic for those who like to slip through the rabbit hole...  
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