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Sept 11, 2001
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Oh Zaperetta! the hilarious trilogy
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THE LITERARY REVIEW “... Be warned, Zapinette's gems of insouciant wit tend to become infectious. This wise-child's deceptively worldly innocence takes the ent..  
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Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics, Part III
by Jay Dubya

Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics, Part III is adult satirical literature that parodies thirteen famous short stories...  
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Idiots and Children
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25 Most Recent Humor Short Stories

How to buy a puppy for your child (8). by Jack Kuperman
How to buy a puppy for your child (9). by Jack Kuperman
Cousin #1..
How to deal with a teenager. by Jack Kuperman
1208 words..
How to Deal with Telephone Marketers by Edward Phillips
It works for me! [image:]..
How to eliminate all the debts quickly. by Jack Kuperman
Well, it is your life!..
How to explain The Law of Attraction by Jack Kuperman
You think hard and you get it - simple, isn't it?..
How to find the girl of your dreams. by Jack Kuperman
You want to find that girl who was in your dreams for the last year. ..
How to identify aliens. by Jack Kuperman
Sometimes you need to do it. Learn how...
How to iron jeans. by Jack Kuperman
If you don't know how to iron jeans, then think twice before you read this...
How to iron shoelaces. by Jack Kuperman
The ironed shoelaces are in need...
How To Look Like An Ass by Rodd Jokre
Thought up: 12.9.03 – 9:17am Written: 12.9.03 - 9:19 am #26..
How to make a Billion - it's EASY by David Kessler
How I came up with a brilliant money-making scheme that will also help my fellow writers...
How to make a good password by Jack Kuperman
312 words..
How to make a mud Bike: By an 8 yr.. old boy by Venita Ennis
This is just a short story about my eight year old boy who wanted a mud bike so he decided to make his own. Hope you get a laugh out of it...
How to make an almost perfect Perpetuum Mobile device. by Jack Kuperman
If you are looking for almost perfect Perpetuum Mobile, you should read further. Otherwise, I really don't know what have you to do here...
How to make sex. by Jack Kuperman
Sex is not always as we think it would be...
How to paint a window. by Jack Kuperman
856 words..
How To Pill A Cat by Stacy Mantle
I didn't write this - wish I did! And I really wish I knew who to give credit too! Enjoy, anyway! ..
How to prepare scrambled eggs (1). by Jack Kuperman
Did you think you know how to prepare an egg? Check out if your knowledge isn't outdated. ..
How to prepare scrambled eggs (2). by Jack Kuperman
The lesson number 2..
How to renovate home by Jack Kuperman
Renovation isn't just come and do. You have think a lot before you decide to go through it. ..
How to ride bicycle (1) by Jack Kuperman
It's just the beginning of this long friendship....
How to ride bicycle (2) by Jack Kuperman
Would you believe that it is part 2? ..
How to ride bicycle (3) by Jack Kuperman
the third and the last..
How to sell at customer's home by Jack Kuperman
559 words..
How to sew by Jack Kuperman
Is sewing an easy craft after all? Cam men learn it?..
How To Stop Arguments For Dummies by Katie Gabrielle
hope you get a laugh out of this short piece about how to turn the tables on braggers, idiots and trouble makers...all in fun of course! :) ..
How to succeed in business. by Jack Kuperman
That's EXACTLY what you'll learn here...
How to survive a snake bite. by Jack Kuperman
Snakes? Yes!!..
How to tell jokes. by Jack Kuperman
Telling jokes isn't that simple after all...
How to unsew. by Jack Kuperman
How to sew you already learned. Now you will discover the ways of unsewing. ..
Howling Wolf Prosperity by John Coppolella
"He who dies with the most toys wins." Malcolm Forbes..
The real story of Humpty Dumpty ..
Hunted by Laura Tolomei
A vicious predator brings bloody death to a peaceful village. On his hunt to stop the brutal killings, Kendryck will uncover truths best left hidden. ..
Hymn 365 - A Sermon on Temperance by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
A near short story by an anonymous author re: a sermon given by a minister on the topic of temperance..
I Am by Neal James
Waiting with all of the patience of a seasoned professional, he lurked at the bottom of the garden. Time was the ally, and the perfect opportunity was just at hand.......
I Am a Writer With ADHD by J.C. Reese
My writer brain sports the compimentary accessory of ADHD. I'm such a lucky girl. ..
I Am Barbie! Hear Me Roar! by Katie Gabrielle
Trying to create a human Barbie is like opening a Pandora's Box! It creates thoughts in womankind to be something larger than oneself! And this is the conflict between Barbie and Ken in this short piece. I hope you enjoy it... :) It is kind of a satire on feminism or more of a ..
I am Bugged by Shilpa Edward
Everyday incidents that annoys me n often makes me scream..
I Am Invisible by Chris Joker
I am invisible. O.K. not in the traditional “you can’t see me” sense of the word but more in the electronic devices can’t see me sense. ..
I am not a Catholic by Katy Walsvik
I am not a Catholic. My friend Mary is, though, and if it hadn't been for her living right next door to me and being a Catholic herself and teaching me the rules, I might have made a huge mistake in front of a nun, who is a Catholic. It was Mary who taught me that if I have 75 cents and s..
i cant think of what to call this...(intentional) by Lilly H
saposed to be humor..
I Didn't Write This! by Ronald Hull
It was just too hilarious to pass up. In 8th grade, my algebra teacher gave me an A+. I was immediately suspect, and have been ever since. Dedicated to Alex and Leland and for the benefit of Tinka and Susan...
I Dream of Genie: Moonshot Blunder by Richard Kallao
original,rest in peace Larry Hagman..
I got caught by George Thompson
Wrong time to open my mouth...
I had a Dream by Henry Custer
A humorous spoof of computer hell...
I just wanted to thank. by Jack Kuperman
The hardest thank you..
I met a Snail last night by Marcus Dino
That Snail had a lot to say but then it was only a dream or was it?..
I Got Dem Carousel Blues by Mac McConnell
As we sat delayed on the runway watching the landing/takeoff of the scheduled Blue Angels two thing occurred to me at that time. 1. Since the Blue Angels act was scheduled months in advance, how had this caught Delta, and air traffic control off guard? 2. Only a miracle would guarantee my connection..
I Missed the Boat by Walt Hardester
It's always something.......
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Humor Stories
1. Better Late Than Never. ...
2. Amber, the cat who opposed stir-fried brea
3. Got Another Based On Truth Story for you
4. Nude-Night-Naughty 6
5. A Man and His Dog
6. The Elephant
7. Celestine, the cat who helped Galileo...
8. Indigo, the cat who encouraged Christopher
9. Frou-Frou, the cat who supported the Frenc
10. Nude-Night-Naughty 8
11. Pride
12. Him, Her, Us
13. Molly and The Beast
14. Armina, the cat who invented canned dog-fo
15. The Zip
16. Wrong Route
17. Last Fare of the Day
18. Age Retirement What it means to me
19. Thunder-and-Lightening, the cat who comple
20. Nude-Night-Naughty10&11

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A Reader's Guide to Author's Jargon and Other Ravings from t
by Edward Patterson

A Reader's Guide to Author's Jargon: a cure for short attention spans..  
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Featured Book
Man's Unofficial Guide to the Use of His Garage
by Thomas Neviaser

This book is a humorous and informative guide to arranging a garage so as to transform it into a “Man's Castle”...  
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