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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Heaven Spent
by Janice Scott

The traditional and quiet lives of a retiring rector and his wife are shaken up when a new, young, lively curate comes along...  
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Featured Book
Down a Narrow Alley
by Alfred Garrotto

In this sequel to Circles of Stone (2003)...  
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Featured Book
Harmony and contrast, the female impact, book2
by Antoine Raphael

This is the second volume of the original work entitled Harmony and contrast, the female impact, book 1, recently published by  
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All Drama Short Stories

25 Most Recent Drama Short Stories

Esperanza's Diary - Part 6 by Virginia Tolles
The plot thickens...
Esperanza's Diary - Part 7 by Virginia Tolles
The saga continues...
Esperanza's Diary - Part 8 (Finale) by Virginia Tolles
Esperanza learns her lessons and begins again...
Eternity's Story. (Part Three) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Eternity Snyder and her family have been displaced by the recent spate of tornadoes that have struck the American Heartland; they are staying with relatives until their home can be rebuilt...
Eureka by Anne Carter
A father's love for his daughter reaches from beyond to repair her mother's love..
Event by Randall Barfield
EVER DECREASING CIRCLES. by kate appleyard
Long before it started Harry knew something dreadful; something vastly horrific was going to happen. He had no way of identifying it, but his gut feelings never betrayed him. The youngsters unwillingly carrying him stopped squirming, aware that all around the putrid air smelled of danger. Death..
Everybody Playz tha Fool - Episode 1 by RM Green
I am trying my hand at writing a weekly urban soap opera, 'EVERYBODY PLAYZ THA FOOL'. All comments are welcome. I hope you enjoy!..
Everybody Playz Tha Fool - Episode 2 by RM Green
This is Episode 2 of my original soap opera, EVERYBODY PLAYZ THA FOOL'. I welcome all comments, and I hope you enjoy the show! ..
Everybody Playz Tha Fool - Episode 3 by RM Green
This is a continuation of my orinal soap opera.... ..
Everybody Playz Tha Fool - Episode 4 by RM Green
Continuation of my original soap opera.....
This is Episode 5 of my original soap opera, currently showcased on
Everything and the Kitchen Sink by M Wallace
Sometimes, home renovations become deadly...
Read excerpt from Everything has its Price Everything has its Price by val salazar
You can't pick your Family...
Everything Will Be Okay...Corrie's Story, Part One by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A young teenaged girl copes with a devastating spinal injury that has left her paralyzed from the waist on down and relying on a wheelchair or crutches in order to get around...
Everything Will Be Okay...Part Two (Corrie's Story) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Corrie Winston, the young girl who is now a paraplegic, fills us in on how she is coping with her new disability...
A small piece of story which has immense potential as play and has evolving plots with narration and can be staged. Philosophy and a lot of improvisations, even greater scopes, if staged or read as a part of a book. " EVOLVING TRENDS AS ALWAYS" I would rather name it now and still would be sea..
experience divorce parents!!! by Laura Hernandez
how children get distracted by their parents fighting that disconsentrate in their studys. also from how the older sister leaves and why? also as how they next odlest girl take the responsiblity of the house...
Eyes Crusted Shut: A Kitten's Heartbreaking Story. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A team of veterinarians runs across a sad case involving a little kitten...
Eyes Crusted Shut: A Kitten's Heartbreaking Story. (Part Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
The little Ragdoll kitten who came to the veterinary practice is now blind for life, but is otherwise doing much better. The veterinarians in charge of the kitten's care are trying to find a home for it...
Face to Face by Dawn Anderson
Seventy two year old George is a quadriplegic, living in a convalescent home.....
Faceless (Chapter 1) by Corey Atherley
A young educated girl living in colonial Nigeria falls in love and marries a very secretive older man. But she unknowingly marries into a polygamous household structured under traditional, bizarre and oppressive customs...
Faceless Death by Mark Nosack
A police detective mourns the death of his only son. But the mourning is starting to control other aspects of the detective's life...
Fade Away ( Kayleigh’s Mom’s Letter ) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Dear Lord Kayleigh is now resting in your arms, we knew yesterday her fight was over, she was struggling so hard to breathe, and I was wishing it could be me instead of her Lord I will never understand why a thirteen year old girl has to suffer like that. She wanted so bad to make..
Faded Glory The Pimp Trilogy Pt.2 by M.Bennett Hooper (Mikii)
An urban tale from the streets of old Detroit. ..
Faded Photographs by Sandra Novelly
Do all photographs really depict the truth?..
Fairy Stars by Lonnie Hicks
short essay..
False Hope by Neldene Boroski
Pain of rejection..
Family Struggles ( A Conversation Between Audrey and Naomi with S.Tagert) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Messianic Mamma says: you should really pick it up Audrey ..
Family Struggles Part Two (A Conversation Between Audrey & Naomi With S/T) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Messianic Mamma says: I really think tis a mistake to completely cut your ties from him ..
Family Tragedy: Written By Deidre Brownwood by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Tragedy has befallen a family; the family is left reeling in shock...
Fahid Al Mahood's Story: An Update by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
In case you are wondering, several of my co-workers (and friends) have been asking me about "whatever became of that young Muslim woman who had been so horribly burned by her jealous husband". Well, here is the update. October 2002: Fahid Al Mahood is out of the hospital now, but ..
Fahid Al Mahood: An Update On Her Saga... by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Louisiana Sandusky lets us know what is up with a patient she had cared for for a time when the lady was in the hospital. She saw her the other day on the street, homeless, and struggling to find a place to live, let alone, a job. What she saw broke her heart...
Fat. Stupid. Ugly. (Part Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
The teen character in this story is still picked on, but he is at least trying to do something to help himself lose more weight...
Fear by Cristina Van Dyck
Marte and her son meet an unwelcome visitor in the forest near their quiet German subdivision...
Fear (Written By Maman Louisiana) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Today, I look at the faces of my sweet children, and I see fear.. Fear that causes their sweet, youthful eyes to water up and tear. There's still talk of terror attacks, warnings, and alerts, And all of this worldly pain causes my heart to hurt. There's also a homicidal sni..
Fear Me. ... (Part Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
The bully in part one of this story is continuing to threaten kids (and even adults) at his school (and everywhere else). Image (C) 2007, Karla Dorman...
Fearful Waiting by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A family is waiting for the approach of severe weather, including the possibility of tornadoes...
Fearlessness, and Dollar Store Treasure Troves by Timothy
A visit with my family..
Fever of 108!: Nurse Stories (By Louisiana M. Sandusky, R.N.) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Louisiana Sandusky recounts one of the more unforgettable cases of her career as a nurse...
FF: Fake by Erin Kelly-Moen
Non-rain comes to Arizona... ..
Fifty Miles from Wheeling by Timothy
A story of memories...
Fighting Back Tears (By Jenna Aurora Whitson) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Our good friend, Jenna Aurora Whitson, is having a hard time emotionally as she tries to deal with the damage done to her hand and leg and the fact that she may never work again. As you can tell by the following, she is having a very bad day. I am in tears, too, as I wrote this story; this..
Fighting For Johnny: A Mother's Courageous Battle For Her Son (*Warning! Tear Jerker Material*) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Louisiana has had to fight for her son, Johnny, more often than do a lot of mothers...ANY mother would do the same if their own kids were sick or were suffering, but it seems that Johnny and his mother have been fighting the hardest...
Finality: Julie's Story, Part Four (By Her Mother, Dory Elizabeth Uecker) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Julie's story has a very sad ending. She ends up dying when she has another heart attack while in the Cardiac Unit of the Intensive Care Ward. She was only 15 years old, a victim of anorexia nervosa. She was due to get out of the tenth grade in just a few days...
Finding Bethel by Elizabeth Morris
A black woman protecting her land from being infringed upon. Many other short stories published in small press magazines..
finding my voice by Katie Gabrielle
Jimmy's best hope for writing a good piece of writing has been a long time in coming. Since he found this old typewriter at a yard sale, he seems to want to try again...
Fire Extinguishers by Richard Kallao
Firing Range by Richard Kallao
Fixed And Dilated: Paramedic Stories, Part X (By Pat Moss, EMT) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
It is always a scary thing when patients in your care don't do well or grow sicker right in front of your very own eyes...
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10. Play Hero
11. 'All You Can Do Is Breathe ... And Pray. .
12. A Life Too Long
13. Scars
14. Just a Little More...
15. Jane Doe - Reborn
16. X For Demetrius. (Part Two)
17. 'It Can't Ever Happen To ME!: My Story. (P
18. Ambulance Calling: My Story. (Part Two)
19. X For Demetrius.
20. Birth Behind Bars: My Story. (Part One)

Featured Book
Pretty Ugly, A Harlem Situation
by Brad Bathgate

It's the story of two guys, two girls and the simple way life in Harlem can get Pretty Ugly..  
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Featured Book
Down a Narrow Alley
by Alfred Garrotto

In this sequel to Circles of Stone (2003)...  
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