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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Atlantis Crystal
by Will Clark

Digger, a shady archaeologist, becomes involved with smugglers in his desperation to dig in dirt. An unusual find at the dig site starts a frantic episode that leads to m..  
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Featured Book
Winds of Time
by Bruce Humphrey

An enigmatic vision of our future. Author Bruce Alan Humphrey creates a fascinating world where medieval mores and cutting-edge technology converge. Winds of Time tel..  
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Featured Book
Liliha And The Sacred Mission: A Young Adult Novel Set In H
by Rosemary Patterson

A riveting young adult novel set in Hawaii. Liliha is given a sacred mission by the Hawaiian ancients to try and save Maha'uleput, a sacred valley on Kauai from developm..  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

Fundamentals of Father and Son (Revised Preface to Manuscript) by Alan Busch
Please read this revision of my preface for my second book I'm writing to honor my father who passed away in October of 2008...
furry lil' darlin's - Lessons in Peace by Cynth'ya
This little squirrel could teach a lot to the United Nations, the US Congress, The Pentagon, Parliament, and all other "Intelligent Beings" that run around like nuts on two legs...
Further Reflections on Our Lady's Visit by Laurie Conrad
A Mystic's Journal Entry: September 8, 2006 by Laurie Conrad...
Fusing by Lonnie Hicks
Being For Others..
View Photo of G-D'S PROVIDENCE! Read excerpt from G-D'S PROVIDENCE! G-D'S PROVIDENCE! by Bradley Fralick
I wrote this about my dilema..
Gamble at Blood Beach by Kim Schuelke
Vic's life is in peril because of an overdue gambling debt...
GAME SHOW by Esteban Pina
A tale of a man searching for a million dollar idea stolen years before by an unscrupulous co-worker. The quest involves putting his life on the line...
gameteus vs homunculus by Claudio Ianora
a pastoral lecture..
Gas Brains by Sheldhan Simonss
A story about a police detective that was transfered to side step his promotion. His new precinct demotes him even more to investigating traffic violations, here he comes in contact with a new sub-culture of drivers, that leads to an investigation which ultimately leads back to corruption in his pre..
Gaza Weeps: Self Defense Reigns by Lonnie Hicks
Days of Steel, Nights of Blood..
Generation something? by Sean McGahey
...somewhere near the East college station, Zoe staggers off to a club; I make my way towards the cemetery somewhere near Texas Avenue South to buy some pot. According to Fenton a cemetery is the ideal place for a drug deal..
Geography by Guy Jacobs
It is all about Geography, no?..
Read excerpt from George Lumley George Lumley by Dot Sale
George Lumley didn’t feel old. Why did they insist on treating him like an old codger? Whenever they talked, they talked as if he weren’t in the room. He might be a little hard of hearing, but he sure wasn’t deaf yet. George had been a resident of Shady Oaks Retirement Village – a fancifie..
Gerunds by Lonnie Hicks
Get Back Day (The Day After) by Mr. Shannon Clements
A poem about getting revenge on a cheating lover..
Get Lyrical for April Poetry Month with Poet and Novelist Tia Stewart by Tia Stewart
Poem for Maya Angelou for April Poetry Month..
Get That Loot Troop! by Sherelle Wingate
My Favorite Chapter of my second book that is soon to be published. I hope you enjoy, and let me know how you like it!..
Getting Through by Shirley Mitchell
Result of cancer treatment..
Ghostly Encounters by Sandie Angel
Do you believe in ghosts? Read on.....
Ghosts by William Rogers
A haunted house in Blakesburg...
Ghosts by Stephen Knight
Sometimes, The Past Does More Than Haunt Us... ..
Ghosts In The Pumpkin Patch by William Rogers
Some things visit the strangest places. ..
Ghosts of Christmas Present by Lee Garrett
Fourth in the O Scorpion adventure series. A twisted hero attempts to have a date on Christmas. His ghosts come along...
Ghostwood Manor by Dallas D'Angelo-Gary
It sat deep in the woods, secluded and abandoned, rumored to be haunted. A natural choice for a dare...
Gibson Converts to Judaism by Yvonne Bornstein
Gibson Converts to Judaism Changes Name to Mel Gibstein ..
Girls Gone a Little Wild – Day 3 by Sandy Knauer
Giving Up by Terrence Crimmins
A white collar criminal has to face the music when his partner flees the scene..
Giving Up a Baby for Adoption by Laurie Frisch
Adoption agencies and adoption attorneys seem to think that moms and dads should just be glad someone wants to get their newborn children. ..
Gizmo's In The Slammer: My Dog The Convict by Lonnie Hicks
My Dog the Pirate..
Glass Mountain Dinosaur by Chigger Jones
Ever Heard of the Dinosaur From Glass Mountain? I found one...
Glynnis The Demon And Jack by zahid zaman
When Jack is faced with the capture of his girlfriend who was under his protection, he sets out to get her back even if it costs his own life...
Gnarled by Lonnie Hicks
Goblin Ha' by Brendan Carroll
Two of my characters from the Red Cross of Gold series go on a little road trip up the country to an old castle ruin in 1953...
God by William Haynes
reflection on my life..
God by my side by Jill Mackowiak
clip from my biography ..
God Said No by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
If it matters, this is a true story from 47 years ago. Only the name of the police officer has been changed...
God's Gift of Why Evil in this World by Timesoftrouble
Why all the Evil and Suffering in this World Best when viewed through link with photos
God's Next Command by R Burton
The water at first turned to ripples then started boiling, but not everywhere, some places patches of calm still lingered as if they were sheltered by an invisible hand. ..
God's Plan by Linda Murray
I always new that God had a plan for me...
Going Fishing by Roger Simmons
A story about an elderly man suffering from Alzeihmer's disease...
Going For The Goal by Hannah Carson
She finds love...
Going High Speed by Linda Newton Perry
Column Article..
Gold Coins in the Wall by Scott Zachary
I love the infinite number of ways that a story can be molded. I'm celebrating tonight. I was notified today that my novel, "Scorn THIS," is a quarter finalist in the New Century Writer Contest. The top 25% is a good start. Coronas are on ice. Stop by, I've got plenty...
Gone Potty by zahid zaman
A down and out killer picks up a young prostitute and realises he has bitten of more then he can chew...
Good Day by Christa Joyce
Emma woke with a start. Her head was pounding and her mouth was dry. The light pierced her brain as it streamed in through the flowery curtains. ‘Flowery curtains? Huh, where the hell am I?’ she asked herself, foolishly trying to sit up. Her head ached as she turned and her stomach churned, lur..
Good Morning Betty Sue by Harold Hester
Sex, Love, Rape, The Internet, Death … all to no avail ..
View Photo of Good Ole' Friends Read excerpt from Good Ole' Friends Good Ole' Friends by Bradley Fralick
Brad finally meets Tiana, and Hawika-Haole(David Arthur Walters in Homolulu..
Good sex vs. Great Sex by Minolta White
How's your sex life? Hopefully it's amazing, but lets put it to the test...
Goodreads Short Stories by Justin Bienvenue
My short stories on Goodreads ranging in topics and genres. ..
Gorgon Abduction, The by Lee Cushing
A former hunter of supernatural creatures becomes involved in hunting for a rogue Gorgon who has left her sisterhood to run off with her boyfriend while trying to stop a series of home invasions in which the victims were turned to stone..
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Action/Thriller Stories
1. Soapy Hands
2. America's Health Care System: What are the
3. Story-Poem Quartets
4. Story Poem Quartets #2
5. America's Health Care System: What are the
6. History: Psychopaths and Institutions
7. Mr. Period
8. The History of Human Societies: What Are T
9. Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
10. Illusion's Love
11. Einstein: How do Galaxies Work? Updated 6/
12. The Shamblers - FULL VERSION
13. Where's David, Mommy? - 10th Anniversary H
14. Once Upon a Time at a Barbeque
15. Chaser Excerpt
16. A Reluctant Spy
17. Music I Love-Updated 8/5/15
18. Hooey, the Cat Who Helped Johnny Appleseed
19. The Sludge (Part 12)

Featured Book
Two Down
by Paddy Bostock

Worry about your cellphone! Others may have spooky designs on it...  
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Featured Book
Barracuda II The Return
by Mike Monahan

If you thought the mutant barracuda from Barracuda was horrifying, wait until you find out what’s in store in the sequel! Barracuda II: The Return is a crime thriller and..  
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