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Sept 11, 2001
Young Adult/Teen

Featured Book
Down a Narrow Alley
by Alfred Garrotto

In this sequel to Circles of Stone (2003)...  
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Featured Book
Electra: A Gender Sensitive Study of the Plays Based on the
by Batya Casper

In this book, I studied the deep structure of the Electra myth and applied it to plays as early as those of Aeschylus,Sophocles and Euripides, through Shakespeare's Romeo..  
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Featured Book
The Throne of Olympus Volume 2 Balance of Power
by Peter Jessop

The Throne of Olympus trilogy is a modern-day re-working of the Greek mythological tales of Zeus and his battle against the Titans...  
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All Drama Short Stories

25 Most Recent Drama Short Stories

A Matter Of Life And Death.: My Story. (Part Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Ken wakes up from his drug-induced coma, much to his wife's relief; now the real healing begins...
A Mother's Letter to Her Daughter ( Jessica's Letter to Kierra ) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
A mother who was paralyzed in an accident that rendered her a quadrapalegic writes to her seven year old daughter.....
A Mothers Encouragment (A Conversation Between Holly and Kendra Mae) W.S T by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Kendra Mae (Mother of Many) says: Honey none of this is your fault, you didnt ask to be sick I am not happy with the way your birth parents neglected you though HollyHobby says: I think Missy was thinking about that, she was talking about it in her sleep last night Kendra Mae ..
A Mothers Heartbreak (A Conversation Between Audrey and Louisa W/S Tagert) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Louisa May says: I am so glad Mother Hubbard 7 says: me too Mother Hubbard 7 says: it's not to my credit though ..
A Mothers Pain A Conversation Between Audrey and Missy W/S Tagert by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
MotherHubbard7 says: she's giving up, and I'm so scared IMASURVIVER says: Shes going to pull through this, she will sense negative thoughts I dont care what state they say shes in ..
A Nation Grieves For The Stricken Southland (By Bill Sandusky) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Bill's thoughts on the situation at hand in the stricken south after a monster hurricane hit the coastlines of Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana...
A Need For Repairs: Ronee' 's Knee Surgery (Part One) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Louisiana writes about Ronee', who is presently in surgery to get a knee replacement, and the feelings that are presently running through her mind...
A Need For Repairs: Ronee' 's Knee Surgery, Conclusion by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Ronee' is now in the Pediatric ward, sleeping off the effects from her surgery. She did very well with the surgery...
A Neurologist's Story by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Tells the story of a respected neurologist who is NOT known for his bedside manner...
View Photo of A New Dawning Read excerpt from A New Dawning A New Dawning by Sussie Due
Original posting 12/10/2001. Revised 1/15/03. Sample of book in progress. Update 5/10/03: Book is close to completion. The story of a woman readjusting to society, and the man that helps her in her journey. A special thanks to Author Debbie Tipton. For givin..
A New Page by Chanti Niven
An end to a never-ending story. ..
A NICE Brother by Randall Barfield
What to do with them?..
A Not So Merry Holiday...(Part One) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A little girl is sad because her baby brother is in the hospital, fighting for his very life...
A Nurse's Story: By Louisiana M. Sandusky, R.N. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Louisiana writes of some of her nursing escapades and some of the patients that have made an impression on her...
A Paramedic's Story, Part Two by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Another one of "Nashville's finest" talks about life as a paramedic/EMT. Johnny Eagle Feather is a partner of Kendall Victor Smith's; they are on the same squad...
A Pastor's Musings (Entry Seventeen): Pray For Our Land (By Bruce Bilkey) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Pastor Bruce Bilkey shares his concerns...
A Pastor's Musings (Entry Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Pastor Bilkey writes in his journal about the situation facing one of his church members and her family. Image (C) 2007, Karla Dorman...
A Pastor's Musings, #19 (By Tim Delcambre'): God Will Get Us Through This. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A pastor copes with the loss of the church he has been a part of for the past several years, thanks, in part, to the record flooding in and around Nashville (and other parts of Tennessee)...
A Pastor's Musings, #20: Washed Away..(But Not Out!) (By Bruce Bilkey) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A pastor laments the loss of his church, but looks forward to continuing his services until a new location can be found. Image of clouds/sun's rays (C) 2010, by Karla Dorman...
A Pastor's Musings...(First Entry) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A pastor writes about issues pressing upon his heart and the helplessness he feels as he tries to trust in God...
A path in to the Sun by Julie Glass
Please Read..
A Place to Call Home by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Krista wanted only one thing a place to call home, and until they came along all she got was abuse..
A Poor Child's Outlook About The Christmas Season (By Paco Flavio Jiminez, Jr., aged 8 1/2) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A child who is poor talks about why Christmas time is such a difficult time for him and his family. They live in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. As in most of my writings, all the main characters I use are of my imagination. Any resemblence to actual persons, living or dead, is purely out of coi..
A Portrait of Me #13: Naima Faud (Aged "40-something"!) :) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Naima Faud, formerly from Iraq, writes about herself...
A Prince in Pauper's Clothing by Storyteller Danny Turner
A homeless man shows a taxicab driver that you can't always judge a book by it's cover..
A Real Life Storie by Jackie Estep
Real actual life events that took place. ..
A Religious Guy. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A man doesn't act like the Christian he claims he is, much to the annoyance of his family and friends. Image of choir filing on stage (c) 2010, by Karla Dorman. (I'm the one in the front, in the red shirt.)..
A Requium For A Tiny Son: A Father Writes... (Part One) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A father's feelings about his very premature son, who is fighting for his life in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)...
A resume of a desperate woman by Evangelist-Valerie Miller
This is a fictional resume of a woman trying to find love in all the wrong places, wearing her feelings on her sleeves. Hooking up with the wrong men having 7 baby daddies, living in poverty. Learn from this drama!..
A Royal Ring Up by Randall Barfield
Sex. There, I've said the word...
A Santa Claus Does Not A Santa Suit Make...' by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A girl finds out the hard way what a department store Santa Claus really thinks about children (particularly children like her little brother, who are severely handicapped) and that Santa Claus is just a myth. Image (C) 2008, Karla Dorman...
A scam is being pulled by Mary Lynn Plaisance
A scam is being pulled, mainly on older women. ..
A Secret Place by Phil Wolfle
A young boy, his parents, and how they all deal with a situation differently. ..
View Photo of A Senior Week Story Read excerpt from A Senior Week Story A Senior Week Story by Gerard St. John
Civil trial lawyer Gregory David Gushue sets out to represent the family of the teenage victim of a tragic automobile accident. Gushue takes the representation through the legal machinery of criminal justice, DUI laws, insurance and dram-shop liability, bringing Cindy's family some comfort and ass..
A Sense Of Guilt by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
One gun, two boys, tradgedy in the making.....
A Sexy Novel - Mexico Road by Gary Ludwig is a very sexy novel by Gary Ludwig
Author: Gary Ludwig. Publisher: Basket Road Press. ISBN# 978-0-9815099-0-7. Second Edition. Softcover. 220 pp. 5.75 X 8.5. NEW BOOK. Book is also available in Hardcover...
A Sisters Heart A Story In Letters Four by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I am smiling, but sad at the same time. ..
A Sisters Heart- A Story In Letters Part One by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
A fictional story, about a families loss, and a violent crime that changed their lives forever.....
A Sisters Heart- A Story in Letters Part Two by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
A Sisters Heart: A Story in Letters Part Three by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I can't lie and say I don't ask God why he didn't give us longer......
A Sneak preview of Celeena by Otha Lee
Adrian - This is a very HOT excerpt from the book by Otha Lee. Her lifestyle of serial monogamy extracts the price of lessons taught by experience. The men co-joining in the stuff of this existence are... ..
A Special Friend by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I believed that it was because I was different and that was why nobody wanted to be my friend......
A Stain For Heroes by William Bonilla
A true story, sad situation, but true..
A Star Song by Penni Smith (Weston)
My one starring role in a play...
A Startling Decision... by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Louisiana has decided to extend her talents as a nurse to help those in need following the devastating earthquake/tsunami that has affected millions in southeastern Asia: she and a team of other nurses and doctors are going to Sri Lanka in the next several weeks to help the victims affected by the d..
A story about women by Max Reno
A collective tragedy. A man in search of his missing wife. Death of a desperate woman. The pursuit of a new life...
A story of deception. by Luz Andara
Cristina Sachs has a moment of introspect, as she analyzes a tough situation with a friend. ..
View Photo of A Stranger in the Sanctuary Read excerpt from A Stranger in the Sanctuary A Stranger in the Sanctuary by Theodore Nottingham
A visitor to an old church surprises a priest with what he knows and doesn't seem to know...
A Tear that never Came by Richard Kallao
A Terrible Thump. (Part Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A girl worries over her father, who is recovering from heart surgery. He is going to be okay, but he is going to be very sore (and laid up) for a while...
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4. 'Wake Up, Mommy. ...'
5. A Bad Day At School.
6. The Hunt
7. Shadows in Time
8. Just One More!! (Binge Drinking) (Part One
9. Please Be Praying For Aeryn: She's Very Si
10. Play Hero
11. 'All You Can Do Is Breathe ... And Pray. .
12. A Life Too Long
13. Scars
14. Just a Little More...
15. Jane Doe - Reborn
16. X For Demetrius. (Part Two)
17. 'It Can't Ever Happen To ME!: My Story. (P
18. Ambulance Calling: My Story. (Part Two)
19. X For Demetrius.
20. Birth Behind Bars: My Story. (Part One)

Featured Book
The misadventures of Saucy and her Mama

This is the story of Saucy and her Mama.Follow the adventurous journey of a young Jamaican girl as she navigates the perilous streets of Brooklyn, New York in the decade ..  
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Featured Book
A Love Forbidden
by Alfred Garrotto

Greed, politics and high ideals clash in this suspense-filled story of a young mother trying to save her son from an assasin's bullet...  
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