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Featured Book
by Arthur Jackson

Ever wander who the people are behind the world of corporate finance?? Travel with James Ellis and the crew of DEVCON as they become entangled in the world of corporate g..  
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Featured Book
Dust Carried on the Wind Book 2 Continuum
by Fern Lutkins

It centers around the three headed dog Cult Ceberus and ritual sacrificing...  
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Featured Book
Boomer's Fall
by Robin Leigh Miller

Sequel to Black Smoke, but may be read as a standalone title...  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

Life in the Fast Lane by Karen Wilson
My experiences working in a holiday job as a Car Hop waitress in Me1bourne, Australia in 1965..
Life Lived In Pieces by Walter Jones
Love is what it is life shared and lived..
Life on the Lake by Sharon Bolander
In the first chapter of this fictional story, the reader discovers why life will never be the same...
Life On The Road With The Master Wine Cellar Builder by John Seitz
How I got started with building wine cellars. My travels across the nation..
Light and Dark by Lonnie Hicks
Dramaturgy ..
Lighting The Way by Pauline Drummie
I will be upgrading my membership in the New Year, so until that happens I'd like to share my work in whatever space I have available...
Like a Yellow Leaf in Autumn by Mr. Ed
The Adventure Begins..
Like a Yellow Leaf in Autumn, Part II by Mr. Ed
Like Father Like Son by Jibril Mohamed
One of the reasons that parents have children is that they are expected to cater for the parents' needs when the parents are weak and old. Children are the best investment in my culture. Unlike the USA where the child sends happy new year cards to the parents once a year, Somali parents enjoy the pr..
Like Father, Like Son by Regis Auffray
Justice is often meted out via the ironies of life. ..
Lilit Movsisyan by lilit movsisyan
I have been doing my job..
Limping Bigfoot Still Being Sighted by Linda Newton Perry
Linda Newton-Perry's newspaper column..
Lisa Dee by Paul Piterski
Lisa sat in her grandmothers favorite gold crushed velvet chair. Grampa continued his story. He spoke softly, without anger, "I was on my way to work. It was a hot morning, so I had the a.c. on. There was a traffic jam up ahead. Cars crawlin', people gawkin' at something laying against the road ..
Lisa Dee by Paul Piterski
Lisa sat in her grandmothers favorite gold crushed velvet chair. Grampa continued his story. He spoke softly, without anger, "I was on my way to work. It was a hot morning, so I had the a.c. on. There was a traffic jam up ahead. Cars crawlin', people gawkin' at something laying against the road ..
Lisa Dee by Paul Piterski
Lisa sat in her grandmothers favorite gold crushed velvet chair. Grampa continued his story. He spoke softly, without anger, "I was on my way to work. It was a hot morning, so I had the a.c. on. There was a traffic jam up ahead. Cars crawlin', people gawkin' at something laying against the road ..
Listen to Dan introduce Unholy Domain by Dan Ronco
Dan Ronco outlines a trilogy of novels and then introduces Unholy Domain...
Listen to Dan Read from PeaceMaker by Dan Ronco
Dan Ronco provides a brief overview of PeaceMaker and then reads the Prolog...
Little Girl Lost by Trixie Love
Little Girls and Hot Suns by Marcus Dino
"It's what the gen yers want Dick."..
Little Holes...Big Death by Georg Mateos
Sometimes Justice pulls her eyes blindfold up, just a little, to take a good look at what's happening around? ..
Little Jissan - A Children's Story by Adelle Bradford
A Children's Fantasy Story - Unpublished by Adelle Bradford and Denis Bonner..
Little Miss X by Patsy Whyte
From my memoir, No Easy Road, published in September 2009 and available on Amazon...
Littluns by Mark Glamack
Imagine an independent publisher offering its readers more than any traditional publisher could or would. "Littluns" did in a Christian book with quality second to none. See for yourself at click on the TAB at the top of the page “Breaking All The Rules.” A family friend..
Live Your Life by Danny Manning
Live On Purpose...
liverpool lyricist by Worldwide Books
Liverpool lyricist gets lyrics stolen by Gilbert O'sullivan's...
Living off campus – how to save money by Robet Crow
A few tips on saving money while in college...
Locked In A Dream" by Kelly Sanson
I've added on my biography what Locked In A Dream Is about...
Locked Inside by Susan Franklin
Rob is locked inside his own body and can't communicate, but knows exactly what is going on around him, but can't let anyone know. ..
Loneliness by Ann Hawlker
Rough draft of a story idea that came to me a while back. Needs some rewriting suggestions and criticism welcome. ..
Lonely and want to sleep forever by Donnatella Thompson
Feeling lonely after 3 years of not being touched and rejected verbally and physically. I feel suicidal and lonely tonight. I want to sleep forever...
Long Distance Call by Dallas D'Angelo-Gary
The second in the Sicilian series. It's short, but set the scene for the next part...
Long Term Disability by Bobby Woodall
This letter won 1st place at the Area 11 Agency in the Creative Essay Divisio..
Looking Back pt. 2 by Tyree Williams
In a matter of hours Mike's life is turned upside down. What start's out as a chance to catch up with Ron an old face from his college years ends in a hospital room with life altering results. ..
Looking for love by Marsha Caldwell
What can happen when a senior is lonely and wants company...
Looking In by Annette Dunlea by Annette Dunlea
Abstract: A vagrant witnessed a robbery but he was invisible to the world. He learned there was a €50,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the thieves. He reflected on how he had hit rock bottom. Will he get himself out of the gutter? ..
Read excerpt from Lord Byron and the Chasseur Ghost Lord Byron and the Chasseur Ghost by Mary Devlin
Is the old barn really haunted? Lord Byron, Percy and Mary Shelley and their friends want to know. But when they explore it, they find something much worse than a ghost . . ...
Lord of Destruction by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
Don't hate me too much for leaving this story waiting for an ending. Good and evil will battle on. "We will win" makes us wonder who "we" is .....
Lordy, Lordy, Are there any good men still left over 40? (part II) by Beverly Mahone
Excerpt from Chapter 2 of Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age...
Loss by Tim Willard
A Year of the Zombie short story, taking place several years after the Rising...
Loss of a Friend by Micki Peluso
An usual take on the loss of a special friend...
Loss of Grandma (page 1) by Jerry Astree
This is the first page of Loss of Grandma. ..
Loss of Grandma (page 2) by Jerry Astree
This is the second page of Loss of Grandma...
Loss of Grandma (page 3) by Jerry Astree
This is the third page of Loss of Grandma...
Loss of Grandma (page 4) by Jerry Astree
To read the rest of the story, please purchase a paperback or you will have the option to download the file (pdf format). To do so, please click on book...
Lost Innocence by Selena Dobbin-Gillis
Sometimes we trust the wrong person. As Melissa found out the hard way...
Lost Adventurers by Adam Altman
This was one of my stories based on something that happened in my youth. I thought this story would be nice to include here...
Lost Existence by Stephen Webb
An ex-samurai attempts to live in a village in the mountains in everlasting peace. However, when a visit to his cousins gets disturbing and he returns, he finds that this village is not at peace anymore...
Lost Existence Volume 2 by Stephen Webb
This continues the story of the two exsamurai artists. In this one, the reader shall find out more about their pasts. In the hopes that Muyo allows Uro to accompany him on his journey. ..
Lost Son by Lisa Tidrow
Lost Son - a tale without the use of the letter 'e'.... I told him that I don’t want anything to do with this war. It could only finish badly. But David said it was important. Now look around and say if I was wrong. Not a day will pass that I won’t think of him and ask God why. All of our c..
Lost to Morrow Mountain by robin buehler
A hiker doesn't realizes he's dead til his friends and a ranger find him..
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Action/Thriller Stories
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17. The National Security State: Have We Lost
18. Einstein: Collection: 18 Stories and Essay
19. Where's David, Mommy? - 10th Anniversary H
20. Fire Flies Blink

Featured Book
Mission Mururoa
by Rosemary Patterson

Young and lovely Terri'i Gagnon used as bait in French CIA plot to capture Tahitian students investigating possibility of tsunamis from French nuclear tests disintegratin..  
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Featured Book
Shadow Walkers
by Terry McAnally

A college student is terrorized by a spirit who is trying to get her to move away...  
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