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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Run into Trouble
by Alan Cook

Winner of 2009 Silver Quill award from the American Authors Association and named best Pacific West book by Reader Views. Drake and Melody are one of 10 teams entered..  
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Featured Book
FLASH A Diary of Disaster
by Tony Lambert

A stunning novel set in a time when certain people's lives are being greatly influenced,engaged,then subsequently destroyed in the mad and highly competitive world of int..  
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Featured Book
Dire Salvation
by Charles Neff

DIRE SALVATION keeps some of the characters from Neff's previous HARD CACHE and introduces fascinating new ones. The story is set in Washington State's Central Cascade mo..  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

Lottery Millionaire’s Child Kidnapped! by William Potter
Who wouldn’t enjoy winning the big one? Brad Stewart isn’t certain that becoming an instant millionaire is all he dreamed it to be. With the constant hounding by charities and long lost relatives, and the distance forming between him and his best friends, Brad is beginning to believe the windfall ma..
Louisiana's Journal Entry (November 7, 2006) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Louisiana writes in her journal...
Love & Forgiveness by Darlene Housing-Perkins
Love and forgiveness is good for the spirit...
Love all, serve all, including delicious vegetarian fare! by Mary Rives
Bio not presented on my home page ..
Love for the game by Umlaylaziza Givens
was inspired to write this when i was into playing basketball..
Love Has Many Styles by Lonnie Hicks
Love has many styles..
Love Letters From The Other Side…Contact With Allen by J. Allen Wilson
Love letters from the other side continues with Leah trying to sneak out of her own home and past the men from the government parked in front of her house. ..
Love Lost by E. Franklin Evans
A short story of the turning loose of a loved one's presence aboard a cruise ship...
Love Me Do by B.P.Smythe by B. P. SMYTHE
A tale of betrayal and treachery by a schoolgirl who just wants to be popular...
Love Poems For the Recently Cynical (Free Audio Book) by Lonnie Hicks
Recorded in my own voice in the dead of night under the covers...
Love Potion Number 9 by Carolyn Matherne
It was years later before I realised how my actions impacted the size of our famly....Pictured is Rebecca, momma's Love Potion # 9. ..
Love Requited And Bloody by Lonnie Hicks
Sucking it up can mean a lot of things...
Love Through Justice by Theresa Franklin
Domestic violence threatens the lives of a wife and several police officers...
Love's Remains by Lonnie Hicks
Love's Remains..
Lovers and Friends by Brittany Clark
She was so in tothis man to he point that it feltlike a dream bt she couldnt be withhim on the count of the thing he has put her through in life..
Lovie Perkins by Indy Green
I wrote this when I was 18, I have'nt spell checked it yet. But seeing that I dug it out of a pile of old yellow papers and it's four in the morning it'll will have to wait. This is a quick fix to get the four pages it takes to get in the den...
Loving the Stranger by Anna Daly McCabe
All is not what it seems......
Low Bridge, High Jump by Jackie Brooks
A young pilots foolish but exhilerating stunt...
LUCID DREAMS by Michael Heitkemper
A sandman searches for the forbidden love of a mortal while fleeing those who would stop him...
Luck by John Lindermuth
A gambler learns about fortune...
Luck or coincident by Kemoy Allen
when mark and his twin brother split in thier early childhood days, neither of them thought they would ever see the other, because they both were suppose to be dead. However when mark met his new friend Ryan, he begins to unravel the dearing truth...
Lucky Charm by Colin Linder
A young boy learns how to bond with his father buring a poker game in this heartwarming drama..
Lucky Ticket by Edwin Lindsey
You never know how really lucky you are until you hold the lucky ticket. It may save your life!..
Lulu-Bell and the State Fair of Texas by . Crystalwizard
Life is always exciting when my cousin's involved. Sometimes too exciting!..
Read excerpt from Lunch Lunch by paul svendsen
Manager of retirement home discovers that two residents are missing and there is a hungry alligator on the premises...
Lynching by Huda Orfali
He saw the feral hog tearing through the flesh of his best friend...
M.P., A Novel of Vietnam by John Schembra
The first three chapters of M.P., A Novel of Vietnam, the story of a young Military Policeman during his year tour of duty in Vietnam...
Maddness by Selena Dobbin-Gillis
So often we run from our own lives and the frustrations we encounter. We have only to take control to get ourselves back on track...
Read excerpt from Madness Madness by James Wilson
I am mad.....
Maggots by Robert Crompton
Once in a while I like to dabble in short story writing, just for the fun of it. This one was inspired by an angling friend's way of dealing with troublesome boat owners on the canals where he like to fish...
Magus Bird by Rosa Arlotto
The story deals about a paranormal incident or activity. ..
Maine Pirates (A Rough Start) by Lou Marin
"You boys know there are pirates in these here waters?" My brother Al and I were on the Crow's Neck breakwater at 4:00 in the morning, loading lobster pots and buoys into a skiff to bring out to the "Carla Mae," his boat. It was the first run we would make together, lobster fishing. When we..
Make Me Immortal 2 by Joan Matney
This is a preview of Make Me Immortal 2 I am Immortal I hope you enjoy it..
Make room! I need some space! by Jack Kuperman
722 words...
Makin Groceries with Daddy by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
Father and Son Memories, Grocery Shopping, Schwegmann's Stores, Family, Love, Caregiving..
Making Virtual Sense of the World by William Bailey
What is the true reality of our existence? ..
Making Your Blogs Pay With Google Adsense by Lonnie Hicks
I have been doing blogs for years, but did not figure out until lately how to make them pay...
Mamma the Undisputed Champion by Teresa Seals
this is for all the baby mama's.....Mamma the Undisputed Champion ..
Man and Machine by Neil Crabtree
Man and Machine takes a humorous look at technology and its increasing presence not only in our culture but in our bodies and minds...
Man Eating Birds by Barbara Hartmann King
The Englishman journeys to the cattle property with the local carrier. ..
Man Hater by zahid zaman
A young woman must come to terms with a horrific past but can she come to terms with it without it been bloodless...
Mans Thoughts by Deborah Richards
Many OHS Patients, approx 2 million according to the NEI. by Terrence Gaylor
According to the National Eye Institute, approx. 2,000,000 people are afflicted by ocular histoplasmosis syndrome.Many more are out there, but do not realize they have gaylor has a group of OHS patients, and people wanting to hear and learn more of this little known eye disea..
Maple the Movie by Daryl Bong
Disclaimer: I do not own Maplestory. I am merely a non-player fan of their artwork and interesting display of items and animation. This story is not for profit's sake...
Margaret's Painted Horse, a Christmas Story by Janet Brennan
In a beautiful New England Village, life at Christmas can be glorious. This story about a mysterious horse and a miracle on Christmas Eve will warm your heart..
Mars Hill by William Rogers
Oldest log church still in occupancy in the United States. ..
Martian S*x by Tinka Boukes
bgsound src = ''hidden loop=-1>..
Read excerpt from Mary's Excellent Health Care Adventures-Part 2 Mary's Excellent Health Care Adventures-Part 2 by Mary Lou Connolly
This was actually my mom Mary's FIRST health care adventure in California; one of several which she has agreed to let me write about...
Mary's Memories of Jesus by Marilyn Friesen
I'm giving you a glimpse into my book about Jesus' life from His Mother's viewpoint. Just in time for Christmas!..
Mary's Trip by J. Allen Wilson
I knew someone like this once...looking at a 20,000 word short story when finished...ah...but Lord, when will I have time to finish then all?????..
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Featured Book
The Throne of Olympus Volume 1 The Empty Crown
by Peter Jessop

The Throne of Olympus is a modern-day reworking of the Greek mythological tales of Zeus and his battle against the Titans...  
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Featured Book
Profile of a Murder
by Roger Vizi

When I wrote ths book in 2000, I was concerned about children having access to the Internet and to chat rooms where "you can be anyone you want." Here we are many years l..  
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