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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Road to the Third World; Conspiring to Destroy America
by Stephen Cafaro

If you are bewildered by the capability of 19 men who destroyed the World Trade Buildings in a plan seemingly too simple to succeed, then you will be completely intrigued..  
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Featured Book
Cooking by the Book
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

Readers will love the recipes and excerpts. Writers will love this sample of cross promotion!..  
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Featured Book
by Phyllis Burton

A young librarian discovers old love-lettters in a book and she is catapulted into a web of terror and deceit...  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

Quiet Justice, Quiet Lesson by Theresa Franklin
A controversial situation is handled quietly...
Quisitive Quad by Robert Chambers
About a small Pug Pup,and how inquisitive he is...
Rachel by Cela Shearer
Excerpt from novel...
Rachel by Cela Shearer
"Dark Tales from a Small Town"..
Rachel by Cela Shearer
Prelude to My Novel..
Radio On by Lonnie Hicks
Rage by G. Rynk
This is a story about how evil can not only be born, but created. This story appears in my book The Reality of Fantasy...
Raiders of the Lost Hemorrhoids by Richard Frankfurt
Philosopher/thief Anton Pesticide embarks on a quest for forgotten Philistine treasure...
Rain Dancer by Raymond Proseus
Hannibal sees her in the rain, and his life is changed...
Rainbows in the sky by Deborah Miranda
A taste of heaven just for me...and you...
Raindancer by Dallas D'Angelo-Gary
I've four of these, one for each element. Just a fun little exercise...
RAMPAGE! by Hank LeGrand
My novel titled, RAMPAGE,is for young / adult readers. It's an action packed suspense story of first love, fear and survival. RAMPAGE is a heart warming story you owe it to yourself to read. It's a novel that will delight all, and bring out your laughter and tears. Available for quick download at ..
RAMPAGE! by Hank LeGrand
RAMPAGE is a story of first - love, fear, and survival...
Ranting - versus - Ticked off! by Linda Law
Decided to leave the Action/thriller category in...because this story could become just that! PHOTO: THIS CUTE BULLDOG SAYS IT ALL!..
Rapid adventure by Kuntry Kuntry
Youthful Adventure..
Rashid by Mark Bennison
An excerpt from my new book, Military Rule: The Return of The Mandeville...
Raspberries by Mary Palmieri Gai
A sweet message of love and caring from my mom and probably my dad. "Raspberries"..
Reality and Destiny. by Christopher Wittkugle
A brief account of the reviled Arch-Wizard Edmund Manwaring's childhood meeting with Master Tolbas Nogroti. (*Taken from the Arch-Wizard's personal journals) ..
Reap What You Sow by Paul Hamm
Steve is a desperate man. He has a short time to come up with a lot of money. When a miracle happens, Steve's money woes seem to disappear. Now his biggest worry will be keeping his sanity...
Recent Tweets of Lonnie Hicks in One Spot by Lonnie Hicks
Recent Tweets in one spot..
Recreated World by Raymond Morrow
Red Dragon by MJL Evans
My Flash Fiction Magazine piece Red Dragon which delves into Victoria BC in the 1860s, when it was the opium capital of the New World..
Red Dust by Richard Kallao
adventure on another world..
Red Dust : Part lll: To Be . by Richard Kallao
attention all eyes front and center ...
Red Dust ll : Encounter Part ll: Changes . by Richard Kallao
changes happen to everyone but not like this ...........
Red Dust ll: Encounter by Richard Kallao
alien enounters will not always be what we see in movies or read about ...
Red Dust ll: The Encounter Part ll : I Come in Peace by Richard Kallao
never assume anything ..
Red Dust part 4: War or Peace ? by Richard Kallao
why should being different matter I thought we were above that now ?..
Red Dust-The End by Richard Kallao
a lame way to end my story but couldn't think of anything else ...
Red Harbor by Raymond Smith II
Fictionalized story about true events in Baltimore city...
Red, White & Blood by Jeffrey Martin
Independence Day in Marcona has just turned deadly. ..
Redeeming Our Treasures Video by Linda Settles
Redeeming Our Treasures Video to the song "Even When You're Silent"...
Redemption by James McClelland
Tim Connors finds a way to overcome the abuse he experienced as a teenager from an unlikely source. Follow along as Tim learns the true meaning of power, forgiveness and peace...
Redemption: A Father's Vow by Theresa Lewis
I wrote Redemption A Father's Vow because I wanted to capture readers who identify themselves with struggles of drug, alcohol, sexual, and physical abuse. I want to help them understand where some of these behavioral patterns stem from. Many times the victim's of abuse will continue this pattern of ..
Reincarnation-Chapter Three--Added 7-10-11 by Lonnie Hicks
Chapter Three..
Reincarnation-Chapter Two by Lonnie Hicks
The first Life-Egypt..
Reincarnation: Chaper Eleven by Lonnie Hicks
The Leaving..
Reincarnation: Chapter Eight by Lonnie Hicks
The Meadow..
Reincarnation: Chapter Eighteen by Lonnie Hicks
Life at the Castle..
Reincarnation: Chapter Fifteen by Lonnie Hicks
Traveling in the Cart..
Reincarnation: Chapter Five by Lonnie Hicks
So who really wrote this piece?..
Reincarnation: Chapter Four by Lonnie Hicks
Karmic Debt?..
Reincarnation: Chapter Fourteen by Lonnie Hicks
The Nun's Castle..
Reincarnation: Chapter Nine by Lonnie Hicks
Into The Shadows..
Reincarnation: Chapter Nineteen-Andre by Lonnie Hicks
The Life and Times of Andre Enqee..
Reincarnation: Chapter Seven by Lonnie Hicks
Young Love..
Reincarnation: Chapter Seventeen by Lonnie Hicks
Mother Superior..
Reincarnation: Chapter Six by Lonnie Hicks
Who is Doing the Writing Here-Part Deux..
Reincarnation: Chapter Sixteen by Lonnie Hicks
The Castle..
Reincarnation: Chapter Ten by Lonnie Hicks
The Examination..
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20. Fire Flies and Summer Nights

Featured Book
Two Doors
by Karl Morgan

Join Peter Smith as he moves to New York and finds himself caught between the forces of good and evil. His lucid dreams have started coming true, and he is called on to s..  
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Featured Book
by Arthur Jackson

Ever wander who the people are behind the world of corporate finance?? Travel with James Ellis and the crew of DEVCON as they become entangled in the world of corporate g..  
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