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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Two Times A Sucker
by David Snowdon

Set in Miami, New York, North Carolina and London!..  
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Featured Book
Interview with a Prankster
by Bob Mitchley

shock stories, based on a persons rational reasoning as acting it out...  
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Featured Book
The Atlantis Crystal
by Will Clark

Digger, a shady archaeologist, becomes involved with smugglers in his desperation to dig in dirt. An unusual find at the dig site starts a frantic episode that leads to m..  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

The Warehouse by Amber Sperry
The Warehouse is set in Jersey City..
The Warehouse by Alex Ocasio
This story, The Warehouse, is a thriller that is based in a warehouse, so the reader thinks...
View Photo of The Wedding Read excerpt from The Wedding The Wedding by Steve Robertson
My oldest daughter got married. It turned out to be a "Camelot" type of affair as it was an idyllic affair which occurred on the beach in Atlantic Beach, Florida...
The Weekend Part III by Mariann Klimczuk
A short story about a woman who tries to secure love, romance and commitment all in a weekend. She then discovers love begins with loving yourself...
The Weird Family by Maheen Naseem
This story is about the Copper family and how Mr.Copper losses every member of his family. He gets a new family...
The Well by Michael Ault
10 points to who ever can name the Travelog this was loosely based on. Don't cringe too much at the end...this was origianlly published in Nickolaus Pacione's "Tabloid Purposes I"..
The west cant even beat the rag tag Taliban by Suleiman Azar
The Whet by Sam
Baros had dreamed of a dark night where the moon was covered in a black film that covered the sky. And in the darkness of night women and children screamed in terror and torturous pain. Others could be heard crying the sorrowful tears of loss as the feeling of Death was in the land. And among th..
The White Golden Bull by Chet Grimsley
On Sale Now for Pre Orders..
The White Water Ordeal by Robert Apold
Two friends go camping in a remote area of White Water State Park located in southeastern Minnesota. That night they have a frightening experience that will haunt them the rest of their lives...
the why series by billie atterberry
A question often asked but rarely answered..
The Wife Beating Literary Agent - Part 2 by James Larson
Arthur Brent is going to meet someone rather nasty...
The Wife Beating LIterary Agent - Part 3 by James Larson
Literary Agent Arthur Brent meets Mr. William Bagnold of Two Ravens Publishing Company, London...
The Wings of Enlightenment (Excerpt) by R David Fulcher
Summary: A fighter pilot defects with his plane...
The Winning Combination by Fenny West
The life of a Christian is not a bed of roses. True, when we come to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour, He wipes our slate of sin clean and gives us a fresh start and writes our names in His Book of Life. However we are in a spiritual warfare and we have an enemy who wars against us and who want..
The Witch by Liana Margiva
Short story by Liana Margiva..
The Witch of Halloween by Jeffry Hansen
Halloween fright and fun for Kids. A spooky story perfect for a Halloween slumber party. ..
the wolf by Albert Megraw
the wolf saves the boy from the bear re-uniting their friendship. ..
The Woman Who Wanted to Die by Ames Swartsfager
A woman waiting to be executed for the murder of her baby is tired of all the legal appeals. She asked the Chaplain of the prison to help stop the appeals. The chaplain wonders if she is really guilty...
The Wooden Bowl by onyedikachi okolo
A frail old man went to live with his son, daughter-in-law, and a four-year old grandson. The old man's hands trembled, his eyesight was blurred, and his step faltered. The family ate together nightly at the dinner table. But the elderly grandfather's shaky hands and failing sight made eating rather..
The words on her gravestone by TeeJay khan
i don't know if the ending is good because i always end up killing someone..
The Words that Hurt (Excerpt) by R David Fulcher
Summary: A different kind of werewolf story...
The Workshop by Ronald Hull
Chapter 21 of my novel, American Mole **Warning: Extreme sexual content**..
The World of the Immortals. by HOLLY REELEY
This story is about a two warroirs who fight the evil of their race in no holds board battle to the death...
The World Post-Lehman: We Remain at Risk by Joseph Tibman
Lehman bankruptcy anniversary has come and gone with no real reform and few lessons learned...
The World Water Crisis Updated: 8/3/14 by Lonnie Hicks
Colorado River Basin Losses 8/3/14 World Water Crisis Comes Home to Detroit and Toledo 7/24/14 Is there a solution to the water crisis right under our feet...
Read excerpt from The Wrapper The Wrapper by Jennifer Park
A roll of wrapper lives in search of its identity. Updated 2007/07/07. With apologies to Norton Juster and Nathaniel Hawthorne. ..
The Wreck by Lark Pogue
An excerpt from Missing Ingredients, the book...
The Writer by Anastasia Cassella-Young
When a writer sees the future in a painting on his wall...the future isn't very pretty...
Read excerpt from The Year of the Weasle The Year of the Weasle by J. Scott Preboy
Life and death in the modern age...
Read excerpt from The Year that Reagan Died The Year that Reagan Died by Jennifer Park
A monologue about being a dysthymic living in the city...
The Young Witnesses by Carolyn Sands
There is a little bit of suspense in this short story about two teenagers who witnesses a drunk old man mistrearing his wife. ..
The Zone of Silence (Part One of Two) by John Howard Reid
The Zone of Silence actually exists and is, if anything, even more weird a place than I have described in this short story. I hope this extract whets your appetite for Part Two. If you cannot wait until next week, you'll find the complete story in my anthology, "Mexican Autumn"...
The Zone of Silence (Part Two of two) by John Howard Reid
The Zone of Silence really exists, just as it is described in this short story. In fact, the place seems even more weird in real life. The complete story is included as a bonus in my anthology of stories set mainly in Baja California, Mexico: "Mexican Autumn". ..
Therapy by Kacie Rahm
for english, 3 years old..
there is hope; there can be life with a smile by Albert Megraw
No mattewr the odds, you can smile again no matter how horrid the present...
There Is No Fork! by Terry Lattimer
There Is No Fork! After an exhilerating night of levitation; I drop in on friends for a bit of psychokinesis...
There is no one unique way to make a writer.... by Ron Cox
What does buying a Harley, moving into a 1965 GMC truck, and living on the street to pay for the Harley have to do with writing a book? Well, nothing, other than the fact that I was able to structure the story of my first novel around it. I'm a part time hourly instructor for a community co..
There is nothing here. by Jack Kuperman
Really, really nothing...
There Must Be A Mistake. by TONY NERONE
A Strange Way To Come Into The World...
There Must Be Cowboys by John Darling
Carl feels guilty about leaving a wasted planet to his son so in a gamble that could cost his family their lives, he readies for a dangerous trip to find the Cowboys.....
There was once a man by Lakshmi Sharma
Ambition and its results..
These Are The Moments We All Wish For Chapter 5 by Wyatt Bolton
The party is on and it won't stop until early in the morning. Jordan and Maci go and enjoy themselves until... ..
These Are The People ... My Father, My Teacher by Alan Busch
These Are the People ... My Father, My Teacher..
These Bars by Jedidiah Bird
A poem I wrote some while back.....
They Are Us by Ronald Hull
Be careful what you wish for... One of fifteen stories in my book of short stories, It's in the Water and Other Stories, a POD paperback...
They Said by Lonnie Hicks
Close Enough, First Touch..
They Say I'm well now-Part II by David Donaghe
Brad Cummings, an escaped mental patient hunts down a cannibalistic serial killer...
they walked the dark forest by Albert Megraw
two meet, was it a dream or something talked about...
They're Baaaack! by Dallas D'Angelo-Gary
This is a true story ... regretfully...
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19. 17 two dollar books for self-publishing In
20. Love's Remains

Featured Book
The Heart of an Assassin
by Tony Bertot

Follow the rise of a crime family and the assassin they hire to take out a crime boss...  
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Featured Book
Necessary Evil
by Aaron Cole

A lesson to the Catholic Church..  
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