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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
She Wore Emerald Then: Reflections on Motherhood
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

Poets Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Magdalena Ball collaborate on poetry chapbook they hope will be a literate alternative to cloying greeting cards for mothers...  
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Featured Book
A Hard Place:A Sergeants Tale,Revised Edition
by Jacamo Peterson

The Vietnam War up close and personal with a small "Mike Force" Unit. Operating outside of the normal parameters...  
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Featured Book
Knights of the First Order
by Arthur Jackson

An action thriller with a capital "T". You will enjoy and savor each page, as you are drawn into the chaos that engulfs James Ellis and Kathy Allison, as their new romanc..  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

The Story of Loser by Michelle Mills
A rite of passage.....
The Story of the Red Gerbera Daisy by Lori Richards
For Donna and Brian on the loss of their son Daniel. Story of a child in Heaven...
View Photo of The Story of Zog Read excerpt from The Story of Zog The Story of Zog by Valdemar (Val) Wake
This is a fairy story set in the Somerset Levels in England's West Country. It was written to celebate the birth of our first grandson whose mother Claudine is featured in the story. The illustration of Zog, the hero of the story, is by our eldest daughter Michelle's partner, John Libert...
The Strange Gift of the Chevalier Mengaldo by Mary Devlin
Lord Byron introduces his friend Mary Shelley to a man who could see and hear ghosts...
The Strange Saga of the SAGE by Robert Apold
This is an account of a marine investigation into sabotage aboard a fishing vessel moored in Balboa Harbor at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal. In reading the account you will discover that fact is indeed stranger than fiction. ..
The Stranger's Field by Ian Thorpe
This tale of medieval weirdness tells of a village tyrant and bully who terrorises villagers. Even in our spohisticated modern world people can be oppressed by a bullying boss, an overpearing parent or partner or simply a malicious individual who takes pleasure in causing mayhem. It is quite probabl..
The Stranger: Was This Really Happening by Jennifer Moore
The stranger appears, what happens next will shock you...
The Strangest Best Friend I Ever Had! by Kathy Thompson
The long lost summer, a unique friend saved me...
The Strawberry Gem by Helen Denkha
This is a 5 minute mystery..
The Suit by Vasileios Kalampakas
An audacious experiment that is focused on transcending the boundaries between body and soul, will prove to be much more than a leap of scientific faith, and when the critical time comes, all hell breaks loose. ..
The Summoning - Story by Ocean by Ocean Ocean
Who was this mysterious captive? They'd Shandhaied him, as they had almost everyone on ships of old, to work aboard a pirate ship, some centuries ago. A tale told by a salty old mariner,who'd been told tales by an actual Mermaid! Read The Mermaid Tales as magical things unfold !..
The Sun n Fun 2011 Tornado by Nina Anderson
The tornado at sun and fun wrecked 50 airplanes and destroyed a lot of exhibitor tents...
The Super Zombie by zahid zaman
When a veteran monster killer is drafted into another mission, little does he realise that it will be his last...
The Survivors: On Training by Ronald Hull
The Potomac Bottoms Sgt. Marty Hamilton, Lt. Derek Granger, Pvt. 1st Class. John Post, and Pvt. Randy Smithson were on maneuvers in their Abrams M1A2 SEP Tank with the 29th Infantry Division across the river from Fort Belvoir when the bomb hit. Unlike many their buddies in jeeps, Hummers, ..
The Survivors: Traffic Report by Ronald Hull
Richmond, Virginia: 11:07am EDT ďThis is Calvin Jones, traffic reporter for WJLA-TV in Washington, DC. We are broadcasting live from a temporary hookup here in Richmond at ABC affiliate WRIC-TV to give you an idea of what happened just one half hour ago. All I can tell you is that we ar..
The Sword meets the Companion part 2 by Sumit Pal Singh Monga
The boy is running away from imminent danger from wolves..
The Sword meets the Companion part 3 by Sumit Pal Singh Monga
The sword realizes the truth of what happened...
The sword of barbushe by UMAR SIDI
The story of a succession bid for the throne of sokoto...
The Tag by zahid zaman
When a man is sentenced to ostrorization for two weeks ,is it really as easy a punishment as it seems?..
The Tale of Two Husbands by Celia Hayes
Yet another of the modern 'Sergeants Three' stories..
The Test of good and evil of lycantheropy 2 by Jason Hyde
Another small part to my old story have fun readers...
The Thing at MGM by Stephen Schochet
A story from my book Hollywood Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes About the Stars and Legends of the Movies! (isbn-9780963897275)..
The Thorpeness Monster by Brian Cross
A tourist encounters a monster of a problem when he visits a quiet Suffolk backwater..
The Thug by Cleve Sylcox
Thugs...sometimes they loss. ..
The Tiger by Albert Megraw
All creatures have to battle to survive just as man does...
The Time Banker by Lonnie Hicks
If there is time there must be a way to account for it...
The Time Lapse Vol.2: The Belle Chassan Prophet by Andrew Gaeta
Read it and find out...
The Time Machine by TONY NERONE
Quite an experiment...
The Time Traveler's Apprentice at Hollywood High: Chapter 1 by Cat Spydell
Chapter 1 of the novel The Time Traveler's Apprentice at Hollywood High by Cat Spydell..
The Tokoloshe by Chanti Niven
An extract from an autobiographical account. A strange supernatural experience from my childhood.....
The Torah in a Year by Meredith Weinberg
The Torah in a Year..
The Traditional Way by K. Miller
My story of coming a little bit closer to undestanding nature and a little culture...
The Trip From Hell by Melissa Crosson
A not so short story for all of you to enjoy. Keep in mind I donít know port from starboard so I used left and right. Left is driverís side and right is passenger side (when sitting down facing front.)..
The Troopers' Daughter by Tom Brosman
His daughter he always hoped to meet, finds him in last days of his life. He is not the man her mother described...
The True Friend by Adewole Caleb
This is a story of two men who had been friends right from childhood. Ose was a friend indeed while Irete was anything save a friend, however Ose was able to use his sincerity and openness of heart to conquer the evil that Irete planned for him. This story underscores the truth that perfect love cas..
The Truth About Egyptian Gods by Zander Snow-Slaughter
What might have happened in the history of the ancient Egyptian gods...
The Truth is Necessary-Sometimes by Richard Kallao
the truth can hurt more then any gossip or rumors can ...
The Twin Towers --Terror and Love Stories by Yommi Eini
Bin Laden's al-Quaida organization is planning a mega attack. One of its commanders is Mohammad Atta who organizes several terrorist cells, each of which contains one airplane pilot. Initially, the terrorists plan to use tube-launched missiles over Canada and Mexico. Their main targ..
a thriller about UFOs, nightmares, and politics...
View Photo of The Ultimate Dive Trip (part III) Read excerpt from The Ultimate Dive Trip (part III) The Ultimate Dive Trip (part III) by Bradley Fralick
P>This is the next bit in this story starring my colleagues!/P>..
The Ultimate Hit Contract - Part I: Initial Contact by B. B. Riefner
Meet the most skilled assassin in the world as he "eliminates" another political problem. Later, he is offered the ultimate hit contract by perhaps the most beautiful agent one could imagine...
The Ultimate Hit Contract - Part II: The Devil Is Not In the Details by B. B. Riefner
The assignment is accepted. Details are avoided. Love replaces passion. The hunt is on. ..
The Ultimate Hit Contract - Part III: It's In The Fine Print by B. B. Riefner
Who is the "hit?" What is the real reason for the contract? It looks like anything or anyone offering help cannot be rejected in this God-forsaken nothingness. ..
The Ultimate Hit Contract - Part IV: And It's Not In The Index by B. B. Riefner
Temptations, seductions, even real love cannot deter the assassin. But, things really get complicated. ..
The Ultimate Hit Contract Conclusion-Part V: It's Hidden Between the Lines by B. B. Riefner
Cliff meets his "mark." His mystical revelation presents itself through the rifle scope. The dilemma becomes an unsolvable paradox. ..
The Uncomprehended-Chapters One, Two and Three by Lonnie Hicks
The Uncomprehended Chaps. one and two..
The Unicorn in the Garden of Eden by Ed Tasca
The Unique Structure of my Novels by Dan Ronco
These novels may be read as stand-alone thrillers or as part of a series...
The Unknown by Macey Baggett Wuesthoff
Some people say that the greatest thing to fear is fear itself. But in many instances, the greatest thing to fear is the fear of the unknown. Judge for yourself in this story.....
The UnSeen and a New-Song by David Waters Sr
Some things capture your undivided attention, they captivate you for a time. Do you attract as much attention and do you do it deliberately?..
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20. Let's Talk About Race: What Are The Facts?

Featured Book
The Painted King Roosters
by Hank LeGrand

Barn yards are usually safe to walk through, but you better keep a close eye on two sets of eyes glaring in the shadows... This is base on a real live event that happened..  
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Featured Book
FAR MEMORY: On the Trail of the Grail; Book 2 of The Magdale
by Pinckney Rivers

Bk Two of the Magdalene Chronicles. Continues from Book one. NOW available..  
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