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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Points of Origin (hardcover, eBook, & audio book)
by Darden North

Using unmistakable realism, Mississippi physician-author Darden North stirs greed, revenge, and family tragedy into an explosive, award-winning medical thriller that rips..  
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Featured Book
Stairway of the Gods
by Vic Warren

Stairway of the Gods takes readers on a magical journey to the Philippines and the heartland of its people in the Cordillera Mountains. Warren’s tale of skullduggery ..  
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Featured Book
What Haunts Me - Ghost Killer - Book 1
by Margaret Millmore

What Haunts Me – Ghost Killer – Book 1 (a supernatural/paranormal thriller) is the first book in an episodic series. It is currently listed on Amazon as a pre-order item ..  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

They're Baaaack! by Dallas D'Angelo-Gary
This is a true story ... regretfully...
Thicker Than Water by Celia Hayes
Another Sergeants Three story.....
Thieves Lay Awake by xavier burton
Synopsis “I have not ever tasted such a fruit before as this one in the garden. To have my eyes opened from inside, I am truly enlightened by such a strong and powerful fruit as this tree of knowledge of good and evil. This knowledge shall bring forth my new conscie..
Things to learn along the way! by Fiona Cummings
The perils and pleasures of a library reading..
Things to Remember on Our 232nd Birthday by Stacy Mantle
You gave your life to be the person you are. Was it worth it?..
Things You Need to Know-Foreclosures & Mortgages--updated 6/17/13 by Lonnie Hicks
What you need to know and what you can do about it. Updated: 6/17/13 Eminent Domain, an answer? Updated: 6/17/13 Banks trying to follow debtors to the grave-even after forceclosure? Updated: 3/12/13 Best site on Foreclosures: The Video Updated: 1/17/13 The new mortgage foreclosu..
Thinking Out Loud: A Sammi Evans Mystery -- First Chapter by Jeanne Drouillard
Sammi Evans has a special talent that helps her solve crimes. In her world very few know about it, but she shares with her readers...
Third Times the Charm......... by Mitzi Jackson
Natasha stood very straight, very still hoping the walls didn't come closing in on her. But they were he was coming again she opened her bedroom door and jetted for the front door being careful not to make any noise it'll give her a head start (she knew he was going to find her only a matter of time..
Third Woman: The Prayer by Barbara Garrett
Does God answer prayers?..
This Gimmicky World by David Arthur Walters
Poems might be worth more if not for sale...
View Photo of This is a Dog's Life Read excerpt from This is a Dog's Life This is a Dog's Life by Charlotte Mair
"This is a dog’s life", he thought in his own Chum-Chum dialect. Seemed like eons since he and his friends shared in conversation over a pint of brew, and as the days grew longer, memories haunted throughout. ..
This is life sometimes 2 by Tony May Sr.
still trying..
This is my life by Lew Duffey
I feel like sharing a little about why I am who I am. This may take some time to read but I hope you enjoy it...
this is part of a book i am working on by Glenn Clark
i want to know what every one thanks and if it sounds good..
This Is Where It Ends by TONY NERONE
What goes on with a tired man going home on a bus, then falling asleep into dream land. --------------------------------------..
Thoghts by Kattie Avella
just trying to get my work notice all comments welcome..
Those born between 1900-1960 by Beecher O'Quinn Jr
A story from my book-The Way It Used To Was To all the children who survived between the 1900's through 1960. ..
Those Were His Eyes by Adam Lowe
A victim of child abuse gets revenge on his superstar abuser. Published in the now defunct Zine...
Thoughts Can Be Deadly - A Sammi Evans Mystery - First Chapter by Jeanne Drouillard
Murder through the eyes of a child is haunting when the accused is his mother. Sammi Evans tiptoes through this suspense/mystery tempting you with delicate details and emotion that you'll never forget...
Thoughts Can Be Murder: A Sammi Evans Mystery --First Chapter by Jeanne Drouillard
Sammi Evan's unique way of solving crimes has many mystified. She doesn't talk about it, but she does share with her readers...
three a.m. is a state of mind by tom hisnon
read this..
Three Guys and A Floatplane by Michel Massicotte
Three adventurous men flying from Constance Lake, Ontario to Otter Lake, Quebec...
Three Mile Crove, Chapter Twenty Six by Brian Cross
Approaching the conclusion of my horror story set in the English fens..
Three Mile Drove, Prologue by Brian Cross
Opening sequence from my thriller Three Mile Drove..
Three Mules and a Dog by Leland Waldrip
This is a true tale...
Three seconds by Tegon Maus
I have fallen victim to its seductive lure more often than I care to admit. It has become clear my control was an illusion and I am now at its whim...
Through It All Chapter FIve by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Katie got to sing in her schools recital during Christmas time, of her eight grade year..
Through It All Chapter Six by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Katie is graduating from the eighth grade, going to her first dance, finds a boyfriend, and is passing from that stage of childhood to young adult.....
Through The Eyes of Darkness (A Halloween Treat!) by Tamara Dailey-Keur
Happy Halloween 2004!..
Through The Glass Darkly by Gary Curto
An old friend is Baker Acted...
Through Time by Dead Man
here is a story of me going back in time to Japan and just to let you know it is fantasy ^.^ i know it is a little sloppy..
Thunder Meets Thunder by Dallas D'Angelo-Gary
Storms take many forms, and sometimes they feed from each other's winds...
Tidewater! by Denise Edwards
Trevor McKeon took a month long vacation near the ocean to find inspiration to finish his book. He needed, and craved, solitude. But, when he finds a beautiful young woman unconsciuos on the beach, Trevor is caught up in a dangerous quest to help the frightened girl remember who trid to kill her, a..
TideWater! chapter2 by Denise Edwards
Sorry it's taking longer than I thought. Here it is, I hope you enjoy...
TideWater! ( part 6 ) by Denise Edwards
The relationship between Iris and Trevor enters a new phase!..
TideWater! (part five) by Denise Edwards
Things begin to really heat up between Trevor and Iris...
TideWater! chapter 3 by Denise Edwards
The conuing story of Trevor and Iris, the girl with amnesia...
TideWater! Chapter 3 continued by Denise Edwards
More of chapter 3..
TideWater! Chapter 4 by Denise Edwards
Iris' reaction to the name TideWater cuased Rusty and Trevor some concern. Did she remember something, or is she trying not to?..
Tiggra store by Barbara Leming
Its a store i made as i did a rpg with my friends we had so much fun that i did not want too stop it so sue me but i hope you like it cuase i did...
Time by Sid Gustafson
literary fiction A short story first published in Inkwell Magazine, and later republished in Big Sky Journal as Time, a story with many lives.....
Time Again-Jules Verne Style by Richard Kallao
another chase ...
Time and I by Lonnie Hicks
Time Returns..
Time Changes by Richard Kallao
what if Jack the Ripper lived in the twenty-first century ...
Time Changes -The End by Richard Kallao
Jack encounters even someone more terrifying then he is , cameo by Freddy Krueger ................
Time Changes ll : Blood Rush by Richard Kallao
inside the mind of a criminal..
Time Changes lll : Kill or Be Killed by Richard Kallao
Jack is back and like never before ...
Read excerpt from Time Shadows Chapter One Time Shadows Chapter One by Sharon Jordan
When Jacqueline is haunted by ongoing nightmares, she seeks understanding through a local psychic. Once she steps out of the psychic's den, her life is in danger...
Time Sits With Me by Lonnie Hicks
Time ..
Time Slingers - The Shadow Phase by J Sherer is an online science fiction adventure story delivered periodically like the classic newspaper serials...
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Action/Thriller Stories
1. Hooey, the Cat Who Helped Johnny Appleseed
2. Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
3. It Hits the Fan
4. Midas
5. Tess
6. Stranger Lurking In the Shadows
7. The Wreck
8. high desert winds...
9. The Solo Oboe Chapter 4
10. A Bane Returns
11. Einstein: How do Galaxies Work? Updated 5/
12. Frozen Buds
13. Evil Is In The Doing
14. Chapter 6
15. The Spotless Dalmatian
16. Justifiable Homicide - Beginning
17. New Year's Eve
18. The Joy of Buying Your First Home
19. Robin Olds: Combat Ace, Leader, Warrior, W
20. Chapter 8 The story Continues

Featured Book
She Waits in Atlantis
by Will Clark

In this sequel to The Atlantis Crystal, Digger and Jeannie flee from unknown assailants while they try to solve a seven thousand year old mystery...  
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Featured Book
Sweet Summer
by Frank Ryan

Murder mystery thriller. One of the trilogy with Tiger Tiger and Goodbye Baby Blue...  
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