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I had no choice in growing up, I did have choices how I grow older. My spirit is ever young

I write to say I was here, leaving behind the wealth of me in written word. Each life is unique and sharing mine with others helps me to understand theirs better.

Birth Place: NY, NY 


Dignity Is A Choice by Cheryl B Sellers
A tale of two families caught in a whirlwind of life's forces, fueled by hate. Now the innocent must seek in the past to uncover family secrets. As the secrets unwind, both families must come to grips with the past and what they have become...


Katrinas Wake by Cheryl B Sellers
THE FIRST BOOK INSPIRED BY HURRICANE KATRINA An Anthology of Inspirational Poetry In Katrina's Wake, is a compilation of 97 poems by 20 authors who came together in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina out of a desire to help others. It is a thoughtful and beautifully written book that will make a wonderful gift for the holidays or any occasion! Our book will provide ongoing donations to the...

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Cheryl Sellers 

Remembrance by Cheryl B Sellers
“Remembrance ” is a chronicle of ever-dying but never dead love. It tells of an African-American woman deceived. Her life then becomes a mission of retribution against the wrong people, while seeking recompense by saving other women from the type of life she knew could have been her own doom. ...  Barnes &   

Painted Words by Cheryl B Sellers
An eclectic first volume of poetry, spanning from the inspirational to the erotic, to nature’s imagery and patriotic poems that express and capture the pride of this country. Memories from childhood’s laughter and pains of growing are expressed, as well as family values garnered along the way reflect the emotional sorrows and joys, to adult maturation of loves and, not to b...  Barnes &   

Short Stories

Adventures of Cat
 by Cheryl B Sellers
my Cats name is really Cat. I am often asked why I did not give him a name.. I think I did... but then again I could have called him alligator, but that might have caused a problem if i stood down at...

Goose poop or ewwwwww
 by Cheryl B Sellers
Cat's Adventures are many...

 by Cheryl B Sellers
I am asking for honest in put, on the hook, the story line. I know there are mistakes in grammar at this time and form. so please don't tell me about that. Tell me about the story line this is the set...

My Grand Dog
 by Cheryl B Sellers
A story of love offered and received...

Ole Sinner
 by Cheryl B Sellers
this is written with the memory of respect and remembered in humor...


Joined Voices
 by Cheryl B Sellers

A Touch
 by Cheryl B Sellers
Love is shown in many forms, some times a touch can say more than words can express...

More Face then Hair
 by Cheryl B Sellers
men seem so concerned to me with hair on their heads, most women are not...

First Drink, Haiku
 by Cheryl B Sellers

And So I Am
 by Cheryl B Sellers
written for the love that never fades and has little to do with external beauty...

OLE Glory Still Fly's
 by Cheryl B Sellers

 by Cheryl B Sellers
Living life to it's fullest, the great and the small...

 by Cheryl B Sellers
A time has come and the world rejoices in the fact...

 by Cheryl B Sellers
loveing strongly deeply and completely ...

True Tones
 by Cheryl B Sellers
Erotic love...

A Man
 by Cheryl B Sellers
Life and the choices ...

REJOICE one year later Katrina
 by Cheryl B Sellers
A tribute to all servivers and those who were less fortuned...

All Are Me
 by Cheryl B Sellers
a life lived in fullness and becoming aware...

Living On
 by Cheryl B Sellers

 by Cheryl B Sellers
Katrina's Wake...

Walking Like 10
 by Cheryl B Sellers
Love comes in all sizes and shapes...

The Code
 by Cheryl B Sellers

Bitter Fruit
 by Cheryl B Sellers
The pass is still, now !!...

Reflected Kiss
 by Cheryl B Sellers
Childern seldom know the love given freely Photograph

Roundabout Knight
 by Cheryl B Sellers
it reads the same forward and backward.. ...

me&puter, puter &me=compume
 by Cheryl B Sellers

Color Scents
 by Cheryl B Sellers

Am I Worthy
 by Cheryl B Sellers

No more happy dance
 by Cheryl B Sellers

Close Of Day
 by Cheryl B Sellers


Love is Better than Chocolate
 by Cheryl B Sellers
My warmest Love note ever...

The Title Writer
 by Cheryl B Sellers
when can one claim to be a writer? A self examination....

Power Of Words
 by Cheryl B Sellers
MY views on an archaic system of child care. I raise the quesions, even if I don't have the answer. I feel that in my heart that one must shout out the questions so that others will help them find an...

Mindless Fodder for a Thursday Morning
 by Cheryl B Sellers
These are questions that need not be answered, but should be thought about not at all.... lol...

I Am Thankful
 by Cheryl B Sellers
One day a year in this country we stop to give thanks, I took that day to think about it, now I give thanks...


Book Launch Party and signing
 by Cheryl B Sellers
Become part of a memory at Brenners Brew's first book launch party on July 9th,2005. The book "Remembrance Fate, Fragrance and Faith" by author, Cheryl B. Sellers ...

Author Cheryl Sellers is the 17th Recipient of the LiFE Award
 by Cheryl B Sellers
The LiFE Award: Literature For Environment has gone to a poetry book for the first time. This is Painted Words by Cheryl B. Sellers. ...

ANNOUNCING: The Signing of Contact for," Remembrance of Fate, fragrance and Faith"
 by Cheryl B Sellers
Cheryl B. Sellers has signed the contract with PublishAmerica for Romance novel, "Remembrance of Fate,Fragrance and Faith"...

Book now in print
 by Cheryl B Sellers
Discount sale of my book...

Offered a contract
 by Cheryl B Sellers
I would like to hear from others published by Publish America...

My Poetry is now Audio
 by Cheryl B Sellers
Poetry Listed at

Poem Printed
 by Cheryl B Sellers
Honoring those who serve...


Cheryl B Sellers Author/Poet/Artist
book excerpts/poetry/bio ... Audio files of my poems

Additional information

I am now a retired to the New Jersey Shore and able to devote all my time to my love writing. As an added feature I also do live spoken word performances and I am a member of Sightlines a group of artist and poets who exhibit works in at art galleries and colleges. My poetry has been published in several venues, anthologies and Distance Echo a journal for and about Veterans and their families. Internet web sites, an audio performances at web sites, Scars.TV, and Book publications:( poetry)Painted Words ISBN 1-4137-2148-6, (African American Romance novel)Remembrance fate, fragrance and faith ISBN 1-4137-6455-X

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 Cheryl B Sellers
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