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Hi, everybody. I'm a retired English teacher trying to realize a dream I've had since I put on a puppet show in third grade. Wouldn't you know it, I was censored.

Twenty years as an English/social studies teacher.  I have written six novels, working on number seven, STRANGERS ARE FROM ZEUS. SOLDIER'S GAP is the only one I've published. My main influence, if I have one, would be Joseph Heller. Also love Ed McBain's 87th Precinct novels. I have recently posted the first chapter of a completed novel, HONEST THIEF, TENDER MURDERER (under stories) that I'd like some feedback on. I will probably post one or two more chapters of that novel.

"With its complex interplay of bizarre yet believable characters, Soldier's Gap falls somewhere between
Northern Exposure and Twin Peaks." -- Dave King, Writer's Digest columnist

"Enthusiastically recommended reading for mystery buffs." Midwest Book Review.

"Murder isn't usually this much fun." Amazon reviewer.

"The story takes place in a small town that is so real that you would swear you would recognize the town of Soldier's Gap immediately if you drove through it. The people are fully authentic and unique. The humor that runs through the book is heart felt and keeps it from being too dark." Amazon reviewer.

"I read the description of Soldier's Gap and snorted coffee all over my laptop. It sounds like great fun." Sleepless - Mystery forum

"This ain't Mayberry and the head of the investigation ain't Andy Griffith (Deputy Sheriff Dave Jenkins arrives on the scene of the murder with a hangover). Jenkins, it is obvious from the start, has his own demons, and they become more apparent as the murder investigation goes along." Amazon reviewer

"Soldier's Gap is a smorgasbord of a book, full of quirky yet entirely true-to-life characters that offers humor, mystery, suspense and romance. It's a fun read." Amazon reviewer                                                                                                                                     

Birth Place: St. Cloud, MN US

Accomplishments: Excellent reviews on Amazon. Currently averaging four and a half stars from nine reviews. Would appreciate more.


Soldier's Gap by David A. Schwinghammer
When high school principal Jerry Egge is brutally murdered, Deputy sheriff Dave Jenkins begins an eerie investigation. Just about everyone in Soldier, Minnesota, is a suspect....

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Soldier's Gap by David A. Schwinghammer
Deputy Dave Jenkins sets out to find the murderer of the local high school principal, aided by a voice from the grave that is sometimes helpful and sometimes misleading....

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Short Stories

All the Good Stories Are Taken
 by David A. Schwinghammer
A young writer makes love to a ghost, then sets out to find out who she was....

Soldier's Gap, Chapter One
 by David A. Schwinghammer
When a high school principal is murdered, Deputy Sheriff Dave Jenkins sets out to find the killer and weird psychic happenings get in the way....

Black and White and Red All over
 by David A. Schwinghammer
A Catholic school boy plans to kill an aged nun after being humiliated in class....

Soldier's Gap, Chapter Three
 by David A. Schwinghammer
Deputy Dave Jenkins begins his investigation of the muder of Principal Jerry Egge. ...

Little Crow
 by David A. Schwinghammer
A farmer shoots a great Sioux chief. ...

Calliope's Revenge
 by David A. Schwinghammer
The God of poetry seeks retribution....

Mengele's Double, Chapter 9
 by David A. Schwinghammer
Marv's best friend Rip thinks Marv may have kidnapped Dorie. ...


 by David A. Schwinghammer
Why snow is holy. ...

Alumni Game
 by David A. Schwinghammer
Too old to play....

3 O'Clock
 by David A. Schwinghammer
An insomniac suffers through the night....

 by David A. Schwinghammer
What I noticed at the Academy Awards....

Widow's Peak
 by David A. Schwinghammer
Value what makes you you. ...

 by David A. Schwinghammer
How did we get here? Who you gonna believe? ...

The Do Drop Inn
 by David A. Schwinghammer
Conversation is dead. ...


Fire Lover, a True Story, book review
 by David A. Schwinghammer
I've always felt that Joseph Wambaugh was a better non-fiction writer than his more popular works. If you don't believe me, read ONION FIELDS. It's riveting and there's a movie, starring Ted Danso...

The God Particle
 by David A. Schwinghammer
Is God the invisible supreme being mentioned in the Bible, or is he/she/it a force that holds the universe together? ...

Harper Lee (book review)
 by David A. Schwinghammer
This biography of the author of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD answers the question of why she never wrote another novel. ...

Missoula, book review
 by David A. Schwinghammer
In Krakauer's newest work, football players at the University of Montana manage to dodge rape charges, due to a climate where women aren't believed....

Another Shakespeare Doubter, book review
 by David A. Schwinghammer
If the Earl of Oxford wrote Shakespeare's plays, how do you explain his death in 1604? ...

Flights of Passage, book review
 by David A. Schwinghammer
One of the better WWII memoirs....

Baghad Without a Map, book review
 by David A. Schwinghammer
Tony Horwitz, most famours for CONFEDERATES IN THE ATTIC, is one of the best travel writers in the world. ...


Includes short stories and book reviews.

Book site with synopsis and reviews. New and used copies at a discount.

Includes all the sites that sell the book. Just type in my name or SOLDIER'S GAP.

Home page for Wheatmark, publisher of SOLDIER'S GAP.

Additional information

I've taught a beginning novel's course for the St. Cloud Community Ed. program for several years.

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 David A. Schwinghammer
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