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We weave our own tapestry's in life~ What ever we weave, can well become our own "Comforts" or, "Pains" of Tomorrow.. Let the History you write~ bring comfort to you, and all those you cross paths with... Tomorrow is not promised to anyone of us. Live in each moment of today without regret, as if it were to be your last.


My major influences, Simply "Life"... The joys, pain, and hardships overcome. The journey, the lessons learned. Both from my own life, and my observations of the lives of others. The hardships that others have had to overcome, or live with still today, day by day while striving to go on, without complaint. The inspirations for my writing's and painting's come from places that touch my heart, a desire to help others. To let them know they are not alone, and to hopefully give something back.

Birth Place: Burbank, CA USA

Accomplishments: My Best achievements are my children. That through my mistakes I have been able to learn, and teach.

I have been truly honored by having a small variety of works having received awards and publication.
"Mustangs Spirits of Truth"
"The Eagles Cry"
"Whispers of the Wind"

Works that have been penned by my hand from inspirations, whispered to my heart. I am grateful for the gift of those whispers.
My most treasured awards are the Thanks You's, the Smiles, when something I have had a hand in touches the life of another. There truly are no more valuable rewards in life, than the overflowing feeling of warmth that receiving a smile can give.

Short Stories

CantCatcha Angus Ranch
 by D. Enise
A humorous little Western Tale, Still in the works. Pete Peeve, while having taken off from the life he had known in New York City, in search of information about his family, finds a whole new lif...


Horses True Teachers
 by D. Enise
Born to this Earth to give love and to teach The keepers of Truth, Heavens sent gifts. It has been said that the outside of a Horse does something good for the inside of man. Not...

The Eagles Cry
 by D. Enise
On the Wings of the Eagle With in her call, cries A message from heaven For the world to Unite Freedom rings strong Born to our souls Echoes, and calls us From pasts lo...

True Treasures
 by D. Enise
For life, is so full of riches. You can not touch, but yet you will feel them. With in the depths of your heart TRUE TREASURES As she stood in moons light,

Whispers of the Wind
 by D. Enise
On The West Wind Blows..... Voices of the heart,, Soft quiet Whispers.. Gently reaching out. They never fail to reach me, Quiet songs, a seren...

Dream Dancers, ...The Message
 by D. Enise
And the Tiger said, Rest easy my child Your life is before you, As true as the sun, And the stars that call you. When at last, you awaken Your spirit renewed From you...

Wings of An Eagle
 by D. Enise
Inspirational poem ,The feeling of peace in your heart , after lifes lessons...The joy of flying, of freedom, of love . The essence of , the "feeling" of being "Centered"...

AlwaysNew Light
 by D. Enise
In the Darkest of Darkness There is still light Silently waiting, Out of our sights Through the fury of storms, In all heavens power Brilliant lights flashing Lightnin...

Horses * The Spirits Enchanting
 by D. Enise
To Run with the Wind Romp in the sun Freedom bids calling with every turn Majestically dancing purest of heart beckoning Joy And all heavens truth And Horses ...

Mustangs Spirits of Truth
 by D. Enise
I can remember back, when I was a child The first time I saw them. Running free, running Wild. Forever engraved, Etched to my memory The vision I witnessed. That day in the valley. ...

Visions,..They Whisper
 by D. Enise
We each see the world, through, different eyes. Conflicts, and pain, And luminous light. Torn between, Our own minds knowledge. And the yearnings inside, what our h...

Finding Dreams
 by D. Enise
What happens in our lives can make us stronger. Without struggle we can not truly appreciate the peace we come to find. Sometimes life that comes after "All she wanted was a Pony" We can go throug...

All She Really Wanted rewrite
 by D. Enise
Revised from an earlier work. Wishing and wanting can be at times,.. The only escape, from one's real life. And there are times in some of our lives that "Escape", is in deed, needed. B...

All She Really Wanted
 by D. Enise
Wishing and wanting can be at times,.. The only escape, from one's real life. And there are times in some of our lives that "Escape", is in deed, needed. Being unseen, unnoticed, being ignore...

Clouds Illusions
 by D. Enise
In a mist of dreams We can sometimes walk A line between reality and place we feel safe Where clouds of illusions can almost seem real and we block out intrusions from...

The Stillness in the Air
 by D. Enise

As Tears Go by II * Still to this day Still A Link in the Chain
 by D. Enise
Mom, can you see me? Can you hear my cries? Are you now in heaven Has your own pain died? Mom, can you hear me? My child, she is hurting I have caused her the same pain

As Tears Go by *Children See Flowers*
 by D. Enise

A Wish A Dream
 by D. Enise
Life is what we make of it. Even, Wishes and Dreams... A secret desire our hearts make, A Wish. Wishes turned to Dreams, Are Dreams, That Can come True. They can take time,

Who is it we really See
 by D. Enise
To often we see by the use of our eyes. Believing to trust in just what it is we "think" we "See".. Music~ "If Tomorrow Never Comes" src=http://d21c.com/polara1969/mid...

Giving Wolves A Bad Name
 by D. Enise

Mind Games----The Dance---
 by D. Enise

Prayer for Peace
 by D. Enise

Last Night.. I said, Good Bye
 by D. Enise
Last night, I said "good bye". It wasn't what I wanted, It seemed our time was through. His promise, he'd forgotten. So difficult to do. I thought it best for both or u...

In Heavens Kingdom The Horse
 by D. Enise
I am the Wind of a Summers Storm The Light you see of rainbows end. I am the warmth you feel from the Sun The Shimmer of leaves,in the trees up above. I am the tall grass dancing in fields The Cl...

To Authors & Readers Thank you
 by D. Enise


Breaking Chains~~~
 by D. Enise
~Choices~ My personal findings, & evolution. Breaking the "Chains". Behavioral patterns taught and built by generations. My Struggles, pains, and ..the pain I caused my child..Finally...


A Place in the Heart Cowboys n Cowgirls
~~~*~~~ Reflections of western & Cowboy life, and Inspiration. Site is Artistic by design, Extremely "Visuall" striving to share feeling, through the use of ~Submitted poetry enhanced by the addition of music and graphic imagery ..Accepting Submissions ~Quest for kindness towards all. ~Free Service~ Email, members area,graphics & more..

Inspirational photo slide show video's I hope you enjoy.

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Additional information

Art Work & Illustrations, In several mediums. In addition to graphics, Logo's, and digital art work. For those interested in adding original illustrations, Art, or graphics for your books, or pages here at the den, or elsewhere, Please feel free to browse my Art Work and Graphics, Most of my poetry contains original art works that I have done. Or you can check my web sites. Please feel to E-Mail me.. I do not charge fellow Authors here at the den for digital art work that is used here for personal use only. Thanks ~ *Smiles* ************************************* Is this Justice? You Decide~ http://www.BrandonHein.com

Contact Information

Prairies Edge Paints
  SD   57567   USA
 D. Enise
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