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Practice random acts of generosity! It may only take one small act of kindness to change the path of a life. Reach down to pick someone else up...


I currently live in South Florida but will always be a New Englander at heart. I was born and raised in Vermont, before becoming a long time resident of Greenfield, Massachusetts where I worked for many years as a real estate paralegal handling mortgage closings and all the complexities that come with buying, selling and refinancing homes. I once carried the belief that if I paid my mortgage on time, just as I did my other bills, my credit rating would paint a true and accurate picture of who I was –a hardworking ordinary person that didn’t neglect the responsibility of paying bills on time.


I would soon learn that that belief was just a myth.


I also believed that if there were errors on my credit report, all I had to do was supply the documentation and necessary proof that it was paid, or not owed, whichever the case may be, and it would be cleared up.


That belief was shattered too.


With the shattering of those beliefs came a few other eye-opening realizations. I wasn’t alone –it just felt that way. I also realized that my many countless attempts to correct my erred credit reports were futile, forcing me to turn to the judicial system and find the necessary strength from the support of other victims.


After enduring a decade of mortgage accounting errors and erroneous credit –I mistakenly thought my troubles were over. But if that were true the debut of my first book –Give Me Back My Credit, would never have seen the light of day. When my epic 10 year battle came to a close and my credit was momentarily restored, I soon discovered bogus collection accounts were reflected on my credit report and with it came –five more unbearable years involving hundreds of grueling hours trying to restore my good name. It wasn’t until the enormity of the problem continued to wreak havoc in my life and after receiving much encouragement from consumers and advocates alike –did I finally decide to tell my story hoping to validate those who have walked in my shoes and provide steps to prevent it from happening to others.I


As a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, and Founder of GiveMeBackMyCredit.com, I have partnered with the FTC to help educate the public on identity theft prevention, through their Deter, Detect and Defend program. I am member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates, and an individual ally with Americans for Fairness in Lending, a coalition of non-profit organizations working to reform the lending industry in order to protect Americans' financial assets. I continue to work towards uniting consumers with their advocates in order to build a larger platform of voices to effect change.


I have enjoyed co-hosting an internet radio show called SpotLight, on the BlogTalk Radio Network while I continue to write articles on consumer issues for a variety of  print publications including a monthly Identity Theft Column for Lighthouse Point Magazine, a South Florida magazine, and as a contributing writer for the Sun Sentinel Newspaper's online Editorial Blog -South Florida Talks Back!

I also write an array of articles as the Identity Theft Expert and Guide, for  Selfgrowth.com.

Visit my blog at GiveMeBackMyCredit.com/blog for tips on preventing identity theft, and avoiding becoming a victim of fraud.


You can also find me on a few social networking sites;  MySpace and LinkedIn and Twitter


Tell us your story on credit, debt, mortgage servicing and identity theft !


Accomplishments: “Denise Richardson is a living answer to the question of what can happen to an American when the systems that keep track of who owes what to whom completely break down. Like most of the countless consumers harmed each year by errors that corporations can’t or won’t fix, Denise suffered enormous personal and financial harm when computer systems began to misreport her data. Unlike most other people, however, Denise set out to understand exactly how and why such mistakes occur, and then took on the system. Her story of personal courage and resilience is not only inspiring, but the hard-learned lessons she clearly articulates in this book can help many other consumers protect themselves from the mistakes that all too often are afflicted by America’s credit reporting system.”
F. Paul Bland, Jr., Staff Attorney
Public Justice

"Denise Richardson's story has important lessons for all Americans. It's the
story of a consumer who faced hardships created by credit bureau errors, mortgage servicing errors, abusive debt collectors and identity thieves. So she learned, fought back and won. Now she's a consumer champion with a book that's a first-person story and a consumer handbook in one, with lessons for everyone who wants to win against corporate and financial
predators. Buy it and then fight back yourself!"
Ed Mierzwinski, Consumer Program Director
U.S. Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG)

"Give Me Back My Credit is a book that every American consumer must read.
Denise exposes the truth about how our nation's credit system really works and how our consumer protection rights have slowly, but intentionally been wiped away by corporate greed and government acceptance. In a clear and
simple voice, Denise teaches everyone how they can try to protect their rights and how we must collectively fight back to get back our rights and our credit!"
Ira Rheingold, Executive Director and General Counsel
National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA)



Give Me Back My Credit! (paperback) by Denise Richardson
Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night trying to remember if you paid a bill? What if you woke up because you knew you did? The mere mention of identity theft makes palms sweat, hearts race and heads pound. Find out why -and what, you need to do to protect yourself....

Amazon.comInfinity Publishing 

Give Me Back My Credit! (audio version) by Denise Richardson
"A modern day David vs. Goliath tale, in which one woman went head to head against corporate America to fight not only for her own rights, but for the rights of all those who would follow in her footsteps." Consumer Action San Francisco, CA ...

Amazon.comInfinity Publishing 


Shocking statistics for US student loan defaults in 2010
 by Denise Richardson
A series of independent reports have revealed that the number of student loan defaults is rising at a pace faster than the national consumer credit card debt level. ...

Is your Facebook Friend a Digital Criminal?
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You bought the plane tickets, a bathing suit, and twenty bottles of sunscreen - you're all ready for your vacation. But before you leave for the airport, you update your Facebook profile page, lettin...

Choosing a secure password is key to avoiding identity theft
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Just how secure is your password? If you are like most computer users, not secure enough. If you use an easy-to-guess password, criminals can easily find their way to your banking records, email accou...

Cancer patient's Identity Stolen by Lab Tech; Fighting For Justice
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Five years ago, Eric Drew was on his death bed with leukemia when his identity was stolen by a worker at the hospital where he was being treated....

Grinch Games; A Post Holiday Tale...
 by Denise Richardson
The Grinch hated Christmas - the whole Christmas season. So he came and he hacked me -for no rhythm or reason. But it's not that there's no reason at all, we've all heard his heart is two sizes too...

The real problem is Identity theft, not those trying to thwart it!
 by Denise Richardson
As a long-time advocate who encourages consumer education, and corporate responsibility I support and respect companies and organizations who take an active role in educating consumers on the risks of...

Ho, Ho NO to Identity Theft; 10 Tips to avoid fraud!
 by Denise Richardson
The holiday season is peak season for thieves! Their imaginations are working overtime as they busily find new and innovative ways to steal your money -and you!...


Credit Card Companies Fueling Healthcare Associated Identity Theft (HAIT) C
 by Denise Richardson
Automated Systems Issuing Credit without Verification Put Millions at Risk...

Be the millionth subscriber
 by Denise Richardson
LifeLock has over 900,000 subscribers and is set to hit its millionth in May 2008. You could be the millionth subscriber! ...

National Consumer Protection Week: March 2nd - March 8th
 by Denise Richardson
10th ANNUAL NATIONAL CONSUMER Protection week promotes financial literacy as a sound investment. ...

Strike Back: Defeat Identity Theft Now Campaign
 by Denise Richardson
LifeLock the first U.S. identity theft prevention company and the recognized industry leader, is initiating the first ever “Strike Back – Defeat Identity Theft Now” grassroots campaign, designed to br...

ID Defender WPTV NBC 5
 by Denise Richardson
My recent interview with WPTV West Palm Beach,Florida NBC News Channel 5 ...

New Magazine hits the stands...
 by Denise Richardson
Credit monitoring services often provide a false sense of security. There is a difference in credit monitoring and identity theft prevention services. Some are considered as a reactive service and not...

A Book Review from Authors Press Releases
 by Denise Richardson
Give Me Back My Credit! 'Real-Life' lessons on privacy rights, credit reporting, and identity theft. ...


Consumer book reads like Raymond Chandler mystery
Anyone who has read Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep knows that the book’s protagonist, Philip Marlowe, is an honest detective in a corrupt world. He’s meticulous about detail, and always catches the culprit in the end. I have never reviewed a book on this blog, but when I read Give Me Back My Credit by Denise Richardson, it almost felt like I was back in Chandler’s Los Angeles. Denise’s narrative of her fight against mortgage companies and credit bureaus is both admirable and gut-wrenching, and it reads like a good mystery. Innocent Consumer in a Corrupt Credit World Like Marlowe, Denise wakes up in familiar surroundings one day to embark on a contradiction that will lead her through years of mental anguish against an establishment she thought was her friend. It will take fifteen years, but...

Find out what others are saying about Give Me Back My Credit!
After spending the better part of 15 years disputing, correcting and guarding my credit identity, I’ve come to the conclusion that a) I don’t want to do it anymore; and b) if I could hire someone else to do it –I would. I set out to find someone-anyone, who would take on the burden of guarding my life...

Paying your mortgage on time -doesn't guarantee you won't lose your home...
Find out what can happen when you don't verify how (or if) your loan payments are applied accurately... See what can happen when you don't verify how/if your monthly payments are applied accurately. Click on the articles section or browse their forum -if you believe consumers should have access to a monthly statement, then click on the petition link and add your signature. If you believe you're safe from these types of nightmares, simply because you make your payments on time -this site may change your mind. What you don't know...will hurt you.

The Truth about Credit! How to avoid credit nightmares...
For additional book reviews and feature articles visit my media room at Give Me Back My Credit! Many of my articles can be found online at various sites such as: American Chronicle, EzineArticles, Helium, Amazines, Lighthouse Point Magazine and Autosuccessonline.com and Realtysuccessonline.com

Additional information

The most common complaint the Federal Trade Commission receives involves identity theft. This year alone 10,000,000 million people will have their identities stolen. Protect yourself by being proactive. Go to givemebackmycredit.com/blog and find out what steps you should be taking to protect you- and your family. Identity theft has grown to be the number 1 crime in America. See: Givemebackmycredit.com/blog for tips and resources. A little time spent protecting yourselves today -can save you a lot of time, money and headaches later! If you are not going to take the steps necessary to protect yourself -hire someone to do it for you! I subscribe to LifeLock, to hear why...view the video on this page! For an instant 20% discount go to LifeLock.com and when asked, use the promotional code: denise

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