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Life is! It is an opportunity for experience and spiritual growth. There is no hidden meaning; we create meaning and value by how we live.

I was born in Germany and lived there for 18 years before, during and after WWII. Having personally experienced the horrors and senselessness of war, I began questioning traditional values associated with nationalism and organized religion, and I soon realized that human governments cannot legislate truth or freedom, cannot establish true values and cannot give purpose to our lives.

After emigrating from my homeland, I moved from one location to another, trying to establish a new home in eastern Canada and in the western United States, but growing no permanent roots anywhere. Having no strong attachments to any particular place has given me a sense of cosmopolitan citizenship. My home is planet Earth. I feel most secure and at home in pristine, natural surroundings, wherever they can still be found. I have similarly not become attached to any particular ethnic, cultural or religious way of life. This has permitted me to look beyond ethnic traditions and religious doctrines and pursue my quest for truth and freedom without these constraints.

My viewpoints, opinions and convictions have crystallized out of a lifelong study of the world's philosophies, sciences and religions. I have taken ideas from many sources of knowledge and integrated these with my own experiences and with my professional knowledge of physics and engineering in order to construct a self-consistent world view. My personal philosophy has been influenced by early Eastern Philosophy, by the Idealism and Romanticism of the eighteenth century and by New Age thought. Other contributions have come from my knowledge of Western science, from my sense of logic and through my intuitions. I have found many truths in the writings of Immanuel Kant, Friedrich Schelling, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Carl Jung, Khalil Gibran, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Werner Erhard, Stewart Emery, Terry Cole-Whittaker and many others.

Birth Place: Oppach,  Germany

Accomplishments: B. Eng. (Honors) Engineering Physics, McMaster Univ., (1961);
M.A.Sc. Applied Science, Univ. of Toronto, (1962);
Ph.D. Aerospace Sciences, Univ. of Toronto, (1966).

1st Carter Scholarship, Guelph Coll. Voc. Institute (1953);
Dean’s Honor List, McMaster Univ. (1959-1961);
NRC Fellowship, Univ. of Toronto (1961/62);
Wallberg Research Fellowship, Univ. of Toronto (1962/63);
Ford Foundation Fellowship, Univ. of Toronto (1964/65);
NASA Tech Brief Award (1970);
Editor’s Choice Award, Nat. Library of Poetry (1995,1996).

More than a dozen R&D grants (1962-1989) from DRB (Canada),

Holder of 4 patents in Pulsed Power Technology.

Pioneering Research in atomic physics, plasma physics, gas dynamics, spectroscopy, rocket propulsion, high-energy laser development (1966 - 1999), and author of 38 scientific papers published in scientific journals and proceedings.

Author of poetry published in anthologies of the National Library of Poetry (1995,1996).

Author of non-fiction, philosophical book, “In Search of Truth and Freedom” (Avila Books 2000).

Biographies in: Who’s Who in the West (1981,1982);
Men of Achievement (1981);
Who’s Who in Science and Engineering (1999/2000).

Member of: Sigma Xi (Emeritus) (1967-);
Optical Society of Am. (1982-);
Prof. Engineers of Ontario (1961-1998);
Planetary Society (1981-2000);
Astronomical Soc. Pacific (1990-).



In Search of Truth and Freedom; A Path from Ignorance to Awareness by Dietmar Rothe
A scientist/philosopher explores the mysteries of existence in a highly personal quest for answers to life's ultimate questions, forging a bridge between sterile science and spiritual values -- a scholarly work for all who seek wisdom, truth, true freedom, and who are unafraid to venture beyond traditional beliefs and superficial values....

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No Eye Equal to Wisdom
 by Dietmar Rothe
Life is. All living beings evolve. By seeking wisdom and applying it in our lives, we can be part of humanity's spiritual evolution toward a better future. "This poem flows from the stream of life t...

Kein Auge der Weisheit gleicht
 by Dietmar Rothe
Das Gedicht, "Kein Auge der Weisheit gleicht," ist eine wohlgemeinte Mitteilung an die Menschheit in dieser Epoche der weltumfassenden Unruhe. Es wird entscheidend sein zu dieser Zeit des geistigen E...

Ode To Joy
 by Dietmar Rothe
English Translation of "Freude Schoener Goetterfunken" in rhyme and meter, allowing it to be sung to Beethoven's "Ode to Joy."...

Align with Creation
 by Dietmar Rothe
The principles on which the laws of cosmic evolution rest, are: “LOVE, WISDOM, and LOGIC.” As small droplets of the Creation Spirit, we can augment our power and enjoyment of life by aligning with the...

In Stiller Nacht
 by Dietmar Rothe
Ein Kamerad warst Du wie lang ich einen suchte....

 by Dietmar Rothe
Der Sehnsuchtsschmerz umgreift mein Herz...

Spirit Speaks
 by Dietmar Rothe
Seek Wisdom and Live in Harmony with the Laws of Creation...


Key Teachings of Jmmanuel
 by Dietmar Rothe
This is a transcript of an invited talk presented by the author at the 4th Annual International UFO Congress Summer Seminars, September 17, 2001. It gives the true teachings of Jmmanuel (aka Jesus) ac...

Euthanasia or Murder?
 by Dietmar Rothe
The state-enforced killing of Terri Schiavo by slow torture of dehydration and starvation is a brutal crime that goes far beyond euthanasia....

A New Year's Message of Hope
 by Dietmar Rothe
As we enter the new year 2005, our world remains divided and in turmoil. Yet, we also see unmistakable signs of spiritual awakening by a growing section of society, ready to begin the arduous journey ...


A New Year's Message of Hope from Avila Books / Publishing, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Calif.
 by Dietmar Rothe
As we enter the new year 2005, our world remains divided and in turmoil. Yet, we also see unmistakable signs of spiritual awakening by a growing section of society, ready to begin the arduous journey ...

The Unexpurgated Teachings of Jmmanuel
 by Dietmar Rothe
Read the true words of wisdom of Jesus and become acquainted with the Laws and Directives of Creation and the Commandments of god. ...

Additional information

Following are some sentiments and quotes from my recently published book, "In Search of Truth and Freedom:"

About life, Creation and evolution:
Life is not an accidental by-product of evolutionary events on Earth, but is the primary characteristic of the Spirit of Creation, which pervades the entire universe, transcending itself into ever more magnificent expressions of consciousness in a process of continual cosmic evolution (Chapters 9 and 11).

"Evolution is the process by which Creation perfects itself, on a cosmic scale as well as in each individual being" (p.193).

“The path, as well as the goal, is spiritual growth" (p. 56).

About truth and wisdom:
"The universe is with us when we come from the truth. ... Real truth is endowed with the power of Creation. There is nothing else of value" (p. 54).

"The search for truth is a journey of sel-discovery, out of the darkness of ignorance into the light of understanding" (p. 55).

"We all have accumulated much knowledge, but we understand so little. Only through wisdom [and love] can we understand the truth" (p. 55).

About mind and consciousness:
"True consciousness ... is a higher-order awareness of being aware. Consciousness is the spirit experiencing the rational activity of the mind-brain system" (p. 72).

About freedom, love, fear and beauty:
"Fear thrives in the absence of spiritual consciousness. Fear takes over wherever love is not" (p. 207).

"The greatest victory in the fight for freedom is the conquest over fear" (p. 207).

"The path from darkness to light, from ignorance to wisdom, from fear to love, is also the road from bondage to freedom" (p. 199).

"Beauty is the touchstone of the spirit" (p. 244).

Contact Information

c/o Avila Books
PO Box 418 
Cardiff   CA   92007   USA
Fax: 760-753-2227
 Dietmar Rothe
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