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"Who I am is God's Gift to Me. What I become is My Gift to God." 'Marcus Hamilton'


Creating an 'eye-catching' front page
is not an easy feat...
How do we appeal to every age...
To each 'online' person we meet?

Then the notion hit me,
early on one day...
What you need to see is talent,   
Evidence, on display...

And since I have a tendency
to often think in Rhyme...
Perhaps this verse will strike a chord
if you're visiting for the First Time.

Check Out My Latest Book!   
Mediocrity to Maturity, A Journey from Despair to Repair  
Learn how applying Faith leads to repair,
Even in the midst of terrible loss!

    The purpose of penning 'Mediocrity to Maturity' was to share God-sized life lessons learned through hardships, tragedy & triumph.  A friend of mine told me that something simple like 'Shark Tales' would've been a good title.  "You waste way too much time thinking up your book titles", he laughingly said!

      I hope that many young people will read this book and learn the importance of running to God instead of running away; as "running away" always leads to despair!

     I've learned much about my purpose in life and I believe that by offering the right tools and applying the right habits, everyone can move forward and into an abundant relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our ultimate goal in life is to Love Him and Know Him well enough to be more like Him!  We are His ambassadors--His representatives--His hands & feet --chosen to positively impact a lost and dying world.

     My personal journey has taken me from Rheumatic fever at age six through a twenty-four year bout with seizures--to radical Brain Surgery in 1999'--( 'Right-Temporal Lobectomy')...

   This procedure has caused me to be...
   Completely healed and seizure-free!
   Click on the Bio link below to read my complete story.

  The greatest impact in my life has come from Knowing the Lord, Jesus Christ and learning to walk in step with Him each day. Without Him, I probably would not be here, but because of Him, I can tell you that miracles do still happen.  I am walking proof!

  Thank you for dropping into my den... I sincerely hope your heart is encouraged by the words on this page...

Birth Place: Monroe, NC USA

Accomplishments: Frances has authored three books, The Significance of a Dream, An Inspirational Book of Poetry and Short Stories, Perils & Promises, Life On Mission-a true and accurate account of life on the mission field, and Mediocrity to Maturity, A Journey from Despair to Repair.

ALL of these books contain Inspirational Nuggets of Truth about life and undeniable faith that comes from Knowing and Trusting in the One and Only, True and Living God.

Frances has published poetry with the International Library of Poets and her work is displayed in a volume entitled, "The Colors of Life" copyright 2003 by Watermark Press.

She has also published articles within a western Union County publication, "The County Edge." She has had several mission articles published in the "Baptists On Mission" magazine--a publication offered by the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina in an effort to mobilize Christians around the state to become active in missions.

You will enjoy her God-given gift of expression through the written word.

Frances' believes her greatest achievement came through raising a wonderful son--a once-small boy with a great big heart who became an active marine. After serving nine years in the Marine Corps and 2 tours in Iraq, he settled in Maryland and works in the DC area.

Although her son has settled far from home, Frances trusts that God has him exactly where He needs him to be for such a time as this.

Frances also has charming grandkids!(:)


Mediocrity to Maturity by Frances Seymour
Book Release Date: 08/10/10 Mediocrity to Maturity,A Journey from Despair to Repair. You can place your order through this link......

  Download Free Preview!


The Significance of A Dream by Frances Seymour
The Significance of A Dream is An Inspirational Book of Poetry & Short Stories. The inspirational prose in this book will warm your heart....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

Perils & Promises, Life on Mission by Frances Seymour
Tossed out of one's comfort zone and to the end of the land. You'll enjoy the humourous prose used to descibe life in the down east area of Atlantic, North Carolina--...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comwww.booksamillion.com 

Short Stories

Random Acts of Kindness
 by Frances Seymour
A reminder of the rewards that come from small acts of kindness...

 by Frances Seymour
A God-size answer to daunting questions!...

Defining Moment
 by Frances Seymour
How we can be so easily defined by circumstances and words... ...

'Divine Interruptions'
 by Frances Seymour
What can happen when we choose to share time with others....

Personality Conflict
 by Frances Seymour
Learn how to effectively deal with a personality conflict....

Going Where We Don't Want to Go
 by Frances Seymour
We all have to go somewhere or do something that we may not want to do at some point and time in life. This is something to think about......

Health Restored
 by Frances Seymour
Thoughts of how restoration can and does take place in our lives and in the lives of others too!...


No Hurry
 by Frances Seymour
The best way to begin any day... ...

A True Friend
 by Frances Seymour
Description of the character and integrity of a true friend...

In His Presence
 by Frances Seymour
Reminder that we are to 'Rejoice in the Lord. Again I say Rejoice-' as the Apostle Paul stated....

Fallen Leaves
 by Frances Seymour
shapely words describing the beauty of falling leaves in late fall....

Smart Words
 by Frances Seymour
Simply Smart Words of Encouragement......

Daddy's Words
 by Frances Seymour
The awesome power of Daddy's Words explained...through the eyes of a child....

Twist of Fate
 by Frances Seymour
I've been thinking about her for days. Seems she weighs heavily on my mind; especially this time of year. Perhaps, because today is her birthday. If my treasured sister was still with us, she'd be 49 ...


A New Work Begins
 by Frances Seymour
Vision of new work to begin in the sandhills of North Carolina!...

The Right Tools
 by Frances Seymour
What are some of the tools used on the mission field? What are the benefits of a good journal? Why should I record special events in life?...

The Rock
 by Frances Seymour
One of my favorite stories using a simple rock as an analogy......

Close to The Master
 by Frances Seymour
Life is all about relationships--with God and with each other! Enjoy!...

No Differences…
 by Frances Seymour
This article actually appeared in our local County Edge Newspaper this summer! Enjoy!...

Jagged Edge of Change
 by Frances Seymour
This Article about much needed change was Published in ‘The County Edge’ 12/1/06 ...

Evidence of Change
 by Frances Seymour
This Article was Published in ‘The County Edge’ 11/10/06 ...


Short Story Published!
 by Frances Seymour
Hope Whispers, An Anthology of Inspirational Poems and Short Stories...


Perils & Promises / My bio too!
Check out my complete bio and book about life outside one's comfort zone. It's challenging, thought provoking and even a bit humorous! You will enjoy this true depiction of life on mission!

North Carolina Baptists on Mission
Great site to visit if you are looking for a mission project for your group!

Connect with friends and family in an ever-growing popular way.

Great place to relax, read, have fun and learn to write by topic. Join the group by placing your work out there to be read and critiqued by other artists!

Additional information

One of Frances short stories was accepted for publication in an Anthology of Inspirational Poetry and Short Stories by Whispering Angel Books entitled, Hope Whispers. Frances has conducted several radio interviews,book signings and speaking engagements. She is a gifted speaker with a powerful testimony--one that God has allowed to be shared in many churches throughout North Carolina. Frances' books are available at any bookstore by request and on this site. You can purchase quickly and easily through Amazon.com,booksamillion.com,Barnes & Noble and pleasantword.com--

Contact Information

  NC     USA
 Frances Seymour
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