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IAN IRVINE (HOBSON) Areas of Interest: 'Contemporary Australasian Poetry', 'Ennui in History', 'Transpersonal Relational Poetics', 'Transmedia Writing','Quantum archetypes', 'Jungian Psychology', 'Eco-poetics', 'Contemporary Fiction', 'The Animist', 'Biosemiotics & Creativity', 'Scintillae 2012', 'Zoetics: Creativity for Change', 'Interstitium' (band) & 'Goya's Child 1 (band)'.


This site acts as a gateway to Ian's non-fiction, poetry, music & fiction. Ian believes that 'fundamental creativity' (as against functional/conformist creativity) is central to the human psyche where it functions (according to developmental, relational and biosemiotic logic) as a form of 'affirmative destructuring' - i.e. as an adaptive-evolutionary faculty contributing to both personal and social wellbeing. These ideas are encapsulated in the ideas behind the Zoetics Instititute (founded with Sue King-Smith) [Go to: Zoetics Philosophy Statement & Zoetics Institute (main website)]. See also the Zoetics Sharezines/ share feed at Paper.li.

Non-Fiction: Readers can access sample chapters from three non-fiction projects here: 1) The Angel of Luxury and Sadness (a book on Chronic Ennui and Modernity based on
 PhD research completed in 1998) [See Amazon.com site for print book publishing & purchasing details]; 2) a book on Jungian Psychology, Quantum Physics and Creativity entitled Hermes (Unheralded) God of the Postmodern Transitionand 3) sample chapters from another more personal book on creativity entitled Muse of the Long Haul: Thirty-One Isles of the Creative Imagination.

Poetry and Fiction: Poetry samples also feature, including full versions of five recently published (2011-2013) 'digital chapbooks': 1) 
Poems of the Interstitium (miscellaneous poems published in journals etc. between 1998 and 2012); 2) Coral Reveries: Darwinian Poetics  (poems inspired by Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle[See also version at SCRIBD]; 3) The Alchemical Sequence (poems inspired by spiritual alchemy); 4) The Vietnamese Sequence and 5) Hermes and the Philatelic Construction of the Multiverse (poems inspired by a childhood fascination with philately). There are also samples from  Facing the Demon of Noontide (published in 2000) as well as links to other poems and stories published in various literary journals, anthologies, ezines and magazines. You can also purchase the literary-dystopian SF novel Dream-Dust Parasites (written as Ian Hobson and published in 2003) and access a brief statement of poetics entitled Anti-Manifesto for Transpersonal Relational Poetics

Editing, Songwriting and Teaching: This site also contains
information regarding coediting duties related to the following literature/writing journals and anthologies: Scintillae 2012 (a print and digital literary anthology); The Animistelectronic journal of the arts (7 editions, 1998-2001); and Bendigo TAFE's student writing journal Painted Words (9 editions, 2005-2013) [See also individual PW editions at Central Victorian Writing Journals]. Information and song samples related to two alternative rock/experimental bands Ian has worked with - Interstitum and Goya's Child - can also be accessed here. There is also information about current teaching duties at Victoria University and Bendigo Kangan Institute.

What's New?

January - March 2015: weekly editions of Zoetics Sharezine assembled and published at paper.li. The Sharezine contains numerous links to fascinating material on contemporary issues, creativity, etc. currently circulating on the WWW.  

March 2015 -
Poetry Life and Times published: 'A Poem is a Useless Thing.'

Feb-March 2015 -
Australian fantasy writer Sara Douglass was also a gifted historian. To read about the influence of her Medieval history research (and teaching duties) on her novels click here (includes an introduction by Karen Brooks and myself). For Part Two of my part of the Intro to Sara's lectures click here.

January 2015 - A Wordpress version of much of the content up at this site is now replicated there.

16/11/14: I drove to north to Kyabram yesterday to help launch young Northern Victorian novelist Adem Besim's first YA novel,
My Unforgettable Year. If you're looking for fiction to give young guys in particular to read, or you like sport and coming of age stories, this grungy novel is an engaging and suspenseful read.

13/11/14: Publication of Painted Words 2014, anthology of writings by Bendigo TAFE PWE students. With over 300 pages and 28 contributors this diverse collection of writings has been published in both print and ebook forms. For Scribd online version go to: Painted Words 2014. For publicity in the Bendigo Advertiser Tuesday Nov. 15th 2014 click here.

8/11/14: I finally opened a Twitter account -
I'll mainly be using it for broadcasting links to great sites, youtube videoes, podcasts, examples of writings etc. 'Link/connect' with me (no need to 'Follow' - such a 'non-collaborative, celebrity culture term!) at ...@irvinehobson.

18/10/14: 'Transmedia Writing (in a Holographic Multiverse' (n/f article): W
hat is 'transmedia writing' and how to work out whether you are a 'transmedia author'? This PDF is edited/reworked text of a talk and poetry performance delivered at the Bendigo Fringe Festival on August 8th, 2014.

5/8/2014 -
The Zoetics Institute website is now up and running. To read about the philosophy of creativity behind zoetics go to: Zoetics Statement of Philosophy, alternatively you can visit our the main website at: Zoetics Institute.

18/07/14 - 'Any Available Exit' is a poem inspired by the works of Albertus Magnus (and Medieval protoscience in general), also by Quantum Physics and concepts like 'entanglement', 'non-locality' and 'retrocausality'. It has just been published by Poetry, Life and Times (also Poetry Life Times) (Spain/UK). Go to: Any Available Exit.See also the poem in one of PLT's digital anthologies.

July-August - Various sequences based on the concept of Mythic Reimaginings:
a) The Rhiannon-Epona Sequence:
 I've posted an 8 poem sequence based on the Rhiannon legend/myth from The Mabinogion and elsewhere. Go to: 1) 
Rhiannon and Cian (Prelude); 2) After he Stumbled into Annwn, 3) Rhiannon-Epona; 4) The Birds of Rhiannon5) The White Mare; 6) Rhiannon Invents Badger in a Bag; 7) Saddled with Care and Compassion, and 8) A Plague of Vermin 
b) See also The Taliesin-Ceridwen sequence: 1)Gwion Bach; 2) Ceridwen Initiates; 3) Before the Influx of Visions; and 4) Three Drops from the Cauldron
c) Finally, the first poem from a new sequence concerning The Iliad and modern competitive sport: 1) The Ghost Narrates.

Bendigo Writers Festival and Write (On The Fringe) Festival (2014) [see BWF 2014 news wrap].

* See various 'Coral Reveries' poems included in recent digital anthologies published by 
Poetry Life and Time and Artvilla (poetry) [Spain/UK]: Collection 1 and Collection 2. [Note: These digital anthologies also include poems by Lorca, O'Hara, Mayakovsky, Creeley and Ezra Pound as well as work by contemporary international poets etc. - well worth a read!] 

* The 2015 Oxfam 
'Walk Against Want' trailwalking event (100 km in 30+ hrs) will see 'Team Zoetics' once again participate. To follow our progress and/or perhaps donate - go to Team Zoetics 2015.

Note: The 2014 event was in Melbourne on May 2-4th, 2014]: All four members of Team Zoetics managed to complete the event without injury whilst raising $2,600 for Oxfam's work around the globe. Read our sign off blog and thankyou to all our supporters and donators here.  

* Interstitium Music Project and App: Go to various new song demos by Interstitum (a new experimental musical project) up at the Reverbnation music site. There is also the Interstitium Android APP to download, which streams free music, images, links, etc.related to the project to portable Android devices (tablets/mobile phones etc.). A number of the songs can also be downloaded at Reverbnation for $1.29US with 50% of sales going to Oxfam. Note: Other Interstitium song samples (3 minutes in length) can also be found at Audioboo via the Authorsden Interstitium page. All songs are APRA registered.

* Poetry 'Except Seven None Return from Caer Sidi' (poem), has been published by Poetry Life and Times (UK/Spain). An audio version can also be accessed at Audioboo: 'Except Seven ... Audio'. The title comes from poems found in Medieval manuscripts relating the Taliesin legend and the poem is steeped in Celtic otherworld symbolism.

* Platform AnthologyGo to PDF download or on-line read of the Summer 2014 (15th edition) of Platform literary anthology. The anthology includes contributions by Victoria University PWE staff and students as well as Western suburbs writers/poets etc. There are many interesting pieces in this anthology and it is well worth downloading and reading. Print versions are also available at the St Albans campus and elsewhere. (My 3 poems can be found on pages 34-35, i.e. 'The Deity as Thunder God', 'A Poem is a Useless Thing' and 'The Glacier Serpent').

* Anthologies of Central Victorian Writing (at SCRIBD online publishing site) now showcases digital versions of both
 the 9th Edition (2013) and the 8th  Edition (2012) of Painted Words. The anthologies feature work (poetry, short/flash fiction, creative non-fiction, novel and screenplay extracts, etc.) by dozens of students enrolled in writing courses at Bendigo TAFE.

* The ebook/online version of Scintillae 2012, an anthology of writings by 52 Central Victorian writers, poets and creative thinkers is now up at the Scribd publishing site under 'Anthologies of Central Victorian Writing'. The anthology, in both print and ebook formats, has been hugely successful and was launched at the inaugural Bendigo Writers' Festival in August 2012.

* The 2013 Bendigo Writers' Festival has been and gone (for 2014 festival timetable click:  http://www.bendigowritersfestival.com.au/Home ) On the Sunday of the 2013 event I interviewed award winning poet, writer and writing teacher, Lisa Jacobson, and author, academic and cultural psychologist, David Tacey. We discussed the topic 'Why we no longer want to be human' which encompassed depth psychological and poetic perspectives on humanity's attitude toward the environment.

*[2013-14] 7 Poems from Coral Reveries:  'Infusoria' have been publiished by Poetry Life and Times and Poetry Lifetimes (UK/Spain): http://www.artvilla.com/plt/infusoria-the-voyage-of-the-beagle-poem-audio-ian-irvine/Three other pieces - 'A Power Denuded the Granite', 'The Devil's Confervae' and 'The Work of Minute and Tender Animals' - appear at Artvilla.com Go to Text of Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle. (The Audio for the  poems is at: Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle Revisited). Three other poems from the collection - 'To Inhabit the Fields of Time', 'The Noble Love of Freedom' and 'Their Massive God' - also appeared at Poetry Life and Times (UK/Spain) in 2013. For links to five of my poems and audio attachments up at PLT please click here.

* Up-date on Transpersonal Relational Poetics 'anti-manifesto'
: Romanian poet Razvan Tupa has been instrumental in promoting 'relational poetics' in Europe over the past 5-6 years. The following links will allow readers to explore this emerging contemporary poetics (which has much in common with what Sue and Ian have labelled 'TRP') more thoroughly: Poe-zine November 2009. (No. 5, at Scribd online site). The introductory section quotes from 'Anti-Manifesto for a Transpersonal Relational Poetics' (see link above) as well as from English translations from the Romanian magazine 'Stare de Urgenta'  (Chisinau, Moldavia) which outlined both the main principles of 'relational poetics' and various texts that have contributed  to its contemporary development as an alternative poetics. See also, Razvan Tupa's 'Romanian Bodies' blog which gives an interesting recent interpretation/history of relational poetics. See also ListNerd entries for World Literary Schools and Movements & TRP (number 57 as at June 2014). [See also Wikipedia entry for: Razvan Tupa


* Extensive author bio - at SCRIBD (or a local summary: Ian Irvine (Hobson) bio Authorsden.)
* Interstitium (music project) at Reverbnation.com/Interstitium
* A range of my articles/essays, poems, book extracts and fiction is available at

* AudioBoo Podcasts - Music, poems and talks/lectures (extracts/ samples): 
* You-Tube 'channel' (music and travel videos) go to: 
You-Tube Channel View 
* To connect with me at Linkedin - go to: Linkedin Profile. 
The Animist electronic journal of the arts - 1998-2001 (7 editions archived by Pandora e-text preservation sit, National library of Australia, Canberra, Australia.
* For more general biographical details at Aust Lit database go to Aust Lit database (very incomplete but useful).
* Twitter account.



* 'Coral Reveries: Darwinian Poetics' (digital chapbook) is a short collection of poems inspired by Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle. Many of the poems have been published at Poetry Life and Times and Artvilla since January 2013.

* Copies of the Digital Chapbook 
'Poems of the Interstitium' 
are up at Scribd (23 poems published in various UK, NZ, US and Australian journals and anthologies between 1998 & 2012). See also digital version of 'The Giant' published in Best Australian Poems 2005 (edited by Les Murray). See also Print version of Agenda - Special Australian Edition (2006).

*'The Alchemical Sequence' (a digital chapbook)
 (55 pages) explores the idea of writing an 'alchemical biography' through poems that resemble Late Medieval-to-Early Modern 'alchemical recipes' - many of which, as C.G. Jung attested, contained revelations pertaining to 'spiritual alchemy'. This collection also makes use of a range of historic alchemical 'emblems/symbols/images' some of which are recolourings and redrawings by Scottish author, artist and alchemy expert Adam McLean (images used by permission of the Artist).  [Digital chap-book].

* 'Hermes and the Philatelic Construction of the Multiverse'  (a digital chapbook)
 (32 pages) 
features various poems exploring cultural identity via stamps/philately. The collection mimics some stylistic features related to 'stamp catalogues' and is inspired by 'docu(mentary)-poetics' - i.e. factual prose elements as well as stamp images accompany poems. Many of these poems have been published including in: 1) Fire (UK) 'double edition' (2008) of Modernist and contemporary poets from over 60 countries and 2) Linq literary journal (2006). Go to page 39-40 to view: $10 Utopia and The Great Mother.

* A collection of 21 poems (over 40 pages) written during a 5 week trip to North Vietnam in 2007 have been made into a 'digital chap-book' and published at my Scibd site. Go to: 
The Vietnamese Sequence. The poems together resemble a 'poetic travel diary'. For an MP3 recording of poems related to a visit to Vietnam go to: Vietnamese Segue - WMA recording of various poemscopyright, Ian Irvine, 2007-2010. A number of these poems were published by the Australian literary journals Mascara and Verandah (23)

* Samples from Facing the Demon of Noontide (Booksurge, 2000 - this sample SCRIBD 2013). 40 pieces from the original print-based collection were published in Australian, NZ, US and UK literary journals and ezines between 1998 and 2012, including 2 national level anthologies, i.e. Best Australian Poems 2005 and Agenda: Special Edition of Contemporary Australian Poets. See also 'The Indonesian Sequence' at Eclectica ezine.

The Price of Experience: An interview I conducted with US National Book Award winning poet, Clayton Eshleman, (originally published online in Jacket Magazine no. 36, Sydney Australia, and reprinted inScintillae 2012has been included in a just released compendium of Eshleman's writings published by Blackwidow Press (Modern Poetry Series) entitled The Price of Experience. The compendium includes: two new larger poems; essays on various poets (including Blackburn, Vallejo, Joris and Cesaire); reviews of works by Golub, Hickman, Olson, Rich & Soutine; memoir pieces; journal extracts; 11 lectures on French Upper Paleolithic cave art; transcripts of a conversation between the poet and Robert Kelly; a number of prose poems; a translation of Michaux's poem 'Movements'; the chance-assembled poem "Erratics" and four interviews with Clayton (including my own). The Price of Experience complements Eshleman's other recent publications, The Jointure  and Anatomy of the Night. 

* To listen to a playlist of poems performed by the author go to AudioBoo Poetry (audio samples).

* See a list of texts useful to contemporary poets entitled: 
List of Foundation Books for Contemporary Poets.


* The magical realist short story 'The Phantom Library'
 is now up at Scribd for viewing/reading. First published in Baacchor Magazine - a Los Angeles based film industry magazine - in the late 1990s, this heavily reworked version is as haunting and thought-provoking as ever (especially for creative writers and other artists seeking the motivation to complete projects :) ).

For more short fiction by the author (mostly literary) - e.g. Five Boxes and a Knife,The Orpheus PlagueThe Doubtful MuseTheresa Jones (originally published bySouthern Ocean Review, NZ), etc. For a selection go to: Stories and Poems at SCRIBD.

* Dream-Dust Parasites, literary/SF dystopian novel (written as Ian Hobson) is available from Amazon etc. from $12.00 or so US. See also the AMAZON.COM look inside function. Go to Dream-Dust Parasites.


* A large number of draft samples - totalling some 33 'Chapters' or 'Islands' - from my up-coming creative non-fiction book 
'Muse of the Long Haul: Thirty-One Isles of the Creative Imagination are now up at SCRIBD. The soon to be published book-length (print) version of these samples features: 1) literary appreciation and critique; 2) anecdotal stories about my own creative life; 3) an outline of a possible contemporary 'poetics'; and 4) retellings/summaries of relevant myths and lengends.

Seven chapters from Hermes (Unheralded) God of the Postmodern Transition are up at Scribd. The project as a wholeexplores a range of issues from Jungian/archetypal, Transpersonal and Quantum perspective. ARTICLE 1 - Alchemy and the Imagination (Part 1); ARTICLE 2 -Alchemy and the Imagination Part 2: The Role of Hermes; ARTICLE 3 - Jung, Alchemy and Active Imagination; ARTICLE 4 - Hermes and Postmodern 'Creativity'; ARTICLE 5 - 'Hermes Negatively Polarised (1)' examines key aspects of contemporary society and culture from the perspective of archetypal psychology; ARTICLE 6 -  Hermesian Epidemics - explores a range of psychological and relational maladies epidemic in our age and ARTICLE 7 -  'Trickster Gods and the Quantum Muse' - looks at deconstructive, chaotic and boundary blurring aspects to creativity, which are linked to contemporary developments in quantum physics and astrophysics. A further article - ARTICLE 8 - concerning 'Biosemiosis and the Hermes Archetype' is currently being edited for publication. 

Note: See the Flyer for the original 'Trickster Gods and the Quantum Muse' talk delivered on Monday 4th June, 2012 at the Bendigo Central Goldfields Library (part of the 'Philosophy in the Library' series). [Hear also a related interview conducted by James Roberts of Phoenix FM on June 1st/2nd 2012
* Four Creative Non-Fiction Pieces 
1) A piece about my father, his father and football in Scotland in the 1920s-30s entitled: 'Dennis Lillee, Robert Burns and the Big Centre Forward' (originally published in the Dad Stories anthology).
2) A piece on cricket published in Southern Ocean Review (NZ) some years ago.
3) An unpublished autobiographical piece entitled: 'The 2 Pound Black and Rose Kangaroo'.
4) 'Autobiographical Preface to The Angel of Luxury and Sadness'.

* Seven chapters/articles based on material from The Angel of Luxury and Sadness (Booksurge, 
2001are up at SCRIBD: 

1) 'Ennui and Modernity: Introduction to The Angel of Luxury & Sadness'.
 'Brief extracts related to melancholy and ennui'. (Published by Psico Mondo, Argentina).
3) 'Acedia, Tristitia and SlothEarly Christian precursors to Chronic Ennui. (Originally published in the US journal Humanitas).
4) Flaubert, ennui and Romanticism.
5) 'Marxist theories of Alienation and the Tradition of Chronic Ennui'. (Originally published in The Animist electronic journal of the arts).
6) 'Towards an Outline of Postmodern Ennui' (Originally published by the Canadian journal The Antigonish Review).
7) [Summary of] 'Historical Developments to the Problem of Chronic Ennui'.

See also Ranker website listings for the full work: 1) 'Books on Ancient Philosophy' (ranked 15th 1/4/14) and 2) 'Books on Psychiatry' (ranked 12th 1/4/14). 
NOTE: Amazon.com has recently created a 'look inside' function for the full Booksurge version of The Angel of Luxury and Sadness

* See an up-dated description of my contribution to an emerging international poetic movement - go to 
Anti-Manifesto for aTranspersonal Relational Poetics at Scribd. Or a local version at: Transpersonal Relational Poetics [Authorsden]).
Go to a review of Mary Pomfret's recent book 'Writing in Virginia's Shadow', which is a collection of interconnected stories and poems. The review is entitled 
'Life "Outside the Garden"'  

* Read a recent opinion piece concerning the demise of traditional print-based literary journals like Meanjin in Australia entitled: Print-Based Literary Journals and the Mutations of Thoth.

* A number of articles/conference papers/lecture notes on literary movements are available to read at SCRIBD: 1) Notes on Creativity Revolutions: Key Aspects of Socio-Cultural and Literary Postmodernism; 2)'Some Contemporary Experimental Literatures' ('On the Road to a Transpersonal Relational Poetics'); and 3) Two Essays on Australian Poetry.

* Two essays on Jungian and Reichian psychology can be accessed by clicking on psychology articles.


* VARIOUS SONGS (2013-2014) with INTERSTITIUM (an alt. rock/Indie/experimental music project) can be streamed or downloaded at Reverbnation. The collection is entitled 'Open Communication Between Worlds'. For a larger playlist of 3 minute song samples go to Interstitium Song Samples at AudioBoo.

* Goya's Child (1) (Alternative rock band 1990-1993): For my young adult (i.e. 'ancient history') as a muso/songwriter go to: 'The History of Goya's Child (1)'. This strangely popular page includes some old live recordings (some with recent videos) by the first incarnation of Goya's Child as well as links to Goya's Child (2) material, some discussion as to the origins of the band's name, and a comprehensive list of songs written by Goya's Child (1). For streamed playlist of 13 song samples x3 minutes go to Goya's Child (1) at Audioboo.

* Travel, Poetry and Music Videos at You Tube: This You-Tube 'channel'  features old Goya's Child songs as well as recent travel videos- go to: Channel View of various Goya's Child (1)

TEACHING/LECTURING in Creative Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at Victoria University, Bendigo Kangan Institute and La Trobe University  

I've taught a range of Creative Arts, Humanities and Social Science subjects across several adult education sectors since 1994 (Degree, Advanced Diploma, Diploma, Cert IV etc.). For the past decade duties have included coordinating and teaching in the Professional Writing and Editing program at Bendigo TAFE (Victoria, Australia) and coordinating the Music program. (note: In July 2014 Bendigo TAFE merged with Kangan Institute (Melbourne) to become Bendigo Kangan Institute).  For the Bendigo TAFE writing program in 2014 I'll be delivering 'Poetry and Lyric Writing', 'Novel Writing', 'Myths and Symbols', 'Non-Fiction' and a section of 'Advanced Editing'. Also, 'Myths and Symbols'/'Cultural Context for Creativity' and 'Novel 1' in the Diploma of PWE at Victoria University (St Albans campus, Melbourne, Australia). [Other teaching engagements: 1) Community Services program at Bendigo TAFE (2000-2012), 2)  lectured and/or tutored in History and Sociology units at La Trobe University (Bendigo) in the mid-to-late 90s.]

* SUBJECT INDEX of PUBLIC LECTURES: See also full list of 
lectures, public talks and conference presentations 1994-2012.  as well as short audio samples from public talks on creativity, literature, philosophy, psychology, etc.(at Audioboo site)  [NB: Please feel free to contact me through this site if you wish to engage me to deliver either a series of talks or one off presentations]. 

Literary Journal Co-editor: Scintillae 2012, The Animist and Painted Words

Scintillae 2012 Launch (Aug. 24th 2012): the Scintillae 2012 anthology of Central Victorian writers (and guests) was launched at the Bendigo Writers Festival (10th - 12th August) on the Saturday afternoon (4.30-6pm) in the Banquet Room/main festival hub to a large, good humoured crowd. [SEE FULL SUMMARY, INCLUDING MEDIA REPORTS, REVIEWS and LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS]

 Painted Words (student writing journal): The nine editions of Painted Words have featured over 1,600 pages of new writing by over 300 contributors (including 75 artists/illustrators). Staff and students from the PWE program at Bendigo TAFE have edited, designed & published the various editions of the journal since 2005. For the digital version of the 9th edition go to Painted Words 2013. For the digital version of the 8th edition go to: Painted Words 2012. See also Painted Words summary 2012Painted Words summary 2011 & Painted Words contributors lists (2005-2010) [i.e. editions 1-6 + Brit Bits, 2002]. For cover images and other bits and pieces click on the following: 20112010,200920082007 (plus Intro 2007), 2006 and 2005. Also various editions one picture PLUS 2011 article in the Bendigo Advertiser. 

The Animist: Electronic Journal of the Arts: This link will take you to the archived copies of The Animist - a literary journal I coedited with Dr Sue King-Smith and John Holton between 1998 and 2001 (7 editions). The Animist is housed by the Pandora e-text archives (National Library of Australia, Canberra ACT) and featured many leading Australian and international poets, fiction writers and creative thinkers. It also featured music, multimedia art galleries and historically significant innovations such as poetry randomizers, animated Gifs, etc. [In 2001 The Animist was ranked among the ten best online literature journals in the world by Encyclopedia Brittanica.]


If you're on Linked In and are a writing and editing professional, alternative psychologist or simply a lover of history, sociology (especially of the New Media), literature, philosophy, mythology (and human spiritual systems generally), theories of (and practical applications of) creativity, avant garde poetics, etc. feel free to connect to me through that site.  
Linked In. 

* Bendigo Writers Festival (2012): 
For a wonderful summary of the significance of the event to central Victorian writers and the Bendigo community generally go to: 
'Bendigo Writers Mix it with the Nation's Best' by John Holton and published in the Bendigo Advertiser, Tuesday, Aug. 14th 2012. For more on the line -up for the 2012 festival go to: Bendigo Writers Festival and Program BWF 2012. See also media on the Poetry Slam at the Bendigo Writers' Festival. [See also PDF of Print version of the article by Rosemary Sorensen]. Tru Dowling ('The Purple Poet') and I co-organised the 'poetry slam' event (backed by Bendigo TAFE). Image: Scintillae 2012 launch at the BWF festival Saturday August 11th (image copyright Tom McWilliam, 2012). 

* Listen to a radio discussion involving myself, 
 James Roberts (of Phoenix FM Central Victoria) and 'Tobias' the Irish poet, regarding: Scintillae 2012 writing anthology; and the 2012 Bendigo Writers Festival. Date recorded: Friday July 28th, 2012 as a part of James Roberts' show 'Crazy Words'.

* Anyone for Cricket?  In 2010 an article [Go to: 
Bendigo Weekly - Feature Article], exploring my previous career as a professional cricketer, went up at the Bendigo Weekly newspaper site, more recently an international archive has been constructed related to players and matches worldwide - if you're a cricket fan go to my international Cricket Archive listing. You can also listen to a song dealing with that part of my life entitled: 'The Gift of Pace'.

I am influenced by ...

Many other writers, poets and creative thinkers have been inspirational to me over the years. Please see the link below to view the pages of some of these people: go to
links pages. Enjoy!



Dream-Dust Parasites by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
“The year is 2011 and Samuel Elmsmore is adrift in the universe. After a series of breakdowns he awakens as a virtual prisoner in a hostel for the mentally ill. He’s estranged from his family and friends, and is jobless after an unfortunate incident with an axe. He’s also lost much of his memory and sense of identity and is about to learn that the government is monitoring him as a suspected terror...

  Download Free Preview!

Amazon.com  Barnes & Noble.com   

The Angel of Luxury and Sadness, Volume One by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
A detailed study of the origins of the New Alienation. The author labels it normative or postmodern ennui and traces its rise to cultural power over the last two centuries....

  Download Free Preview!


Facing The Demon of noontide by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Facing the Demon of Noontide is a poetic meditation on the soul in a postmodern setting. This collection of poems by Ian Irvine breaks new poetic ground even as it deals with the hangovers of old millennium life. ...

Booksurge  Ian Irvine HomePage

Short Stories

The Phantom Library
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
What happened to all the books, poems, stories, essays, songs etc. you never quite got around to writing? ...

The Orpheus Plague
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
The general society takes 'fundamental creativity' for granted, rarely examining its role in maintaining humane, life affirming social relations ... what would happen if humanity were to lose its ca...

The Doubtful Muse - by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
A short story about complicated desire and its strangely inspirational effects, sometimes, on artists and creative people. Some colourful language also some discussion of sensual themes. R-rating thus...

Theresa Jones - by Ian Irvine (hobson)
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Written in 1998 and published at the New Zealand online literary site Southern Ocean Review, Theresa Jones is a modern day up-date of the Madame Bovary story. Theresa, however, lives in the fictional ...

Five Boxes and a Knife
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This short story has Poe-like horror elements - even 'speculative fiction' elements. It explores the sometimes strange, obsessive relationship authors sometimes have with their characters. I wrote t...

Samuel Elmsmore Dreams of Harry The Crab
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This short fictional extract is an ‘out-take’ from my first novel ‘Dream-Dust Parasites’ published in 2003. This section didn’t appear in the final novel but is interesting in its own right. It was or...

Trevor Franklin Refuses to Allow me to Impress my Teacher
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This anecdotal piece looks at the relationship between sport and ordinary life - it's an absurdist/ humourous piece that explores the complexity of young adult relationships as well as the human side...


New Songs by INTERSTITIUM - various song samples
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
[This Page Updated OCTOBER 2014] This page contains basic studio demos of various new songs by INTERSTITIUM: "Golem", "Fallen Woman", "Red-Brick Graveyard", "See How Still She Sleeps", "Cosmic Suicide...

Hiroshima Dance
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Hiroshima Dance (along with Europe After the Rain) appeared in Scintillae 2012. It concerns the link between Japanese butoh dancing and the impact on women and children of mechanised/industrial war-cr...

The Birds of Rhiannon
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Rhiannon appears in the Mabinogion as a version of the 'White Queen' motif and her name is probably a corruption of Rigantona, an ancient sovereignty goddess of Britain. She was most likely derived ...

Europe After the Rain - Ian Irvine
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
A meditation on time and human folly - also a celebration of Max Ernst and the Surrealist contribution to international modernism....

Except Seven None Return from Caer Sidi - poem by Ian Irvine
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This poem was inspired by the Celtic pagan notion of a revolving castle-fortress - (Caer Sidi), to the far north associated with death (and perhaps rebirth). ...

Three Poems in Platform 15
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Three poems published in the Platform 15 literary anthology (published 'Summer of 2014, by Victoria University, Melbourne). ...

Any Available Exit
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Any Available Exit is a poem about escaping the Promethean Age with its highly mechanistic ideas concerning science and human experience....

Another War - a song-demo sample by Interstitium
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
'Another War' copyright words and music by Ian Irvine (Hobson), all rights reserved 2013. The image above is in the public domain and is by Francisca Goya (Shootings) - possibly the first truly Mode...

The Giant - by Ian Irvine
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This little magical realist poem about militarism, patriarchy and much else besides appeared in two national level anthologies (Best Australian Poetry 2005) and Agenda (Contemporary Australian Poets) ...

Tending the Grove - from the Taliesin-Ceridwen Sequence
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
'Tending the Grove' is the 8th poem from the Taliesin-Ceridwen series of mythic re-imaginings inspired by material from the Hanes Taliesin (or Book of Taliesin)....

The Epiphanies of Coral: Part 1 of Darwinian Poetics
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
A dozen or so new poems (PDF and WMA audio files) by Ian Irvine (Hobson) that meditate upon sections Charles Darwin's famous book 'The Voyage of the Beagle' (published in 1839)....

Spirits in Triples
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This poem concludes both the Taliesin-Ceridwen sequence and the Rhiannon sequence of poems - both sequences are available through these pages. ...

Gwion Bach
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
'Gwion Bach' is the first poem in the Taliesin-Ceridwen sequence. The sequence is a re-imagining of the symbolic dimension to the old Welsh story - as found in the Hanes Taliesin for example. Many m...

Ceridwen Initiates
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
'Ceridwen Initiates' is poem 2 of the sequence 'Ceridwen-Taliesin'. It concerns Gwion Bach's period stirring the cauldron of initiation for Ceridwen, initiator and teacher of bards/poets/musician...

Three Drops From the Cauldron
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This is Poem 4 in the Taliesin-Ceridwen sequence, which is based upon the old Welsh story as found in early versions of the Mabinogion and elsewhere. In this piece young Gwion Bach receives his callin...

Before the Influx of Visions
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
'Before the Influx of Visions' is the 3rd poem in the Taliesin-Ceridwen Sequence. It details the early creative training of Gwion Bach - the future Taliesin. ...

The World Rushed in (The Awen)
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This is the 5th poem in the Taliesin-Ceridwen sequence based upon the Hanes Taliesin. It 'reimagines' the moment young Gwion Bach - the future Taliesin - spills the contents of the cauldron of Inspi...

The Chase Across Time (Part 1)
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
'The Chase Across Time {Part 1)' is the 6th poem in the Taliesin-Ceridwen sequence - which is based upon the Hanes Taliesin....

The Chase Across time (part 2)
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
'The Chase Across Time (part 2)' is the 7th poem in the Taliesin-Ceridwen sequence of 'mythic re-imaginings'. It is based upon material from the Hanes Taliesin....

The Ghost Narrates
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
'The Ghost Narrates' was inspired by my reading extracts from former New Zealand cricketer, Martin Crowe's autobiography 'RAW' - as well as some of his online writings. The great foundation text ...

Rhiannon Invents 'Badger in a Bag'
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
'Rhiannon Invents Badger in a Bag' is from the Rhiannon-Epona sequence of poems. It outlines the tricksterish element to the legendary figure/ goddess and reimagines key scenes found in the Welsh cl...

After he Stumbled into Annwn
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
'After he Stumbled into Annwn' is another poem in the Rhiannon-Epona sequence, this time featuring Pwyll, Rhiannon's first husband - a mortal. It concerns his visit to the court of Arawn one of the...

 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
'Rhiannon-Epona' is a poem inspired by these two Celtic deities of love, travel and healing. Rhiannon is an ancient Welsh figure found in the Mabinogi and Epona is a ubiquitous Celtic continental go...

The White Mare
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This is the third poem in the 'Rhiannon-Epona' sequence. The Horse Goddess in Celtic mythology carried the souls of the dead to the Happy Isles, Bright Land, Summerlands, etc. - i.e. the Otherworld ...

A Plague of Vermin
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
'A Plague of Vermin' is the last poem in the Rhiannon-Epona sequence. The poem re-imagines the last phase of Rhiannon's story as found in The Mabinogion. ...


Transmedia Story-Telling (in a Holographic Multiverse)
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
What is Transmedia Writing and why is it relevant to every aspiring writer? This article, originally presented as a talk at the Bendigo Fringe Festival in August 2014, defines relevant terms whilst pr...

Dr Ian Irvine - Lectures, Workshops and Public Talks/Presentations
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
During 20 years teaching in higher education I’ve delivered versions of each of the presentations listed below as either higher education (post-secondary) level lectures/classes, conference papers, wr...

The Music of Goya's Child - Online Info Site
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
[UPDATED OCTOBER 2014] Goya's Child (1 & 2) were an early to mid-90s alternative rock group situated in Central Victoria, Australia. Over its two incarnations the band produced a number of tapes and ...

Anti-Manifesto for a Transpersonal Relational Poetics (TRP)
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This article discusses the general direction of Ian Irvine's current 'poetic' or way of approaching writing and poetry. It outlines the ideas behind his more experimental writings. [NOTE: recently ...

Zoetics: New Perspectives on Fundamental Creativity
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
In preparation for a panel conducted at the Bendigo Writers' Festival in August of this year (2014) Sue King-Smith and I attempted to outline the creativity philosophy behind our recently founded 'Z...

Dennis Lillee and the Big Centre-Forward - by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This creative non-fiction piece explores the role of sport in father son relationships. It also looks at changing attitudes to sport in the UK from the 1930s to the modern era. It is dedicated to my g...

Acedia, Tristitia, Sloth - Ian Irvine
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This article was published in Humanitas as well as at other online sites detailed below. The article concerns 'acedia' and 'tristitia', medieval versions of the modern problem of 'chronic ennui'...

The Angel of Luxury and Sadness
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
The publisher of 'The Angel of Luxury and Sadness (Vol 1)' (i.e. Amazon/Booksurge) - my non-fiction study of 'chronic ennui' 'alienation' etc. in the Western tradition - have recently added a '...

Muse of the Long-Haul: Thirty-One Isles of the Creative Imagination
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
All 33 draft chapters from Ian Irvine (Hobson's) forthcoming non-fiction book 'Muse of the Long Haul: Thirty-One Isles of the Creative Imagination are up at SCRIBD. The book combines literary apprec...

Towards an Outline of Postmodern Ennui
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This much published article has influenced film-makers and other creative people over the years. This is a slightly up-dated version though the main argument is unchanged. I probably see things somewh...

Alchemy and the Imagination - Part 1 (Ian Irvine)
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Part One of an edited version of a talk I did in 2008 to the Bendigo Writer's Council is now up at SCRIBD. The article can be downloaded in multiple formats - if you;re interested in the deeper, trad...

Notes on Creativity Revolutions - Postmodern Literature
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This article concerning 'Postmodernism and Creativity' forms part of a series of articles entitled 'Notes on Creativity Revolutions'. The series is designed to: a) provide a brief background to wr...

Musical Influences - Ian as DJ!
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Key songs available on U-Tube that have influenced "DJ Ian" over the years - Warning: this selection is strongly weighted towards Alt Rock and Folk Rock ......

Trickster Gods and the Quantum Muse: Creativity and the Multiverse
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This is a link to the eighth article of Ian's popular series entitled 'Alchemy and the Imagination'. The subject matter this time is the relationship between the New Physics and emerging post-postm...

Hermesian Epidemics: Depression, Anxiety, Derealisation, Narcissism ,
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
In this sixth article concerning manifestations of the Hermes archetype in postmodern culture (part of the Alchemy and the Imagination series) the focus shifts to a range of subjectively experienced i...

Hermes Negatively Polarised - Pt 5 Alchemy and the Imagination
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
'The Gods are dead' say secularists and monotheists alike - but Part 5 of Alchemy and the Imagination, by Dr Ian Irvine, uses Jungian foundations to discuss the surprising archetypal energy behind m...

Hermes and Postmodern 'Creativity' - Pt4 of 'Alchemy and the Imagination'
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This fourth essay in the sequence 'Alchemy and the Imagination' by Dr. Ian Irvine looks at 'alchemical' and 'Hermesian' aspects to: 1) Derrida's 'deconstructionist' thinking and, 2) the adven...

Alchemy and the Imagination Part 2: The Role of Hermes
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Below is a link to Part 2 of the Alchemy and the Imagination talk delivered to the Bendigo Writers' Council in 2008. The subject matter here concerns the various male archetypes of creativity on offe...

Jung, Alchemy and Active Imagination
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Part 3 of a 4 part series collectively entitled 'Alchemy and the Imagination' this article focuses on the alchemical core to Jung's idea of 'Active Imagination'. The series of articles was origin...

Notes on Creativity Revolutions: Modernism - A Literature of the Void?
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This article is part of the series 'Creativity Revolutions'. It summarises Modernist literary and cultural developments with particular emphasis on the key modernist literary movements. There is als...

Notes on Creativity Revolutions - Contemporary Experimental Literatures
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Part of the series 'Creativity Revolutions' this article looks as some important late 20th century/early 21st century experimental literatures - i.e. work by the L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poets, Jackson Mac L...

Creativity Revolutions - Gods and Scribes of the Ancient Near East
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This article is part of the series 'Creativity Revolutions'. It explores the spiritual backdrop to ancient near eastern literary innovations with special emphasis placed on the shift over from oral to...

Notes on Creativity Revolutions - Bards and Scribes of Ancient Greece
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This article is part of the series 'Creativity Revolutions'. It explores ancient Greek oral and written literary traditions. ...

Notes on Creativity Revolutions - The Age of the Realists and Naturalists
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This article is part of the series 'Creativity Revolutions' and concerns 19th century Realist and Naturalist responses to European Romanticism. Heroic realism' and 'social realism' are also discussed ...

Notes on Creativity Revolutions - Classical Psychoanalysis
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Part of the series 'Creativity Revolutions' this short article looks at some key aspects of classical psychoanalysis as well as at Freudian perspectives on creativity....


Bio as at October 2014 for Ian Irvine (also writing as Ian Hobson).
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
List of publications, public talks, teaching engagements, etc. by Australian based writer, poet, lyricist and creativity theorist Dr. Ian Irvine (also writing as Ian Hobson)....

Aradale Creativity Weekend
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
I just finished a fascinating weekend at a 'haunted' and abandoned 160 year old mental asylum. Aradale Asylum is situated in Western Victoria hundreds of km from Melbourne. See image above. I was invi...

The Gods Abandon Olympus (for Hollywood) - Public Talk
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
A public presentation for the Bendigo Writers Council entitled 'The Gods Abandon Olympus (for Hollywood)' will take place at Best/Skillshare Building, 23 St Andrews Avenue, Bendigo, Australia on Mon...

Sara Douglass Worlds - Revived
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
The Worlds of Sara Douglass - a site featuring the work of the Australian fantasy author and Medieval Historian - is being revived and refurbished by Australian author and academic Karen Brooks and ot...

Bendigo Writers Festival 2014
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
I just attended, and took part in, the 2014 Bendigo Writers Festival. Over the weekend there were many memorable moments - and the event seems to be getting larger every year. Increasingly, Bendigo ...

An Accidental Soldier (based on Silent Parts by John Charalambous)
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
'An Accidental Soldier' based on the novel Silent Parts by John Charalambous will screen on ABC 1 TV at 8.30 PM tonight, Sunday September 15th (AEST Victoria, Australia)....

Scintillae 2012 Literary Anthology - News Page
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
SCINTILLAE 2012 literary Anthology will be launched on Saturday August 10th (2012) at the inaugural Bendigo Writers Festival. Ian is co-editing the anthology with Tru Dowling (The Purple Poet), Dr. To...

Scintillae 2012 Launched at Inaugural Bendigo Writers Festival
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
'Scintillae 2012 is a milestone for the arts in Bendigo. ... A world class publication.' From the Bendigo Advertiser 'This lovely smorgasbord of creative writing is of a high quality, con...

Ian Irvine - Links Page
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
I have found many of the following sites useful over the years. This page will gradually grow and morph into a more comprehensive list of literary ezines and print journals supplemented by links to ac...

Voyage of the Beagle poems at Artvilla.com
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Three more poems (plus audio) exploring the impact of 'The Voyage of the Beagle' by Charles Darwin have just been published at Artvilla.com...

Three Poems from 'Coral Reveries' published by Poetry Life and Times
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Three poems (plus Audio file) from my collection 'Coral Reveries: Darwinian Poetics' have just been published by the online literary/poetry journal Poetry Life and Times (UK/Spain). ...

Bendigo Weekly - Feature Article on Ian Irvine
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Ben Cameron wrote a feature article about my brief career as a professional sportsman (cricket) between 1981 and 1985 for the Bendigo Weekly newspaper. The article explores the relationship between li...

Painted Words 2012 Launched
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Painted Words 2012, (edition 8) was launched at Vahlands Bistro, Central Bendigo campus of TAFE on Thursday 22nd of November. ...

Painted Words 2005-2010 (Contributors Lists)
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Contributors lists for various editions of Painted Words (2005-2010) are detailed below (plus one edition of Brit Bits, 2002 and one edition of Where Egos Dare, 2004). Please see elsewhere on this sit...

Painted Words (Seven) 2011
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Painted Words 7 (the 2011 journal created by writing students and staff from Bendigo TAFE's Professional Writing and Editing courses) has just been released in both print and KINDLE ebook forms. It i...

Into the Middle of Things
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
I had a fascinating hour or two about 6 weeks ago with two young film students from Griffith University, Brisbane who are doing a documentary entitled 'Into the Middle of Things' aimed at creating a...

Trickster Gods and the Quantum Muse - a Talk by Dr Ian Irvine
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
I'll be doing a public talk on Monday 4th June (5.30-6.30pm) at the Bendigo Central Goldfields Library (part of the 'Philosophy in the Library' series). Location: Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. ...

Hammered - Memoirs of an Addict
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
G. N. Braun's biography Hammered: Memoirs of an Addict, describes the life of its author from his teenage years to around 2007. It is by turns confronting, humourous and tragic - with many poignant s...

Dream-Dust Parasites (available from Australian publishers)
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
My novel, Dream-Dust Parasites (print version),is now easily available from various Australian publishing sites at a reasonable price (sometimes with free postage and handling). Prices seem to range f...

John Philips Website
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
I've recently had the pleasure of exploring the web-site of Australian singer, songwriter and guitarist John Philips whom I work with these days at Bendigo TAFE. John is an innovative musician with a...

Warren Burt on Non-Verbal Intelligence
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Fellow Bendigo TAFE teacher and acclaimed experimental musician, Warren Burt has a fascinating site devoted to his work and ideas. It is well worth exploring. There are some informative articles on av...

The Day of the Nefilim - David Major
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Check out the work of fellow Central Victorian-Kiwi writer/poet and musician, David Major. David's book 'The Day of the Nefilim' is available from various places (print and e-book). Major is a writer ...

Introducing Two Emerging Victorian Writers
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Two writer friends - John Snowdon and Geoff Brown - have recently gained media coverage regarding their writing projects. Please explore the links below to see what they're up to!...

John Holton - Poetry Books
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Central Victorian poet/lyricist, fiction writer and journalist, John Holton, recently published a selection of his poems. The beautifully designed books contain selections of some of John's best work...

Bruce Oakman Website Up and Running
 by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Australian poet and short story writer Bruce Oakman is making waves on the Australian literary scene with his first collection of poems, 'In Defence of Hawaiian Shirts'. Many of Bruce's poems and s...


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