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Hi all. I am Lannah (pronounced as in 'Anna' with an 'L' on the front. I am a 56 year young wife (of almost 30 years) and mum to adult daughters. I LOOOOOVE writing....am absolutely, totally, completely and unashamedly addicted. I originate from a sheep station in the outback of South Australia. I left SA in my early 20s and after living and working in other states of Australia and overseas I


Ok....here goes.  I have always loved/been addicted to writing.  From day one - or certainly as far back as I can remember.  Coming from the isolation of the outback of Australia I decided very early in life that I wanted to write letters so began 'collecting' penfriends.  Along with my three older brothers I did my primary education by School of the Air and at the ripe old age of eleven, followed them down to our capital city of Adelaide (to a different boarding school) - thus began six nightmare years of bullying, which I endured 24/7.  In my early 20s when working with the Bank of Adelaide I was transferred to Canberra to 'trouble-shoot' - thus giving me a taste of life away from my home city and state - I was never to return to live.  I did go to other states and finally ventured overseas to live and work for 11 months.  Lack of money (ie none at all) sent me home again and I returned to Australia via Perth.  Along with my family and friends I knew I would never settle permanently in Adelaide and after a couple of weeks in Perth, decided that this place was OK and that I'd 'give it a shot'.  So I did.  I married a Western Australian and 30 years later we are about to celebrate our anniversary.  I work full time for a small, private, family run publishing business in Perth.  I am not sure what my exact title nor job description is - I appear to be office manager/receptionist/doer-of-whatever-they-want-me-to-do-or-that-needs-to-be-done.  My job has absolutely nothing to do with my actual love for writing.  In the last twenty or so years of life my late father had spent much of his spare time penning the history of our family, ancestors and the various stations in our family, finishing with the one we currently own.  Following his death in 1993 the manuscript and thousands of accompanying documents, photos etc etc etc passed between his four children, doing several rounds through those years until it all landed with me for the second time.  I  woke one morning a few years ago with an 'epiphany' (not sure that that's the right word but it sounds good....doesn't it???  And I think it's suitable) - I knew I had to find out how to get the book published (something I have always wanted to do anyway but never known how to) before Mum died.  It was published and released exactly a week following her death.  But the seed had been planted and I went on to publish 'Bullseye' (both self-published) and am currently working on another area for which I have always held an enormous passion - the outback of Australia and the sheep and cattle stations out there.  There is a mammoth amount involved for a book like this and the challenge could be considered daunting - but I am thriving on it.  I have even equipped myself with a semi-professional camera and have passed a photography course for this.  I am meeting some of the most wonderful people  - true 'salts of the eartth', most possessing a humour unique to the people of the outback of Australia - second to none.  In short, as I tell anyone who will listen (and yes, this does mean I talk to myself - er - quite a lot....) my life began that morning I woke knowing I had to get Dad's book published.

Birth Place: Adelaide,  South Australia

Accomplishments: 2002 - Diploma of Teaching Assistance
Edith Cowan University, WA
2001 - Completed 'Women in Technology' Course
1998 - Diploma of Personal Computer Business
Australian College of Journalism
1997 - Diploma of Journalism
Australian College of Journalism


'The Sawers From Pitcairn'
This site tells you about my late father's writing and a little about me. As with all my sites it is constantly being maintained and upgraded.

A compilation of some thirty six case histories written and submitted by victims of bullying from around Australia and one from the UK. As all case histories are direct quotes they have been reproduced as closely as possible to the original writing submitted by their authors. This means that they remain in their raw state - they have not been proofed nor edited at all and this does at times present somewhat more of a challenge to read (for some stories). It is not a book to enjoy but more to educate. I have been doing interviews for radios and newspapers about this book since its release.

The Book About Stations
This is the book about those sheep and cattle stations as mentioned above. The research into this book is giving me immense delight and it is very much something that I am thriving on.

Additional information

As mentioned above I am currently working on a book about the sheep and cattle stations in outback of this great nation in which I live, Australia. To write such a book (completely non-fiction) I am planning to visit several stations in each state (these have already been organised), where I will stay for a few days, meeting, interviewing, photographing and generally obvserving these people as they go about their daily routines. I will be including owners/managers and their families, staff and some local towns-people. Also taking many photographs. The cover design and title for the book are being made into a competition for the families and children of School of the Air and other distance education students around the country. I am hoping to have a panel of celebrities to judge this and am in the process of establishing contact with such people. I do have an author and possibly a singer, also a politician (am in contact with all MPs around the nation because of my fight against bullying) and more. All enquiries are very welcome for this. We hope to attract media attention as well.

Contact Information

ABC Editing & Proofreading
PO Box 
Applecross     6953   Australia
 Lannah PAC Sawers-Diggins
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