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My mind occupies me most of the time, but generally, time occupies my mind.






Saturday, July 30, 2011:  "Beneath the Paler Sun" and "Ballyhoo!" are now available for purchase from another publishing site.  These books were on hiatus when Authorsden switched publisher.  Be sure to click by BOOKS link to follow the link to purchase this books or click here: 





Saturday, January 1, 2011: Be sure to follow the link to my public author's facebook page.   www.facebook.com/pages/Carnival-Poet/191557150081

Monday, April 26, 2010: "Poetry Carnival" will be available for purchase again from the publisher Author House  www.authorhouse.com 


I've traveled with the carnival caravans and rubbed shoulders with executives.  I've walked in different worlds and that has lead to my gritty and unique poetry as I write of the world seen through my own two eyes.

Hello, I am Lori S. Maynard...The Carnival Poet!

 What would you like to know about me
that my poetry hasn't already said?
I'm just a simple woman
with poetic thoughts stuck in her head.
I've told my share of blue collared jokes
and held converstations with the most interesting folks
and will continue to live until life finds me dead

I welcome all e-mails; however, be sure to put the word "poetry" in the subject line.




Birth Place: Greenfield, IN United States

Accomplishments: I've won numerous awards and have written many poems by request for readers all over the world.



Beneath the Paler Sun 2nd Release by Lori S. Maynard
Even during the darkest times, a light still shines somewhere. "Beneath the Paler Sun" is poetry inspired by the tougher times and a theme of faith, hope and love is found throughout...


Ballyhoo! 2nd release by Lori S. Maynard
Poetry inspired by the author's life with a traveling carnival when she was 18 years old....


Poetry Carnival by Lori S. Maynard
Over 200 pages of poetry inspired by everything and nothing all at once. A part of everyone exists at the poetry carnival. For, on the midway of life, we are all looking for our exits, our thrills and taking our chances. ...

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Short Stories

Carnival Nights PART 1
 by Lori S. Maynard
Due to the length of this story, it is being posted in parts. I am unable to upload a new Word '97 document. Carousel horses were running rampant through the park. Perhaps, running fro...

Carnival Nights PART 2
 by Lori S. Maynard
Part 2 of the horror story "Carnival Nights"...

Carnival Nights PART 3
 by Lori S. Maynard
Part 3 of the horror story "Carnival Nights" ...

Tiger's Eye
 by Lori S. Maynard
The man roars at me in a language never meant for my ears. He forces me to perform some macabre ballet. Not right for a beast like I. God did not give me claws to dance and fangs to sing....

Sleep with one eye Open
 by Lori S. Maynard
This horror story is based on many truths. Happy Halloween :)...


Columbines at Christmas
 by Lori S. Maynard

Independence (1999)
 by Lori S. Maynard
A song I had written on July 4, 1999. Hard to believe that 12 years have passed since this was written. Please remember that I am a writer and not every piece is literal. This particular poem was i...

Never Witness Joplin
 by Lori S. Maynard
I've had a dry spell of poetry for quite some time. On the evening of May 27th, 2011, I was inspired to write this poem and it wrote itself in 5 minutes. Sometimes...

I Wanna Live Life Again
 by Lori S. Maynard

My Crystal ball sees only the Past
 by Lori S. Maynard

Beware the Metal Boogieman
 by Lori S. Maynard
This is a poem that I had written in 2006 and was lost among my many documents. I had written this poem from my perspective working with a carnival. All the times that I had been called a monster jus...

 by Lori S. Maynard
I was recently in a bad wreck. Due to pending litigation, this poem is vague and does not state when/where nor who was involved nor what happened. I had suffered writer's block for quite some time and...


Pappy: Interview with the Carny
 by Lori S. Maynard
An amazing story seeded from an early 1900's traveling carnival. Read the story of a man whom you may have, once, ignored. The only time off the lot, "Pappy" Chester Sanderson was a POW during the ...

Spectacular Attractions Offers More Than Spectaculars
 by Lori S. Maynard
Drago Amusements no longer exists. For those of us who remember this show, we will forever remember the Tip Top and hanging out near its large, painted juke box or remember the Rock-O-Plane that loca...

As Clear as Glass for Wabash Valley Shows
 by Lori S. Maynard
The hometown of Joe St. Clair and his glass works, the Elwood Glass festival promotes his work, family fun and general smalltown comforts. Read the Story of Joe St. Clair and Wasbash Valley Shows...

Swan Song of the Bearcreek Country Fair
 by Lori S. Maynard
An end of an era in the rual cornfields and Amish country of Indiana. The carousel leaps in one last circle and the Tilt-o-Whirl's clowns smile one last time as the merriment of the small amusement p...


Click here to view/purchase
Click on this link to view and purchase my book "Poetry Carnival" 220 pages.

This is my latest book of poetry published in December 2010, inspired entirely by my carnival life. 45 pages

Visit me at PublicLiterature.org
Literary site

Become a fan at Facebook :o)
Get close and personal with the Carnival Poet.

Additional information

Check out my podcast interview at www.ballycast.com mine is episode #13 and this is a Showmen's site...meaning that it's entirely about the carnival. My second book of poetry was published in December 2010 - "Ballyhoo!" This book contains poetry inspired by my brief life with a traveling carnival.

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 Lori S. Maynard
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